by Teddie

      (MF best FF cons anal oral tv)

We Meet Max

My wife, Sara, and I were married right out of college, about five years ago. Sara is a registered nurse and I work for a large computer firm. And we are into kinky sex, BD/SM, role reversal, etc. and, are members of one of the local clubs. I'm also a crossdresser, which Sara has been aware of since well before we were married, and it plays into our sex games very well. She really enjoys dominating me when I'm dressed. Sara is 5'3" and about 110 pounds. I'm 5'8" and about 155 pounds.

One of our friends, Sam, from "the club" and his wife Nicky were going to have to be out of town each of the following three weekends, and they were looking for someone to take care of their dog Maximilian, Max for short. Max was a 4 year old Mastiff, going about 210 pounds and standing just over 30 inches, but was a friendly animal. But, he had almost destroyed the last kennel that he stayed in. Sara and I live out in the country and have a large fenced in yard. So, we offered to take care of Max. Sam and Nicky were thrilled.

They brought Max over Thursday evening, as they were leaving early Friday morning, along with a bag of food, his dishes, toys, and a short list of instructions. We sat on the deck having a few drinks and letting Max explore the yard. Max was a people dog and just didn't like being alone.

The First Weekend

We spend a good part of our weekends enjoying a very good sex life, i.e. being kinky. Some Saturday evenings we went into town to "the club" and shared our fun. This weekend it would be an at home adventure. Sara and I took turns being master and submissive, and this weekend it was Sara's turn to be master. My instructions, when I arrived home, were waiting for me on the kitchen table. I needed to completely change into my female persona, April. And, when I became April, I completely became female, Alex was no where to be found. April could be anything from a little girl, to a cheer leader, to a slut. Tonight, April was to be a slut.

I heard Sara walk in to the house and call, "April?"

"Yes, Mistress." I called from the kitchen. If I forgot the Mistress, the punishment could be very severe.

"Fix us a couple of drinks while I change."

"Yes, Mistress."

Sara has a really sexy, full blown, mistress outfit that she wears or really paints on, when it's her turn to be the mistress. She made a complete change, not just clothes, but also in attitude. There use to be a show on, and the male lead always spoke of his wife as "She who must be obeyed". When Sara was the mistress, you had better believe that she was the one who must be obeyed or the punishment would be unbelievable. But, that's another story.

Tonight I was treated like a real slut in many ways. Toward the end of Mistress Sara's plans, I was tied up on the floor, with my legs spread as far as possible with a spreader bar. My ass high up in the air and naked. She had just finished doing me with a large strap on, and was sitting back in an easy chair enjoying a drink and using me for a foot stool.

We had almost forgotten about Max, when he came into the room. I was blindfolded and couldn't see him, but Sara just watched him walk across the room to where I was. I felt warm breath on my ass and then a wet tongue and jumped. I knew it couldn't be Sara, as her heels were still resting on my back.

"What's going on?" I said in surprise.

"Be quiet!" Sara said very sternly, hitting me on my bum with her riding crop.

Sara got up, dragging her heels across my back. I then heard the video recorder come on. We taped most of our sessions, so that we could enjoy them later.

"Hold still and don't make a sound, or you'll spend the rest of the weekend strung up in the basement."

"Yes, Mistress."

Max, at least I think it was Max, continued to use his tongue on my ass. It was beginning to turn me on.

"Oh my!" I heard Sara say. I was going to say something, but knew I didn't dare.

I heard Sara walk over and kneel down next to me.

"I think Max has something for you."

Now, I was getting a little worried.

Max climbed up on my back and wrapped his front legs around me. I could feel his hot breath on my head. He started to hump me, and I could feel Sara trying to help him hit his mark and it wasn't long before he did. I felt the tip of his dick enter my ass and start pushing deeper, it felt like his dick was larger than the dildo that Sara has used on me. He kept pushing deeper and deeper and it felt like it was going into my belly, and that he was going to split me open. I'm glad that Sara had really greased me up before we had started. Max really started humping me for all he was worth. His slobber was running down over the side of my face. I felt his large balls hitting mine. It wasn't long before he was completely inside of me, and then I felt his knot start to expand and it felt like a tennis ball. He kept on hammering me and then all of a sudden he let out a howl, and I felt him pulsing in my ass.

"Oh my!" I heard Sara say again. I felt large quantities of fluid start to run down my legs. She reached under me and stroked my cock and I exploded after only a couple of strokes. Max tried to pull out and couldn't, so he dismounted me and swung his ass so that we were butt to butt. I had heard that this happens when dogs mate and was wondering how long we would stay this way. I had been on my knees and elbows for quite awhile and was getting really sore.

"Well, now aren't you the little dog slut. Wait until you see the video. In fact I think I'll show this one to Sam and Nicky, so they can see what kind of lover their dog is."

I still didn't say anything. I didn't want to spend the rest of the weekend in the basement.

Sara finally said, "OK, doggie slut. You can talk now."



"Why did you let him do that? I don't mind you fucking my ass, but a dog?"

"Why did you let him do that! Who?"

"Why did you let him do that? Mistress."

"Better. I wasn't going to. But, I thought that you would like to find out what it was like to have a real dick in your male slut pussy. Wait until you see the video. His cock is so big, bigger than the dildo that I used on you. The way you two were tied together was so precious. And, the way you came when I jacked you off, I think you enjoyed it. Didn't you. And, no complaints about me showing the video to Sam and Nicky? Interesting?"

I didn't say anything, and she smacked me with her riding crop, "Well, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, I did. It was different."

"Wait until you see the mess on the floor that you have to clean up."

"How long will we be tied like this? Mistress."

"I'm not sure. It could be a few minutes or a couple of hours. But, I'd guess, the less you move around the shorter the time will be." She removed my blindfold.

Luckily, it was only about forty-five minutes before his knot had gone down far enough to pull out of my ass. My ass felt like it was stretched far enough to drive a train through it. Max walked a few feet away and started cleaning himself. Sara untied me and I couldn't believe the amount of dog come on the floor and what was still seeping out of my ass. I went and got a sanitary pad and put my panties back on. I then got to work cleaning the floor. Max fell asleep right where he sat down to clean himself.

Sara rewound the tape, and we sat there and watched Max fuck my ass. Sara had gotten some great shots, and she was so hot she had three fingers in her pussy, and I was hard again. We fucked right there on the couch. I was able to get my makeup off, but I fell asleep in my girl clothes.

Saturday morning Sara was up before I was. This was a little unusual. I went to the bathroom and removed my panties and a very soaked sanitary pad. I did my business and was still leaking come, so I put on a new sanitary pad. I then went down stairs looking for Sara and couldn't find her right away. I eventually found her out on the patio with Max. Sara was on a lounge chair, naked, with Max between her legs, fucking her for all he's was worth. Sara was really enjoying herself. The noises she was making were purely animalistic. I was getting very turned on by all this. I quietly walked out on the patio, stood there and watched them. When Max was finished there was as much come on the patio as there was on the floor last night.

I said, "Well, now who's the puppy slut?"

Sara jumped, and looked up at me, directly into my dick, and said, "I couldn't let you have all the fun. In fact, by the look of your cock, you enjoyed watching us. And, I'm still the Mistress this weekend, so be careful. In fact, get down on you knees and fuck me."

I knelt down between her legs, in a puddle of come, were Max had been. And, preceded to fuck Sara's very sloppy pussy. Her pussy was stretched so much and so full of Max's come that it was hard to build up any friction. But, I finally managed to come and bring Sara to another orgasm.

The rest of the weekend went on much like Friday night and Saturday morning. Max had my ass three more times and I don't know how many times he had Sara, but she was sore by Sunday evening when Sam and Nicky picked him up. Nothing was said about the extra curricular activities that had gone on. We told them that Max had been a perfect guest.

The Second Weekend

The following Thursday, Sam and Nicky again dropped of Max and all his goodies.

This weekend was my turn to be Master and I figured that I would get back at Sara. When she is submissive, the submissive Sara will do anything. At least I think she will. My instructions to her were to be a school girl, complete with pig tails. This is one of her favorites, school girl/principal, and my name for this role playing is Mr. Barnwall. Towards the end of Friday evening, I figured it was time to see just how far she would go.

She had spent the evening being fucked, giving oral sex, stripping, etc. I then pretended to introduce her to my new friend Max.

"Sara, this is my new friend Max. Say hello."

"Hello Max."

"You know Max is very friendly and he's been very good, sitting here watching us have all this sex and he's gotten nothing."

"Yes, Mr. Barnwall."

"Why don't you spread your legs and let him lick your little pussy?"

"Yes, Mr. Barnwall." Sara said as she sat down on the edge of a chair and spread her legs.

I led Max over between her legs and he didn't need any direction. He went right to work licking her pussy that was filled with a mixture of our juices. His tongue was all over her crotch and then worked it's way inside of her. She was squirming and moaning, and then she had an earth shaking orgasm.

I then said, "Sara, Max has been good to you. Don't you think you should return the favor?"

Sara looked at me with a questioning look, but she was still full of lust, and said, "Yes, Mr. Barnwall."

I still wasn't sure if she would go through with what I had planned. But, she had Max lay down and rolled him over on his back. His cock was already out of the sheath most of the way. She started to stroke him, and he got longer and harder.

"No, Sara. He used his mouth and tongue on you. You should do the same for him."

"Yes, Mr. Barnwall."

I couldn't believe it. She slowly moved her mouth towards Max's tool, stuck her tongue out and licked the tip. Then she started licking up and down the shaft. She worked her way back to the tip and took it in her mouth. She looked up at me with a little twinkle in her eye, and swallowed as much of Max's cock as she could fit in her mouth. She then started pumping the cock in and out of her mouth. I knelt behind her and put my tool in her pussy, I just couldn't resist.

She continued to suck on the cock and then Max let out a howl. I saw Sara's cheeks puff out and then come pour out the side of her mouth. I came like I had never come before. Sara continued to swallow as much of Max's come as she could, but a lot of it leaked out of the corners of her mouth and onto the floor. When Max was done, I pulled out of Sara, and said, "You made a mess Sara. You need to clean it up, don't you?"

"Yes, Mr. Barnwall."

She proceeded to use her fingers to pick up all the come that had spilled onto floor and push it into her mouth. She also did this for the come that was on her face. When she was all done, I said, "Sara, you have been a very bad girl. You need a spanking."

"Yes, Mr. Barnwall."

She laid over my lap, and I proceeded to spank her until her cheeks were bright red and she had come twice more.

She got up, kissing me, and saying, "Thank you, Mr. Barnwall."

"Mr. Barnwell?"

"Yes, Sara."

"Do you think Max could fuck me?"

"Well I don't know. You really wore him out. But, we can try in a few minutes."

"Oh, goodie, goodie." She, could really get into this role playing.

After a few minutes, I had Sara get down on all fours and I brought Max over to see if I could get him interested. I wasn't sure if he would or not. But, it didn't take long. He started licking the juices from Sara's pussy and ass. She started to moan and Max's cock started getting harder. I had a surprise for Sara, I guided Max's cock into her ass. She gave a squeal as Max's cock entered her, and I could see the look of pleasure on her face. Max began working her ass like a steam train piston. I was working her pussy with my fingers. It took Max longer to come this time, but finally there was his howl and some come leaked out of Sara's ass. Max had been able to completely enter her, so his knot was swelling in her ass.

"Mr. Barnwall. He's going to split me open. He's so big."

"Just relax and enjoy, you'll be together for awhile. At least until his knot come down a little."

"Oh, Mr. Barnwall, this feels so good. I've never felt this full."

It took Max over an hour for his knot to relax, so they were butt to butt for awhile. When he finally pulled out, Sara collapsed on the floor completely spent. I cleaned her up and carried her to bed. Mr. Barnwall was a nice guy.

For the rest of the weekend of the weekend she was a slut for both Max and I.

Again Sunday evening Sam and Nicky came to pick up Max. Again, nothing was said.



The Third Weekend

This weekend, Sara was again the Mistress and I was wondering what she had up her sleeve for me. It didn't take me long to find out. When I arrived home on Friday, the envelope was on the table and I was to be a French Maid for the weekend. That meant, very high heels, my French Maids outfit, etc. And, I was to start cleaning the house, as she was going to be home late. I got changed and started cleaning. Sara didn't come home until about eight, which is very unusual. She began checking out my work, and wasn't very pleased. She told me that she was going to change and walked out of the room.

When she came back from the bedroom, she was dressed as a slut, which is very unusual when she is the Mistress. She the said, "Fifi, you haven't done a good cleaning job. I'm going to have to give you a lesson or two. Do you understand?"

I lowered my head, and said, "Yes, Mistress."

She called Max over and scratched him behind his ears. Then she sat at the edge of a chair, spread her legs, and Max started licking her. A little later he mounted her, shoving his dick deep into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him, to get him as deep as possible. He humped her like there was no tomorrow, and it seemed to take him long to come tonight. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, he gave his little howl and I could see the fluids dripping on the floor. Sara, of course, was in erotic heaven.

After Sara recovered, she said, "Fifi, it's time for your first lesson in cleaning."

"Yes, Mistress." I was a little worried as to what my lesson would be.

"The first thing you have to clean is my pussy. Come over here and kneel down where Max was."

"Yes, Mistress." I don't know if I can do this.

I walked over to her and knelt between her spread legs.

"Get busy Fifi. I need to be cleaned up completely. I don't want any come left on or in my body when your done."

I slowly lowered my head towards Sara's pussy. I could smell the mixture of her juices and Max's come. I wasn't sure if I could bring myself to lick it up. I hesitated a little.

Sara then said, "If you want to ever have sex with me again, start licking or I'm getting a dog like Max."

"Yes, Mistress." I've never heard Sara speak with such authority.

I forced myself to bring my mouth down on her pussy. I started licking. The taste wasn't as disgusting as I thought it might be, very salty. I continued licking and sucking until I had cleaned her pussy, ass crack, and legs.

She then said, "Clean the floor."

I went down on my hands and knees, and started licking the floor clean. When she was satisfied with the floor, she had me lay on my back. She straddled my face, moved her pussy directly over my mouth, told me to open my mouth, and unloaded a large amount of come into my mouth. She then lowered her pussy onto my mouth and told me to suck her clean.

When she was satisfied with my cleaning job, she stood up and helped me to my feet, saying, "You know, I never thought that you would do that for me."

"But, Mistress, your wish is my command."

"I know. But, having sex with an animal. Not just straight sex, but also oral and anal sex. It's crazy, but I'm enjoying it more than most other things we do. It's kinky, it's sexy, and it's fun. This is our last weekend with Max and I'm going to miss him."

"Yes, Mistress, I'll miss him too. And, it has been fun and enjoyable. I think we've learned more about each other these past few weekends then we had in the past five. And, I think we have Sam, Nicky, and Max to thank for it."

Sam and Nicky Pick Up Max

Sam and Nicky showed up Sunday evening to pick up Max. This weekend they had gone to Europe. Nicky handed Sara a package and told her it was a little present from Amsterdam. Sara opened it and looked at me. "It's an artificial vagina, for your crossdressing husband. It's made so that you can actually be screwed, if you can find someone to screw that ugly female." Nicky said with a big grin.

"Well, did Max behave for you?" Sam asked, "He didn't show you his special talent did he?"

"Special talent?" Sara and I said together, looking at each other and blushing.

"I see he did." said Nicky.

"What special talent is that?" Sara asked.

"You know. I can tell by that glow that he showed you that he likes to screw women."

"Not only women."

"Oh, something new?"

"Yes, he showed us the first weekend that he was here. We have a tape if your interested?"

"More than interested. This would be something new for us."

I had edited the tape and put the highlights on one tape, that I popped in the player, and hit play.

Nicky said, "Nice looking slut." when she saw me on the tape.

"Thank you."

We watched the reset of the tape in silence. When all was said and done, Sam said, "I guess Max did learn a few new things while he was here. Nicky has been using him since he was six months old and he really loves pussy. Didn't know that he liked ass also, and that tie was great."

Sara said, "The only thing that I missed out on, was being with Max when he screwed a women and then being able to eat her out."

This statement surprised me a little. I had watched Sara make out with another woman, even go to third base. But, she had never shown an interest in going down on another woman.

"We just might be able to arrange that." Nicky said, "I missed that cock while we were gone and could stand a good screw right now."

Sara and I looked at each other and then at Nicky, and we smiled at each other. Sam, was all grins. Nicky stood up and stripped, followed by Sara, and Sam and I settled back to watch. Nicky sat at the edge of a chair and called Max over, and he went right for her pussy with his tale wagging a mile a minute. He started to eat Nicky out and she went wild. Sam said, "Nicky is a very vocal and animated fuck." Max worked on Nicky for about 10 minutes, as Sara work on Max's cock with her hand. Finally Nicky said, or really screamed, "I can't take it any longer, get him in me." Sara, helped Max find the target and he preceded to fuck Nicky harder than I'd seen him do Sara. He must have humped her for 10 minutes before we heard the howl that said he was coming. Sara placed her hands under Nicky's ass, to try and catch as much of Max's fluids as possible. Sara was really into the sex of the moment, she wasn't able to catch all the come coming out of Nicky's pussy. But, what she did catch she rubbed all over her tits and then licked her hands clean. Max continued to hump Nicky for another couple of minutes and then he pulled out.

Sara pulled Nicky over on top of her and Nicky ended up sitting on Sara's hips. She then started working her way up Sara's body, rubbing the leaking come from her pussy all over Sara's body. When she reached Sara's head, Nicky went up on her knees and with her pussy directly over Sara's mouth, let a large amount of come ooze from her pussy into Sara's mouth. She then sat on Sara's face and Sara went to work on her. Nicky was having multiple orgasms and really working her pussy on Sara's face. She finally collapsed on the floor next to Sara, who rolled over and really gave her a deep tongue kiss. The two of them just laid there in each others arms for awhile regaining there strength.

As Sam, Nicky, and Max were leaving, Sara said, "Let's get a puppy."

"Sure, a Mexican Hairless." I said jokingly. And got slugged in the arm.

Sam said, "I can give you the name of a good breeder. And, if you want to try a pony..."

- To Be Continued -

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