"Hog Raising" - part 1

      by Grandpa Jack

      (MM beast)

As a school-teacher I was out of a job every summer, so I took one helping to operate a hog raising operation. I soon wished that I had taken the job sooner than I did!

I suppose that there was a time when farm animal breeding was a "Let nature have it" operation. But I had between 60 and 75 female pigs (Sows & Gilts) to keep track of, so breeding was done in a breeding barn. With 25 sows or so running around and two boars, one needed help with the sorting and record keeping.

One evening a car stopped past the barn and the man driving told me that he had had experience with hog breeding and that he would like a part time job helping. I hired him on the spot!

When I began watching the boars breed the sows I was very sexually stimulated! I was sure that there was something damned bad wrong with me. But after watching my new helper for a few days I saw that I wasn't alone in getting horny watching the boars and sows. Overalls were furnished for helpers to wear when the sows were muddy and/or wet. These were to be worn over ones work clothing but my new helper took all of his clothing off and wore the overalls over his bare body!

I was almost sure that my helper, called "Preacher", because he was, got a hard dick as I did when the breeding was going on. Just to be sure I tore an L shaped rip in one of the overalls legs after he had left. Sure enough, the next morning I could see his hard dick through the rip I had made!



Sows that are in heat (wanting to get fucked) are very difficult to make move. They just want to stand and wait on the boar. And one morning early when a sow refused to move I said that if she didn't get going that I was going to fuck her myself. Almost before I got the words out of my mouth Preacher piped up and said that he would if I would.

I had all of my clothing off and hanging on a gate almost before he finished talking. Even so, he had only the overalls on so he beat me at getting nude. There we stood, naked, dicks at attention and a sow in heat waiting for a dick, man or boar!

I smeared a little lube on my dick and Preacher guided it into the sow's cunt. Good lord but she was tight. A boar's dick is only about as big around as a mans thumb, so it wasn't any wonder that she had such a tight cunt. A boar's dick is around 18 inches long so I was able to run my hard dick into her cunt all the way to my nuts without hurting her. It was then that I could feel her heat. Hogs are much warmer inside that a human, so she felt hot on my dick! And, best of all, she loved for me to fuck her. Hell, I didn't last thirty seconds before I filled her up with my load of shott!

As I backed out I suggested that we select another sow in heat for Preacher, but he said that he would rather fuck in my shott. After saying that, in he went. He lasted about 30 seconds too!

We fucked a sow at least once a day for the next three weeks. After they were all covered by the boar it was over for the next several weeks. Preacher said that we didn't have a problem at all, that he had some more things he could teach me about shooting my and his dick. I could hardly wait!

 ...continues in part two - click here to continue... 

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