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"The Laboratory"


      (fmmmm, best, gorilla)
Stacey Keach, a beautiful brunette that stood 1.6 meters tall with a slim athletic sexy figure and firm butt with lovely voluptuous breasts that were so firm she had no need to wear a bra and always only wore thongs. Her skin was soft, flawless and fair and she had the cutest dimples when she smiled with light grey eyes that you could just stare at and go into dreamland. Her shoulder length hair always soft and shiny was kept neat and untied, sat perfectly on her.

Stacey worked for ANILAB, a specialist laboratory that worked specifically on all species of animals and the facility was quite huge as it accommodated wild life animals as well as marine animals. They conducted all sorts of tests that could benefit both humankind and the animal kingdom to avoid extinction of certain species. Stacey worked in the genetics department. Her job was to create the sex gene in certain species and to test it on others so that animals would mate for longer periods and thus procrastinate faster. Stacey always worked alone and never did like the idea of having an assistant and being 28 years of age, she was a highly independent woman who preferred the company of the animals in her lab as suppose to people.

One Friday evening while working late, Stacey made a break through in her lab and managed to create a gene that would keep both male and female in a horny state for 4 hours after being injected with it. Being overwhelmed with her discovery, she walked over to the hamster cage and injected Susie and Ben with the gene and then she placed them in the observation tank to see if her discovery worked. Within a minute of being injected, Ben climbed on Susie and began pumping his tiny hamster cock into Susie's tiny hamster pussy. Stacey was overjoyed that the gene worked and began typing her thesis on her results and she began contemplating if ANILAB would approve on human testing, but soon realized that the board of directors would probably turn her request down and remove her from the project.

Stacey then took some samples of the gene with an injection and went to the animal facility where there were no security cameras. Upon entering, she removed all her clothes and then only wore her lab coat, which contained the samples and the injection. She then proceeded to the first set of cages that had four male Saint Bernard's and injected them one at a time and finally she injected her self, waited for a minute to lapse from the time she injected the dogs and opened their cage. All four dogs were beginning to show signs of horniness. Stacey could see their cocks emerging but some how, after a minute of injecting her self, she did not feel any arousal, but that soon changed when one of the dogs swiped his huge tongue between her clean pussy lips sending a tingly feeling through out her entire body and then she felt another dogs tongue at her butt. Stacey gave in to her feelings and lied down on the floor spreading her legs, giving the dog's full access to her sweet wet pussy. As she felt all four tongues going in and out of her pussy, she reached her first orgasm, 'Aaaaaaaah aah aah, unnnn mmmmm yessssss oh yesss mmmm,' she moaned.

Stacey was so horny now that she wanted to feel their tongues on her sexy ass, so she changed her position and got on all fours. Three dogs kept on licking her pussy from between her legs and licked her firm tummy and then she felt the weight of on dog on her back and before she knew it, she could feel the dog's hot tip of his cock at the entrance of her ass. The dog hunched forward and his cock went in Stacey's sexy ass at leas 4 inches, 'Aaaaarrgh fuck,' she screamed in pain but soon over came the pain as she started to feel some what extremely horny and wanted more so she pushed her butt back as the dog hunched forward and took in his full 15 inch cock. She could now feel that her tight ass was full of the dogs cock as he began pumping his meat in and out. 'Ooh ooh ooh mmm yesss fuck me I'm horny,' she could see the cocks of the other dogs fully emerged and she needed more so she managed to get her head under one of the other dogs while the first one kept fucking her ass and started to suck on the dogs cock.

'Mmmm sluuuurrrp, mmmm yessss unnnnn,' Stacey moaned as she sucked the dogs cock and had another orgasm as the first dog squeezed his knot into his new bitch in heat. She could feel the knot swell inside her and then, 'Mmmmmm unnnn aaaaaah,' she came as she felt the dog spray his cum deep in her ass and the second sprayed his cum on her face and tits when she moaned she let his cock slip out of her mouth. Both spent dogs then went back to their cages, Stacey had one more orgasm as the cum oozed out her tight ass and then she felt the third dogs cock slapping her tummy between her legs, so she reached back and guided him to her pussy. 'Aaaah, mmmm fuck I'm so horny, yessss fuck your bitch boy, 'she moaned as she felt his cock enter her pussy and go deep into her womb entering her cervix.

Stacey pushed back against the dogs cock wanting him to go deeper and when the dog got his knot in her tight pussy, she felt it turn inside her, as the dog and she was now butt-to-butt. 'Mmmmmm, unnnn yesss. Fuck me yessss mmmmmm,' she moaned as she hunched back on the dogs cock and then she felt the fourth dog licking her butt and she had another orgasm as soon as he licked her. She then felt the fourth dog climb over her while being tied with the third dog, and then felt the fourth dogs cock enter her ass, 'Oooooh yessss, aaaaaaaah mmmmmm unnnnnnnnn oh yes fill me up,aaaah fuuuuck me,' she screamed as the fourth dog sunk his cock into her ass and she could feel the two cocks deep in her rubbing against each other. 'Oh yes fuck me boys, mmmm yesss ah ah ah ah ah unnnnnn mmmm ,' she moaned as she had another mind blowing orgasm as the two dogs sprayed their doggy cum in her. Stacey could feel their hot cum deep in her ass and filling her womb making her cum once more and as soon as both dogs were spent they joined the first two, leaving a well fucked and sexually exhausted Stacey lying there on the floor with cum oozing out of two well fucked holes.

After recovering from her cession with the four dogs, she realized that 4 hours had lapsed and the dogs were no longer in a horny state but she was still horny and realized that the gene wore off on the dogs and her and her horniness was natural. Stacey got dressed and headed back to her lab where she made sure all her data was secured and also switched of her computer and took four more viles and went home. Upon reaching her house, Stacey went in for a hot bath and masturbated in the tub, when she got out she only wore her bathrobe and went down the kitchen to make some coffee and have a bite to eat. While sitting at the table in the kitchen sipping on her coffee, she saw her dog Buster lying on the floor near the door. Buster was a cross breed between a Labrador and Rotweiler and he was huge and never showed interest in Stacey even when she walked around the house naked as Buster always got his action with the plenty of bitches in the neighborhood. Stacey then got up and went to her bag, she took out the injection, doubled the dosage of the gene, and injected buster, and she waited for a minute, then dropped her robe to the floor, and stood in front him waiting. Buster raised his head and looked at his sexy naked mistress standing there and he got up and gave her pussy a lick, 'Aaaah, mmm yesss boy, don't stop mummy is horny for you,' she moaned as Buster continued to lick her pussy and made her cum. He could now taste and smell that Stacey was in heat as he carried on licking her pussy.

Stacey then went to her bedroom and Buster followed close behind licking her sexy butt and cum off her sexy legs. Once in her room, she got on the bed and placed some pillows under her butt to raise her pussy, she wanted to see her wet pussy swallow Buster's cock. As she lay there on the bed, Buster continued to snake his broad tongue in an out of her cum drenched pussy licking her deep inside and sucking the juices from her clit bringing her to yet another mind blowing orgasm making her arch her back and raise her hips moving them side to side. Buster stopped sucking her pussy, placed his front paws on either side of Stacey's chest, and lowered his rear so that the tip of his cock was at her pussy entrance. With one hunch forward, Stacey saw and felt his cock disappear into her wet, wanting pussy,'Uh uh uh uh yess mmmmm unnn fuck mummy, Buster oooh yessss my boy,' she moaned in ecstasy as Buster fucked his cock deep into her and occasionally licked her face and erect nipples on her lovely breasts.

As Buster fucked her, she kept an eye on the time and saw that it had already been four hours, but Buster has not cum yet, while she had multiple mind blowing orgasms and just then she felt a gush of warm liquid being sprayed into her well fucked sore pussy. Buster began filling her up with his doggy juice making Stacey cum once more and even hornier. When he pulled his cock out she could see that he was still hard and quickly got up and wrapped her sexy soft lips around his cock and started sucking him while all the cum dripped from her pussy down her thighs. As she sucked on his cock, Buster humped his rear slowly, fucking his cock into his mistress's warm throat. Her tongue twirled around his shaft and tip of his cock until she felt warm jets of cum being sprayed down her throat. She managed to swallow every drop of his cum and when she released Buster's cock, she saw that it began to recede into its sheath as he licked her face and pussy one last time and sat in one corner of the room.

Stacey fell off to sleep as cum oozed out of her pussy and Buster slept at her bedside. When she woke up the next morning, she found that a pool of dog cum had formed on her satin sheets, so she placed all of it into her laundry, went in for a shower, and then went out for breakfast. After breakfast she came back home and picked up the remaining two viles and headed back to the laboratory, knowing that there would be no one there. All she had on was a slip dress and no underwear at all, once at the lab, she took off her dress and just wore her lab coat and went to the animals with more viles of the sex gene and an injection.

This time she went straight pass the small animals and to the back of the facility where the large wild life animals were. Once there, Stacey went to the gorilla cage and opened the first door and stepped inside, closing the door behind her and then she saw the gorilla coming towards her as the animal stretched his arm out to touch her, she injected him with the sex gene, removed her coat, and stepped into his cage. She stood there naked waiting to see the gorilla's reaction once the gene took effect. Stacey could see that his cock was slowly emerging so she went to the door of the cage and held the bars with her back towards the gorilla and her sexy butt pushed out and waited, she could feel her heart racing with anticipation and her pussy was already wet as the animal came closer to her.

The gorilla stood behind her and she could feel him breath down her neck, as he placed his hand on her side and ran it down to her butt, 'Aaah yesss mmm,' Stacey moaned as she came just by his touch. Then he held her slim waist and pressed his loins against her sexy butt. She felt his cock squeeze through her tight hole and he began to fuck her ass fast and hard. 'Uh uh uh uh uh mmmm yessss fuuuck me yessss oooh mmmm ,' she moaned as she came again and the cum ran down her legs as the gorilla continued fucking his cock into his human mate that smelt good and also felt nice on his huge ape cock. Then she felt him cum, filling her ass full of his gorilla cum that she could feel cum escaping her ass and running down her sexy legs, 'Aaaaaah, yesssss oh yesss mmmm aaaahh,' she screamed as she came. Once the gorilla was finished with her, he walked away leaving Stacey standing there with cum dripping from her sexy ass. She then opened the cage, wore her coat, and walked to the end of the facility to the elephant bull that they kept.

She smelled of sex so as soon as she neared the elephant's cage she could see that he was beginning to get a bit excited. Stacey opened his cage and rolled in a gurney, which she lowered and shortened so that it was directly under the elephant's huge cock. Stacey ran her hands on his sides, injected him with the sex gene, and then lied down on the floor in front of him. The elephant began exploring Stacey's naked body with his trunk, as he ran it over her breasts, tummy and finally her cum drenched pussy, 'Mmmm unnn mmm,' she moaned as his trunk tickled her body and pussy. Stacey then saw his huge cock emerging; she knew that if she let him fuck her she would die, so she climbed on the gurney under him and waited until his cock was fully extended. The elephant extended his full member and the tip rested between her breasts. The heat from his cock immediately made her cum, as she ran her fingers up and down his huge broad shaft. She flicked her tongue over the wide tip of his cock tasting his pre-cum. Stacey wrapped her legs around his cock and started rubbing her wet pussy against it while jerking him off with both her arms wrapped around the head of his cock. 'Uh uh uh uh uh mmmm oooh yess unnn mmm,' she moaned as she felt the heat from his cock on her wet pussy and then the elephant's cock became harder and he lifted her off the gurney as he started to cum, Stacey let his cock go, when she fell on the gurney, his cock was like a hose and bathed her in his hot white cum, covering every inch of her tiny body.

'Mmmmm, aaahhh unnn sluuuurrrrp mmmm yummy sluuuurrrrp,' she moaned as she lay there covered in hot cum running her hands all over her body and sucking her fingers clean. Stacey then went back to her lab to wash up and when she came out of her shower, she felt hornier and wanted more, she wanted cocks in her and wanted cum all over her body. So with any thinking she called the security desk, 'Hi, Dave is it, would you be a darling and come to my office with the other three guards. I need you guys help with something.' 'Sure, no problem Ms. Keach we will be up in a second,' Dave said. After putting the phone down, she placed the injection with the four doses of the sex gene on her table and waited at her desk with just her lab coat on. When Dave and the three other guards walked into her office, they saw her sitting on her desk with her legs crossed, revealing a little of her naked pussy and breasts.' Come in gentlemen, and lock the door. Today is your lucky day boys. I've been working on a special sex gene and was wondering if you boys would like to test it out with me,' she said with a seductive tone in her voice and lustful look in her eyes. 'Sure Ms. Keach. Is there any side effects that we should be concerned about,' Dave asked. 'Well there is only one and that is you boys will be horny as hell. But that's what I'm here for.' With that being said, all four guards could not wait.

Stacey injected Dave first and then as she bent to inject the other three, Dave got a full view of her sexy ass and sweet pink clean pussy. He stood up and started rubbing her ass, as she stood up and faced him, he ran his hands over her breasts and over her shoulders dropping her coat to the ground. She stood naked in front of the four horny men and said, 'Follow me boys,' Stacey went into her office shower and all four naked men followed her.

She dropped to her knees, began sucking Dave's dick while Jim sat behind her, and fingered her pussy from behind as he pressed his dick into her ass. She was enjoying being fucked that way and then stood up, pushed Dave on his back, climbed on his dick and leaned forward so that Jim could fuck her again in her ass. She could feel the two dicks rubbing against each other inside her and grabbed Tony and Sam by their dicks and pulled them close to her mouth flicking her tongue over their dick heads and jerking her hands up and down their shafts. 'Ah ah ah ah mmm unnn sluuurrp mmm unnnn yessss fuck me mmmm,' she moaned as the men filled her with their dicks. When all four were about to cum, Stacey lied on her back with two men on either side of her and waited for them to cum while she ran her hands up and down her horny body. All four shot their loads one by one over Stacey's naked body and then she sucked all of their dicks clean.

When they all got dressed, Stacey told them that they should not tell a soul and this was their little secret and since that day, she used to invite the guys to her place and fuck all of them, after fucking Buster in front of them of course.

The end.


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