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posted by copyright owner. free for distribution. - if *loving* human/animal relationships freak you out, escape now!!! This, of course, must be fiction as it is not physically possible. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream... Leopardess

I knew from the way she pawed eagerly up and down by the fence at the edge of his enclosure, spraying frequently and calling in low groans, that my leopardess was coming into her season. As I unlock the gate and walk into her domain, affectionate as ever she charges over, leaps up at me and licks my hands and face in her usual rough manner.

Breath billows out around me, frozen crystals of mist in the chill night air.

Stroking her rough furry back, I place the collar round her neck and lead her playfully out across the lawn. Behind me, the male calls plaintively to her but tonight, and not for the first time, I am her mate. He gives up and crouches back down sulkily but I do not feel sorry for him as he will have his leopardess back soon, crouching in wait for his hooked, barbed feline penis, again and again and again...

As I lead the beautiful cat into the house, she walks with a limber elegant swing in her body, rumbling contentedly all the time.

In my mind I like to think of myself as a strong well built leopard, beautiful in my spotted fur coat yet full of bestial urges and jungle cunning. I imagine her urinating and as I thrust my muzzle into the warm stream emanating from her body, my instincts tell me that she is ready to receive my advances. My strong muscular body ripples with tension as she crouches before me and I straddle her to copulate, wild flashes of adrenaline through my mind as I grab the scruff of her neck while my hindquarters thrust my erect organ into her slit. The world explodes as I ejaculate and yowl madly at the sky. She cuffs me with her strong paws as she squirms out from beneath me, but I care not...

Once inside I undress trying to slow the leopardess' advances as she runs her long muscular body sinuously round my legs and sniffs at my crotch with her strong blunt muzzle; whiskers quivering, probing amber eyes staring up at me from her spotted hunters' mask. She salivates and her broad rough pink tongue darts out to caress jet black lips. When I am totally naked, I lead her into my room, surprised in my control that I am not yet erect. She follows willingly. From the medical cabinet therein I take out a large jar of J that I've prepared earlier... she needs to be lubricated thoroughly before I can enter her since my erect organ is larger than anything a leopard ever had behind his legs.

Looking back I see not one big cat but two as on one wall I have placed a large mirror which, as always, she has wandered across to investigate. Pawing at her reflection she calls as though expecting an answer but none is received. While she is thus involved, I walk over to her and crouch at her side, stroking down her strong hunched shoulders and smooth furry flanks. Her head turns round and once more she licks me raspingly, snorting friendship in my face as she does so. I respond by puffing hard through my nostrils and she glides around me, rearing up on her hind-legs behind me, leathery paws on my shoulder. Looking in the mirror, I pull her paws down my chest and feel her soft belly fur against my back, the rasping of her breath surrounds me as her head rests on mine. As I stand up, she hooks her hind-legs around my thighs and digs her claws into me to maintain her grip. A little blood is drawn...

In the mirror I stand there, a hybrid beast, long whip-like tail behind me, her body hard against mine from feline buttocks to head, throbbing to the strong beat of her heart. She yawns widely and I let her drop to the ground which she does soundlessly.

Calling again to her, I caress her once more, breathing in deeply the acrid muskiness of her hide and fur. Scooping up some J with my right hand, I place my left arm over her waist and stretch down her, head to tail. She licks my arse and snorts as she rubs her muzzle under my balls. My hand slides down her buttocks, feeling for her slit. I enter her with two fingers, smearing her warm tight cunt with these while my other fingers massage the fur between her slender but muscular buttocks. This drives her wild and she mouths at the air, long pointed white teeth and bright red tongue set in her beautiful glossy black lips.

As I smear some lube on my dick, the thought of having her giving me oral delights occurs... Me, lying back, my genitals in her strong jaws: holding her head in my hands and rubbing the soft fur behind her ears until we enter a trance of motion, fixed on her piercing amber eyes. My penis swells within her hot moist mouth stimulated by the rough caress of her rasping tongue... Convulsively, I pull her head sharply into my crotch as my balls erupt and with a shudder I ejaculate copiously against the roof of her mouth and down her throat. Before my orgasm fades, the beautiful cat releases me and with a fluid movement stretches up and over me, opening her mouth wide to kiss me. I pull her to me and her saliva and my sperm flood over my face as she does so; plastering my face with long loving strokes of her tongue. Reciprocating, I lick her great furry head and hold her in my teeth just below her left ear whilst below I thrust against her underside creaming her smooth white belly fur with my seed and climax once more as she shifts forward to allow my aching penis access to her hot feline slit.

Growling leopard-like, I fuck the great cat until we collapse contentedly; her head, warm, tight against mine, lithe supple body over me.



A gentle nip on my buttocks brings me back to the awareness that I have yet to consummate my passion for her in reality. I smile at her and thank her for not being as rough with me as she would have been with one of her own species. She prustens once more in response. My organ, now erect at my lust for her as she thrusts her blunt muzzle between my legs and sniffs in pleasure at my male scent. Quickly, I finish smearing myself with J, taking care not to ejaculate prematurely from the stimulation.

With my other hand I try to hold back the cat, but she is truly on heat now and signals her readiness for mating with plaintive calls as she rubs her body against mine, soliciting my advances. With a flick of her broad spotted tail she crouches down in front of me inviting me to mount her. I crawl forward to investigate her rear and run a hand between her buttocks from the neat small anus tight underneath her tail to her slit. Within this black leathery entrance to her sex, the glistening pink walls of her vagina can be seen, the whole and the fur around well lubricated for my entrance. I briefly lick her well muscled buttocks, inhaling her scent and she shifts restlessly, rumbling coarsely. Suddenly, without warning, the leopardess raises her hindquarters and urinates in strong bursts into my face. Ignoring the pungent stinging ammonia of her piss, I close my eyes and push my face into her, hugging her legs until I am licking her dry; probing the inner lining of her moist gel-smeared cunt with my loving tongue. As she growls deeply and spins round to face me, I roll her onto her side and rub the soft belly fur covering her teats. She yowls once and then drops herself to the ground and rolls over onto her back beside me... we have played out our love before and she knows well what to do.

I crawl alongside her and look deeply into her great amber feline eyes: dazzled by her beauty and in a dreamlike moment I lift my right leg to straddle the great cat. She squirms restlessly beneath me, calling softly as I move my feet down her furry flank and step over her hind legs which now curve skywards. With my hands, I massage her chest and lick roughly at her pale belly fur adding to the deep rumbling purrs which emanate from her being. Looking back between my legs, my organ is pointing strongly forward. Lowering myself to her body an intense electric shock of pleasure runs through me as I bring myself fully into contact with her. She feels this too and moans deeply in an almost ethereal tone. Blinded by emotion, I close my eyes and push my head alongside hers, right arm wrapped tight against the other side of her neck. She twists her face also to me. Sharp whiskers prick my neck as, deafened by her rasping breath and surrounded by her musk, I feel towards her slit with my penis and then with a deep thrust enter her body. She shudders and yowls in my ear as my senses overload and I fuck her trembling being with long deep strokes until, soon, too soon, I climax violently and in reflex grasp at her muscular neck with my teeth. Crying out loud she pulls herself free, effortlessly, and before I am aware of it I am lying on my back; a beautiful leopardess poised above me, looking lovingly bright golden beams into my eyes. In the mirror I glimpse her beautiful long spotted form breathing deeply.

Scratching under her chin, she lowers herself to the floor and allows me to embrace her properly. As she licks me, I kiss her warm moist muzzle and ease myself once more back into her being...

Four times more that night we consummate our passion for each other until, with me exhausted, we lie still in a profound emotional and physical embrace; her warm fur and pulsing echo of her heart surrounding my being as we drift off into blissful slumber.


In the morning I put her in with the male who acidly eyes me as she continues to greet me rather than follow the call to his nature. Since he really is a decent sort of leopard, I apologetically leave them to mate without distracting her further and soon after from inside the house hear them cry out in their passion.

Then, and for the next five days.

Now; winter to spring, the produce of their union frolics playfully on the grass around her, teasing at her tail and climbing roughly over her. As I approach, I remind myself the cubs are his (watching me from nearby), not mine, but they greet me with enthusiasm nonetheless as I walk carefully through their playful antics towards her.

Raising her forequarters lazily, she puffs friendly welcome to me as I reach down to ruffle her fur and then, restful in the brilliant sun and scent of blossom, we lie down together... watching the young ones burn their boundless energy, as we relax content in each other's presence.

- The End -

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