"Katie and Mugs and Carrie"

      by Teddie

      (FF cons fist best oral)

My name is Katie, and the following happened when I was 18. I had just graduated from high school and had just broken up with my long time boyfriend, Billy. We were a couple all through high school and some people thought that we were going to be married some day. I drove around all evening after Billy broke up with me, and got home around 9. I went straight in the house, and was met at the door by our dog, Mugs. Mugs was a Great Dane that Dad had gotten to protect mom and me when he was away. Mugs seemed to sense that something was wrong and looked at my very sadly with his big brown eyes. I could hear the television coming from the family room, so I knew Mom and Dad were home. I yelled that I was home and was going to bed. Mom called back, "Good night. Love you." Mugs followed me upstairs to my room.

I needed a shower. I stripped and told Mugs to lay down and be a good boy. I took a nice long hot shower, and came out of my bathroom wearing my silk bath robe. I sat down at my dresser and brushed my hair. Mugs came over and sat next to me, I scratched his head. I then walked over and sat down on my bed, looked at Billy's picture, and started crying. Mugs came over and rested his head on my lap, comforting me in his own way. I again started scratching his head and began to feel better.

I just laid down on the bed, with my feet still on the floor still crying. I hadn't noticed, but my robe had fallen open. I felt a little hot breath on my legs and heard some deep breathing. I then felt a big tongue lick my pussy. I jumped, and said, "No, Mugs!" I sat up a little and Mugs was standing between my legs looking at me. He lowered his head and licked my pussy again. It sent a jolt through my body. Billy had eaten me before and I liked it, but Mugs was a dog. I again said, "No, Mugs." He looked up and went right back to licking my pussy. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I laid back, spread my legs, and let Mugs enjoy himself. It didn't take long before he brought me to probably one of the best orgasms that I've ever had. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. When I come, I'm very wet and this felt like I came a gallon. Mugs just kept on licking, with his tongue going into my pussy and hitting my clit every once in awhile, he brought me to another orgasm.

I had to push him away, I couldn't take a third. He looked a little hurt. So, I called him up on the bed. And then I saw his penis. Billy was no slouch in this category, but Mugs was much bigger. I sat there and just stared at it. It must have been at least 9 inches long and I don't think I could have gotten my hand around it. It started to go back into its sheath, but I wanted to look at it some more. So, I reached out with my left hand and started stroking it, like I had done many times with Billy. Mugs's penis started to grow again and the more I stroked it the larger it grew. It grew till I could no longer get my hand around it. He started humping my hand, so I quit. He again looked hurt.

I thought, Mugs, you brought me to a couple of great orgasms. I need to do something for you. So, I started to stroke him some more. He started humping my hand again and slobbering. I saw some pre-come start to ooze from the tip of his pointy penis. I wiped it off with my other hand and looked at it. Something clicked and I put it into my mouth. It was saltier than Billy's come, but not bad tasting. I wiped off some more and licked it off my fingers. Something inside took over and it became like watching a movie. I had Mugs lay down on the bed, on his side. I moved my face closer and closer to his penis, while still stroking him with my hand. More pre-come leaked from the pointy tip. I reached out with my tongue and licked it off. It tasted better than any other that I had tasted and that was just Billy's.

I opened my lips and took just the tip of his penis into my mouth. He started to get excited and humped faster. This made me take more and more into my mouth. He was stretching my mouth, his penis was so big and I could see the gland at the base of his penis start to grow. It wasn't long before he was hitting the back of my throat fairly hard. I was glad that he was laying down, so that I had some control over his humping. I kept tasting the pre-come and knew that if I wasn't careful that I was going to have a mouth full of come very soon. Sooner came quicker than I could imagine. I felt his penis swell. He gave a deep low growl, and started pumping his juices into my mouth. I used to think Billy had a large quantity of come, but Mugs started filling my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but a lot ran out the side of my mouth and down my cheek. The gland at the base of his penis had really grown. He finally stopped coming. I removed my mouth from his penis, used my fingers to pick up as much of his come as I could, and licked it off. Mugs got off the bed and started cleaning himself. I was lightheaded and afraid to get out of bed, Mugs feel asleep by my door, and I just crashed like I was.

The next morning, I was awakened by a big wet kiss. Mugs needed to go out. I took him downstairs and out into the backyard. Mom and Dad had an all day golf outing today, had left early, and wouldn't be back until really late. While Mugs was doing his thing, I ran inside and used the downstairs bathroom. Then I went and made some fresh coffee and toast, and shared the toast with Mugs. I needed a shower to really clean up from last night. I went upstairs, with Mugs right behind me. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was glad Mom and Dad were gone and I didn't have to explain all the come stains. I took another long hot shower. When I came out, Mugs was laying on rug at the foot of my bed. His tail started wagging, I walked over, sat on the bed, and started scratching his head. He flipped my robe with his nose and licked my pussy, hitting my clit, and sending a jolt through my body. "You liked last night, didn't you boy." He seemed to say yes with his eyes. "I did too, but it's not right. You're a puppy dog and I'm a girl." He continued to look at me. He then put his big paws on my shoulders and pushed me down on my bed. He wanted more and was going to do his best to get it. He moved his nose between my legs and started licking like he hadn't had anything to drink for a week.

Again, that switch in my head clicked and it was like watching a movie. He continued licking and brought my to a fantastic orgasm, not once but twice. He then jumped up on the bed and put his front paws on either side of me. I looked down and could see his penis already well out of the sheath. I reached down, touched it, and my fingers were covered in pre-come. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean. I knew I wanted Mugs right now, very badly. I moved Mugs over, no easy feat, and got down on the floor. Mugs followed. I was on my hands and knees, Mugs again buried his tongue in my pussy. He worked at that for awhile, and then mounted me.



He's a big dog and I was having problems supporting his weight, so I went down on my elbows, pushing my butt higher. He started humping, but was having problems hitting the spot. He got close to my ass, and I didn't want him there. I reached back, in an attempt to help him hit the correct hole. With a little guidance and a little luck, he finally was able to put his cock in the right place. Once he was in, he really started humping and going deeper and deeper, faster and faster. He was finally all the way in, and I felt his gland start to grow. He humped me for a good ten minutes, I must have come three times. Finally I felt him tense, he did his low deep growl, and I felt him start pumping. He more than filled me, I felt juices start to run down my legs. I was full of not only Mugs's cock, but his juices, and I was loving it. When he was finished, he tried to pull out but couldn't, we were tied. He lifted one leg over my back and we were butt to butt. I wanted to lay down, but couldn't. It took about half an hour for his glad to go down enough to pull out with a little pop. I could then really feel his juices run down my leg.

I laid down on the floor and rolled over on my back. Mugs was cleaning himself. I reached down between my legs and was surprised as to how much fluid I got in my hand. I looked at it, and licked my hand clean, tasting a mixture of my juices and Mugs's. Just then the phone rang and brought me back to reality. It was Carrie, my best friend. I had forgotten that we were going shopping and I was late picking her up. I told her that I over slept and to give me a chance to get in the shower, and I would make it up by buying lunch. I couldn't believe the amount of come that ran out of my pussy while I was showering. I took a douche, to be sure I was cleaned out and wouldn't leak juices.

I picked Carrie up about forty-five minutes later and really apologized for over sleeping. She said that I looked too good for someone who had just broken up with a long time boyfriend. I told her that I was just putting up a good front. We ended up at the mall, did some window shopping, and stopped for a late lunch. It was about three and we were headed back to my house. I was trying to decide if I was going to tell Carrie about Mugs or not. We haven't had secrets from each other for ever. We told each other right away when we lost out virginity, when we gave head for the first time, etc.

"Carrie, I have something to tell you." I said as I pulled into the driveway.

"What have you gone and done now that you have to confess to Sister Carrie?"

"It's kind of serious..." I went on to tell her about last night and this morning. I was looking into her eyes the whole time, to try and gauge her reaction. What I failed to notice was that she had a hand up her skirt playing with herself.

"Carrie. Carrie! Did you hear what I just said. I had sex with Mugs."

"Yea. Yea. I heard you. You had sex with Mugs."


"I don't know. I just got so turned on, while you were telling me. I don't know what to say."

"Let's go in the house and get something cold to drink."

We went in and of course were met by Mugs. We went into the kitchen, got a couple of Cokes and added some rum. We then went outside, sat and talked. I explained to her again how everything happened, and she got all hot and bothered again.

"Katie, can you show me? I want to see this for myself."

"I don't know if I want to do it again. It feels so good, but I don't know if it is right or not."

"Well, if you show me. Maybe, I can help you decide."

"On one condition. That you swear on all that's holy that you will never tell a soul."

"I promise."

I took her hand, called Mugs, and headed for my room. Mugs beat us to the door, I think he knew. I stripped, turned, looked at Carrie, and said, "Well!"

"Well. What?"

"If I'm going to be naked. So are you." We had seen each other naked before.

Carrie took her clothes off, the whole time watching Mugs. I sat on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. Mugs walked over and put his tongue to work on my pussy. Carrie sat at my dresser and watched wide eyed, as Mugs brought my to my first orgasm. I then heard a little gasp from her, "What's wrong."

"Nothing. But, his cock is so big and the amount of pre-come."

I looked under Mugs, and said, "Wait, that's nothing."

Mugs was still working on me and I had a second orgasm. I told Carrie that she might want to get closer for a better look. She walked over and was amazed at how fast Mugs tongue was working me. I wanted to try something different with Mugs, the missionary position. I placed a number of pillows on the floor, to raise my hips off the floor and give him better access. I got myself positioned on the pillows. Mugs walked over and started on my pussy again, but I knew he was ready for something else. So, I pulled him up and over me and wrapped my legs around him. Mugs started humping looking for his prize. I looked over at Carrie, and said, "Why don't you help him find the right spot. No anal stuff." Carrie knelt down on the floor and took Mugs's cock in her hand, getting it covered in pre-come. I told her to carefully guide it toward my pussy, which she did. Mugs found his prize and started to hump me. I looked over at Carrie and she was just staring as Mugs's cock worked it's way deeper and deeper into me. She was also licking the pre-come off the hand that she had used to guide Mugs and her other one was playing in her pussy. I then heard another gasp out of her.



"His gland?"

"Yes, it so big."

"It get's bigger if it gets inside." At that moment Mugs really started humping me. A few minutes later he tensed, did his low deep growl, and started pumping. It didn't take long for his juices to start running down my butt crack. I had two orgasms and I think Carrie had brought herself off at least once.

"Well what do you think? Did you enjoy watching?" I said with a sly grin.

"I've never seen anything so erotic. He can really hump and the amount of come! Watching? It felt more like I was part of it."

"Your hands were very busy with your own body. It was hard to watch you enjoy the show, when I was enjoying it so much myself."

"Have you made up your mind if it's right or not?"

"I'm not sure if it's right, but it is so pleasurable. Want to try?"

"Don't know. My head is swimming and I'm trying to sort things out."

Carrie couldn't get over the amount of juices that were leaking from my pussy. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed, Carrie leaned on my knee. And, without a word her mouth was at my pussy, lapping up the mixture of juices. She spent a good five minutes there, bringing me to another orgasm before she came up for air. She looked up at me, her face covered from ear to ear with come, and smiled. I reached down pulled her up to me and gave her a deep kiss.

"Carrie, I didn't know you were built that way."

"I didn't either. Something just came over me and I had to have your pussy with all that come in it. I've never done anything like this before. You didn't mind, did you?

"Mind? No, I loved it. Your more than my best friend. You're my best lover." I reached between my legs, covered my fingers with some more of the sweet juices and placed them in her mouth. She did the same to me. I then pushed her down on the bed and had my first, but not last, taste of another woman's pussy.

After supper, Mom and Dad were still at the golf outing, I took Carrie upstairs and told her that it was her turn with Mugs.

"Can I have him in my ass?"

"Sure. But, we had better lube you up good first. And, if he ties with you it might be for longer than forty-five minutes."

"That's ok. I really like it up my butt, and he's so big that he'll really fill me."

I prooceded to lube Carrie's butt with KY. Inserting first one finger, then two, three, and finally four.

"You can really open up back there can't you?"

"I told you I like it back there."

Carrie sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Mugs came over an sniffed her, probably thinking that he had a new bitch in heat. He started licking, Carrie started moaning. Carrie started coming in waves of pleasure. After about ten minutes, Carrie started screaming that she wanted to be fucked. I helped her down on the floor. Mugs mounted her, and I help him find her ass. She let out a really deep moan as he started pushing into her. His humping pushed him deeper and deeper into her ass. She just moaned with pleasure. I watched as his gland got closer and closer to her, and with a final push he put his gland in her. She screamed, more in pleasure than pain. Mugs humped her for ten minutes before he filled her ass full of his juices, some of which leaked down her legs. I was fascinated by what I had just seen, in fact my juices were really flowing. Mugs assumed the butt to butt position, and they were stuck for an hour. I was good to Carrie, I went and got her a cold drink. When Mugs finally pulled free, Carrie collapsed on the floor. I cuddled with her and we kissed. When she had recovered, I said, "My turn."

"Your turn? You want Mugs again?"

"No. I want you. I want you to sit on my face, so I can suck all that sweet juice out of your sweet little ass."

"Katie. Are you ok? I've never seen you like this."

"I'm fine. I think I just found out who I am, and what I want. As to who I am? I'm a slut, but a slut only for you. And, as to what I want? I want you."

Carrie wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me so deeply that I thought her tongue was playing with my tonsils. She lowered me to the floor and knelt over my face. The juices started to run out of her ass into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some ran down my chin and cheeks. She slowly lowered her ass to my mouth and I was working it with my tongue. Carrie let out a little scream of pleasure. I sucked and licked her ass clean of Mugs's come. She then moved her pussy over my mouth and I went to work on her. She came with such a wave of pleasure that I thought that I was going to drown. She rolled off and started kissing me and licking my face clean. We held each other for awhile. I then told her we had better get this place cleaned up before on mom and dad get home. We ran around, completely naked, changing the bed cloths, wiping up all the come spots, etc. We then jumped into the shower together and enjoyed washing each other. Carrie's breasts are so nice and firm, and when soapy...

We made it down stairs about a half an hour before my Mon and Dad got home. We were sitting watching TV when the walked in.

"Hi kids."

"Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Have a good golf outing and banquet?

"Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Bently."

"Good round of golf, banquet and dance was a little too long and boring. What did you girls do today?"

"Not much. Went to the mall and just hung out. Is it ok if Carrie spends the night? We're both tired and just want to crash."

"It's ok with us. If it's ok with her parents."

"I asked already and it's fine with them."

"OK, girls. Your dad and I are tired, and I think we are just going to go to bed. Good night."

"Good night."

After Mom and Dad left the room, I said, "Carrie, you'd better call and check with your parents."

"OK." She called and, as we thought, it wasn't a problem.

That night, Carrie and I enjoyed each other some more, without Mugs. She asked me to do something that she had always wanted to try. Seeing that I was now open to almost anything, I readily agreed. She asked me to get the tube of lubricant that I had used earlier. She then asked me to lube my hand up really well and also her ass. I started to work her ass with one finger and I could feel her tight little ass start to relax. She really did like this sort of thing. I worked in a second finger. She started to moan. With the third finger, she started moving her hips. When I got to the fourth finger, her head was rolling back and forth. I think I knew what she wanted, but I wanted her to tell me. So, I just kept four fingers in her, stretching her as much as I could with them.

"Put it in."

"Put what in?"

"I want your hand in my ass."

"My hand is in your ass." I said teasingly.

"No all of it. Put the whole thing in. Please!"

I started working my thumb in with my fingers, stretching her more. I moved it in and out, stretching her more. She started moving her hips harder and harder, trying to force my hand deeper. I got it in up to the knuckles, And, then she gave one hard push, my hand went in up to the wrist. She gave a scream of pleasure. I'm glad mom and dad's bedroom is downstairs. I continued to move my hand around inside of her and then started on her pussy with my mouth. She went absolutely crazy, and came in earth shattering waves. I carefully removed my hand from her ass, she came down slowly from her erotic high. And we kissed and hugged like never before. We fell asleep and slept till about noon, when Mom came to check on us. Mom didn't say anything, but she saw how Carrie and I were cuddled up together, and I think she knew then what my sexual preference was or at least had a good idea.

Well that's how my life as a lesbian began, not to mention my love of furry sex. And, like I said, this all happened when I was 18. I'm now 25, Carrie and I went through college together and now live together as lovers in a very nice townhouse. Mugs, sorry to say, passed away a few years ago. We do have a very well trained dog, that knows how to make us feel good. My parents have accepted our life style, but Carrie's have disowned her.

- The End -

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