"Maylea's Furry Job"

      by Canaco

      (F cons zoo beast)
Comment: This story includes sexual relation between a woman and a horse, five tigers, a panther and a dolphin. If you think of this idea as disgusting, then you should go away; on the other hand, if it sounds arousing, I hope you enjoy this fruit of my wildest fantasies!

Maylea was walking across her large marble balcony, staring at the navy night sky rising above her head. Under that same sky, the deep blue ocean was stretching between pieces of mountainous land. Night had just fallen and she knew she had to go to work.

Life on Earth had come to a dangerous point where females were disappearing. There were now only 1 female for 20 males, and the situation was even worse for animals. The males were now more dominant then ever, but women were considered precious and were cherished. Maylea was one of those chosen women who had to satisfy males sexual needs. Maylea's department was animals.

Maylea was tall and slim, but not skinny. She had round hips, a beautifully shaped pubic triangle, strong legs, a flat belly and big, round breasts. Her eyes were almond-shaped and the lips full; she had long straight hairs, ebony black, with curled tips hanging in the middle of her back. As a clothing, she only wore a white loincloth attached with a golden chain and a long transparent veil that crossed her torso, covering her breasts. Her hair was laced with a golden jewel with a big ruby in it's center.

She slowly walked to her house, a big globe made of glass and burgundy curtains. The inside was very luxurious, and looked like a sultans harem room. In the corner stood her young stallion, Phantom. She flicked her tongue and he slowly trotted toward her.

"I'm gonna need you tonight." she muttered. "Gotta go see the tigers, it's Friday night." she added. The young stud whinnied. She saw the tip of his penis peeking, and knew she had to pay him before he'd bring her anywhere.

"Alright, Phantom. Tonight, you're the master!" she said with a smile. It seemed to her that a lightning of lust passed through her horse's jet black eyes.

She brought a long bench that she used to fuck Phantom. When she was laying on it, she was just at the right level for Phantom to do his thing. Before laying down on the couch, she teased Phantom's cock with her lips, burrowing the burning tip in her mouth. When she felt she was hot enough, she lay on the bench and opened her legs. Phantom was used to it, and he knew exactly what to do.

Phantom searched for Maylea's pussy entrance with the tip of it's penis. He didn't take long. Maylea was already burning from inside as she raised her yoni to meet the young stallion's prick. Phantom slid a bit of his cock in, and then buried half of his cock inside her. It was the most he could get in. Maylea's wet lips parted as the nasty intruder made its way. Phantom quickly picked his pace and pumped his meat inside of Maylea's hot hole. His long dick went deeper and deeper as he fucked his mare-of-the-moment. Maylea's yoni was burning with pleasure as the big wet cock went in and out of her burning pussy, and she screamed with pleasure.

"Uh, uh, uh Phantom! You're my stallion. Fuck me!! My life is meant to answer your horse fantasies. Uh uh, ANH! Deeper!! Fuck me more!!"

But Phantom had no need to hear to understand her. He slid his penis deeper and deeper and fucked her faster. His big, hot cock rubbed against her clitoris as he fucked, fucked, fucked her. All of a sudden, he became hotter and waves of pleasure even more intense started to invade Maylea who arched her back, screaming her pleasure again and again. Of all the animals she had fucked, Phantom was an all time favorite. He quickened his pace even more as his monster cock started to spit an enormous load of cum in Maylea's soaking pussy. He didn't slow down; he continued to thrust and penetrate her harder, with frenzy. Maylea finally screamed the orgasm she had been holding back to make Phantom fuck her longer. Waves of pleasure took over control of her body as she screamed so loud it echoed through all the house. Finally, Phantom slid his dick out of Maylea and it disappeared back in it's shelter.

Maylea got up, her legs still weak, and climbed on Phantom's back. They went out of the house and she pushed him to a fast canter, toward the tigers park.

Half an hour later, they arrived. Maylea jumped off her horse and slowly walked to the pen. The tigers were there; there were 5 of them. Maylea slowly walked down and they jumped to her. She played with them a moment, petting them and scratching their bellies as a preliminary. Then she removed her clothes and walked to a blanket that was in the center of the pen. She lay down and opened her legs. The strongest tiger, a white one that must have weighted 250 pounds, pushed his nose against her pussy. He started to lick her cunt with his rough feline tongue, slipping it between Maylea's hot and wet lips. As she moaned with pleasure and her pussy started soaking, the tiger licked her even deeper, to the source of the wetness. She she started shaking with pleasure, the tiger stopped the licking and went on to serious business.

He rolled her over with his head, slid his muzzle under her loins and raised it above the ground, forcing Maylea to be standing on all fours, like a female tiger. Then the white beast raised and squeezed her waist with his powerful paws and brought his dick to her. He pumped his meat into her roughly, taking her by surprise, and then lustily frigged her. His hot, long dick trust deep into her in powerful strokes, burying his entire prick in her hot hole. He pumped fast and hard, and Maylea could feel his furry balls banging at the entrance of her lips.

The white tiger gave Maylea such good sex that she hardly had the strength to scream. She was breathless, as he fucked her faster and faster with his hot meat, growling and moaning. As soon as he shot his load of cum and she went screaming her most outstanding orgasm, he pulled out and let the way to the other tigers, excited by the screams and the smell of lust that surrounded the area.

The second tiger was a young and healthy one. He quickly mounted her and immediately slid his penis into her cunt. It was still young and tender, and Maylea immediately enjoyed it. He started to pump madly, getting in and out of her slithery, wet cunt. He rubbed his prick madly against Maylea who was pushing her loin against the tiger's, longing for his cock. It didn't take long before he sent her into a raging orgasm and shot load of cum who mixed with the white tiger's jism. Then, he moved away.

The third tiger was old and tired, but he was still very horny, seeing his peers fucking the young human. He hesitantly mounted her, as she seemed impatient to be fucked with big tiger cocks again. He brought the tip of his penis closer, searched for the pussy's entrance, and slowly slid his penis in the lubricated slut in a long, deep trust. Horny as hell, Maylea started humping against the old tiger's dick faster and faster, so well he didn't even have to move anymore. He held his meat inside the sexy female and closed his eyes, roaring at the strength of the pleasure. It took about 20 minutes of slow strokes for them both to explode in a deep orgasm. Then, like the others before him, the old tiger stepped aside.

The fourth tiger was about the same age and stature then the white tiger. His look was one of pure lust, and he walked to Maylea quickly and roaring so loud she backed up, afraid. She ended sitting on a small cliff, and the tiger approached her and put his paw around her waist as she was laying down on the cliff in the same position as the one where she fucks Phantom. The tiger bored his yellow eyes into Maylea's as he pumped his meat into her cunt. Maylea crossed her legs around the tiger's rear and pushed him forward with her heels so that her yoni could meet the tigers thick prick and let it penetrate her better. She arched her back and closed her eyes as the tiger friggily fucked her, moaning and panting as his dick slid in and out the soaking pussy.



"Uh, oh, unh, AH!!" She screamed as the tiger's pumping became more frantic. She wanted his dick to fuck her deep! She wanted it all buried inside her. She pushed her yoni against the tiger's soft balls that banged heavily against her hole and rubbed her tits, screaming with pleasure. A raging orgasm rushed through her body but still, the tiger continued pumping even faster, rubbing against her clit and building another orgasm inside her legs. Just before the second orgasm exploded, the tiger shot his load of cum, who mixed with all the other tiger's jism, and pulled out, leaving Maylea hornier then ever.

The fifth tiger seemed completely disinterested in the whole affair, which made Maylea angry. She walked to the tiger and started to pet him. When he rolled on his side, she began to scratch his belly and ran her fingers to his sheath and began to rub it. The big, red penis started to peek out, and she jacked him until it was full length. Then she started sucking on it. She could feel the hot prick getting hotter and harder. As he reached his peak and started to cum, she swallowed it and spread it against the wet dick. Then she spread her legs on each side of the tiger who was laying on his back, took the dick in her hands and put it in her hot hole. She pushed her yoni against it and the entire cock slid into her vagina. The tiger was panting and roaring with pleasure as Maylea fucked him and took complete control of his penis. She pumped against it faster and faster, squeezing her breasts, laying her torso on the tiger's rough belly fur while keeping the hot prick inside her and making it slide slow.

She climbed back on Phantom's back and they galloped back home. She entered the glass house and removed her clothes since it was very hot. Then Samburu, the young panther cub she kept as a pet came and jumped on her bed. She was laying there, trying to gain back her strength, when she felt his cold nose on her pussy. She clenched her legs.

"No, not you little guy. You're still too young!" she said, scratching him behind the ears. "One day I'll have to, though..." she thought. Curious, she rolled the young panther on its back and looked at his sheath. "God, but you're hung." she thought. Unable to control herself, she began to rub it and his young and tender, but reasonable-sized cock started to erect. As he began to thrust it into Maylea's hand, she lost all control. She lay on her back, opened her legs and brought the cub to her, pointing the small cock at her pussy's entrance. She helped the willing leopard penetrate her, and had a little scream when the penis slid into her. She held the cubs head to be sure he wouldn't walk away. She started to moan as the young penis fucked her slowly. It was all warm and tender, and slid easily into Maylea's soaking pussy.

"Oh God, Samburu... We're going to fuck everyday!! Damn! Uh... UH!! Uh..."

She let the cub's head go and to her big surprise the little leopard continued to fuck her. She pumped his tender meat deeper and faster, and with his panting and moaning you could tell he was more than enjoying himself. He penetrated her with surprising strength and Maylea arched her back with pleasure as the small and hot dick rubbed against her clitoris and walls. As he picked up his pace, he fucked her faster and lustily. Since he wasn't cumming he fucked her longer, with all the energy he had, like if he was playing an incredibly arousing game, sliding his dick deeper and deeper as it's prick became harder and hotter. Maylea burst into a raging orgasm, then two, then three; still, the leopard cub was going strong, fucking hard and deep, faster and faster with his small, young and tender hot penis. Finally, after the fourth orgasm, he slipped out, licked himself and went off to play.

Amazed, Maylea lay there for a moment, her pussy sore from all the orgasms it had endured that day. She slept and slept. When she woke up, the night had already fallen.

She walked out on her big balcony, smiling as the hot wind caressed her naked body. Once on the extreme end of the balcony, she heard a funny noise; a dolphin was there, just in front of her. A dolphin she knew well...

He jumped in and out of the water. Maylea knew what it meant. He was here to play. She jumped off of her balcony and into the water, which was quite hot at this time of the year. She swam with the dolphin until they reached the left side of her balcony, where she had fixed two handles. She grabbed it in one hand, and opened her legs. The young dolphin's dick was already full-length, ready to fill her up. He grabbed the second handle in his mouth and stuffed his penis into Maylea's soaking pussy. Maylea loved fucking dolphins.

She wrapped her free arm around the dolphin's neck and closed her legs tight around the beasts hips, as he stuffed is small teenager dick inside of her. It was rubber-like, hot and slippery, but most of all, incredibly tender; almost as tender as Samburu's. The dolphin started to pump his meat into Maylea's beloved cunt as he made funny noises. He pumped really fast, in short strokes, like if the thought of pulling his dick out of the hot cunt was unimaginable to him. Maylea was screaming with pleasure.

"Uh, uh, uh, uuuh! Oh yeah, common, deeper UH! Harder! Fuck me with that tender dick of yours you naughty boy. Oh damn it had been so long since we... uh, uh, UH! Fucked! Uh, uh... uh yeaaah... Like that uh!! Harder pleaaase!! Fuck me more!!!"

As though he understood, the dolphin fucked her faster and with longer, deeper trusts. Nothing mattered to Maylea now but that long rubbery dick inside that cunt of hers. As the dolphin finally slid his entire dick into her and pumped madly, Maylea was sent in heaven. She screamed as a gigantic orgasm rushed through her, leaving her breathless. As her climax went down, the dolphin pumped his meat inside of her for 5 more minutes, then pulled out. He let Maylea on his back as he swam to the balcony's right side, where she could climb back on it.

Still shaking, Maylea took a towel to get herself dry. She thought of the night that was beginning. Phantom, then up to the zoo for the gorilla, the llama, the two goats and the ostrich; then, back home for the dessert, Samburu. She smiled happily, and went inside to look for Phantom.

- The End (but to be continued) -

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