"Horses Are More Than Beautiful"


      (F, Zoo)

I am a 35 year old female who loves to fuck. I started when I was 12 and just had my first period. My mother said that when I had my first period she would get me on birth-control pills and get me fucked properly. She and I were the only family each had. Daddy was gone and we never talked about him. The only thing my mother ever commented on about him was that he was hung like a horse. She always had boy friends because she needed to be continually fucked. She told me that a hundred times and said when the time came, I would be just like her. She was right. She had her fuck-toy of the moment come into my bedroom with her and she orchestrated my deflowering. It was not that pleasant with my first fuck but that changed in a hurry. He fucked me six times that night and from the second one on, I loved it.

My mother has a good job as an executive secretary and so we did ok financially, but her working got in the way of her fucking. She never fucks where she feeds, as she puts it, meaning she will not fuck around at work. But she is a tall, good-looking woman with big tits who loves getting laid and so finding a man is no problem. She happens to like them young so that she can introduce them to the pleasure a woman can give a man. I can say this now because the men are all grown up but many of her boys were 13 to 17 and still in high-school. The good thing about that is they could cum almost any time you wanted them to. She always had one boy come over after dinner, preferably a different boy each night, and fuck her for an hour or so. She loves to suck cock, and so much of the time of the visit, she had a cock in her mouth. She never closed doors or anything else and so I watched her sexcapades for all of my young life. I thought all women acted like her. I ended up just like her. But on week-ends she really got fucked. She would have several boys over all Saturday and Sunday and they would gang-bang her until none of them could cum anymore. With young boys, that is doing some heavy fucking! Looking back, I'm amazed that she never got caught. When the boys left for home in the evening, she was rubbing her well-used pussy as if she had never been laid. I'm going on and on about my mother just to show you that my sex model was not too prim and proper. I ended up tall (5 ft. 9 inches), big chested (36DD) and I have been told that I am very beautiful with legs up to my ass.

Where mother's thing was young boys, my thing was big cocks. I didn't care what color or nationality they were, I just wanted them big. I found that most of the really big cocks were black, with few exceptions. It got so a 12 or 13 inch cock was what I required to get me cumming, and then only if it was also thick. I was on the web and talked to a man in the country who had a 15 inch cock on a donkey and asked if I wanted to try.

I arrived in the morning and went directly to the barn. The farm owner had an ingenious strapping arrangement where by I could hang from the donkey's back underneath him with straps holding me and when the donkey got hard I could scoot myself down toward his rear and slide the donkey cock as far in as I could handle it. Then he had other straps to pull so that I would swing from back to front under the donkey after I got his cock in me. I could take whatever amount of his cock I wanted just by pulling the straps. When I timed my pulling just right, it would allow his cock to go in and out of me like a man fucking me. I quickly got all of his cock in my cunt and I had the ride of my life until the donkey shot about a quart of cum in my cunt and I came like I had never cum before. In the meantime, the farmer had his way with my mouth and I swallowed his cum. The farmer said he had seen a lot of women with this donkey but none able to fuck him like I did and both have so much fun. I ended up spending many week-ends at the farm and the farmer had me sleep with him although we didn't get much sleep. The donkey could fuck two or three times a day but I wanted more. John, the farmer, told me that the only other thing he could suggest was his horse. He said he had not brought him up before because he felt his cock was so big that no woman could take him. Now he had my attention!

We went to the barn and John brought in Jolly and he warned me that he didn't know how Jolly would react to my playing with him and he cautioned that I proceed very carefully. Well, I had never seen a horse with a hard-on before but I knew that all males like their balls fondled and so I started there. When I first touched his balls he shied and tried to move away but as I cupped his balls and gently fondled them he started to get hard. His balls were so big that I had to take one in each hand but when I slowly raised and lowered them he calmed down and out came this huge piece of meat. It was about twenty inches long, I found out later, but the main feature was its width. His head was about two inches and as his cock went toward his body, it grew to about five or six inches in thickness. I lusted after this monster but even I was unsure about getting that hose up my cunt. John put the fuck harness on the horse as I fondled his balls and started to lick the head of his cock. John warned me that when a horse came, the head would grow and open up so that it was much thicker that it had been. He said he thought it was nature's way of keeping his cum up the female's cunt by blocking the hole after the cum entered the cunt. I continued to rub and suck his until he did come and I saw the head expand as about a quart of his cum splattered on the floor of the barn. When I saw that orgasm I told John that he had to fuck me right then and John climbed on me and gave me a good fuck. I asked John to please hook-up the rig we used on the donkey, on the horse. I had to try and get some of that horse's cock in me.



I climbed under the horse and took the cock head and put it at my cunt. Since he had just cum, his head was still quite large but I finally got him in me about four inches which was the size of the head. I pulled the lines that pushed my body toward the base of the horse's cock and after going back and forth a while I slowly got about one foot of his cock in me. The horse obviously liked it because he just stood there as I went back and forth with about the first foot of his monster. The diameter is what was being so difficult to get in me. I noticed that if I put a continuing push of his cock in me, it slowly opened me up and I got about fifteen inches in me. I stopped pushing for a minute to catch my breath, and the horse must have got impatient with me because he stomped around and that pushed his cock in my cunt, about eighteen inches of cock was now in my cunt. I began to go back and forth where I would feel the cock head at my entrance, and then slam down as hard as I could and take as much of his cock as I could. I think I had an orgasm every time I pushed him into me.

After about four times with this wonderful horse, I got him up to his balls in my cunt. When I'm done, John says I look like a hole has been put in me that must have killed me. Usually I'm hanging down in deep pleasure and so I bet I look dead. If this is dying, I want more of it. The problem with my horse is now I wanted nothing else. I gave mercy fucks and sucks to John for being so nice and he said that after a while, fucking me was no good for him because he couldn't feel anything. I confessed to him that I couldn't feel him either, as a matter of fact, the donkey is now too small for me! My mouth still works and John says that if I keep sucking him he'll keep me in horses.

He bought another stallion in a few months and he was about the same size as Jolly but was a lot wilder. He was a real challenge but I got him tamed with my cunt and now I get fucked by two horses. John said to me today that he was going to look for another male to service me if I will move in with him full time. How can I refuse an offer like that? I will be getting miles of cock in me in one fucking. I'm hooked and I couldn't go back now if I wanted to, and I certainly don't want to. John also knows of a lot of people with our interest in animals and we are going to cultivate that relationship. He took a movie of me taking the new horse all the way to his balls in my cunt and when he showed it to his friends, they went crazy. But that is another story.

- The End -

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