"It's Not Possible"


      (MF, K9)

Bill and I had just returned from our honeymoon when his parents were killed in a car accident on the freeway. After every thing was settled, Bill inherited his parents three bedroom house that was only 2 years old and out on the edge of town.

Bill and I had been staying at my apartment until he got all of his parents things settled with his brother who lived in a large city and cared less about things in his home town.

Bill and I had no time to be together long enough to have sex, or else we were both too tired to even think about it, but we had a lot when on our honey moon and in fact so much that my vulva got sore. One day when it rained we stayed in our motel and had sex 5 times one day..

Bill was no peewee in the penis department as he had a good seven inches and so big I couldn't get my thumb and fore finger all the way around it. His favorite position was doing me doggie style and I liked that position also because Bill could always make me climax a number of times before he climaxed.

We had been in Bill's parents house only two weeks and every evening we would get things staightened out and stored. We just had the evening because Bill and I both worked. I worked in a bank and Bill was an investment banker.

Things had finally settled down to normal living of going to work and coming home and doing a little cleaning for me. Bill would come home and take care of the yard.

I usually got home before Bill but this one evening Bill ws home before me. I ran in the house thinking he was ill but I found him down on the floor and there was a large dog laying there on a blanket. Bill said he had been hit by a car out in front of our house and was lucky to be alive. Bill asked me to pick up the corners of the blanket so we could put him in his SUV and take him to the Vet down the road about a half mile.

The vet checked the big dog over and made sure he had no broken bones and told us that he would be all right in a few days. He gave us some pain pills for him and we took him home. The vet said that he had seen the dog running around in the area and didn't think he had a home. Bill asked the vet what kind of dog he was and the vet said, he thought that he had some great dane and labrador retreiver.

Bill and I took the big dog home and I asked Bill if we were going to keep him? Bill said that would depend on how he recuperated and how he was living with us. It was about ten days before the dog really started doing good and was not walking with a limp. He soon was one of the family and sat beside the dining table begging for scraps. I thought he looked like a small bear so that became his name.

It was friday eve so we had a few friends over for drinks and to celebrate the completion of the swimming pool. We had a good time, everyone left about 11 pm and Bill and I both took a shower to get in bed. Bill started rubbing my breast and I knew he wanted sex..

I got out of bed to take off my pajamas and got on the bed on my knees. Bill got up behind me and started to finger my pussy. My pussy soon was wet and Bill started to insert his big cock into my pussy. Bill took his time and was shoving his big cock into my pussy slowly. He likes to tease me.

Bill finally got all of his big cock into my pussy and was beginning to speed up with his screwing. All of a sudden Bill stopped and said, "look who is here?" I turned a little and saw that Bear was standing beside Bill. Bill said, "I'll bet he wants some too." I said to Bill that I didn't think it was possible for him to screw me. Bill laughed and said, "don't bet on that because I have seen it done."

I told Bill that I really didn't think Bear would be interested. Bill said well you just wait until we are thru and I will show you.



Bear was very patient and sat right beside Bill while we finished our screwing.

When Bill finished shooting his cum into my pussy he told me to stay put. Bill then patted my butt and told Bear to come smell. Bear got his two front feet on the edge of the bed so he could reach my wet freshly screwed pussy. It sort of scared me when Bear got his nose in my pussy and started licking and cleaning me up. Bill stayed close just in case Bear got rough. Bill asked me if I'd had enough licking and I told him Yes! Bill told me to get down on the floor on my hands and knees.

I complied and as soon as I was down on the floor Bear was on top of me and was humping my butt. Bill laughed and said, "do you have any doubts about it now? I said well he hasn't gotten his cock into me yet. Bill said, "ok, are you ready for a wild ride?" Bill got down on the floor and guided Bear's cock in to my wet pussy.

It was a big shock as Bear shoved every inch of his big cock into me that he could. I know I yelled as Bear's big cock slipped farther into my pussy than anything had ever been. Bear started moving his hips faster and faster and I was having a hard time holding myself and him up with my arms and I lay my head down on the floor.

Bear's cock started swellling up inside my pussy almost as soon as he entered me. I didn't know about the knot and when it swelled up inside of my pussy I got scared and Bill reassured me that my pussy would expand. Bear was tied with me for almost 20 minutes and when his cock slipped out of my pussy there was a torrent of our juices..

Bill handed me a towel to wipe myself and said well do you believe me or not? I told him I believed him and it had been a little scary to me but I would like to try it again some night soon.

Bill said "well I suppose I will lose my bed and sex partner." I told him No he was not losing his bed and sex partner but it might be something to have two cocks to satisfy.

So about 4-5 times a month Bear and I have sex after Bill and I make out. I don't think I could take all of Bears big cock in me with out havng Bills big cock first.

- The End -

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