"Hog Raising" - part three

      by Grandpa Jack

      (M best)

As anyone who engages in animal/human sex knows, the possibility of being caught must be dealt with at all times. Here is the story about the only time I was ever almost found out.

It takes three weeks to finish breeding a batch of sows and at the end of this three weeks any sow that didn't get pregnant,beginning with the first day, will come back into heat. The hog breeder must check carefully to find any newly bred sows that are in heat again so that they can be moved away from the pregnant sows.

One evening I looked into a house over in the bred sow lot and there stood a sow that had been bred by the boar only three weeks before. She was in heat. As is usually the case, my dick sprang to attention at the thought of moving her to the barn and fucking her right then and twice a day for the next three days.

As I went into the house I could see that she was standing with her rear legs on the side of a deep hole that had been rooted into the floor of the hog house. When I stepped into this hole my dick was about level with her cunt. If I fuck her right there, I thought, I won't have to squat as I usually have to do. Any excuse is good enough, so out came my dick and into her I went all the way to my nuts. Oh, what a wonderful way to spend a fall afternoon!

At this time she pushed back on my dick trying to get more inside of her. As she pushed she slipped into the hole in the dirt floor and down we both went. I sat down in the dirt and she sat in my lap. It did feel good; I did go into her deeper! We both liked it!

At this time I heard a tractor engine running. Damn, a hired hand was coming across the pond road; he was coming to feed the bred sows. He would catch me for sure because his orders were to look inside of every hog house every evening. I pushed and yelled at the sow in my lap, but it didn't make her move. She was used to me getting a little wild when fucking her. I considered getting my lighter out of my shirt pocket and burning her, but I didn't want to spook her. I wanted to fuck her many more times. I began to think of what I could say when I was caught with her in my lap and my dick inside of her. I decided that I would say that I was pissing and she fell on me. Not a very good lie, but I signed his pay checks so he might buy it.

The tractor went on past and stopped at the corn wagon. As the hand called the sows to eat, the one on my lap got up and ran to eat. Just like my wife, I thought, anything is better that sex.

At least I wasn't caught; I'd take her on again after dark up in the breeding barn.

- The End (?) -

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