"Anna Kournikova at Marineland"

      by David Oberman

      (NC best rape MMF oral anal)

Besides being a world-class tennis player, nineteen-year-old, Russian born, Anna Kournikova was also in great demand by the sportswear companies. Her supermodel good looks made her the top choice for appealing to the female clientele.

This made her tennis competitors envious and jealous of her financial success because she was so much prettier than themselves, yet not as good a player as they were.

This time it was a swimsuit company that had hired her good looks to promote their new line of swimwear. The advertising agency decided to do the shoot in Marineland. Anna would pose in front of different sea animals for added visual effect.

The photo shoot was going pretty well so far. Anna had posed in many different skin-tight suits, from single pieces to bikinis. She would change her hairstyle constantly, going from braiding it, to a ponytail, or simply letting her hair down to cascade over her slender shoulders. But she was nervous about posing in the real slim string-bikini suits. The idea of wearing the thong suits was a bit beyond the call of duty, she felt. So she kept putting it off until the last moment.

"Okay Anna," the photographer said. "We've done all the other suits. You're going to have to get into those string suits now."

"Do I really have to?" she pouted. "I have never worn anything... so revealing before."

"C'mon sweetie." he tried to soothe her nerves. "Just think of them as a bra commercial. I know you've done those before."

"Well, very well." she finally relented. "But I still do not like it."

Anna made her way to her dressing trailer and proceeded to strip down for the change. She stood naked in front of her full-length mirror admiring her firm, well-toned body. She ran her hands over her naked breasts, squeezing them and caught her breath.

"Mmmh!" she moaned loudly. "That feels good. But I wish I had a cock to play with."

Just at that moment, the photographer was walking just outside her changing room.

Mmmh, he thought, recognizing the sound for what it was. This could have possibilities.

He quickly walked off in search of his friend Rick. Rick had permitted them to shoot in the water park in the first place. He had a plan and he felt certain that Rick would want to get on board with it.

Twenty minutes later, Anna reluctantly came out of her changing room wearing a bathrobe to hide her nearly naked body from view. For these final shots, she decided to go with her trademark braided hair that she always wore on the tennis courts. The first thing that caught her attention was that almost everybody was gone.

"Where is everyone?" she called out. "Did you cancel the rest of the shoot?"

"No, I didn't call it off, Anna." the photographer said, walking up behind her, startling her. "I just thought you'd prefer these shots with as few people around as possible."

"OH!" She squealed in surprise. "You scared me, Bill. That was very thoughtful of you." she said with a relaxed smile now. "So, it will be just you and me for the final shots?"

"No, I had to keep one guy on to fix your suits." Bill told her. "But you don't have to worry about Richard here, he's gay."

He winked to his friend standing nearby, knowing full well that he was as far from gay as Anna was.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Richard." she said, putting out her hand for a shake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you also, Miss Kournikova." Rick said. "I've seen you play. I'm just sorry that you haven't gotten everything that you deserve yet. But I'm sure you're time will come soon enough."

The two men had to fight the urge to burst out laughing at the double entendre that Rick had insinuated.

"That is very nice of you to say, Richard." Anna smiled, believing he was referring to her success in the tennis world. "Why do you not call me Anna. It is much better than Miss Kournikova. So, Bill, where do you want me for these photos?"

"I thought I'd have you in the pool." he told her. "Swimming with the dolphins. How does that sound to you? The water will help hide you from view. And I'm told the dolphins enjoy swimmers in their home."

"That sounds like fun, Bill." Anna smiled. "But how will the swimsuit company feel about their suit being hidden so much?"

"Let me worry about that, baby." Bill said, guiding them towards the dolphin pool.

The three made their way to the dolphin enclosure. Bill's friend, Rick, was playing the role of his assistant, carrying all of his equipment with him. Anna was snuggling herself tightly within the warmth of the bathrobe. She was feeling more at ease knowing that she wouldn't have to parade openly in the skimpy swimsuit.

"I'll leave you in the capable hands of Richard here." the photographer said.

"Uh? Where are you going Bill?" Anna was caught off guard by his sudden departure.

"Well, my friend who works here told me that the dolphin pool can be viewed from below." he told her, not letting on that Rick was that friend. "That's how I will get the pics of your suit. But your face will be obscured by the surface rippling."

"Oh? Oh!" Anna smiled. "Now I see. Well, it is better than doing it openly I suppose."

With those words, Bill parted ways and hurriedly made his way to the lower level to set up his equipment. Rick had already made the appropriate preparations by selecting the right dolphins. They would keep in contact by the walkie-talkies that Rick had picked up from his office.

"So, Richard." Anna said. "I do not remember you from earlier. Have you worked with Bill long?"

"Uh? Oh, sure, yeah." he said. "Me and Bill go back a long time. We used to do special photo shoots for special people."

"Really? What kind of pictures did you take?" Anna inquired.

"Oh, animals mostly." Rick said with a straight face. "Along with people. You know, the usual stuff."

"What does that mean?" Anna lifted her shoulders inquisitively at his unusual answer.

"Yoah, Richard." Bill's voice came over the radio. "I'm all set down here, you can send Anna into the pool anytime now."

"Well, looks like it's time Miss Kournikova." Rick turned to her. "Give me a moment to fix her suit Bill." he said into the radio.

"Call me Anna." she said with a smile as she removed the bathrobe.

Rick's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw her firm, well toned body wearing little else than post-it sized pieces of cloth that were supposed to be a swimsuit. Each small piece were strategically positioned to cover her dark aureoles and crotch, but little else.

"Ummmh! Miss... Anna." Rick called out. "I have to... um... fix your suit a bit."

"Uh? Where?" Anna said, trying to see what was wrong.

Rick moved up and tugged the strap of her top, slipping his finger under the thin material and rearranged it over her firm breasts, 'accidentally' stroking her nipples.

"There, that is better." he said with a smile. "Now turn around for me."

"It is a good thing that Bill said you were gay Richard." Anna smiled at him. "Otherwise, I would have thought that you were a pervert of some kind."

"Oh really, my dear." he feigned a gay accent.

Anna giggled as she turned for him. Rick could hardly contain whistling as he admired her tight ass. The thin strand of the thong bottom disappearing between her well toned asscheeks.

"Is it all right now?" Anna asked.

"Mmmh." he paused thinking. "Open up your legs first."

"Why?" Anna said, starting to get suspicious.

"I should make sure that your bikini bottom will remain in place while you are in the pool, shouldn't I?" he explained.

"Oh! Well thank you Richard." Anna said. "That is very considerate of you."

With that, she set her feet apart so that the crotch of her suit barely covered her pussy. Anna was feeling a bit ill at ease about him looking her over like some piece of meat.

"Is it all right Richard?" She asked.

"Mmmmmmh!" He tapped a finger on his chin as he admired the view. "I will have to readjust your bottom also my dear. Don't move while I do this, okay?"

"Al... all right." she nervously replied.

Rick moved up and slipped his finger under the small covering of her thong bottom and ran it up and down repeatedly, making sure that the back of his finger was rubbing over her pussy lips and clit. He watched as Anna's knees shook nervously at his touch.

Looking up at her face, he saw that the tennis star was staring blankly upwards, her lips parted slightly in arousal.

"Sorry this is taking so long." he claimed. "But these are always so hard to adjust properly."

"Mmm, mmm." Anna simply replied, biting on her lower lip.

He resumed his masturbation by subterfuge, as he kept watching for her reaction. He could already see her nipples stiffening under their small coverings, and could feel her pussy moistening against his stroking finger.

Anna's breathing was getting a bit labored as she could feel her body getting more and more aroused by the 'gay assistant's' manipulations. Her face was blushing with each passing moment as she could feel herself approaching an orgasm. She could feel her knees weakening as her climax quickly approached.

Damn, she's hot! Rick thought, as he kept up his stroking.



"Oh! Oh! Ooooh!" Anna cried out, finally letting loose as she orgasmed over his stroking digit.

Fucking shit! Rick's mind raced as he felt her warm juices covering his stroking finger. Damn! I hope I get a chance to hump this bitch.

"Oh! I am so sorry Richard." Anna blushed profusely, ashamed at what had just happened. "I... I do not know what came over me."

"It's okay hon." Rick said, gaily. "Happens all the time, really."

Pulling his hand away from her wet crotch, he sneaked a suck of his cum-drenched finger, tasting the tennis star's pussy juices for the first time. Anna was so engrossed in her climax that she didn't even notice his sampling of her juices.

"I... I cannot pose in this now." Anna said in distress, realizing that she had cum in the suit. "Bill will see the stain on the suit."

"Oh don't worry about it, hon." he reassured her. "Once you jump in the water, Bill won't even notice."

Anna thought about that for a moment and realized that what Rick was saying was true. The cum stains on the suit would disappear as soon as it got wet from the water.

"Be just a moment more." Rick insisted, as he resumed stroking her crotch in his 'adjustments'.

"Oooh! Richard, that tickles." she giggled at his touch, her nervousness seeming to dissipate.

Rick kept up his stroking of her pussy in preparation for what he and Bill hoped would happen soon. He could feel the nub of her excited clit sticking out every time he brushed up against it. He could also hear her aroused breathing clearly now.

Anna was finding it hard to keep her knees from buckling. She didn't dare mention how horny Richard was making her feel, afraid to offend his supposed homosexuality.

"Almost finished Anna." Rick told her.

"Mmm, mmm." Anna hummed her understanding.

'This is it,' Rick thought. 'Just one last touch, and we're ready.'

Changing the angle of his finger, he 'accidentally' slipped his fingertip past her pussy lips. This sudden intrusion caused Anna's knees to buckle slightly, allowing his finger to dig in even deeper.

"Ooooh! Richard?" Anna squealed in surprise. "Wh... what did you do that for?"

"So sorry Anna." he looked up at her startled face. "You slipped and... and it was quite unintentional. I assure you."

By then Anna was so flustered in her arousal that she got confused and accepted his explanation, forgetting that his finger invaded her pussy before her knees had buckled.

As Rick pulled his finger away, his last gesture was to make sure that the front of the thong bottom was wedged between her flushed pussy lips. Anna was so confused about what was going on that she didn't even notice what he had done.

Stepping back to admire his handiwork, he placed a pensive finger across his cheek. A smile came across his lips in satisfaction of his manipulation. He just stood there and admired her puffed pussy lips wrapping around the thong bikini bottom and he could even make out a trickle of her juices running down her inner calf.

"Perfect dahling." he told her, then grabbed the radio to let Bill know they were ready.

"Okay." Anna said breathlessly. "What do I do now?"

Rick guided her to the dolphin enclosure and she peered down. In the pool below, six fairly large dolphins were swimming and playing, each about seven or eight feet in length.

"I... I did not think that they would be so big." Anna said worriedly. "I have never been in the water with such big fishes before. Are you sure that it is safe?"

"First, they're mammals." Rick corrected her. "Just like you and me, not fishes. And they are very friendly. They let people swim with them all the time."

"How do you know this?" Anna asked.

'Whoops!' Rick thought. "Uh... ah... I've seen them perform before. Now up you go." he said, helping her up onto the landing.

As Anna struggled to get up on the high landing, Rick couldn't help but push her up by her bottom, sticking his middle finger in her excited pussy one last time. This added incentive was all Anna needed to jump up effortlessly. Rick sucked in his finger for a final taste of Anna's sweet juice.

The water was about six feet below her from this platform.

"How do I do this then?" She asked.

"Just dive in sweetie." Rick told her. "It's perfectly safe. The pool is about thirty feet deep and the dolphins will even help you swim if you get in trouble."

"Really?" Anna said. "I have heard stories about this."

Rick stood back and admired her asscheeks tighten as the tennis star prepared to dive into the dolphin pool. In a graceful swan dive, Anna jumped from platform to join the sea mammals in the pool. The one thing that Anna failed to take into consideration is that this particular model of swimsuit was never meant for swimming, but just for show.

As soon as she hit the water, the flimsy string-bikini top was pulled away from her tits by the sudden rush of water, exposing her top to Bill's waiting camera. But once underwater, she could hear the clicking and whistling sounds that the dolphins were making to communicate with. She found those sounds very relaxing in the depths of the pool.

Anna was oblivious to what had happened to her bikini top and looked around the pool for signs of the dolphins. Then she spotted Bill on the other side of the large picture windows of the aquarium. She swam over to him and gave him a few underwater poses.

Bill just grinned realizing that his model hadn't yet come to the realization that her top was gone. Then he noticed Rick's handiwork with the thong bottom and snapped some close-up shots of her pussy lips still clinging to the material.

Anna noticed some of the large dolphins approaching her and turned to greet the friendly mammals. They playfully circled her, occasionally nudging her with their snouts.

Rick joined Bill in the viewing area of the dolphin pen.

"You sure this is gonna work Rick?" Bill asked his friend.

"There's a good chance of it." he told him. "I personally selected only the males of the pod. And they've all been acting rather randy these past few days. If this is possible, and there's no guarantee on this, then it will be with this bunch."

They both turned their attention back to Anna Kournikova swimming with the male dolphins. Her string bikini not even hiding her genitals anymore, and still she didn't seem to notice.

Anna had remained underwater for as long as she could and kicked her legs wide to surface for air. When her legs spread open for that kick, the two men got a lustful look at her exposed pussy and blood-engorged clit.

"You did a good job on her cunt, buddy." Bill commented.

"Believe me, it was a real pleasure." Rick grinned back.

They both laughed as they watched Anna treading water above them. Her legs parting rhythmically to stay afloat and offering them a tantalizing glimpse at her naked pussy.

Anna broke the surface and took a deep gulp of fresh air.

"Eeeeeeek!" She squealed as a large dolphin head surfaced next to hers, its size easily three times the size of her own head. "My god, you scared me. My, you are a big boy, aren't you."

Reaching out she petted the oversized head and was pleased to see that the animal was quite friendly. Then another dolphin popped up next to them and squeaked his desire for her attention also. Awkwardly, Anna began petting both of them together. She soon found that the dolphins would eagerly support her in the water as she petted them.

From below, Bill and Rick pulled out their stiffening cocks as they watched the tennis star play with the sea mammals in her almost naked state. Then Rick nudged his friend's attention to one of the still swimming dolphins circling the Russian beauty.

"That's his cock poking out." Rick told him.

"Man, that's so weird looking." Bill commented as the pale pointed tip of a dolphin cock made its appearance. "You think they can smell her arousal?"

"Maybe." Rick said. "I've never quite understood what arouses a dolphin. But I figured if I got her wet before diving in, they might sense her sexuality too."

Then they noticed two more swimming dolphins circling her were also getting hard-ons. Their cocks stood out at right angle to their bodies. Each measuring about eight inches in length and about two inches in width, finishing in the pointed tip which made them look like spears.

"What do you think they'll do?" Bill asked.

"If I were them, I'd try to fuck the horny bitch." he laughed, and Bill followed soon after.

Anna continued petting her two new friends, forgetting about the others in the pool with them. Then she felt something poking at her crotch. Taking a deep breath, she ducked her head under the surface and was greeted by another porpoise face.

Her new acquaintance then ducked down and poked his snout against her crotch. For the first time since diving into the pool, Anna became aware of the absence of her swimsuit. She realized that her nipples were fully exposed and that Bill had probably noticed that as well.

Why did he not tell me? she wondered.

But then her attention was brought back to the now, as the dolphin's snout rubbed itself against her already excited clitoris. She now regretted Richard's 'accidental' stroking of her earlier, not knowing that this was all orchestrated with this eventuality in mind.

Bill and Rick both watched intently as Anna was being surrounded by the obviously horny sea mammals. They began stroking their own hard-on's as they watched a dolphin trying to fuck his thick snout in her vulnerable pussy.



A few times, Bill had to remind himself to snap pictures of this most unusual act of bestiality.

The dolphin's constant poking at her clit excited Anna in ways she hadn't expected. For some reason she was getting aroused all over again. Her new excited state didn't help her in holding her breath underwater either. She lifted her head back out of the water and took a deep breath.

Despite her excellent physical conditioning, she couldn't seem to manage her breathing as well as she could normally. Her sexual excitement was taking her breath away faster than the toughest tennis match ever had before.

From below, the two men could clearly see her nipples stiffening with each passing moment as the dolphins got bolder with her. The one at her pussy began nibbling at her stiff clit, causing Anna to bend her knees in the water. He seemed to be trying to tear away her last vestige of clothing.

The only thing keeping her afloat was her two dolphin friends.

"OOOOOH! MY! GOD!" She yelled out in the empty water park. "What are you doing... doing to me fishies?"

Then Bill and Rick's view was obscured when two more dolphins swam up to the floating beauty and began nibbling their short teeth on her stiff nipples.

"OH GOD, NO!" She yelled out again. "Stop doing that, you naughty things. I... I cannot swim with you doing that to me."

The two peeping Toms watched as the dolphins, which now numbered five, surrounded her, dwarfing the slender body of tennis star, Anna Kournikova. On average, from tail to snout, they measured over seven feet in length.

Anna quickly came to the realization that the dolphins were acting much too frisky around her. She twisted and turned looking for the way out of the pool. That's when she caught sight of the trainers platform, almost at water level.

Pushing off the dolphins she was petting earlier, Anna began swimming desperately for the shelter of the platform. She knew that she needed to get out of the water and these overexcited mammals.

Beneath the surface, the dolphins scattered at her sudden departure, but soon began chasing her underwater. The agile marine mammals easily overtook her and each in turn rolled onto their backs and rubbed their leathery body against her naked body from underneath.

"They're trying to fuck her!" Rick announced excitedly.

Bill quickly switched to a cam-recorder to catch the action for future viewing. He also handed a second one to Rick.

"I'm going topside to film from there." Bill said. "You catch the action from here."

As each porpoise made a run for Anna's vulnerable pussy, they would miss, not being able to find the hole where their instinct told them it should have been. And with each pass, Anna was partly lifted, her naked buttocks breaking the surface.

Anna was too panicked to stop and wonder about the strange protrusion that was attached to their sleek, torpedo like bodies as they rubbed up against her. All she could concentrate on was reaching the safety of the platform.

After each dolphin had made his own futile attempt to copulate with her, one of them came up from below. He grabbed hold of her thong bottom, pulling Anna under until the fragile fabric was torn off her.

Anna regained the surface in a panic. The dolphin had just tried to drown her she thought, which increased her adrenalin to reach the platform even faster.

Rick kept filming the bestial rape of the tennis star with the vid-cam as the dolphins began another assault to try to bury their tool in the now completely vulnerable pussy.

Bill just got to the edge of the pool and zoomed his camera to catch the action from this new angle. From this position, he could see the dolphins as they approached Anna from behind, their pale cocks shimmering just beneath the surface against their grey skin. Then they would momentarily disappear under Anna and lift her naked butt out of the water then pass by unsatisfied.

Anna was within a few feet from the edge of the platform and she got herself up in a horizontal position to climb out of the pool as fast as possible. Suddenly, a large porpoise head popped up in front of her, blocking her way. Its loud shrieking, clicking and whistling scared the young celebrity.

She was about to slap him away when he just kept raising himself above the surface. Anna suddenly felt something slithering past her pussy lips, lifting her along with the sea mammal.

"AAAIIIEEE!!" Anna screamed in fear and pain.

From the viewing room below the surface, Rick caught the scene of the dolphin's cock finding her pussy and inserting itself in the young woman. From above, Bill was seeing a scene that he never could have anticipated. Anna Kournikova was being lifted out of the water, impaled on a dolphin's cock.

The large porpoise seem to stand suspended on its tail, holding the helpless girl on his cock. Then he suddenly turned on his back and splashed down into the pool, dragging Anna along with him.

Bill and Rick, their stiff cocks still sticking out of their pants, filmed this scene as they followed the merged couple back to the middle of the pool were Anna had first started her desperate dash for safety.

Unlike most mammals, sea mammals do not take long to shoot their sperm into the female of the species. Within seconds, Anna could feel the warm jism shoot inside of her and her mind reeled at the very thought that an animal had just fucked her.

Once his business was done, the dolphin's cock shrank out of her pussy and released her, leaving her floating in shock back where she had started from.

Anna looked around to get her bearings again. The sight that greeted her also frightened her. The four remaining dolphins were circling her like man-eating sharks. She could clearly see their dorsal fins breaking the surface and submerging again.

Man, this tape is gonna be priceless, both men thought.

I have to get out of here, Anna's panicked mind thought.

She began swimming towards the platform once again. This time, Bill could see that much of her strength had seeped out of her. Her strokes were much slower than on her first attempt.

Both men watched intently as the dolphins started another raid on her privates. One by one, they would stroke their leathery body across her chest. Only the last one managed to ram his stiff cock in her elusive pussy.

"Arg... glub!" Anna started to yell as her head was dragged below the surface by the diving dolphin.

Somehow, the dolphin sensed her distress and swam back upwards, allowing her face to break surface where she gulped in air, while coughing out the water she had just swallowed.

Just as with the first one, this dolphin also dragged her back to the center of the pool, her cunt stuck on his cock. Once more, she was quickly released by the shrinking penis and left adrift in the center of the pool, her pussy leaking the milky jism that was just deposited in her.

Rick got great footage of the cum seeping out of Anna's pussy, while Bill tried to capture the next move the dolphins might make on her.

Anna looked up towards the parapet of the pool enclosure and saw Bill standing there, a video camera in his hands. That's when she finally realized that this must all have been planned in advance by him, and probably by Richard as well. She could feel tears build up in her eyes, knowing that she could not expect help from these two perverts.

There were still three highly excited dolphins swimming around her looking for their chance to plant their seed in this female. Slowly, cautiously, they circled her.

By now, Anna was even too weak to even try swimming for the platform for a third try. All she could manage was staying afloat and not drowning.

"Fuck you Bill!" She yelled up weakly to the photographer. "I will call the authorities on you when I get out."

Bill could barely make out what she shouted up to him, but he had a good idea of her intentions.

"Do you really want to do that, Anna?" he shouted back, pointing to his camera. "I think your fans would love to see what you do in your spare time."

Anna's mouth just opened in shock at what he was suggesting. She quickly understood that the tape he was making would find its way around the world, probably through the Internet. She broke down crying then, no longer caring if she even lived through this ordeal.

Down in the viewing salon, Rick watched as two of the remaining dolphins dove to the bottom of the pool. Then he followed them back upwards as they aimed for the young tennis star threading water above them. He watched as each porpoise came up belly to belly to each other. Watching them rise upwards, he suddenly realized that they would be sandwiching the helpless blonde beauty between them.

"Damn!" He swore at the realization of what might soon happen. "Are they doing what I think they're doing?"

He quickly adjusted the camera sight to Anna's form and waited in anticipation. Then in a sudden burst of energy, he saw both sea mammals squeezing her body between them.

"OOOH! MY GODDD!" Anna yelled out in shock as her body was suddenly flung in the air along with the two powerful animals. "AARRGGHH!"

Each had managed to put their cocks in her pussy and asshole simultaneously, lifting her out of the water along with them. Anna Kournikova was getting a double penetration for the first time in her young life, from dolphins of all things.

Bill almost dropped his camera in the pool at the violent manner she was lifted. Then his jaw dropped when her saw that both flying dolphins had found a hole to bury their shafts in at the same time. He watched, as if in slow motion, as the threesome splashed back into the water on the back of the beast on her back, cushioning her from the sting of the water.

This time Anna was prepared for the dive beneath the surface. Taking a deep breath at the peak of the jump, she had a lungful of air when they went under this time.

Both dolphins swam in unison, with their mate between them. Swimming as if they had been practicing this maneuver for years.

Anna was having a hard time holding her breath as she felt an orgasm building inside of her.



How... how can I be enjoying this? she thought, looking around in the water for an escape route. Why is my body betraying me in such a way?

Rick was trying his best to keep the camera focused on Anna's struggle. Trying to focus on her face then move down to where the two cocks merged with her. Pausing at her tits to zoom in on her erect nipples.

"Damn!" he said aloud. "She must really be loving this."

Bill quickly made his way towards the platform to either get Anna out or get better shots since he could no longer see anything too clearly from above.

The underwater copulation continued as the dolphins swam around, heading towards the platform with their 'mate'.

Bill could see bubbles escaping her mouth and nose as Anna exploded into the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced in her young life. She was starting to feel dizzy as lack of oxygen was overcoming her. She gave one final look as both dolphins filled her rear holes with their warm jism and broke for the surface once again.

She sputtered and gasped for air as the two cocks released her only a foot away from the platform.

She reached over with a weak arm and someone grabbed hold of her and pulled her to safety. When she looked up, she was disgusted to see that it was that pervert, Bill, beside her.

Seeing Anna's feet disappear to the platform, Rick packed the gear and headed back up, topside.

Bill looked her over and saw streaks of sticky dolphin cum along her legs emanating from her pussy and ass. Not wanting to waste any footage, he ran his camera along her naked body, pausing at her pussy and ass to capture the streaks of porpoise cum.

"You were real nice to the dolphins there, Anna." Bill said, a grin on his face. "You should be so nice to me and Rick... sorry, Richard."

"Go fuck yourself!" she spat out weakly.

Rick turned up just then, his cock bouncing out of his open pants.

"No, I think we'd rather fuck you." Bill told her.

Rick smiled to his buddy and stripped off his pants as fast as he could. He soon stood naked above the just as naked blonde tennis star. Bill did the same and knelt next to her.

"Why don't you get us ready for your pussy?" he said, tapping his bloated cockhead against her gasping lips.

Anna shook her head, no, clenching her lips tightly to keep him out of her mouth.

Rick grabbed her braided hair and pulled on it sharply, causing her to cry out in pain. In that moment of surprise, Bill stuffed his cock past her young lips and shoved forward. Anna had little choice but to suck him in, not daring to try anything for fear of reprisal from these madmen.

Rick reached down and sucked one of her stiff nipples into his mouth and began suckling the teen beauty. As he continued sucking on her tits, his hands reached down and began playing over her already overexcited pussy, paying particular attention to her clit.

"Mmmh!" They heard her moan in distress.

When Bill felt himself ready, he tapped Rick's shoulder and they switched positions. Anna did not protest when Rick presented his cock to be sucked. She simply conceded that she was in no position to resist.

Besides, she could feel herself nearing orgasm from Bill's talented finger-play on her clit. Without warning, she arched her back sharply as her orgasm rushed through her body.

"Arrgghhh! Mmmh! Arrgghh!" she mumbled through her cock-stuffed mouth.

"Guess the bitch really likes her sex." Rick laughed.

Bill gave him a thumbs up and they reshuffled themselves into a new position. Rick lay on his back as Bill lifted the weakened tennis beauty on top of him. They expertly guided her pussy lips over his flagpole and lowered her on him.

"Gruggghhh!" Anna gritted her teeth. "Nnooo... do not do this. I beg of you."

Anna was slowly shoved down Rick's nine-inch cock until her pussy-hair made contact with his genital hair. Then she felt Bill's hands pushing her forward until her stiff nipples rested on Rick's hairy chest. Rick held her there in that position while Bill got ready for his next move.

Anna didn't know what to expect anymore from these demented men. All she could do was brace herself for Rick's fuck, which she was expecting to start soon.

Then she felt the bulbous head of Bill's cock poking in her asscrack. She suddenly understood what these men were planning and tried to get back up, but Rick's hold on her was too strong.

"Yo... you cannot do this!" She yelled back at Bill. "It is not right. It is... it is forbidden."

Bill ignored her pleas and kept up his pressure against her clenching sphincter. He had hoped that the dolphin's prick would have loosened her up for him, but it looked like he would have to force his way into her ass as well.

Anna's calf muscles tightened as she tried to keep the vile cock from invading her asshole. But she soon lost that fight as Bill shoved the first few inches into her.

"ARGH!" She cried out in pain. "I... it hurts! Take it out! Oh god, please take it out!"

"Will you shut the fuck up, bitch!" Bill yelled down at her. "We're gonna fuck you and that's all there is to it."

With another mighty lunge forward, another few inches of his eight-inch cock found its way into her still clenching ass.

Rick felt the presence of Bill's cock through the thin membrane that separated her two orifices. This was the sign he was waiting for. He began humping up into Anna using his strong arms to lift her up slightly so he could have some maneuvering room.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Anna grunted as she was being shoved back and forth between the two men.

"Take it, baby." Rick encouraged her from below.

"Damn! This bitch is tight in the ass." Bill was saying from above.

Back and forth, they would swap thrusts. And for some reason she couldn't comprehend, her body was reacting as if it was the best thing she had ever tried.

Bill could finally feel her ass-muscles loosening as he buried six inches into her. Rick kept trying to keep pace with his friend, but his position was too awkward to do so.

"I... I think I a... I am cumming." Anna whispered in shame. "I... argh! CUMMING! CUMMING! Oh god forgive me, I am cumming!"

Just then, the fifth and final dolphin came sliding up on the platform as he was trained to do during performances. His sudden appearance next to the three humans froze them in place momentarily. That is until Rick noticed that this dolphin was on its side and still had a raging hard-on.

Looking up at Bill, he winked. Then taking hold of Anna Kournikova by the neck, he lowered her face down to the porpoise's stiff cock. Bill reached over for his camcorder and focused on the dolphin and its hard cock.

"Suck it, Anna." he whispered in her ear. "Suck him because you want another cock, if nothing else."

Not daring to resist the two depraved men, Anna reluctantly parted her lips and kissed the tip of the sea mammal's penis.

Bill was catching every moment of Anna's final bestial act. Once she finished kissing the tip, Rick squished her cheeks together with his fingers, forcing her mouth open and guided her to the dolphins cock. Then he pushed against the back of her head to shove her down along the length of the eight-inch dick.

Bill gasped in excitement as he watched her, through the camera's viewfinder, moving her head up and down along the dolphin's sex tool until her chin hit bottom.

Rick needn't be forcing Anna at this point, she seemed only more than willing to finish the blowjob on her own. She still hadn't figured out when this change in her took over.

As with the previous four dolphins, this one didn't last long either. Bill focused his vidcam at Anna's mouth, making sure that her throat was clearly in the frame. He wanted to catch her gulping down on the dolphin's jism as it shot its animal sperm in her mouth.

Anna wasn't about to disappoint him. As the dolphin unloaded his cum in her mouth, she eagerly began drinking down the salty mixture. She closed her eyes as her own orgasm also hit her.

The sight of this young beauty sucking and drinking the sea mammals jism was all either men needed to trigger their own climax. They both unloaded their balls in her simultaneously.

"Mmmmmh!" She mumbled excitedly around the dolphin's cock.

Anna was struck down by yet another powerful orgasm as she felt the warmth of their jism flooded her pussy and ass.

Rick lifted his head and eagerly began suckling her tits, going from one to the other in rapid succession.

Bill was kept busy taping the dolphin's last moments in her mouth. He watched as the dolphin slid away from Anna's face to slide back into the watery depth of the pool, a stringy line of his cum still connected to the blonde tennis stars lips. He smiled lewdly as he caught Anna sucking in that last strand of bestial cum like spaghetti.

Once they were all satisfied, they disentangled themselves from the exhausted girl and got their clothes back on. Anna remained motionless on the pool's platform, her eyes glazed with exhaustion.

They then lifted her in their arms and carried her back to her trailer and left her there, naked on the bed. Before leaving, Bill left a note behind. It read:

Remember, We have you and the dolphins on tape.If you tell anyone about this, we'll make sure everyone knows what kind of a slut you really are, (it was signed) Bill

When Anna awoke, she found the note and cried in utter shame as she dressed herself. She then walked out of the trailer and found that it was the middle of the night. She had to find a security guard to let her out of the park, explaining that she had simply overslept in her trailer after the photo assignment.

When she got to her apartment, she collapsed in her bed and cried herself to sleep.

When she woke the next day, her muscles ached all over. Both from the extended swimming she was forced to do and the sexual assault she had endured.

She called her manager and told him to cancel her next two tennis tournaments, feigning illness. She really needed this time to recuperate properly.

A few weeks later, a package was delivered to her apartment. When she opened it she found a video cassette, a note and a second package. She opened the letter and read what it said:

"Thought you'd enjoy watching how good you look on tape. Bill"

She inserted the tape in her machine and hit the play button. As the tape was showing an introduction, she opened the second package and found a strangely carved item. It was about eight inches long, two inches wide and very pointed.

What is this? she asked herself.

Then she turned her eyes back to the television set. Her eyes gaped open large as she was watching herself back in the dolphin pool.

The scene kept switching to scenes above and under the surface as she replayed her dolphin rape on TV. It quickly became obvious to her that Bill had edited footage from two vantage points, meaning that Richard was probably filming the other angle.

Then she caught site of a dolphin's hard cock for the first time. She quickly glanced down to the strangely carved item that was in the second box and recognized it for what it was.

Bill had sent her a dildo in the shape of a dolphin's cock.

She tentatively reached over to it and took it in her hands. As she watched the video play out, she pulled her shorts aside and inserted the porpoise dildo in her pussy and began fucking herself energetically with it.

"OOOHHH GODD!" she groaned aloud. "This is so nice!"

Just then, her telephone rang, startling her from her pleasure.

"Y... yes?" she answered.

"Anna, this is Susan." the voice said. "Your agent, Bill just called and said he had another photo job for you. Something about Zeigfried and Roy's white tigers. Are you interested?"

- The End -

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