"Holiday Job"


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Dear Reader,

The story I am about to tell you happened along time ago, a couple of years after we got married. Despite having a brilliant relationship I have never been able to tell my husband about this event or indeed anyone else, which, is I why I suppose I have chosen to spill the beans here to record at least that it happened and wasn't some bizarre dream.

My names Lesley. It was the summer of 73 I was twenty two, size ten and a good figure, in my second year teaching. My husband still a student was working all hours that god sent in the summer holidays. We ran a beat up convertible, which he was slowly restoring, to pristine glory. I was free all day having great fun racing round with the hood down all over the town.

At weekends he made regular visits to a car breakers yards in search of prized components and I often went with him. They seemed to me then to be a peculiarly masculine environment full at weekends of chaps in overalls clambering like mountaineers over the dead cars piled high, or lying sideways on in pools of muddy oil.

One in particular he favoureds they seemed to specialize in sports cars and the two men at the place seemed happy to let him know if some particularly interesting bit had turned up. In the run up to the holidays we had been there almost every weekend and on good terms with Andy and Jim who ran the yard. They would often include Gary and me in a round of tea if they made one and we would sit around on battered old settees in the Portacabin that was both their office and storeroom, talking cars and football. Not surprisingly I had little to say in these discussions but every now and then Jim or Andy would try to broaden the conversation into films or something they thought I could comment on. Even though Jim was old enough to be my dad and Andy in his early forties and already bald I had realized that they quite liked me staying for the occasional cup of tea. Every now and then I caught them casting sneaky glances, checking out my legs , or my bum or my bust. It amused and flattered me that these "old" chaps should fancy a young girl. I shouldn't have been surprised; the walls of the cabin were covered in posters and pages of pinups and worse from various men's magazines. Gary had noticed their attention and laughingly used to say "they'll be pleased to see you", if my skirt was shorter than usual or if my prominent nipples showed through my top.

One Wednesday Jim rang to say that a part Gary had ordered had come in. I volunteered to collect it and he promised me a cup of tea would be waiting. Smiling to myself I changed into my shortest black mini, over the Knee boots and white vest top without a bra. "I'll give those two dirty old men something to think about" I thought. Imagining them trying to ogle me without being too obvious.

Parking the car outside the yard I picked my way round the muddier bits to the cabin. Jim was on his own and to my surprise gave a low whistle of appreciation when I stepped into the cabin. "You got a hot date or something " he joked. I explained I had been intending to go into town shopping. He carried the part out to the car for me and then we returned for the promised tea. Clearing the car and girlie mags from the settee I sat down. It was very low and it occurred to me that the slightest parting of my knees would offer a good view of my knickers. I had my knees firmly pressed when Jim emerged from the kitchen area behind the office with the tea. Padding behind him came the biggest dog I'd seen in a long time. Seeing that I was nervous Jim passed me a mug of tea and advised me to "take no notice of him, he's as soft as kitten". I asked Jim what sort of dog it was, as it didn't look like anything in particular. He said it was cross between a Great Dane a Labrador and a German shepherd. Either way it looked big and fierce but apparently wasn't. Timidly I reached out to stroke the thing as it had wandered over to me. It indulgently allowed me to ruffle behind its ears and seemed to like the attention. Then without warning it began pushing its nose between my knees. Unbalanced in the low chair with a hot mug of tea in one hand, I was suddenly lying back on the settee with the dogs huge nose in my crotch, trying to push his head away with my free hand. I knew then I should have worn tights but it was summer. In the few seconds it took Jim to come round the counter and pull him away the inside of my thighs and the gusset of my knickers were moist with the dogs slobber. The dog was banished to the kitchen and I stood drying the insides of legs with some tissue from a toilet roll from the counter while Jim looked on. Jim apologized and I indignantly asked why the dog would behave like that. He laughed at me and said "you're female aren't you? He can smell you and thinks it's an invitation to a bit of fun." "But a dog wouldn't have sex with a woman would it" I asked incredulously. "That dog would" he said " And he'd give her a good seeing to". I giggled and said I should be going. "Well Andy will be sorry to have missed you" said Jim "But I'm sure Heinz(the dogs name 57 varieties ha ha) enjoyed meeting you, see you soon". Conscious of my still damp gusset I waved and drove off

I returned to our flat and busied myself with all the routine things one does in a home . A bit of washing, tidying etc. Then I tried a bit of preparatory work for next term. But all the time the incident with the dog kept invading my thoughts. Like most people I'd had fantasies and daydreams about various sexual situations but it had never crossed my mind that one could have sex with an animal. I suppose that in my head, dogs like cats had always been relatively small compared with a person and other animals like horses though obviously hugely equipped, just to big and dangerous. Later in the afternoon I found myself closing the bedroom curtains and lying on the bed. Slipping off the now dry knickers I began to stroke my cunt and to work out a fantasy in which I could somehow get Heinz on its own and let him fuck me. Unlike most of my fantasies, which helped me to a powerful orgasm, I did not share this with Gary. I think I thought he would find it disgusting or ridicule it by pretending to be a dog or something. Over the next couple of weeks we didn't get down to the yard, but my fantasy became something of an obsession. As soon as Gary went out to work I would settle down to a masturbation session fueled by increasingly elaborate scenarios, some of them involving Jim and Andy as well as the dog. Incredibly I didn't even know what the penis of a dog looked like and had only ever seen a couple of small dogs at it in the street.

One Monday morning Gary asked me as he left for work to go to Jims yard and ask him for some switch or other. Although I knew my fantasies were just that, I was strangely unsure of myself and initially readied myself in jeans and tea shirt almost as a defence against any approach, then at the last minute reverted to a short print skirt with a matching top that tied across the bust.

Andy was in the yard when tiptoed through the yard gates on my white platforms. Not the best choice for a breakers yard but I new they would be appreciated by my two aged admirers. He came over wiping his hands on his overalls. We exchanged hello's and I told him the details of the part Gary needed. "well Jims out and its still in a car" he said "If you can hold the spanner at the dash board end while I undo the back , you can take it". I agreed to try but before we could start the phone rang. Andy answered it and said he had to go out for an hour or so. He suggested I could come back or make myself a cup of tea and wait. I said I would wait and agreed to answer the phone if he closed the gates so I didn't have to deal with customers. "The dogs in the back " said Andy as he pulled away "leave him there if he bothers you"

Closing the door behind me I entered the cabin and went the kitchen. Heinz lay asleep on some old carpet at the back and made no move as I filled the kettle and made a cup of tea. My heart was begining to beat faster as I decided to experiment with my canine fantasy. I put down the mug and stooped to ruffle the head and neck of the big brown dog, He roused shuffled to his feet and shook himself. I continued to stroke him and talk to him. Unlike our previous meeting he showed no immediate interest in me. Standing right in front of him I guided his nose between my legs till it was only separated from my cunt by the thin nylon of my knickers. Slowly he began to take interest, pushing his nose hard against my cunt trying to force my legs apart. I was a bit scared he would bite me so was trying to go steady but he seemed friendly enough just excited and beggining to dribble his dog drool down my legs.

Breaking away from the dog, I made sure the front door was locked, Then slipping off my knickers I knelt down with my face and elbows on the settee and my behind in the air. This would be more natural for the dog I thought. After a few minutes he padded over to me and with a bit of help found my cunt with his nose. I felt his tongue hot on the entrance to my cunt making tentative stabs at the crease.Then with increasing confidence he began to lap at my gash with his rough tongue scouring the sides as though cleaning his dogs bowl. I felt dirty and great at the same time, the force of his foraging into my rear pushing me into the grubby settee. In spite of its enthusiasm the dog was not quite hitting the spot so I rolled over so I could guide his head and make sure those rapid strokes of his firm tongue had the maximum effect. He was getting really exited lapping at the juices now running from me and panting with expectation. I knew I was getting close to an orgasm but wanted to see how turned on the dog was by me. With a little effort I pulled his head out of my crotch and pulled him over me. His cock was poking out from his sheath by several inches and red and veiny. Reaching under him I took it in my fingers. It was hard and hot, not the biggest I'd felt but big enough!

For a few moments I hesitated while the dog began to try to pump my hand, Then reverting to my previous kneeling position waited for the animal to do what should come naturally. He briefly sniffed and licked at my now engorged cunt lips before scrabbling up on my back jabbing at my backside with his dick. Guiding him with one hand between my legs I got his thing to the entrance and with a thrust he was in. I could feel his fur against my buttocks as he began to thrust faster than any man I've known before or since. His cock continued to grow as I shuddered into my first orgasm. Then I felt a large hard lump pushing at the entrance to my cunt. I didn't know about the dog's knot. There was no stopping the dog now even if I wanted to. The lump forced its way into my cunt like a large orange but harder and the pace of his fucking seemed to increase, then he began jerk and I realised he was shooting his dog spunk into me. His spasms continued for what seemed like ages and then he seemed to relax. Expecting him to pull out I waited but instead he pulled his back leg over me and we remained I realised stuck together backside to backside. Try as I did his knot held me secure.

It was in this situation that I heard the gates squeak open and the sound of Andy's truck pulling into the yard. A few moments later the door opened and Andy stepped into the cabin. His questioning greeting about phone calls died on his lips as he took in the scene. Both the dog and I looked at him similtaneously. The dog started to move towards him trying to drag me with him but was stopped by my weight. "Bloody hell" was all Andy could say. "I thought you might be a randy bitch, but bloody hell, fucking a dog, bloody hell". Weakly I asked how long we would be stuck together. "Fuck Knows" Andy replied. Almost as he replied the dog pulled away and a stream of fluid ran from my gaping cunt onto the grubby carpet. The dog began to lap upthe juice from the floor as Andy uttering a string of disbelieving curses closed the door and locked it.

I was still on my knees as he turned back to face me, Heinz was begining a renewed interest in my cunt. 'I suppose you'll want me to keep this quiet' said Andy. Pushing the dog away I began to get to my feet. 'Don't get up' Andy commanded, and moved toward me unfastening his overall. It was summer and apart from some slightly grubby underpants he was naked. He was skinny but muscular. I must have looked nervous to which he said, pushing his pants down to his ankles. 'Come on, a girl who fucks dogs, surely won't mind sucking a mans cock?'. He pushed his cock into my face and I began to suck it. It was about six inches and medium girth probably about the same as the dogs. He undid my top and began to roll and squeeze my nipples. 'Nice tits 'he grunted fucking my face with urgency. The dog had resumed licking my cunt expertly and I was begining to approach another climax. Andy gripped my head tightly and as he convulsed jets of his stuff filled my mouth. 'Swallow that you dog's bitch' he laughed. As he held me tight I had no option. He loosed me and sat back on the settee. 'Heinz looks ready for another fuck'. I turned around. Sure enough the dogs prick was protruding fully from its sheath.' Lets see you two in action ' Andy said and pulled the dog forwards and lifted him over my back again. It was soon probing for my cunt with rapid thrusts. Again I reached under to guide him home. Once in he commenced in earnest, wrapping his strong forlegs round my waist and pumping like a machine gun into my cunt. It was fantastic and I couldnt help but groan out loud in appreciation as the hard knot of the dogs dick forced its way into me for the second time. Andy was shouting encouragement to the dog. Suddenly I was coming and shook violently as Heinz continued to plough my cunt. Abruptley he tensed and again began to jet his dogs spunk into my sopping fanny.

This time we only remained secured together for a few seconds. The dog seemed to loose interest and pulled away, retreating to the corner to lick himself clean.

'You better get yourself cleaned up' said Andy as I lay exhausted on the dirty carpet, dogs sperm dribbling down my thighs. I got up and shuffled naked into the kitchen and wiped myself down with some paper towels.

Putting on my clothes I asked 'Well, are you going to keep this to yourself'? Andy gave a sly smile. 'It depends, I'll have to tell Jim, its his dog after all, but if you want to be fair with us I think we can keep a secret.' 'What do you mean'? I asked cautiously. 'We could do with a bit of help in the yard, answering the phones etc and we could pay you a bit to make it interesting. There would be some duties though not in the job description if you get my drift?' 'Be specific' I demanded. 'Well we'd want you to dress nice, when you come to work, like you do when you go out. You know wear stuff that shows off your figure. We like it and it will probably bring in some customers.'He hesitated 'but you must be happy to suck off or fuck me and Jim and the dog anytime we feel like it during the working hours. 'And if I won't' 'Then the story of your little canine copulation may get heard.' At this he showed me four or five quite poor polaroid photos , which he had somehow taken while I was fucking the dog the second time. 'Whats the pay' 'I thought three mornings and two afternoons a week until you finish your holidays at 12.0 a week.'replied Andy. Thinking about it, I thought we could do with the cash and this is on par with what I get per hour anyway, he could have made me do it without pay and its a limited time. As it happens it wasn't an unpleasant experience, and I wouldn't mind being fucked by the dog again. 'Ok, when do I start' 'Tommorrow' said Andy grinning broadly as he pulled me to him and slipped two fingers into my cunt'. 'See you tommorrow' he said pulling them out, sniffing and then licking them.

Later I told Gary about the job offer but not about the 'duties' and he said 'well we could do with the money if you don't mind working in your holiday'. The prospect of the next day both made me nervous and excited me. Even now I couldn't really believe I had been fucked twice by a dog and enjoyed it and sucked off a man who I barely knew. Arriving at the yard at 9.0 the next morning I found Jim and Andy in the cabin having a cup of tea. They seemed surprised. 'Didn't think you would come' Andy said. 'I wasn't aware I had a choice' I said quietly. 'well' said Jim 'we've had a chat and don't want you here under duress. We'd like you to come but only if you want to'. 'But what about the photo's?' I asked. 'Here they're yours' and Andy passed them to me. 'So' said Jim 'do you still want the job' 'Are the duties the same?' I asked smiling. 'Yes' confirmed Jim 'the money is solely for office work but you will expected to enthusiastically fuck and suck me Andy and the dog any time we want during working hours.' 'I agree' I heard myself saying and handed Andy the polaroids back. 'You can keep these as a souvenir'.

'lock the gates Andy, there'l be no customers for an hour so we can give our new employee some training' joked Jim.

With that he came behind me, wrapped his arms round me and began to kiss my neck. His right hand tugged up my short denim skirt and pushed into my knickers while his left slipped under my T shirt and began to maul my breasts. Andy came in and began to undo his overall.'Take her top off, lets see them lovely tits', I helped Jim slip off my top and turning round he started sucking my nipples and had two fingers in my cunt. Andy called 'come over here' He was sitting back on the settee his cock sticking up. I walked over to him and lowered myself onto his cock. It slipped in easily and I began to fuck him. Jim stood in front of me and dropped his overall round his ankles, thrusting a short but very fat dick into my face. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I sucked his cock in rythm with my rise and fall on Andy. I could feel Andy's cock pulsing inside me and knew he was about to come, I tightend my cunt muscles round his cock and he began to spurt into me. Sensing him contract I turned round to lick his spunky cock bending over to offer my cunt to Jim. He pushed right into me and bent me down so his belly was resting on my behind as he almost immediately jerked to orgasm. 'Where's Heinz' I asked. Jim staggered to the kitchen door and opened it. The dog padded in. He came straight to my cunt, licking the sperm which oozed from it. 'His dicks out' declared Jim. 'Well lift him on me then', I instructed. Jim lifted the dogs front legs until it was positioned over me. I could feel its prick stiff against my arse. For the third time in two days I reached under my body to guide that canine cock into my well lubricated cunt. As the dog began its now familiar frenetic pounding of my cunt Andy's cock stiffened again in my mouth. The dogs cock Knot began to swell in the entrance of my cunt. Once again the dogs fucking was bringing me to an orgasm. Concentrating on Andy's meat, I was overwhelmed by a wave of sensation just as the dog jettisoned his spunk into me. Almost passing out I lost Andy's dick which shot a great gob of spunk into my face and hair. I lay face down in his lap waiting for the dogs Knot to subside and release me. 'An excellent first mornings work' said Jim laughing.

I worked at the yard over the next couple of weeks, during which all three took full advantage of the agreement I'd made. My presence behind the counter certainly boosted trade and I got a great thrill out of giving the punters a flash of breast or knicker when I leant over the counter or bent over to pick up a part from the bottom shelf. Jim and Andy loved to call me into the store room when I was serving a customer and bend me over for a very quick fuck, or make me give them a rapid blow job. Either way when i went back to the counter I had spunk running down my legs or in my hair. I always thought someone would notice but no one ever commented, and I got plenty of comments about everything else.

Best of all though was the dog. He loved the smell and taste of my cunt. Most days when custom was slack I would slip out of my Knickers and let him loose from the kitchen area. After a few curius meanderings round the cabin he would come and shove his nose up my skirt as I leaned on the counter. Probing and licking my cunt and arse as though they were the sweetest meats. At least twice a day I let him fuck me to an orgasm. Once his dick pushed into my bum which he had already penetrated with his tongue and after the initial shock I found I liked the feeling and let him have me that way a few times. I took care to stop his knot getting in there though. Jim liked watching me have sex with the dog, and would sit wanking while the dog thrashed away at me. Once, after he watched the dog tonguing my cunt within seconds of a climax, he asked me to suck off the dog while he fucked me. I lay on the grubby carpet. Jim got between my legs with his fat cock and began thrusting. Calling the dog over I took hold of his dick and pulled him to my mouth.

Heinz seemed to understand perfectly and semi squatted and began his rapid jabs . Holding him in my hand I could control how much dick was in my mouth and feel his exitement. When he convulsed in climax my mouth was awash with his come and Jim shot his load into me at the sight of my lips dribbling dogs sperm.

During my last week at the yard Jim asked me if I fancied going to a party. He said he knew this businessman, (a scrap dealer actually) who had wild parties.'He's got this Great Dane and I've sort of mentioned I know a good looking girl who's got a thing about dogs! he wondered if you might go to the party and put on a bit of a show with his dog?'I pretended to be annoyed that he had been discussing me but was quite intrigued. 'How big is his dog?' I asked. Jim told me that from what he remembered he was bigger than heinz and probably eight or nine stone in weight. I said if I could see the dog first I'd think about it. The next morning Jim drove me over to a house near the river at Kew. We went in and met Frank who organised the parties. He was about thirty bald and wiry. As we sat in the kitchen a woman who turned out to be his wife came in with a huge black Great Dane on a lead. He was quite inquisitive but friendly and happily accepted my fussing him. The woman left the room and Frank immediately demanded to know if I would like to fuck with his dog. It was strangely embarrassing to be asked so bluntly and I could feel myself getting hot. 'I think so, but he may not be like Jims dog and I can't be sure it will work' I answered.

Jim asked if the wife had left and she had. He suggested we went into another room where I could test the dogs reaction to me. Sitting on a very posh settee I called Jake the dog over to me. After pulling up my loose skirt and slipping off my pants, using the dogs collar, I gently guided the dogs nose to my cunt. His head was enormous and I had to open my thighs as wide as I could. His long rough pink tongue probed tentatively at the folds of my cunt. I was already wet being excited by the thought of fucking this sleek black animal and also that I was again exposing myself to another complete stranger. As he continued to lick he became more enthusiastic pushing his tongue into me and sloberring on my gaping vagina. I couldnt reach the dogs dick to see if it was ready for action so asked Jim. He said the dogs prick was protruding from its sheath by five or so inches.'Pull him off me then so I can turn arround'. They did and he sat there his cock standing up bigger than any mans I'd had,veined dark red and twitching. I took off all my clothes as I wanted to feel his fur against my back. Kneeling down with my head into the settee I told Jim and Frank to let the dog go. He came over and resumed his probing of my cunt, then without any help clambered up over me his front paws on the settee outside my hands.The dog began to jab with his cock but could not find the way in. Once again I had to reach under and place it at the entrance to my hole. The dogs prick felt long and hot in my hand as the it strove to push into me. Feeling the tip of its dick just inside the lips of my cunt I let go of it and in an instant it was in me and his hairy belly was snug against my bum. With each frantic thrust my head was driven into the settee and the dogs Knot pushed against the entrance to my cunt. The dane with its front legs wrapped round me tightly was now completely in control as it thrust faster and faster. Its Knot filled the entrance to my womb completely grinding my cliteris mercilessly as I groaned to a protracted orgasm. Weak with sensation I was aware that the dog had stopped thrusting but that his cock was pulsing inside me and I could feel the hot jets of his spunk hitting my insides, something I'd never experienced with any man. As its convulsions concluded the dane followed the example of my previous canine lover and turned his back on me. We remained joined, my cunt distorted by his bulbous knot. Jim and Frank who had been stunned to silence during this session suddenly came to. Pulling my head out from the settee they knealt with their trousers round their knees wanking in front of my face. I managed to summon enough energy to pull Franks cock into my mouth as he began to shoot his load. Jim just jerked off over my face. The dog then pulled away from me and I remained on all fours sperm dripping from my face and running from my cunt onto the parquet floor.

A couple of weekends later I went to one of Franks parties where in front of about ten couples I fucked and sucked off both dogs and then let Frank fuck me up the arse.

A few weeks later we moved out of the area and I've never been back or god knows what I might have got into.

- The End -


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