"Wild Old Chick"


      (F, Zoo)

I am 53 years old woman and divorced for fifteen years from a man that I loved but couldn't stop fucking around on. He always wanted more sex than I gave him and yet I had to go out and get strange men to screw. My shrink told me it was my insecurity with myself that made me do that but in the meantime my great husband left me, remarried, and was very happy. About a year ago his wife died unexpectedly and I went from Arizona to Washington DC to the funeral and to tell him how sad I was for him. What I hoped down deep was to renew our relationship. He invited me and our children to stay at his huge house during the funeral time and when the kids left, I made an excuse to go see someone I knew not to far from him and asked if I could stay with him for a few days when I got back from my friends and before my flight back to Phoenix.

I put a full court press on him to get him to want me to stay with him. Although he was still very sad from what had happened, he had not had any sex in a while and he was horny. I was really counting on this. We had a few drinks about noon time and to cut to the chase, I was giving him the best blow job I knew how, soon after our third drink. I know he loved getting sucked and so I wouldn't let his cock get out of my mouth. He ended up cumming again, before I let go and I was pretty sure I had got to him. He asked me to stay for a few more days and he agreed to pay for any extra my delay might cost.

He did lay down a few ground rules for my stay. He might want to call a few of his men friends over for some drinks and I was to be the entertainment. I didn't let on how turned on this made me but reluctantly agreed to his terms. Also, he wanted me to take on three men at a time, meaning that I would be taking a cock up my ass as well as sucking and fucking. When we were married that was a no-no for me. We tried it and it hurt. He told me I had no choice and he would help loosen me up. After giving me an enema to clean me out, he got a nice smelling lotion and put it all over my ass and his hands and tried one, then two, then three fingers in and out of my ass. He then put in four fingers and was opening me so that he could almost put his whole hand up my bottom. I guess I had gotten loose in my old age and I didn't mind what he was doing. In fact, I was getting hot and started to rub my clit as he fingered my backside and I had a nice quiet orgasm. He replaced his fingers with his fat cock and took my ass cherry some thirty three years after he took my pussy cherry! Now I was ready for anything. He reminded me that he would always consider me a slut after what I did to him and would treat me accordingly. I didn't tell him but being treated that way was just what I wanted.

As we were fucking that night with him on top, slowly sliding in and out, we started to talk sex stuff like we used to and get each other hot. He reminded me of the time I told him about having a big male dog lick my eighteen year old pussy until I had my first orgasm and then having the dog do it on a regular basis. The dog started to want to fuck me but I was afraid to let him. When we were married we always said that when the kids were gone, we would get a big male dog and he would help me get doggy fucked. He wanted to get a dog now and resume our fantasy. I told him that I would have to stay a lot longer than a week for that to happen and he agreed. So I was now in a position of being the sex slut for his friends and a big dog. I was so excited I was aroused all the time.

The next day I met his two big male Chesapeake Retrievers already at his house and I reluctantly (so I put on) agreed to try them that afternoon. He brought one in and had me strip and offer my ass and cunt to the dog. The dog started to lick my holes right away and quickly got excited enough that his big bright red cock hung down and it was quite long and thick. I got on my knees with my legs spread and the dog naturally climbed up my back. His legs hurt me as he tried to mount me but when John put his cock into my cunt, the dog started to hump me so strongly and fast that I didn t notice the front paws again. God did I get fucked hard and fast! For the first time I found out about a dog s knot. He ran his cock deep into me as he came and then his cock expanded near the back (his knot) but inside of me so that we were stuck. I could have pulled him out of me but I liked it and so we stayed that way for about five minutes until he got soft. John took advantage of this time to fuck me in the mouth until he gave me a big load of his cum. When the dog pulled out, about a half-pint of his cum dripped out of me. John got the other dog and an almost identical thing happened with the second dog. I was quite satisfied with their fucking which surprised me. I must have come four or five times with the dogs and enjoyed myself very much. We found out that they were ready to fuck four or five times a day and then they needed a few days off. We thought that if I really got into doggy fucking, another six dogs would be needed to get me fucked every day.



But I was ready for some man meat and looking forward to a small or large orgy with me as the center point. I had taken on two men once in my single period and loved it but the occasion never came up again until now. We started off slowly when he invited George to dinner. George worked on the farm that John owned and John and George were fishing buddies. What John didn't tell me was that George was very huge, very black, and had a cock to match! I had never been with a black man only because no black man ever asked me. I often fantasized about doing it but now I was going to experience it for the first time. My ex seemed to be exposing me to all the things we used to fantasize about while we were screwing. The one thing I hoped he would remember was my being gang banged by a lot of men who just get in me, shoot off, roll off, and the next one climbs on top of me.

I have been here for about one year and my life is one continual fuck. There are four of John s friends, including George, who come around and fuck me two to four times a week. They are all married and so they mostly see me during the day. John doesn't mind if I see them when he is not there, although he wants me to screw them in the movie room. This is a bedroom where he has three cameras, hidden very cleverly, that all have zoom lenses and will get all the action no matter how the bodies are placed on the bed. Only he and I know of this set-up and he likes to review my activities when he comes back from where ever he was. Since I am a natural born fuck addict, I give some of my greatest performances in this room. I have to admit, even though it seems immodest, I am one wild and willing fuck!

- The End -

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