"Hog Raising" - part 2

      by Grandpa Jack


I didn't have far to drive to the hog farm, and it was just as well; I was un-fed and un-fucked! My wife, as usual, had been out playing cards until the wee hours. I, as a young man, didn't like to get up so early (5:00 AM) but the sows had to be put with a boar early before the outdoor temperature got hot. I was on my way!

As I drove past the south central pasture I didn't see the sow that had gone down there to have her litter a few weeks ago. Damn! I'd have to check on her the first thing. She was one of my favorites, even ‘tho she wouldn't stay where I put her. I even had a name for her, it was, "Hop Scotch". Her markings looked somewhat like the hop scotch patterns we drew in the dirt to play the game. Most sows had their litters in the farrowing house, but Hop Scotch went where ever she wanted to go. She would just lift a gate and go! She was my favorite because when she was in heat she would seek me out instead of a boar!

I parked the pick-up and walked the 60 rods or so down to the hog house where she had been the last time I had seen her. As I walked up, her litter of pigs, now six or more weeks old, pretended to be afraid of me and headed for the hills! Hop Scotch just looked up at me and softly "woofed" as if to say, "Fuck me, mister." She knew that I would do so; she and I had had many many good fucks in the past.

I thought for only a few seconds about moving her to the breeding barn to fuck her, but I was so horny (un-fucked) that I decided to do the deed on the spot right then. I took out my hard dick, nuts and all, and slipped in behind her. I didn't have any lube, so my foreskin slipped around her "twat" as my dick head and shaft entered her. After a few strokes I became afraid that I might break my foreskin "string", and was about ready to do something about it when my foreskin snapped into her. I slid inside her all the way to my nuts and my foreskin scooped up her hot cunt juices on the way in. Then the cunt juices squished out around my dick head feeling as if it might burn me as they did! Gawd, it was wonderful!

My nuts were so damned full that I filled her up within a few seconds. She was enjoying my fuck so much that I just stood with my dick inside her for quite a while. In fact I stood so long that my dick grew to full size again inside her! It took many minutes to fill her with my cumm a second time, and I was so weak-kneed that I could hardly stand up.

I fucked her again that same evening and twice a day for the next two days, then moved her to the breeding barn to wait the three weeks until she came into heat again. Then six more loads went inside her tight hot cunt!

I didn't need a wife who would fuck all that bad any more! And I had more than 60 more sows!

 ...continues in part three - click here to continue... 

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