by BlackWidow

      (F 1st cons best oral)

Up until a last weekend I thought I was a normal 43 year old wife and mother of two. Oh sure I had fantasies just like everyone. My only real unfullfiled fantasy was to have a lesbian experience. When I was about sixteen a girlfriend and I played a little grab ass and we flirted a little but never really went through with it. Well, all of that was about to change and even more than I could have imagined.

I have been married for 23 years and up until about three months ago my life was as perfect as any woman could hope for. It was like the day my husband Jeff turned 45 his ball fell off or something. I went from being a completely sexually satisfied woman to one who was ready to explode from frustration. I have toys and my hand is well trained but it is not the same as the feel a lovers hands.

My husband was going to be out of town for the weekend on business and my sons were going to be gone camping so I invited my friend Carla over for Friday night dinner and some movies. Of course I had an underlying motive. See Carla is a younger woman by almost ten years and is a stunning redhead with a beautiful body. She has told me many times that she had had bisexual experiences in the past and really enjoyed them. She and I have flirted quite a bit, especially in the last couple of months. She is continually telling me how beautiful I am and how lucky Jeff is to have me as a wife. After I had told her about my frustrations she was even bold enough to offer her assistance in relieving some of that pent up stress. Well, I was getting ready to take her up on that invitation by making dinner and supplying some nice wine.

I was just beginning to make dinner Friday night when Carla called and told me that she was going to have to cancel. The hospital where she works was short trauma staff and need her to come in. We agreed to set our date for the next night at the same time. I told her that I was really looking forward our date hoping she would read between the lines. With my hopes of a great and fulfilling evening shot out the window I resigned myself to a night of fingering myself into oblivion. I took a quick shower, put my favorite satin nighty on and headed for the couch. I popped in a movie planning to satisfy myself and doze off to sleep but instead I just dozed off.

Waking around 8am I realized that I had fallen asleep on the couch and was still so damn hot and bothered I could hardly stand it. I wanted so bad to ram one of my dildos in and out of my aching pussy but had decided that I was going to save all of my pent up engeries for Carla.

The only thing I could think of to get my mind off of my burning pussy was to clean the house. I always cleaned in my pj's because they were so comfy and I just loved the feeling of the cool morning air against my naked lower half. I let our black labrador Max out before grabbing some cleaning supplies and heading for the bathroom. It didn't take me long to get everything cleaned except the bathtub, which was my least favorite. What happened next was a complete shocker.

I was on my hands and knees with my arms in the tub and my knees on the bathroom floor so that I could reach the back of the tub. I was so engrossed in what I was doing I did not hear Max come up behind me. Evidentally I did not close the patio door all the way and he had let himself in. In one long lick his huge tongue had swipped from my clit to my asshole. As sick as it may sound I almost came on the spot. It had been so long since I had felt a tongue on my cunt and even longer since Jeff had licked my ass. Max did not stop with one lick, he must have gotten in a good half dozen strokes of his tongue in a matter of a few seconds. The more he licked the more I wanted and the more hot I got. In less than a minute he had me shaking in orgasm and there was no way I was going to push him away. If only I had known that this much pleasure could have been obtained this close to home I would have gone down this road long ago.



My orgasms continued to intensify the longer Max licked and I was oozing all over the floor. Even with his huge tongue Max could not catch all of my come. Right in the middle of one of the strongest orgasms in a long time he jumped up and straddled my waist pinning my chest against the tub. With most of his 100 plus pounds of weight pinning me down there was no way I was going to be able to move, let alone get up. It was almost as if he was an expert at mounting human women because in one fluid thrust I felt his furry sheath touch my pussy lips and his buring hot cock enter my aching cunthole. He paused long enough for me to be repulsed by the thought of having sex with a dog. It was one thing to let him lick my pussy but to have intercourse with him was a totally different matter.

It was as if he was letting me get used to his size before he started to fuck me. After letting the first three inches of his massive cock sit in me for better than 30 seconds he began to stroke in and out of me. Slow and shallow at first but his speed and power increased minute by minute as well as the depth of his penetration. It took him close to five minutes to get to full speed and to have his monster buried to the hilt in me.

I was repulsed for the first minute or so but after that I could have cared less if his cock ever came out of my pussy. Oh my God I was in totally ecstacy. Jeff's cock was a nice one but not even close the size Max's was. He was ramming deep and hard into my quivering sex box at a feverish pace. Pushing back the best I could against his awesome tool I could feel his love knot slamming against the outside of my cunny. Max was so desperately trying to get that huge thing in me and the feeling everytime it slammed into me was incredible. With as much pleasure as he was giving me I wanted to give as much back.

I pushed back as hard as I could against his thrusts and arched my ass up as much as possible under his weight. With each forward trust his love knot stretched my cunny open a little more. After a minute of hard ramming his knot plowed into me and the pain was intense. Never in my life had anything of that size been in my pussy and now it was in and in tight. Max was plowing new pussy with each thrust. With that wonderful know now locked into my cunt his strokes increased in power and speed. With every stroke his love knot ground against my g-spot sending me into sexual oblivion. As plugged as my hole now was I could not understand how my come was running down the inside of my legs and onto the floor.

I could feel every pulsation that his beautiful tool was making and I could tell that he was getting close to exploding as well. His massive body began to quiver even more than mine. With a huge slam forward he started shooting massive amount of his doggy come deeper in me than any cock had ever been. His come felt as though it was molten steel and it sent me over the edge again. I must have passed out from all of the orgasms. When I came to Max had gotten turned around and we were now asshole to asshole and he was trying to pull way from me. With no way to get ahold of him all I could do was to tell him to stay. Max listened to me for the most part which made for an easier time for me. After about ten minutes or so his knot had shrunk enough for him to be able to ease out of me.

With a pop his cock came out of me and a flood of come poured from my bored out cunt. I turned around as quickly as I could so I could see just how big he really was. To my surprise even though he was half soft his cock was still better than seven inches long and dripping with a combination of our love juices. I figured that I had gone this far I might as well keep going and besides Max had given me such pleasure I wanted to return the favore. I leaned under him and slowly took his meaty pole into my mouth. As my tongue glided along the length of his magnificent shaft it leaped and surged pushing even more of his awesome tasting come into my mouth. As I was cleaning his quickly shrinking cock he pushed his head between my legs and returned the favore by licking my dripping pussy clean and sending me into orgasm two more times before withdrawing his cock from my mouth.

Max moved away from me slowly and found himself a place to lie down and inspect his well used fuck tool. With my hand I inspected my well loosened honeypot for any extra juices that may have been missed by Max. I licked my fingers clean and managed to crawl to the love seat in my bedroom and upon making my way up I dozed off.

- The End -

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