"furry inc."

      by nightshade

      (furry morph beast)

"So you want to join our little family do you?" said the buxom vixen behind the desk. "y-yes maam." replied the skunk before her. 'hmmm,' the vixen thought. 'nervous, but she has potential...' she surveyed the interviewee, admiring her pretty face, long brown slightly curly hair, and hazel eyes behind large glasses. running a skilled eye over her body, she noted the generous curve of her chest and the shapely thighs, hidden though they were beneath a loose skirt and no-nonsense blouse and jacket. "why do you want to join Furry Inc." she asked, leaning forward slightly. she noted with approval how her subject didn't look away or blush at the sight down her partly open shirt this afforded. "well, my boyfriend has always said i'd make a great porn actress..." "stop right there." the vixen said. "this is an adult film studio. we don't do cheap spooge movies here." the skunk jerked back slightly, and the vixen noted the slight sway of her chest. "s-s-sorry maam. i-i didn't mean..." "it's alright," the vixen soothed. "i didn't mean to startle you, miss?" "Angelica," the skunk replied. "but everyone calls me either Angie or Angel." the vixen stood. "come with me angel. by the way, you can call me Sabrina." "okay, Sabrina." Angel said, relaxing a little.

Sabrina led her to a long hallway with several doors along each side. she opened one and led her inside. it was dark, but the flick of a switch and subdued lighting came from beneath the large window that filled one wall. sabrina motioned angel over and the skunk gasped. on the other side was a large bedroom set. in the center was a bed big enough to hold 6, and on it, a well-muscled wolf was gripping the thighs of a slender cat as they enjoyed a sloppy 69. his muzzle was buried inside her and angel could see her thigh muscles twitch as he licked and lapped at her dripping cunt. the cat was gripping the huge shaft of her lover, feverishly bobbing her head up and down. "how..." Angel asked then stopped. "it's okay, they can't hear or see us. one way mirror. what did you want to ask?" "how can she take him, he must be 10 inches long." "10 and a half in fact. all our girls are very talented." Sabrina smiled. "can we hear them?" the vixen nodded and flicked a switch at the base of the window. the room was filled with the moans, gasps, and slobbering sounds of the couple. the cat was close, grinding her cunt against her lupine lovers face. she redoubled her efforts, pumping the shaft with both paws. he moved one digit to her asshole and began massaging. that did it. the cat stiffened and yowled with a tremendous orgasm. she pulled her mouth away, pre-cum dripping from her tongue, and threw back her head with a joyous shriek. the wolf kept licking her. she subsided slightly and returned to her task. in moments, as she screamed around his cock with another climax, he howled and bucked his hips upward. his cock throbbed and he spurted into her mouth. she sucked furiously, but gobs were streaming round her lips, and dripping onto his thighs. Angel could tell she was struggling between the delicious taste of his semen or breathing. breathing won, and she pulled her mouth away with a gasp, cum spraying from her mouth. he was still coming, and she was pumping out every last drop. each blast was a solid pillar of cum, hosing her down like a fireman. at last he slowed to a trickle, and the cat eagerly licked up every remaining drop from his shaft. she was a mess, her entire face dripping with cum, her previously tabby face now white. she licked her lips and angel could see the cum webbing around her teeth and tongue.

"Come on, there's more to see." Sabrina said, tugging a slightly reluctant Angel with her. "he must have been saving for days." she said, dazed by the huge amount of cum she had just seen. Sabrina laughed. "that's his third time today. he's almost inexhaustible. the girls call him 'the cannon'" they headed for another door and Angel said. "i didn't see any cameras." sabrina grinned. "to get a natural look, they're hidden. carefully positioned to get every angle, from close-up to wideview. when we're done editing, its like a person was operating it."

In the next room, Angel gasped as she saw the action taking place. a female wolf was sandwiched between two male foxes, one pumping upwards into her pussy, the other ramming into her ass. she was coming constantly, keening as she jerked and bucked between her lovers. that didn't surprise Angel. in fact she was a bit envious. she and her boyfriend had never tried that! what did surprise her though was the very evident bulge of the wolf's stomach. "she's pregnant!" she said. Sabrina smiled. "6 months along in fact. those two are her husbands." "which is the father?" Angel asked. "they're not sure. frankly i don't think they care. they fuck so much its a tossup." "What about, you know, protection?" Angel asked nervously. "no worries there," Sabrina said as she led Angel from the room, and down the corridor to a door at the end of the hall. "we provide full medical coverage, everyone is screened regularly, by our own medical staff." she opened the door and they entered a large foyer with several more doors. the one on the left said 'medical'. Sabrina led Angel through, smiling. "if you still intend to join us..." "oh, i do." Angel answered, excited by what she had seen. "then you need to be examined." she nodded to the pretty young mouse receptionist. "whose free just now?" the girl, who Angel saw bore a name tag that read 'Candy' smiled back. "dr.Wilson and Jones are in examination room three with Alice. routine check." she checked her list. "let's see... oh, dr.Morris is free. room 6." "thanks," Sabrina said and led the way.

As they passed the door to exam room 3, Sabrina stopped, grinned toothily, and motioned angel over, pressing a finger to her lips. Angel stepped over to the door, and peeked into the window. it was partially frosted, but she could make out three figures writhing in pleasure. placing her ear to the door, she could hear grunting, gasping and happy cries. Angel grinned back, and they proceeded to room 6.

"Ah, come in." the female bear said, looking up from her clipboard. she held out her paw in greeting. "i'm dr.Morris, but you can call me Joyce." Angel responded, marveling at the strength in the paw gripping hers. "Angel, nice to meet you." Joyce motioned Angel to sit on the exam bench. "so, you want to join our happy little band do you?" "sure do," Angel responded. "well then, lets examine you." "like in room 3?" angel asked. Joyce looked blank for a moment, then grinned. "oh, i see." she moved over to a small tv in the corner, and switched it on. she clicked it to channel three and the screen lit up with a closed-circuit camera view. three figures were visible, fucking like crazy. one female, a vixen, angel thought, was lying faceup on the bench, another female, a panther, straddling her face. between her thighs was a male tiger, ramming into her like a jackhammer. "those three have 'exams' everyday." Joyce said. It got so we put a camera setup in they're. now they star in one of our most popular series, 'dirty doctors'" Angel gasped in surprise. "dirty doctors," she exclaimed, "that's one of my favorites! you mean, they're doing it for real?" Joyce looked surprised. "of course. maybe you should ask Sabrina about that part of things. meantime," she said, switching off the screen, "let's get the examination started..."

Joyce was competent and careful. once she was stripped and was wearing one of those hospital gowns, Angel relaxed, and let joyce do her thing. she examined Angel fully, checking for disease, infection or physical damage. she also checked for evidence of drug use. "once, a junkie tried to get work here to pay off her habit. we caught her of course, and got her placed in rehab. every person here, male or female is 100% clean." "and me?" Angel asked, mischeviously. "there is one last test." Joyce said as she removed her coat and began to unbutton her blouse. "and what's that?" Angel asked, as Joyce removed her gown with a flourish. "the taste test." Joyce said, laying Angel back on the table and spreading her legs.

Joyce moved her muzzle to Angel's bush. "hmmm, nicely trimmed hair, good firm hips. you'll make a great addition to our team." Angel, breathing a little heavier now, panted, "you mentioned a taste test." to her disappointment, Joyce stood up. "oh, it's not from me. maybe later, but for now, they're someone i want you to meet." she rang the intercom button and said "Alex please." a somewhat strange voice answered. it sounded like Candy the receptionist, but it was interspersed with pants and gasps. "oh, that feels so good. you're so deep and hard inside me. hold on i have to answer this. y-yes doctoOORRRRR! hold still i said!" trying to keep from laughing, Joyce said. "will you send alex to exam room 6 when you have a moment?"

"uunngghhhh! y-y-yes JoyYYYYYYYYCCCEEE!" her hand must have still been on the button, because they heard her say, "alright Alex, slave, you heard them, hurry up and finish, you're needed elsewhere." "yes mistress Candy." came a deep rumbling voice. they could hear a rhythmic pounding sound and Candies cry's increasing in intensity and volume. "oh GOD! that's good! harder, HARDER! i'm gonna CUM! Yeah, YEAH, YEAH, YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!" then desperate panting. "slave?" Angel asked as they waited. Joyce winked. "Alex is a submissive. all the girls here are his tops. he likes it that way." "from the sounds of things they do too." Angel said. the door opened and a large bear walked in. a bare bear in fact. all he wore was a leather collar round his neck. Angel's eyes widened at the size of his penis. even soft it reached 5 inches. he was being led by Candy, who held the other end of his leash. she was clearly in afterglow, her clothing rumpled, her fur sweaty., reeking of sex. "here you go, dr." the mouse said, handing Joyce the lead. Alex at once sank to his knees, his head bowed. "command me, mistress." he rumbled, and Angel at once felt herself getting wet. "lick this girl to orgasm." Joyce commanded, and Alex crawled forward.

"Wait." Joyce said as Alex reached out to hold angels hips. she rummaged through a nearby closet and brought out a leather harness. she quickly tied Alex into the kneeling position, his hands behind his back. "now, command him." she told Angel. excited by the power she now had, she began to instruct Alex in exactly how she wanted her cunt eaten. "oh, nibble the lips, up a little, to the side, deeper, AHHH, yes that's it. now, lick me harder, harder, HARDER, OH GODDDD!! eat that cunt! YES! YES! UUUNNGGGHHH!!!" Angel lurched upwards, screaming as she gushed all over Alex's muzzle. she slumped back to the bench, panting heavily. "did she taste good?" Joyce asked. "yes, mistress." Alex answered, his muzzle dripping, his long tongue lapping it up. she untied him, "that's all for now, slave." as soon as Alex left, she helped the slightly unsteady Angel get dressed. "congratulations, you passed the test." "that's a hell of a lot better than needles." Angel grinned.



She returned to Sabrina's office. the vixen greeted her warmly "welcome aboard, Angelica." "thank you," the no longer nervous skunk answered. Sabrina passed over a sheath of papers. "as soon as we get the paperwork sorted, out we can begin." Angel at once began to fill them out. "may i ask you a personal question?" "of course," Sabrina smiled. "we're all honest here." "why did you start this place?" the vixen stood and moved over to the window. "excellent question. it all started just before The Change. i was an ordinary fox, trapped in a british fox hunt. i was rescued by a visiting american. he took me home and was about to send me to a protected sanctuary, when..." "The Change." Angel said, engrossed in her story. "yes," Sabrina said. "he raised me well. as first, our relationship was purely friendship, but one night, i saw him come out of the shower and something inside me stirred. he was 60 years old, but still virile. i was pretty young, never having even mated in the wild, but he taught me well and i returned the favor." Sabrina smiled wistfully. "it lasted 5 years. then one day he had to go the hospital. he never returned. he had no family, so i was named the sole heir. imagine my shock, when i discovered that my kindly friend and lover was worth over 6 million dollars! he had been an industrialist. disgusted by the damage his company had done, he had retired. that's when he met me." she sighed heavily and sat down behind her desk.

"i was lonely of course. i rattled around his home, watching porno movies and occasionally taking a human or furry lover. i began to notice how different it was between the movies and the real thing. i began studying. i saw how even when the porno sex was real, it always seemed forced, like the actors were just playing parts, going through the motions. the closest to the real thing i found was amateur films, but those lacked the professional camera angles and polish. one of my lovers was an investor, and he suggested i put my money to good use." she stood again, and opened her arms wide to encompass the room. "so i started this place. that's why the sex is always real, never play-acted. oh, there's a little acting involved in the plot, but never in the sex. if a couple don't sync in bed, they don't go there. there is of course a little guidance. you may for example be suggested to have anal, or let him come in your mouth or whatever, but it's always real." Sabrina grinned. "it seems to inspire romance too. you saw Sasha, the pregnant wolf with the two fox husbands? they met here. they did a threesome scene, and they've been inseparable ever since. they were married here in fact. we've got the wedding on tape. the conception too." she saw Angel stir in her seat a little and she smiled to herself. "oh, there is one other thing. you have say in what you want to do. if you prefer anal, or oral, you can be cast in those type of scenes. or, if you prefer not too, that's okay too." Angel was squirming now, and she saw her free hand move under the table. "it can expand your horizons too. one of our girls, Suzi, started off doing strictly one-on-one. one day, she tried a bit part in an orgy scene. she ended up taking on every fur there, male or female." she saw that Angel had finished the paperwork, and was slowly rubbing herself. "why don't you go home and we'll get started on monday morning." obviously reluctantly, Angel removed her fingers and nodded a little unsteadily. "see you monday." Sabrina said, shaking Angels hand firmly. her new employee walked out the door and she admired the saucy swing to her hips. once she was gone, Sabrina licked up the juice on the hand she had shaken Angel's with, the same one Angel had been using to touch herself. "hhhmmm, tasty."

That night, Angel called her skunk boyfriend over. for the whole weekend, they had the most intense sex they had ever had. usually it was slow and gentle, but her experiences at the studio had released her inherent lusts. she was insatiable, demanding to be pleasured almost constantly. she started by having him lick her to and through several shattering oral orgasms, but it still wasn't enough, and she fucked him like a crazed slut. when he was too exhausted to continue, she sucked him hard, then pounced on him when he showed the slightest signs of recovery. "god baby," he gasped as she rode him one time, coming down from a howling orgasm as she rammed up and down on his cock. "what's gotten into you?" she groaned as she humped and pounded, sweat pouring down her body and dripping from her muzzle, nipples and hair. "shut, up, and, FUCK, me," she panted between thrusts, then, screaming, erupted once again, her body shaking in pleasure. he grunted and obeyed, roaring as he spewed upwards into her sex-crazed pussy. they even did anal, something they had never tried before. he tried to be gentle, but she was an animal, pounding back at him, driving herself onto his cock, screeching as she came almost constantly, using him for her pleasure. when he was totally drained, unable to get it up despite her best efforts, she whiled away the night with her toys, thinking of monday.

Come monday, she walked into her new place of work, and was greeted by Sabrina. "welcome aboard," the vixen said, shaking her paw. "shall we get comfortable?" they seated themselves and Sabrina could smell the arousal in her associate. "fill out this form, please. it details your general sexual preferences. we want to make sure you enjoy yourself here." Angel eagerly accepted the paper. even after her weekend with her boyfriend, she was still 'itchy' and was dying to get 'scratched.' "hmmm, mostly hetero but curious about bi. interesting." Sabrina said after angel finished filling out the form. "i've got just the start for you." she led her down the hall to a studio done up like an alley. "in this screen test, you play a schoolgirl walking home who's waylaid by some biker thugs." she laid a reassuring paw on angels shoulder. "just relax and have fun. if at any point you want to stop, just say 'mongoose'. that's a safeword, everything will stop immediately." she kissed Angel on the cheek and left her alone. the wardrobe lady, a chatty elderly eagle, helped her into her costume, a schoolgirl uniform consisting of a white button top blouse, and a ruffled knee length blue skirt. "don't worry sweetie. all the boys here are real nice."

She left, and Sabrina's voice came from the overhead speaker. "okay, dear. start walking down the alley. when you reach the fire escape, by the garbage cans, the gang leader will appear and come on to you. resist at first, but when he calls the others over, act resigned and give in to them. after that, just have fun." Angel nodded and at the word "action," began.

"Hey baby, whatcha doing?" the leader, a muscular grey wolf in a black leather jacket said, stepping out of the shadows to block her path. "oh, i didn't see you there." Angel said, trying to move round him. he put out an arm, and blocked her. "that's not very friendly, cutie. i just want to say hello." he leaned forward and kissed her sloppily on her mouth. Angel tried to push him away, but he caught her arm and pushed them down. she felt frightened for a moment, but a quick wink from the wolf calmed her. 'its not real,' she reminded herself. 'he won't really hurt me. besides, he's kinda cute.' she stayed in character, struggling as he fumbled at her skirt. "cmon darling, don't be shy. we just wanna have some fun." "we?" she asked in a frightened tone and he gestured at the shadows. four other figures stepped into view, a brown wolf, a fox, a bear and a lion. "oh no!" she cried, "you, you can't!" "sure we can sweet stuff," the fox leered, opening his pants to reveal his rapidly swelling cock. "cmere, and give me some sugar." she tried to pull away, but the grey wolf pulled her to her knees and lifted her head. "its okay baby, it'll taste good." the fox said, pushing his head at her lips. 'time to give in.' Angel thought and took the head into her mouth. 'he does taste good' she thought and began sucking and licking. "ohh man, she's a natural." the fox groaned, and pushed forward, forcing more of his length in. "i want some of that pussy," the grey wolf said, lifting her skirt and ripping her panties off. she moaned around her mouthful as he put her on hands and knees, and slid his hardness into her dripping pussy.

"Oohhh yeah." the wolf groaned as he pumped her tight cunt. "this is incredible." sentiments that were indeed shared by Angel, who sucked even harder on the cock in her mouth as her pussy was filled. she felt so free, her inhibitions released, and she decided right then and there to use these boys till they were drained. unable to speak around her throbbing mouthful, she motioned the other three males towards her. they stood before her, and she frantically pulled down their pants, exposing their own manhoods. she pulled away from the others, who cried out in protest, their waving cocks pulsing angrily. she grabbed the grey wolf and pushed him onto his back. "what..." he started to say, but she frenched him hungrily and whispered, "shut up and do as i say." she straddled him, groaning as she slid down his length. she held still for a moment, savoring the feeling of his hardness within her. she looked at the others, and told the lion. "c'mere and fuck my ass." he eagerly complied, and within moments, her ass was filled by the long thin cock. she tried to hold still, knowing that any movement would set her off, and she wasn't ready just yet. she took the cocks of the brown wolf and the fox, one in each hand, and nodded to the bear. "you fuck my mouth." she said, opening wide. he moved forward, his long thick cock stretching her lips as it slid into her hot, hungry mouth.

She tightened her anal and cunt muscles around the boys and started pumping the cocks in her hands. that was their cue, and they all started fucking the cum-hungry slut. Angel shuddered with an orgasm immediately, yelling around her mouthful. she loved being full of cock. the guys doublefucking her matched their rhythyms, one going in as the other went out, and the action sped up. the guys she was jacking off fondled her nipples, and she groaned. she sucked the bear like a vacuum, and he gripped the back of her head, fucking her mouth. she came again and again, howling and shrieking. all coherent thought was submerged in her raging lust and all she could think was 'fuck good. want more.' one of the boys she was jacking shouted. "FUCK! I"M GONNA BLOW!" she pulled him closer and momentarily released the bear from her mouth. he was about to protest but when she eagerly engulfed the ready to pop cock, he grinned. "UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!" the guy shouted and blew his load. she swallowed desperately, but there was so much it oozed from the corners of her mouth and ran onto her heaving boobs. when he was done, he pulled away and after giving another orgasmic yowl and a few gasps for breath, she resumed sucking the bear. "man, she sucks great." the drained brown wolf said. "you're 'uff' telling 'oh' me?" the bear answered as he started pumping her face again. the fox was so turned on by this display he was ready to blow too. she could tell by the feel of his cock in her hand, and she tugged at him to come closer. the bear was really enjoying the feeling of the cum around his pounding cock and he readily pulled away. she tried to suck the fox, but he held back. "i, want, to, soak, your, face," he gasped, his face flushed. she wanted it too and tilted her head up, opening her mouth wide. just as he was about to explode, she screamed with yet another cum and he let go, shooting thick ropes of semen into her gaping mouth. he shot several times, draping her lust-contorted muzzle with lines of cock icing. empty as well, he slumped back and joined the brown wolf.



'Two down, three to go,' Sabrina thought as she watched from the observation room, she had her blouse unbuttoned and was fondling her nipples. she had her left paw buried in her dripping pussy. 'i want some of that pussy juice of hers,' she mused, remembering the taste of the few drops from the interview. the sound was on of course, and Sabrina savored every grunt, slap of flesh on flesh and scream, muffled or not. she knew how long these boys could last and she knew she could wait. Angel would be with her soon enough.

The remaining three were really ramming her now and she was cumming almost non-stop. she was writhing and twisting, her body thrashing with every orgasm that ripped through her ripe young body. the lion was next. he rammed his deepest into her ass and held there. he roared as he poured stream after stream of burning hot cum into her rectum. it felt so good, Angel shrieked with another cum. the lion sagged over her back, gasping "Oh god, oh god," as his cock emptied itself into her ass. he finally finished and pulled out, the sensation setting the super sensitive Angel off again. she let the bears cock free again and screamed in lust. "GIVE ME MORE COCK! FILL MY ASS! I NEED IT! GIVE IT TO ME!" the bear eagerly complied. he moved behind her and pried apart her ass-cheeks, the grey wolf held still for a moment, and Angel did too, gasping and sobbing as she felt the cock slide into her rectal cavity. once he was in, they started fucking her again. with her mouth empty, she could really let loose with her screams and the set echoed with her cries. "FUCK! FUCK ME! GOD! FUCK! COCK! GOOD! MORE COCK!" the grey wolf was getting very close and he rammed up into her even harder and faster. "gonna cum baby, gonna fill your cunt!" he groaned. "YES! FILL ME! CUM IN ME YOU BASTARD! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!" she roared and with such an appreciative partner, he of course obliged. "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" he screamed as his cock exploded with her, flooding her womb with semen. "OH GOD, YES! YES! FLOOD ME! FUCK ME! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!" Angel shrieked, her body thrashing through yet another blinding orgasm. he spewed the last few drops and pulled out. he slid out from under her, leaving her to the tender mercies of her last lover.

The bear pushed her down to the ground, laying her facedown. she turned her head to the side and screamed as he really fucked her, going for the gusto. she was so far gone she couldn't even form words, just a continuous high-pitched wailing. she was cumming constantly now, the explosions within her too close together to be distinguished from each other. she began crying in extasy, tears running down her muzzle. the sound became this crying screaming ululation. the bear rammed her like a machine, driving to the balls and pulling halfway out, only to ram to the deepest again. she was reaching the limit of her ability to experience such incredible pleasure and still remain conscious. her eyes were rolling back in her head, and he knew she was ready to pass out. he let himself go. "YYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!" he roar-screamed and began pouring his cum within her. the sensation of wonderful burning cum gushing into her caused her to buck wildly, one last extra loud howl erupting from her. they froze in that position, his head thrown back, face contorted as he spewed into her tight and oh so wonderful ass, her mouth open wide, wild incoherent sounds echoing round the room. at last, they finished and slumped to the floor, spent. he carefully pulled free of her and she curled into a fetal position, still cumming in micro-shocks, cum running from all her orifices, gasping and panting, tears running down her muzzle. each of the boys gave her a tender kiss on the cheek, and the leader laid his coat over her ravaged form, as the stained and tattered remnants of her uniform were useless now. the lights went low and... "CUT!"

The boys helped her up, and half-carried her to the next room. called a cool-down room, it was a place to recover. she was exhausted, and they helped her remove her tattered clothes and shower off the streams and gobs of cum clinging to her face and body. she recovered a bit and kissed each of them as they left. the grey wolf was last and she asked his name. "Tad." he answered. she grinned. "see you around Tad." he grinned back and left. as they left, the other door opened and Sabrina walked in, clapping her paws. "that was wonderful, one of the best sessions i've ever seen! you're definitely going to be happy here!" Angel smiled. "are they always like that?" "not always," Sabrina answered. "what happened in there was entirely up to you. you could have taken just one, or only given blow-jobs. there was no script this time." she twitched the corner of her mouth, "not that the script is that rigid anyway." Angel sighed and sat back in a chair. "you know, there was one aspect i would have liked to have had." Sabrina leant forward. "oh, what's that?" in a flash, Angel grabbed her arms and pulled her forward for a kiss. "their were no pussies to eat." Sabrina grinned toothily and pulled up her skirt. revealing, as Angel had suspected, no panties. "well, we can't have our people disappointed, can we?" she sat back in another chair and Angel dove in eagerly. she lapped at her bosses labia, and took long sweeping scoops into her pussy opening. Sabrina moaned and pushed her head forward, pressing her lovers muzzle deeper between her legs. she was very wet from watching the action and before long, she gasped and came. Angel eagerly drank her fluids and was ready for more, when Sabrina lifted her head away. "i want to taste you too." she gasped, and dropping to the floor, pulled them into a 69.

Angel was on top, holding Sabrina's legs wide, eagerly burying her muzzle in the tasty opening before her. Sabrina was amazed at her natural talent. she knew just where to lick and suck. it was so good, she found it a little difficult to focus on eating her. nonetheless, she persevered, and the sounds Angel made proved her actions were successful. the room was soon full of slurps and moans. Angel was still very sensitive, and when Sabrina placed a finger on her clit and rubbed gently, she came. "OOOHHH!!" she groaned into Sabrina's cunt and that was just enough to give her employer a shuddering orgasm. they clung to each other, gasping, then separated.

Sabrina licked her muzzle and savored the taste. "i knew you tasted good." she said, making a show of licking each of her fingers clean. Angel grinned. "you did me so good, now i need cock." she moved over to the wall panel. "Alex, come to cool-room at studio three at once." "yes, mistress Sabrina." came the reply and Angel shivered at the sound of his deep voice. a little later, Alex the submissive bear entered and knelt. "command me mistress." Sabrina grinned and winked at Angel. "i need fucking. lie down and let me ride you." "yes, mistress." he stretched out, they tied his hands and Sabrina mounted him, sighing as he slid up into her. as she watched the two, Angel could feel herself getting excited again. 'i guess one more won't hurt.' Sabrina was in seventh heaven, gasping and panting as she rode his 9 inch cock. Angel moved over to them and crouched over their slave's face. "lick me to orgasm, slave." she ordered and Alex rumbled "yes mistress Angel." Angel moaned as she felt the long ursine tongue lick at her abused pussy. 'i think i'm going to like this job.'

the end (for now)

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