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"The Friendly Neighbor"


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Hi, my name is Blade. I am well built and work out often; I stand 1.8 meters tall and have hazel eyes and short black spiky hair. I always walked passed my neighbors home which was near to the secure parking lot where I parked my car and noticed that when she stood outside, she always stared at me and I on the other hand never took notice of her as she was a married women with kids and I was not that kinda guy as I am also married with kids.

Well any way, it was afternoon during the winter school vacation when my wife took the kids and went to stay at her mums place that was some 300 kilo meters from where we lived, and as I was walking pass my neighbors house on my way home, she was standing outside again and staring at me as I walked by. This time, I figure what the heck, no harm in greeting right, so with that, I said ‘Hi,’ and winked at her with a smile on my face, she in return said ‘Hi,’ and just went red in the face. Needless to say I never saw her standing outside the next the day and it never worried me.

Anyway, Friday night, I get home after parking the car and having something to eat and start my work out routing of some sit ups and press ups and also some bicep curls. I was working up a good sweat when there is this knock at my door. So I just throw on my shirt without buttoning it, thinking that must be one of my buds and answer the door, only to find that it was my neighbor whom I winked at, she looked at me and with a smile asked: ‘Hi, is your wife home, as she told me to come and see her about some clothes she had?’ ‘Hi, I am sorry, but my wife is not home and won’t be for the next three weeks, should I ask her to come and see you when she gets back?’, I replied. She just looked at my pumped up sweaty body and said: ‘Umm, its okay, no problem.” And then she left.

The next afternoon, same routine, I was gyming again as I take every opportunity to do so when I am home alone as it is the best time to get a good work out with no interruptions or distractions. It was about 17:30pm and there was a knock at the door, this time as I went to answer the door, all I had on was my gym shorts and all my muscles were pumped up and my body was dripping with sweat, thinking that it must be some drunk, I didn’t really bother about answering the door the way as my appearance would probably scare the guy away. When I opened the door, and much to my surprise, there stood my neighbor again, and again with a smile on her face and her black eyes all lit up, she says: ‘Hi, me again, do you mind if I come inside?’ and I opened the gate for her and let her in, feeling a bit embarrassed and a bit shy, I said: ‘My wife is not home.’ She just looked at me and said: ‘I know, you told me that last night. Isn’t it ironic?’ ‘Oh, yes I did, I forgot I mentioned that, What is ironic?’, I asked. ‘Well, the fact that when I came over last night you were all, sweaty and your muscles all pumped up, and again today you are all sweaty with all your muscles pumped up,’ she replied.

I excused my self for a second and went to put on a t-shirt and we sat down, had some coffee and was chatting and we got onto the subject of sex and the way animals have it easy when it comes to sex and also about is it possible for people and animals to enjoy sex together. We chatted for a while until she got up and said that she had to go, and as I walked her to the door, I remembered having some stories that I downloaded about people and animals having sex, and gave her one story about a woman and her dog, and with that she left. Well the next time I saw her was the following Friday night, this time again, I was busy working out and I put a shirt on and answered the door, it was Sarah, my neighbor, she had on a long brown trench coat, did I mention that Sarah was gorgeous and had a sexy build for a mum. She came inside smiled and asked: ‘Do you work out everyday?’ ‘Yup,’ I replied and with that she handed me my story back. I asked if she enjoyed reading it and if she would like to read more while I took a shower and got all cleaned up, her face lit up with excitement as soon as I mentioned that I had more stories and that being said I gave her all the stories I had and went in for a shower. Sarah sat in the kitchen reading them, while I was in the bathroom, after about five minutes I heard the bathroom door open, I never lock the door as I was alone at home and I forgot that Sarah was in the kitchen, I quickly stood up and grabbed a towel to cover my self as she walked in with a lustful look in her eyes as her fingers slid between the belt of her coat and began to untie it and then she dropped the coat to the floor revealing the t-shirt that she only had on.

Sarah then walked towards me and stood in front of me, and took my free hand while I held the towel in place with the other, and placed my hand under her t-shirt so that I could feel that she wore no under wear, by this time my dick was rock hard and standing to attention that there was no need for me to hold the towel anymore, that’s when she pulled the towel off my naked body revealing my dick and she ran her fingers down my chest and cupped my balls in her hand and stepped closer to me. Close enough for her to whisper: ‘I always wanted you alone and like this, those stories made me too horny for me to resist coming in here,’ and then she kissed me while she played with my balls and then licked me all the way down my chest, my tummy and finally when she reached my hard on, she stopped and kissed my dick head with those soft pink lips of hers tasting my pre-cum and kissed me all the way down my shaft and then she swirled her tongue around by balls and then back to the tip of my dick before parting her soft luscious lips and swallowed first my dick head and swirling her tongue over it and then she moved her head more down taking my entire 16 inch cock in her mouth and I could feel her tongue flickering over every part of my shaft and also at my balls.

Her tongue was like a snakes, hitting my shaft it felt so good that I could not hold back any longer and told her that I was going to cum, Sarah just went ‘Mmmm,’ and sucked me faster and harder causing me to let go, and fill her mouth with my hot cum, as I shot my load in her mouth she continued to suck me until I was hard again and then removed her top and she was now completely naked and I could see how wet her bald pink pussy was. She stepped in the tub as I sat back on the bath chair and then I pulled her closer by her waist and flickered my tongue over her wet pussy, she immediately grabbed my head as a sign to say don’t stop and I dove right in and sucked her, flicking my tongue over her pussy lips and her now throbbing clit bringing her to her first orgasm. She then placed her legs around my waist and sat down slowly so that my tongue slithered over her tummy and to her firm breasts and her erect nipples and with one hand she held my dick in place and I could feel her pussy lips part as she slid down and my dick went deeper in her making her sigh, ‘Aaah’, as she sat completely on me with my dick deep in her and my head buried in her breasts as she began to ride me.

She rode my dick for at least an hour and I brought to many orgasms until I came inside her spraying my cum all over inside her pussy. We then rinsed off and went into the bedroom where she told me she would like to try out a dog like those woman in my stories, I told her that it’s a pity I don’t have a dog when she smiled and told me not to worry she will arrange it and will be over tomorrow evening at about 9pm and then she got into her car and went home.

The next night, Sarah returned with huge German Shepherd at the back of her car, this time she was wearing tight jeans revealing her curves and a short top showing her tummy. The dog jumped out of the car and followed her in to the house, I looked at her and asked: ‘Where did you find him, he’s huge?’ she just smiled and said that he belonged to a friend and she was looking after him, and his name was Max. Max was a thorough bred German Shepherd and his fur was tan and black and also trimmed short. I asked her if the dog had ever mated before, and she told me that according to her friend, Max was a real stud and has fathered numerous litters of pups, on hearing that I could not wait any longer to see Max fuck Sarah.

As we stripped, I noticed that Sarah’s pussy was already wet and I had a hard on, we started to kiss each other and move to the bed room while Max followed. I managed to get some towels and a few pillows to make our selves comfortable on the floor and then started to finger Sarah’s pussy while we kissed and she rubbed her hand up and down my stiff cock. I noticed that Max just sat on one end watching us and so I decided to call him and showed him my hand, he got the smell of sex and just licked my hand, then Sarah, tugged on my cock pulling me towards her mouth saying: ‘Leave Max, he will get the idea soon, right now I want to suck you dry so you can fuck me harder for longer.’ And without delay she swallowed my cock and started to suck me hard while I kept rubbing and fingering her pussy, making her cum and that’s when I noticed that now, Max started to get the idea as he got up and walked toward us and started sniffing Sarah’s pussy. Sarah felt the cold tip of his nose at her pussy and pulled my hand away opening her legs wider and exposing her soaking wet pussy to Max, while she continued to suck my cock.

As Max’s tongue swiped over her pussy parting her lips, I could feel that Sarah enjoyed it as she sucked harder on my cock and pretty soon, Max’s dove right in lapping up every bit of her pussy juices making her cum again and again and she sucked me so hard that I shot my load down her throat as she made sure that she got every bit of my cum and swallowed it and then she let me go turning her full attention to Max as his tongue snaked in and out of her cum drenched pussy. Sarah then got on all four’s and showed Max her rear, and he did not waste any time as he immediately mounted her and drove his 18 inch pink cock deep in Sarah, as his cock entered her she screamed, thinking she was in pain, I asked if I should pull him off, she just smiled and flicked her tongue out to suck my cock, so I moved closed and she started to suck me rhythm with Max’s thrusts and that’s when I saw his knot at the end of his cock knocking at her pussy entrance and how her lips parted and the knot disappeared into her. Sarah and Max were now tied and she was sucking on my cock as if her mouth was a vacuum.

Max then turned and as he did, Sarah let my dick go and I was still stiff as ever and she looked at me with ecstasy and lust in her eyes, say: ‘ Mmmmm, yesss I need more cock, fuck me, fuck me in my ass, Blade, I want your cock deep in my ass, aaaah yesss,’ and without delay I positioned my self above the tied couple and aimed my dick at her ass. I managed to get the head of my cock in only so I pulled out making her cum and slid my hand in her pussy between Max’s cock and then rubbed her bung hole full of their mixed cum and then managed to squeeze my entire manhood into her tight ass, as I fucked her in and out I could feel my cock rubbing against the dogs cock in her pussy, Sarah was telling me what she was feeling , and was making me more horny so I fucked her faster and faster until she said she could feel Max’s knot starting to swell inside her and then she felt his hot dog cum spraying into her and at the same time, I shot my load, ‘AAAAgh , yesssss baby,’ in her ass when she screamed, ‘Yess Yess Yess, oooooh mmmmmmmmmm nnnnnnnnn aaaaah yess’, as she had another orgasm., and clenched her ass so tight and held my dick in her for about five minutes as she squeezed the cum from my dick.

Max finally came loose from her pussy and I pulled out of her cum filled ass, Sarah turned around to see the amount of dog cum oozing out her and her pussy was red from the heated state she was in and she could feel my cum seeping out of her ass. Sarah just lay there in her afterglow while Max went to one end of the room to lick his dick clean, as I stood up she looked at me and said that Max would be ready again in about five minutes and this time she wants to suck him while I fuck her pussy from behind before letting him fuck her in the ass.

Sarah then went to the bathroom to clean her self while I laid there on the floor with my eyes closed when I felt this warm breath on my now sore and limp cock. Thinking that it must be Sarah, I just laid there and enjoyed the tongue that was lapping my balls and shaft giving me a hard on and also I felt this warm tongue at my ass hole trying to get in side, so when I opened my eyes, I saw that it was Max sucking my cock and my ass and at that moment Sarah came back into room and saw Max lapping at my cock and ass, she laughed and said: ‘You sure look like you enjoying that, maybe, you should show Max your butt just to see what he does?’. So thinking what’s the worst that could happen, I got on all four’s and showed Max my butt and he started to lick my butt and also managed to squeeze his tongue into my bung hole making it nice and wet with his doggy drool.

The next thing I knew, Max was on top of me and I could feel his cock between my legs jabbing against my stomach and my balls. I looked at Sarah saying: ‘ The stupid dog is trying to fuck me, would you get him off me please?’; and she laughed saying: ‘This is kinky, lets see if he gets it in you and I promise I will make it all up to you.’ That being said she went behind me and helped Max hit his target, as his cock entered me, the pain was unbearable at first and to my disbelief, I had a hard on and Sarah kept saying that I should relax and the pain would go away, and it sure did, as I relaxed my body, Max drove his entire cock deep in my ass and I could feel his knot slapping at my butt hole trying to get in, as I felt his knot slipping in, I also felt Sarah’s soft lips around my stiff cock,

She positioned her self under me and was sucking on me like a baby animal would on its mothers teat and when I looked down, her pussy looked so tempting and inviting that I forgot about Max fucking my ass and dove into her pussy licking her as deep as I could and by lowering my back, Max got his entire cock, knot and all deep in my ass and we were tied as I felt him pumping deeper into me. Sarah, orgasmed as I sucked on her clit, and then she rolled out from beneath me and asked me to raise my upper body, which I did and then she got her self beneath me again only this time she managed to get her butt through my arms so that my cock would be against her and that’s when she reached back and directed my cock to her cum drenched pussy. As my cock entered her, I did not have to pump much as with Max’s humping my ass he drove my cock deep into her so deep that our pelvises were like one.

Max pumped his cock in me at lightning speed and Sarah had another orgasm as I felt her pussy contracting and squeezing my cock, she was in heaven and so was I, being fucked by Max and having a sexy lady under me getting fucked with the rhythm of dog. Then I felt Max raise his leg over my back and we were now butt to butt, Sarah started humping faster back on my cock as I kissed the back of her neck and rubbed and squeezed her firm breasts as I laid my upper body on her back and then felt Max’s knot start to swell inside of me and he shot his load of doggy cum deep in my ass. It was hot and it felt good as I felt him coating every inch of my ass with his cum and as he slipped out, I carried on pumping my stiff cock into Sarah’s warm drenched pussy and that’s when she called Max in front of her as his cock was still hanging from his sheath.

Max went to her and was licking her face, when she drove her head between his front paws and wrapped her lips around his cum dripping cock and started sucking him. It didn’t take long for Max to get the idea and he soon raised his front paws and placed them on Sarah’s back as I sat up and continued to fuck Sarah deep in her pussy from behind and every now and again Max would lick my abs and belly button and I would feel my cock getting even more stiff and I could feel Sarah having another orgasm as she clenched her legs tight together as I shot my load deep in her well fucked and wet pussy and then Max, stopped humping her face and let out a small yelp as he began to shoot his load deep down Sarah’s throat. As she tried to swallow all his doggy cum, I could see some seeping out the sides of her mouth even though she had her lips tight around Max’s cock and when she let him go, he quickly ran to the other end of the room and began licking his cock, I slipped my cock out of Sarah’s pussy and just sat back against the bed on the floor, and watched my cock shrink as I was exhausted and sore from all the fucking.

Sarah turned on her back and laid there on the floor with her body all hot and sweaty and I went and lay next to her, we kissed for a while and smiled at one another and dozed off until the morning. In the morning Sarah just got dressed and took Max and left in a hurry.

After she had left, I decided to get in for a shower and as I headed to the bathroom, there was a knock at the door and with just a towel wrapped around me, I peeped through the window to see who it was, to my surprise it was my other neighbors daughter from three streets away, she came to the window smiling and saying: ‘ Morning, I know your wife is not here and that is why I decided to bring you some freshly baked muffins for breakfast, I hope you like choc chip.” ‘Morning, umm thanks I love choc chip, would you mind letting your self in, I am just going in for a quick shower, you can just leave the muffins on the kitchen table,’ came my reply and with that being said I gave the house keys through the window and went into the bathroom.

Now, this neighbor’s daughters, was about 22 years old, fair skinned and drop dead gorgeous. She had long black hair that was till her waist line just touching her sexy butt. Her eyes were hazel brown and she was quite the athletic type as she was an aerobics instructor at our local gym. Her name is, Simone. As Simone got inside the house, I heard her walking pass the bathroom to the kitchen and yelled out: ‘You must be lonely and missing everyone.’ ‘Yeah, it is quiet but sometimes couples need time alone, I won’t be long, Simone, will be out in a sec,’ I yelled back.

When I got out of the shower, I found that it was too quiet and Simone was not in the kitchen. Thinking that maybe she had left, I walked passed my bedroom to the lounge door to check if it was locked properly and then put on some heavy bass music and went back to my room to change only to find that the room curtains were drawn closed when I remembered that I had opened them after Sarah had left and then I saw Simone, laying in the bed under the covers. She looked at me saying: ‘Why don’t you come here by me, I got nothing on and I just love a well built muscular man. How come you are so buffed yet I never see you in the gym?’ ‘I gym at home as I like the privacy. May I ask what are you up to, Simone? Do your mum and dad know that you are here?’ I replied.’ No, my parents are out of town for the next three weeks as well, isn’t it great,” she said in an excited voice, and with that being said, she crawled out from under the covers toward me at the edge of the bed, revealing her sexy, slender and well built body and she was right about being naked under there.

As she got closer I could feel my dick getting hard and I was quite sure that she could see it too through the towel. When she reached me, she kissed my abs and slowly her soft lips bounced off my body as she came up to my face and was on her knees on the bed and she then kissed me on the lips slowly pushing her tongue through and into my mouth, and she started to lick my tongue and suck on it while her one hand slid down my body to my towel and loosening to fall to the ground and her other hand took my hand and placed it between her legs so that I could feel how wet her clean shaved pussy had become. After dropping my towel to the ground, she took my now fully hardened dick in her hand and started to stroke my shaft slowly up and down while we were sucking each others tongues. I could feel how wet her pussy was becoming and managed to slide two fingers in and rub her clit, as I did, she raised her self a little towards me and with her free hand she placed it on my butt and pulled me closer to her so that her perky firm breasts were against my chest while her other hand continued to jack my dick off and as I fingered her I felt her pull her pussy muscles tight and my fingers got soaked as she had her first orgasm and I could feel the cum building up in my dick as my balls started getting warm and when I felt that I was about to explode, I pulled her tightly close to me with my free hand and kissed her hard and deep as I shot my load off in her hand.

Simone then stopped kissing me and brought her cum filled hand to her lips and sucked my cum off her fingers saying: ‘Mmmmm, yummy you taste nice’ and then she licked me all the way down and swallowed my dick until I could feel her tongue flicking over my balls and I could feel my self getting hard as she kept on sucking me for a good ten minutes and then got up and wrapped her sexy well toned legs around my waist while I supported her sexy butt in my hands she positioned my dick at her pussy entrance and wrapped her hands around my neck. As I felt her pussy lips part my dick slowly slipped in side of her tight young pussy and as I went deeper she moaned,’Unnnn aaaah yesss, Blade I always wanted to do you, aaaah mmmmmmm.’ She started to ride me while we were standing and I started to kiss her and also sucked her breasts and her erect pink nipples that were hard as rock.

She then leaned back throwing her self back on the bed with my dick still in her and my hands squeezing her sexy ass I continued to fuck her while she lay half on the bed and still impaled on my dick going in and out of her, her hands were caressing her breasts and squeezing her nipples as she orgasmed again. I then pulled Simone back up on me and managed to get my knees on the bed, I put her down, her legs still wrapped around my waist while I fucked her, and she then slowly released her legs as I fucked her in the missionary position. Her hands were moving up and down my back occasionally squeezing my firm butt as I pumped my meat faster and deeper in her and as she clenched her legs tight trapping my dick in her cum dripping pussy, I shot my load deep in her filling her pussy with my warm juices she came once more and again wrapped her legs around my waist and pulling forward to go deeper inside her so that my dick does not slip out of her tight pussy.

We started kissing again as she ran her fingers through my hair and we tongue locked as he moved her hips slowly in circles so that my dick did not slip out of her and at the same time to make me hard again. I felt my dick getting harder and so could Simone, as she continued to move her hips faster and we rolled over so that she was now on top and as soon as she felt my dick to be hard enough, Simone sat up slowly, careful not to let my dick slip out, and she was sitting straight up with my dick also straight up in her throbbing wet pussy as she began to ride up and down on my dick, I ran my hands up the sides of her sexy body running my fingers across her soft luscious lips and she sucked on my fingers and rode my throbbing dick faster and I could feel my dick going deep in her as I cupped her breasts in my hands and then slid my hands back down to her slender waist and held her while she rode me to the beat of the music as I felt her cum, I also let my load go again and then she dropped onto my chest, breathing heavily as she exhausted her self riding me.

Simone then got up and got dressed, asking: ‘Will come over later to my place for lunch?’ ‘Sure, no problem,’ I replied and walked her to the door and let her out. After that cession with Simone, I got in for another shower just to cool off.

Later that afternoon, wearing a jean and a loose fitting white t-shirt I went to Simone’s place. Knowing that she was an aerobics instructor and that we both were into healthy foods, I took a bottle freshly squeezed orange juice. She prepared a succulent fish dish, with a fresh Greek salad, and once we had finished having lunch I helped her clean up and while doing so, managed to mess some of the fish sauce on my t-shirt. I asked her where the bathroom was so that I could get cleaned up, ‘Sure, its up stairs and straight down the hall way,’ she replied. As I reached the end of the hall way and opened the door, I realized that Simone had sent me to the bathroom that was part of her bed room, but any way when I walked into her bathroom, I found that she had a huge shower cubicle with spray jets mounted from the from the floor and along the side walls and the glass was thick and almost reaching the ceiling and the doors had these thick water proofing seals that prevented water from leaking out and she also had a nice Jacuzzi styled bath tub. Anyway, I took off my t-shirt and started to wash off the sauce in the basin, while I was busy with just my jean on, I heard Simone closing her room door and turning the lock, when I turned around, there she stood in the bathroom door way I looked at her smiling and saying: ‘I managed to get the stain out, umm you have a lovely bathroom,’ That’s, nice, and thank you,’ she replied.

She then walked up to me and grabbed the t-shirt and threw it on the floor and dropped her dress to the floor as well and all she had on was a sexy red satin thong. We started to kiss and she slowly licked me down my chest to my abs and finally reaching my crotch, she was on her knees as she undid my belt and pulled my jeans down in one go with my boxers and took my dick in her mouth moaning: ‘ Mmm aaah mmmm yessss mmmm sssssluurrrp,’ as she sucked me. She stood up, slipped off her thong and led me into her shower and ran the water, and that’s when I noticed why her shower had such thick glass and rubber seals, the cubicle began to fill with water from all the jets around the walls and there was also a platform on which a person could sit. As the water filled, I held her against the wall with her back facing me and my dick was at the entrance of her ass, as the water ran down our bodies, I pressed my dick a little harder and felt the head of dick enter her tight ass, she gasped, ‘Aaah yesss, deeper,’ and then I sank my entire dick into her ass until my balls was slapping against her pussy.

By now the water level had risen to our ankles and was still rising and I continued to fuck Simone in her tight sexy ass, and she kept on rubbing my sides and pulling me closer to her with her one hand as I had wrapped both my hands around her waist and was finger fucking her pussy with two of my fingers and as I fucked her ass, her pussy became more wet and she had her first orgasm, I could feel the water raising and was now by our calves as I continued to push harder and deeper in to her ass, ‘Aaaaaagh unnnn mmmmmmmmm yessssss aaaah deeper yesss fuck me Blade, fuck me deeper and harder,’ she screamed as I fucked faster and deeper into her ass until I could feel her clenching her ass and pussy as I brought her to another orgasm and finally I let my load go and as I shot my hot cum in her ass I realized that the water was now up to our butts and we were now waist deep in water. Simone turned around and went to one end of the cubicle and hit a switch which stopped filling the shower and then she switched on the massage jets that were submerged in the water making it look like were in a Jacuzzi.

She then went to sit on the raised platform, pulling me by my dick and she then turned around and held the two vertical bars on either end, and said: ‘Fuck me, fuck me like the horny bitch I am,’ and with that being said, I placed my hands under her butt and lifted her off the seat and placed my dick at her pussy entrance and slowly walked towards her so she could feel every inch of my rock hard thick member invaded her wet waiting hole. She gasped and wrapped her sexy legs around my waist as I drove my dick deep in her and with my hands still under her butt, I pulled her away from the wall so her hands would stretch out while she held the bars and then I started to lick her breasts making her swirl those sexy hips as I fucked her deep. She had several orgasms while I fucked her in that position, pumping my dick hard and fast in her until I finally shot my load filling every inch of her pussy full of my cum and as emptied my dick she let the bars go and I caught her and lifted her up against me before her head could go under water and walked with her in my arms to the wall of the shower so she could open the doors and let all the water drain out.

As I carried her into her room, still kissing her and her hand playing with my limp dick, we were greeted by her dog, Butch. Butch was a huge boxer who was as tall as my waist and he was quite built for a boxer but lucky for me, he was friendly and tried to lick Simone as I carried her. When I placed her on the bed, I asked: ‘Has Butch ever tried to lick you when you were naked?’ ‘Yes plenty of times, I’ve even jacked him off a couple of times but never when I was naked and once I gave him a blow job, but still prefer a mans dick and cum as a dogs is too thin and has a bitter taste,’ she replied. I looked at smiled and asked her to spread her legs and close her eyes, which she did and then I started to rub and finger her pussy for a while and quietly got Butch’s attention to come on the bed, as he did I let him smell and taste my hand so he got Simone’s sex scent, after that he needed no more help as he buried his head in her pussy snaking his tongue into her and sucking her dry from all her juices she began moaning and soon I asked her: ‘Are you enjoying the sensations in your pussy?’, ‘Ummm yesss, please don’t stop, u gonna make me cum aaaaah mmmmmm yesss deeper,’ she moaned and that’s when I told her to open her eyes.

She looked at me sitting next to her as she came in Butch’s mouth and then looked between her legs to se her that it was her dog giving her such pleasure and as he continued to suck her, I could see that she was turning the dog on as his cock started to emerge from its sheath. I asked: ‘Simone, would you like for Butch to fuck you, it would only be fair as he gave you so much of pleasure and you should let him relieve his animal sexuality.’ She looked at me, all excited and horny and said: ‘As long as you help me get him off when he is done and no one gets to know about this.” I agreed and told her to get on the floor on all fours and the next thing Butch was behind her sucking her pussy and butt, Simone was getting extremely horny and so was I as my dick was so stiff that it started to pain, and then Butch climbed his new found bitch, and hit miss a few times and then I helped him get his dick into Simone’s pussy, as he sunk the first two inches in she looked at me saying that his cock was like a hot rod on fire and then Butch sunk his reaming 14 inches of his cock deep into her pussy causing her to scream as he entered forbidden territory, her cervix, I immediately positioned my self in front of her and offered her my throbbing dick which she swallowed to take her mind off the pain as Butch began to fuck her.

As Butch pumped his meat into her, she swallowed more of my dick down her throat to the point where I could feel her tongue behind my balls and the vibrations of her moaning made me cum down her throat and she carried on sucking me until there was no cum left in my cock and as soon as I slipped out of her mouth, I heard her scream in ecstasy:’Yessss yessss fuck your bitch Butch, yesss I’m your bitch I’m in heat Butch, yess fuck me,” and I just sat there in amazement as Butch fuck her and I could see her tits moving up and down and then saw Butch get his knot in her as her pussy lips parted and swallowed the intruder. Simone was now tied to her new lover and then Butch turned so that they were butt to butt and I could see all her pussy juices running down her inner thighs as she could not remember how many times she had cum. Simone looked at as my dick was starting to get hard again, and she said: ‘Fuck me, in my ass, unnn mmmm please fuck my ass I need to be filled with your cock, uuhh yesss mmmmm,’ and then I went behind her and as I came passed Butch, he swiped his hot tongue over my dick making me even harder as I saw Simone pushing back against Butch’s cock that was deep in her cervix, I positioned my dick on her ass and pushed it in until I could feel my balls being tickled by Butch’s furry butt. Simone began describing how the cocks were rubbing against each other inside her and how horny she was getting and then I could feel Butch’s cock swelling putting pressure on mine inside Simone’s sexy ass as he shot his load deep in her cervix, Simone orgasmed again clenching her butt tight and making my dick harder and then I shot my load in her ass causing her to cum again and then I pulled out and fell to the floor next to her while Butch was still filling her womb with his cum, she came to my face and kissed me then moved to my limp cock and started to suck me, at this point I didn’t think that I could get hard again and then there was a popping sound as Butch came loose from her well fucked and dripping pussy. He turned around and gave her pussy and butt a few laps with his broad tongue and as he brought Simone to another orgasm, she wrapped her lips tight around my dick and flicked her tongue frantically over my dicks head.

She managed to bring my dick to stand as stiff as a noodle and then climbed on as she was really fucking horny and wanted more, I laid there on the floor as her beautiful sexy body was riding my dick and I could feel her cum mixed with the dogs rolling down my balls and then I burst into final orgasm and let my cum shoot in her making her cum as well squeezing her legs tight over my dick and finally collapsing on top of me and we both slept that way for the night.

- The End -


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