"One Damp Evening"

      by Graham

      (beast bi trans)

It was a damp Saturday evening in late November and I was feeling as horny as hell, having just finished watching a blue video. At first I thought I'd simply have a wank to ease my frustration but then decided to go upstairs and get dressed up instead!

I opened my dressing-table drawer and picked out my black lacy basque, black satin mini-slip, a pair of black nylons and my brunette wig. Stripping my everyday clothes off, I slowly dressed myself in my undies, my cock hardening as I drew my nylons up my legs and felt the softness of them as they caressed my naked flesh!

Now, should I wear a skirt and blouse or go out just wearing my undies underneath my long coat? Hmmm, perhaps I should wear something on top, because I could always take it off later if I decided! I strode over to my walk-in wardrobe and reached into it, removing my black mini skirt and red satin blouse. I slid the skirt up and over my nylon-clad thighs and smiled as I noticed that the hem only just covered my stocking-tops, and yet when I moved, a good portion of the broad nylon band that was clasped to my suspenders came into view! I next slipped on my red satin blouse and buttoned it up as I walked back to the dresser to apply my make-up, ear-rings and gold necklace before brushing my permed-style brunette wig until it looked natural as could be, as it cascaded over my shoulders. I must admit to applying rather a little more lipstick and eye-shadow than was necessary but I really felt like a slut deep inside and so I wanted to look like one as well!

Nobody that knows me, other than 2 ex-girlfriends is aware I'm bi - or of my little fetish of wearing women's undies, and so it was with more than a little trepidation that I put on my dark trench-coat and made for the front door, my nylons swishing sexily and butterflies fluttering in my tummy! I opened the front door and peeked out onto the street before plucking up enough courage to make the 20 foot trip from the front door to my car. Of course, I'd been out wearing my stuff before but I'd always had my ordinary clothes on over the top and stripped down to my more 'feminine' clothes whilst being parked up somewhere in the car! This time, I was about to brazenly walk down my garden path for all the world to see, totally dressed as a woman! It seemed like a distance of 20 miles as I made my way to the car and the street-lights cast a bright orange glow over me that was increased by the light reflected back from the wet pavement, but I bravely strode out and unlocked the car before sitting inside, unobserved by any passers-by or neighbours - or so I thought!

I was later to find out that I had in fact been spotted - but more of that later!

Safely seated inside the car with the interior-light out, I undid my coat, fastened my seatbelt and started up the engine, driving off into the night having decided to go to the lay-by first to try my luck and see if there were any guys there that fancied either fucking me or being given a blow-job by me! My dark stocking-tops and black suspenders were now plainly visible as my coat slid open and my skirt rode up my nylon-clad thighs. My knob-end was already peeping from under the hem of my short mini-skirt, alternately brightly lit up and then plunged into semi-darkness as I passed under the orange street-lights! Twenty minutes later I was parking up at the lay-by and I switched off the engine before lowering the window and lighting a much needed cigarette.

There were 4 other cars there but nobody came near and so I decided to get out for a moment and remove my coat, hoping that one of the other drivers would see me and maybe come over to me. It'd stopped raining by now and the evening was warm, dark and damp, just right for an out-of-doors fuck or suck!

As I got out, I decided to take the bull by the horns and be a little more brazen.

I slowly walked up to the first car and casually looked inside. Sitting there was a guy in the semi-darkness, his hand over his obviously open fly. He took a glancing look at me as I turned round and made my way back down the line, passing my own car and moving onto the one parked behind me. This guy was more bold than the first and simply left his erect cock sticking out of his jeans for me to have a look at! He looked up at me and smiled as I slowly licked my lips and walked off to the next car to see what I was going to find in that one. Nothing of interest on view there - or in the last one, so I turned round and walked back to my own, removing my coat and throwing it into the car before leaning back against the car as I smoked my ciggy.

Just as I threw my ciggy to the ground, I heard footsteps on the gravel and turned to see the guy from the car behind me closing his car door and walking towards me.

He stopped right in front of me and I felt him slowly trace a finger up my nylon-clad left thigh and then follow the line of my stocking-top to the inside of it. Pushing up a bit more, his finger came into contact with my left ball and he looked down as he reached out with his other hand and slowly slid the hem of my skirt up my hips slightly until my stiffening cock sprang into view!

"Hmmm, nice!" he said softly under his breath before taking hold of it and sliding my foreskin back and forth along my shaft.

I let my head roll back and sighed in contentment before I squatted slightly and made my skirt ride up my thighs even more! I then felt him reach between my thighs and felt his finger probe deep inside my ass! He slid it in and out as he gently wanked me and I responded by humping my hips back and forth at him to let him know he was turning me on! Then, he stopped and reached down to take out his own cock from his open fly. I looked down and saw that it was standing out at an angle and that there was a drop of pre-cum on the end, shining in the dim light. Smiling, I slowly bent my knees and squatted between his widespread legs. My knees splayed wide, my skirt rode right up around my waist and my suspenders stretched tight over my exposed thighs as he held his cock by the base, gently wanking himself as my lips closed over his bulbous purple knob-end!

"God, that feels good!" he gasped, "Suck me you bitch, suck me and get me near to coming before I fuck you!" A delightful tickle ran through my tummy in anticipation of the fucking I now knew I was going to receive from this stranger as we stood by the roadside. I reached down between my splayed nylon-clad thighs and buried one of my fingers into my ass and finger-fucked myself as I continued to suck on his cock! "C'mon." he said quietly, "Stand up and turn round! I won't last much longer!"

I reluctantly slid his cock out of my mouth and stood up. Turning round and leaning into the open window, I pushed my naked ass back at him and felt his slick knob-end brush over my puckered asshole once or twice before he pushed forward and eased it into me, slowly dilating my splinchter muscle until he could get the whole knob-end inside me! The rest slid in easily and I was soon being treated to that delicious feeling of having a cock slide all the way in and out of my ass, knowing it would soon be spitting it's sticky load deep inside me! I spread my feet wider apart, pushed my hips back at him and felt him grab hold of my tits and slide even deeper into me, so deep in fact that his balls were banging against my own as he humped everything he had into me!

"Now!" he hissed as I felt his rhythm change to a series of deep jabs and his shaft and knob-end swell inside me, "I'm gonna come now!" I pushed back even more and he groaned softly as he leant over me, his cock jerking and throbbing deep inside me as he spurted thick jets of his cum into me!

I counted a total of eight powerful spurts, each one accompanied by a forceful and spasmodic forward thrust of his hips as he unloaded the sticky contents of his balls into my ass, filling it to the brim with his cum! After a moment or two of standing there to let his cock shrink and cease spurting, he started to pull out and because I was so full of his thick cum, a delicious squelching and gurgling sound came from deep inside my ass, followed by a plopping sound as his knob-end pulled free!

"Thanks pal, that was a fantastic fuck!" he said as I turned round and he stuffed his cock back into his jeans, "You've sure gotten a nice ass there!"

"And now it's full to overflowing with your cum!" I replied, "You sure can come a lot and you certainly know how to fuck a guy!" "It takes two! I'll see ya again sometime soon and we'll do it again, okay?" he replied and went back to his car before driving off. I leant back against the car, lit another ciggy and waited for someone else to come up to fuck me, feeling sure they would do if they'd just watched me getting fucked just now, after all, we didn't exactly hide ourselves away, we just fucked right there in full view of everybody! Surprisingly, nobody else did come up and so after a few minutes, I decided to have a look down in my local park to see what luck I'd have there instead. I jumped in the car and drove away, convinced that the other drivers had been able to see me getting fucked by the guy, and that maybe they'd tossed themselves off in their cars and therefore wouldn't be able to manage fucking me?

Twenty minutes later I was pulling up outside the park gates and I put my coat back on before entering the park and walking along the dim path. I allowed my coat to flap open, revealing my cock as it pushed up the hem on the front of my skirt as I walked along the path feeling even more horny than I did before!

Everything was deathly quiet and I didn't meet anyone coming towards me, so I decided to stop at the shelter that was about 200 yards away from where I was, and sit on the bench to maybe have a wank if there was nobody already in there.

The shelter resembled a bus-shelter, open at the front but closed on the two ends and had two benches inside it with a view over the river to the fields beyond. I knew from past visits that you could actually ease your way down the side of the shelter between one end and the bushes, and go round the back to where there was a small area that was used by courting couples when they needed a bit of privacy. A quick peek behind the shelter before I sat down ensured that there was nobody there and it was available for me to use later if I so needed!

I sat down, lit a ciggy and allowed my coat to fall fully open and my skirt to ride up my nylon-clad thighs to fully expose my erect cock and balls to the cool night air. Christ, I looked and felt really sexy sitting there with my stocking-tops on full view, my suspenders stretched tight over my splayed thighs and my rigid cock jutting up from between them as I slowly slid my fist up and down my shaft, pulling my foreskin back and forth. I really had to concentrate hard to not to make myself come just yet, as I was so turned on and horny!



It was whilst I was idly sliding my hand up and down my throbbing shaft and listening to my ass still gurgling from all the cum it contained, that I was surprised by the sudden appearance alongside me of a dog! Experience had taught me that where there was a dog, there might be an owner close behind, so I kept an eye out for anyone approaching. The dog stayed alongside me and sat down as my ears strained to hear it's owner approaching but I heard nothing. After a few minutes, I relaxed and carried on idly wanking myself but remained alert for anyone walking up to the shelter, just in case! I leant forward to look up the path either way but saw nor heard anyone and so I started to stroke the head of the dog sitting alongside me.

As soon as I did that, the dog stood up and wagged it's tail, it's tongue hanging out so's it actually looked as though it was smiling! I guessed from it's size and shape that it was part Labrador and partly something else, and by the look of the furry bulge between it's hind legs, it certainly wasn't a bitch!

I started sliding my hand up and down my erect cock again and the dog took a step towards me before suddenly licking the pre-cum off my knob-end! It was like an electric shock up my cock and I laid back and let him do it again and again!

Christ, it felt good! He was now licking the full length of my cock and I simply laid back and let him, my spunk now bubbling in my balls! Then, without warning, his tongue shot up between my splayed thighs and it contacted my leaking ass! The dog was licking the guy's cum from my earlier fuck as it oozed from my ass and it's snout was firmly pushed up between my thighs and making little snuffling noises!

It then pulled back and wagged it's tail, it's tongue lolling out of one side of it's mouth before it jumped up with it's fore-paws, putting them either side of my thighs on the bench! I couldn't resist reaching forward and taking hold of the black furry sheath that was jiggling from side to side as the dog wagged it's tail!

As soon as I touched it, the dog humped forward and exposed about 3 inches of pink cock from it's sheath, it's pre-cum already spurting onto the ground between my feet!

I was convinced that the dog was trying to tell me that it too was feeling horny, having tasted the guy's cum as it leaked from my ass, and that it wanted me to do something about it! I couldn't resist and I curled my fingers around the black furry sheath between it's hind-legs and slid it back once or twice.

The effect was immediate and startling! The dog instantly held round my hips with it's fore-paws, gripping me firmly as it humped it's cock at me, exposing even more and splattering my exposed cock and balls with it's pre-cum!

I let go of it's slippery pink cock and it released it's grip on my hips, it then turning round to lick it's exposed cock before standing there between my feet and wagging it's tail more furiously than before and whining softly. It wanted me to toss it off!

"C'mon boy!" I called softly to it, "Do you want a wank then?" It was as though it understood every word and it whined again before sitting down again and pawing my knee, it's cock now sliding out of it's sheath and jerking up against it's belly!

"I think we can do better than a wank boy!" I whispered to it as I smiled at it and stroked it's head, "How d'you fancy fucking me instead?" Again, it was as though it understood every word! It jumped up and danced about, panting loudly and obviously now very excited! I stood up and looked cautiously up and down the path to see if there was anybody coming. Seeing that the coast was clear, I moved round to the side of the shelter and round to the back, calling the dog after me. He followed behind me straight away, his tail wagging furiously as I took off my coat, skirt and blouse laid them on the ground to protect my nylons from laddering when I knelt down for my first ever doggy-fuck! To start with, I squatted down, dressed only in my black basque and nylons, with my back against the shelter and spread my thighs as wide as I could so's to let the dog lick some more cum from my ass again to really get him going, and also to allow me to wank myself a little before I got down on my hands and knees! He instinctively knew what I wanted him to do and dived between my nylon-clad thighs to eagerly lick up the sticky cum that was still oozing from my exposed ass while I gently wanked myself! I could've come there and then and it took all the control I possessed to stop myself from doing so, and I stopped my cum from exploding from my cock by simply resting my hands over my suspenders and nylons and letting the feeling in my knob-end subside slightly!

The dog saw this and instantly pawed me again, whining and wagging his tail as though asking me to get ready for him!

I plucked up courage and slid onto my knees before getting down on all fours, bracing myself for the dog's sexual onslaught! Instead, he went round behind me and eagerly liked on my stretched asshole, lapping up the river of cum that now flowed from me!

Then, without warning, he stopped licking me, jumped up on my back and wrapped his fore-paws tightly around my waist as he humped his back end viciously towards me, his pink cock nearly totally exposed and spitting pre-cum at my puckered asshole!

He took a step forward and his cock stabbed at my ass, missing the mark the first few times and then stabbing straight into me after taking yet another step forward and plunging his hard cock all the way into me! His back end hunched forward and his tail went between his hind-legs as he fucked into me at a rapid rate, his legs dancing around between my own and his cock growing noticeably longer and thicker with every second that passed!

He rammed everything he had into me as hard and as fast as he could, as he gripped me tighter and pulled me toward him, his claws scratching my hips and his thrusts making the delicious sound of naked flesh slapping together!

It was then that I noticed his cock getting really thick and long and I could actually feel the spurts of cum hitting my insides, such was the ferocity of his spurts!

And then, as he ploughed into me, I felt his knot swelling and stretching my ass!

He changed his rhythm and technique from a rapid stabbing, to a deep and powerful thrusting and I could feel his knot getting bigger and bigger until I knew we were knotted and actually locked together! Still his knot continued to swell and still his cock continued to lengthen and thicken until I felt completely full of cock! But it didn't stop there! The tip of his cock must've been a good 8 inches inside my ass and probing deep into my gut, and his knot swelled even bigger until I could feel it actually stretching the muscles and walls of my ass far more than they were designed to be stretched! He was absolutely huge! I was completely full of cock - far more than I'd ever been in my life, even when I used my large dildo on myself in my bathroom! Thankfully, he slowed down with his thrusting and eventually stopped, lying on my back and panting loudly as his massive cock and absolutely colossal knot jerked and throbbed violently inside me, his cum spurting into me with really powerful squirts and now oozing past the ultra-tight fit of his knot to ooze out of me and run down the insides of my thighs, soaking into my stocking-tops!

I dropped to my elbows and he instantly humped into me again, the tip of his massive cock impaling my ass even more and sliding another 2 good inches into my guts! His knot also slid even further into me and I'd swear it swelled even more than before, but it felt a little bit easier as it was now even deeper inside me and thankfully away from the tight splinchter-muscle that kept my ass closed!

I must've had a total of 10 inches of throbbing and jerking dog-cock inside me and a knot the size of an orange stretching me open! God, it felt good!!!! We were firmly locked together and I couldn't move a muscle as he continued to pump his cum into my undie-clad body, his cock jerking and twitching all the time!

It was then that I heard a sound! Looking up in the dim light, I saw a guy standing in front of me, fumbling with his fly!

"Well, what have we here!" he said quietly, "A woman with a dog fucking her!"

It was obvious from what he said that he actually thought I was a woman and not a guy in a wig and women's undies, and I wasn't gonna tell him differently!

"How about if you suck me off and I'll not mention this to anyone?" he asked.

"Okay, you've gotten a deal!" I replied in a soft voice, "I'll do what you say!"

He knelt down in front of me, his large cock sticking out rigid and erect and he simply pushed it into my mouth, fucking his hips back and forth as he held onto my head.

"Suck me you dirty bitch!" he spat as he rammed his cock into my mouth, "You're gonna swallow my cum, you dirty dog-fucker you! You're gonna let me come in your mouth and let me watch you swallow my cum, you bitch! Yeah, a bitch! That's what you are! Your dog's fucking you like you're a bitch on heat! Are you 'on'? Is that why he's fucking you, because you're having your period?"

He didn't last long, coming within two minutes and filling my mouth with his cum!

"Look at me when you swallow it - bitch!" he commanded me just before he came, "I want to watch you actually swallowing my cum!" I did as he said, secretly enjoying every second of it and really glad he'd made me swallow his cum, because up to now, that was my favourite thing - but now I'm being actually fucked by and knotted with a dog for the first time in my life, I'm not so sure!

"Right darling! I'll leave you and your 'friend' to fuck in peace!" he said. "See ya!"

And with that, he went and left us knotted together! Shortly after he left, the dog slipped off my back and turned round so's we were facing butt to butt and the load off my back gave me chance to reach down between my thighs and toss myself off!



It didn't take much effort on my part to make myself come. The image still fresh in my mind of the guy thinking I was actually a woman as he knelt at my head and tossed himself off, and then coming in my mouth as the dog relentlessly pumped his cum into my ass so's it flooded down my thighs, soon had me gasping with pleasure as my cum splattered into the palm of my hand so's I could lick it up and swallow it!

I gratefully licked my hand clean of my cum and vowed to try some dog-cum once he'd pulled out of me! This didn't happen for another 20 minutes or so and it was signalled beforehand by the dog getting restless and his knot shrinking noticeably about 3 minutes before he actually pulled free! I made a mental note of what and when things happened for next time, because there sure was gonna be a next time if I'd anything to do with it - and as soon as I could make it happen! His knot felt as though it was getting smaller and he started to tug against the constricting hold of my splinchter-muscle as he readied himself for our separation, causing a good portion of his cum to leak from me as his cock moved about inside me, finally pulling free with a stab of pain that was gone in an instant!

His cum literally flooded from my gaping ass and wet me through as I spun round and caught hold of his monster cock in my hand. It was only then as I laid on my back and got beneath him to suck him off, that I realised just how much cock I'd actually taken in my ass! It was absolutely huge as it hung down between his hind-legs, almost touching the floor! It was purple and red in colour, about 6 inches from pointed tip to knot, and his knot was still the size of a large tomato! There was easily another 4 inches behind his knot that'd been up inside me and I remember thinking that it was no wonder I'd felt full and stretched to the limit!

His cock jerked madly and spat spurt after spurt of cum onto the ground and I guessed that all in all, he'd knotted 10 to 12 inches of throbbing and spitting cock inside me!

I then opened my mouth and directed the spurts of steaming cum into it, tasting for the first time doggy-cum! It was thinner than human cum and tasted very similar but there was a lot more of it - a lot more!

I then shuffled right underneath him and held his thick and spurting cock between my lips as I reached down and started to wank on my still erect cock, the dog simply standing there and letting me drink my fill of his hot cum! I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of cum before I felt my orgasm rising deep inside my balls!

As I came and spurted powerful jets of thick cum up and onto my basque and chest,

I sucked on his jerking cock and held onto him behind his knot, stuffing nearly all of his cock down my throat! At one time, my lips were actually pressing against that marvellous knot and his cum was spurting straight into my stomach without me even having to swallow! Satisfied for the moment, I relaxed my grip on him and laid back to rest with my knees splayed and bent, his cum draining from my gaping ass, my arms loosely by my side and his still spurting cock sticking in my mouth! I'd never had a fuck like that in my life and had never felt so satisfied either! I must admit that I didn't want it to end and so I simply lay there until he finally slipped his shrinking cock from my mouth and sat beside me to lick it himself, wagging his tail at me! As I laid there, I estimated that he'd been knotted with me and pumping cum into me for 40 minutes and that I'd sucked him for a further 20 minutes, swallowing a good pint of his cum! I then took a risk of being discovered by lighting another ciggy up and smoking it as I laid there, cum oozing from my well fucked ass!

Finally, I struggled to my feet on very shaky legs and made myself a little more presentable before going round to the front of the shelter and sitting on the bench to recover. My new-found friend and lover came and sat beside me and I stroked him for a few minutes before setting off home for a shower and some rest as it was getting late. As I walked along the path, the dog padded alongside me until I finally reached the gates and as I opened the door of my car, he quickly jumped inside and refused to come out! I tried for 10 minutes to get him out, succeeding once, only to have him jump back in again and sit on the back seat! Eventually, I gave up, reasoning that as I lived only a short distance from the park and his possible home, he would find his way back easily from my place. I drove off and was soon parking up in front of my house just after midnight, my new friend getting out of the car and following me up to my door - I'd been adopted!

I decided that he could stay the night anyway if he wanted and I'd let him go the following morning as I took off my coat, switched on the small standard-light and filled the room with a comforting red glow before I opened a much needed can of lager and sat back in my chair with my knees apart in a most un-ladylike fashion!

As I sat there and reflected on the night's events, the phone rang and I picked it up.

"Hello, Graham? It's Ann from across the road. Can I pop over for a moment and see you about something?" the woman's voice on the other end said.

"Well. it's fairly late Ann, and I'm not really dressed to receive visitors." I replied.

"I know, I saw what you were wearing when you went out earlier!" she replied, stunning me for a moment, "I was upstairs in my bedroom getting dressed after having a bath and saw you come out of your front door! You looked lovely!"

I sat in a stunned silence, I'd actually been seen coming out of my home by someone that knew me, whilst I was wearing my women's things! "Yes.. Yes, of course Ann, come over if you want, just walk straight in!" I replied.

"Okay! Hey, don't get changed! I've been waiting in the dark all evening in this bedroom for you to come back home as I didn't want to miss you! I want to see you just as you are! Okay Graham?"

"Sure Ann, I'll stay just as I am!" I told her and put the phone down. A few minutes later, the door opened and Ann walked in wearing her dressing gown!

"Hi Graham!" she beamed, "Wow! You look even better close up! I know women that'd kill to look as sexy as you do right now - honestly!" "Thank. thank you!" I stuttered, "Will you have a lager with me? It's 8.5% stuff I'm afraid, I don't have any ordinary strength stuff!" "Thank you, I'd love one! I've been drinking all evening, waiting for you to come back home, so another one won't harm! By the way, I didn't know you had a dog?"

My new-found friend had heard us talking and had decided to wander in! "I. I don't actually!" I replied, "We met tonight in the park and he got in the car and wouldn't get out, so I brought him home and I'll let him go tomorrow."

"Oh, right! Well, I guess you're wondering what I want to talk to you about?" she replied as the dog sat down beside her.

"Well, yes! I do actually!" I replied, suspecting that it just might be something to do with the way I was dressed at the moment? "Okay! Sit back, drink your lager and I'll be completely honest with you! It'll take some time to tell because I don't really know how to put it!"

"Just say the words as they come into your head Ann and we'll sort them out later if we need to!" I suggested as I took a sip of my drink. "Okay, here goes! This is strictly between you and me and nobody else, okay?"

"Sure! Whatever you say goes no further than these 4 walls!" I promised her.

"Okay! Well, where to start?" There was a moment's silence before she found the words and then she relaxed a little. "Right, in for a penny. I must tell you right from the start that I'm a bisexual and I suspect you are as well?" I nodded admittedly and she returned my nod, smiling as her suspicions were confirmed before starting again.

"Over the past few years or so, I've caught glimpses of you through your window, wearing women's clothes of an evening! I want to say right from the start that I think you look really sexy when you wear them and I have to confess that, unknown to you or anyone else, I've joined you in more than one wank whilst watching you have a wank as you sat there in your chair! I first saw you last year, I think it was?

You wore a black suspender-belt, bra and nylons, and sat where you are now, you were obviously watching a video and you were gently wanking yourself. I was in my bedroom opposite with the light out because I wasn't dressed and so didn't put the light on! As I stood and watched you, I found myself actually joining in with you and came almost at the same time as you did! What I saw next was what really brought me off! As soon as you'd come, you lifted your hand to your mouth and licked your cum of it and swallowed it down! Christ! I've never seen a guy do that before and never whilst wearing sexy undies! I came straight away and fond myself going up to the bedroom on a regular basis to see if I could catch you again! I did, several times and really wished that I could be there with you to share in your orgasm!

Tonight was special! I saw you getting your coat on, ready to go out whilst wearing only your stuff - something you've never done before! In the past, you've always put your ordinary clothes over the top and undone your shirt and slid your pants off whilst sitting in the car when you've gone out somewhere! See, I have been watching you! Anyway, tonight was different and I watched in amazement as you walked down to your car and got in, wearing only your women's clothes!" "Hmmm, tonight I felt especially horny and brave, that's why!" I interrupted.

"Whatever the reason was, I felt really glad that you'd finally managed to do it and decided that tonight I simply had to tell you everything I knew and that you'd gotten a friend you could talk to and share your desires with! I find it really sexy and a terrific turn-on to see you wearing your stuff and I've had many a wank of an evening just imagining what you were getting up to when you went out on your own, wishing to hell I had the courage to tell you that I knew about your love of wearing women's undies, and that you'd invite me along some evening with you to share with you whatever it is you do whilst wearing them! Tell me Graham, what is it that you do when you get dressed up in your stuff and go out of an evening? I'm really curious!"



"Well Ann, you've been completely honest with me, and so I think you deserve that I'm completely honest with you!" I replied, "Although I think that some of what I tell you next might shock you and that isn't what I want!"

"Don't worry about that Graham, you won't shock me! I want to know everything!" "Are you really sure?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I am! Tell me everything Graham! Start with tonight! Tell me what you've done and where you've been tonight - every little detail! I want to know everything!" she replied as she settled into the seat opposite and took a swig of her drink.

"Well okay, but don't say I didn't warn you!" I replied, "Some of it is pretty way out stuff - and you might think differently of me once you know!"

"I won't, I promise you faithfully!" she said, "Go on, every detail remember!"

"Ok, you asked for it and I have warned you! I've been to 2 places tonight, up to a lay-by that I go to regularly and down to the park!" I told her, "The lay-by is used by other guys as a contact place to meet other guys - see, you were right when you said about me being bi! As you know, I wear my undies under my normal clothes and sit in the car with them on so's the other guys up there can see me in them and hopefully reach in and play with me and then let me play with them! In fact.. In fact I do more than just play with them, I like to. to suck them off!" I stopped there for a moment just to judge whether or not I'd shocked her.

"Wow, fuckin' fantastic! And tell me Graham, do you swallow their cum?" she asked with more than a hint of excitement in her voice!

"I love to when they let me!" I admitted, wondering how she'd react, "I can't get enough cum to drink - that's why you've seen me licking my own off my hand when I've had a wank here! Are you shocked Ann?" "No way! Not in the slightest! I told you that you wouldn't shock me - in fact, I'm really getting turned-on by hearing what you've been doing! Go on, tell me more!"

"Okay, but only if you're sure!" I replied, "It gets a lot more kinkier!"

"For fuck's sake tell me!" she said urgently, "I want every detail!" "Okay! What mainly happens is that I suck them off and swallow their cum and they go away satisfied, leaving me with a belly full of cum if I'm lucky! On a few rare occasions, more than that has happened! Once in a while, I get lucky enough for one of the guys to. to. fuck me! The feeling of a cock being slid in and out of my ass really makes me feel really fucking good and I really feel more like a woman when I'm wearing my undies and someone's fucking me! Anyway, tonight I stood by the side of the car in the lay-by, dressed just as you see me now, and it ended up with me sucking a guy's cock for a while before he turned me round and fucked me in my ass, coming inside me and filling me with his cum!" I then stopped for a moment again but she didn't seem shocked - in fact, she was obviously enjoying everything I was admitting to her and I was sure it really was turning her on!

"Wow! Christ!" she said softly under her breath, "Graham, will you do something for me right now? It's something really important and would mean a lot to me!"

"Sure, if I can! What is it?" I asked, trying to imagine what it could be?

"Will you.. will you hitch your skirt up so's I can see your. your suspenders and stocking-tops?" I'd been purposely sitting more demurely since she'd come in, as I didn't want to offend her and didn't have the guts to let her see what I was wearing!

"Sure!" I replied, sliding my skirt up my nylon-clad thighs and revealing all of my stocking-tops and suspenders, "Is that okay?" "And do you mind if I join you and undo my robe?" she asked rather sheepishly.

"Be my guest!" I told her, "Do whatever you want! There are no rules in this house!"

She then opened her robe to reveal to me that all she was wearing was. her undies!

"I thought I'd join you!" she said sheepishly, "I. I hope you don't mind?"

"Do I hell as like!" I replied as I gazed on her red cup lacy bra, matching suspender-belt and black lace-top nylons and noticing that like me, she wasn't wearing knickers and that her nipples were erect and totally exposed by the skimpiness of her lacy bra! "Christ Ann! It's you that looks lovely in sexy undies!"

"Thank you!" she replied quietly, "Would you. would you do one more thing for me Graham? Would you. strip down to.. to your undies, so's we're dressed alike?

I didn't answer her. Instead, I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my blouse, noticing that she was biting her bottom lip and that her hand had dropped to between her thighs as I pulled the satin material of the waistband of my skirt and allowing it to fall to the carpet, before unzipping my skirt and allowing that to join my blouse on the carpet, revealing my semi-hard cock that was jutting upward and framed so sexily by my nylon-clad thighs!

"Come here Graham!" she whispered, holding out her hand. I slowly strode towards her and stood in front of her as she slowly looked me up and down and reached out with one hand and gently wrapped it around my thickening shaft as it pulsated only inches from her face! She then looked me straight in the eyes and leaned forward, taking my knob-end into her mouth and gently sucking it before moaning softly and sucking it and taking it out again!

"You like?" she whispered.

"I like!" I replied softly, "I like a lot!"

She sucked me back in again and sucked me for a while before taking it out and lifting her hips off the chair to move them forward and onto the edge of the cushion!

I instantly knew what she wanted and slowly squatted down between her now splayed thighs, her hairy cunt only inches from my face! "Go on!" she whispered softly, "Lick me and suck me!"

I didn't need any more encouragement and slowly moved forward to bury my face in the musky scent of her pussy, her then reaching down and pulling her cunt-lips apart so's I could lick right up inside her cunt! "Ahhhhh, that feels soooo good!" she sighed softly and sexily, her hips now slowly humping at my face and rubbing her clitty and wet inner cunt-lips into my face, "Lick me Graham, suck my clitty for me and make me come my darling! I want you to make me come soooo bad!" Ann held her cunt-lips apart with the fingers of one hand and frigged her clitty with the other, her breathing getting more rapid and shallow as her orgasm obviously built and approached from deep inside her belly!

"I'm gonna come!!!!!" she said suddenly, "Stay with me Graham, suck me I'm gonna come, NOWWWWWW!!!!AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!YESSSS!!!!!!OH GODDDDD!!!! YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her belly arched upwards and her ass lifted way off the cushion as her orgasm raced through her and her whole body went into a violent orgasmic spasm, cum streaming from her cunt and freely flowing into my mouth as I fought to remain clamped over her cunt and swallow every drop! "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" she gasped over and over again! Slowly, her orgasm subsided and her body sank back onto the cushion, gasping for breath with sweat flowing down her stomach and soaking into her suspender-belt, her eyes tightly shut as I licked her sensitive gash the full length from her ass to her clitty!

"Fucking hell, that was a powerful one!" she finally managed to gasp, "Thank you, I really needed that!" I reached forward and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her with me as I slid back and laid down on the carpet.

We writhed about on the floor and passionately kissed, our tongues exploring deep inside each other's mouths as we kissed and caressed, our nylons and undies rubbing against each other's and making a swishing sound before Ann rolled on top of me and straddled my hips as she sat over me and looked down into my eyes, her gaping wet cunt-lips now splayed over my lower belly.

"While we're being totally honest with each other Ann, there's something I haven't told you!" I said quietly, "I purposely left my curtains open, hoping that one evening you'd see me having a wank in my undies! I guess I wanted someone to see wearing them but didn't have the guts to actually tell anyone in case they thought I was some sort of freak or something! You were the obvious choice because you could look right down into my lounge and because if the truth was known, I fancied you as well!"

"Hmmm, I think that's rather ironic, you wanting to flash at me in your undies and not knowing all the time that I could actually see you and that I was wanking myself as I watched you! Now, there's something else you haven't told me, isn't there?" she said with a smile as she slowly slid down my belly a little and reached back behind her to take hold of my cock before guiding it to the entrance of her cunt and rubbing it up and down her slick cunt-lips! I looked quizzically at her for a moment and then gasped as I experienced the delicious feeling of her cunt-lips as they slid along the full length of my shaft and she sat up, impaling herself on my erect cock and smiling seductively at me as she sighed and felt my cock stretching her cunt-walls and my knob-end butting against her cervix, "The dog! You haven't told me about.the dog!"

"You. you really want to know?" I asked, fearing that if I told her that I'd let him fuck me, it would be too much for even her broadminded outlook on sex! She looked down at me and grinned, rotating her hips and grinding her juicing cunt into my groin!

"You said you'd tell me. everything!" she said slowly, "I want to hear it from your lips and I want every detail, how it felt, where it was, and if you'd do it again!"

She knew! She knew I'd let him fuck me and wanted me to tell her about it!



"Okay, it's obvious you know!" I said quietly, "Tonight was the first time, he just came and sat alongside me in the park and one thing led to another and I got down on all fours and he fucked me!" "Hmmm, well tell me everything Graham, how it started, where you were, what position you were in, what it felt like, whether you tied, how long it lasted. I want to know. everything!" she said and a low and sultry voice.

When I first started telling her, I was more than a little shy at admitting that I'd let him fuck me, but as I went into more detail and described intimately how he'd started fucking me and how he'd grown to massive proportions inside me, I noticed that it was having a definite effect on Ann! She was breathing more rapidly and squirming about more on my cock, and I came to the conclusion that she was rapidly getting turned-on by what I was telling her!

"So you'd recommend being fucked by a dog?" she asked after I'd finished telling her about my earlier experience of him.

"Yeah, I would!" I replied, "You want to try it yourself sometime!" "I will.right after you've finished fucking me!" she replied as she lifted and lowered her cunt on my cock, "And I want you to watch me as he fucks me!"

She ground her cervix up against my knob-end and bent down to kiss me again before I rolled her over and she locked her legs around my waist and bucked against me so hard that our bellies slapped together loudly! I pushed her upwards until she was almost doubled over in two and probed gently with my knob-end for her cervix, trying to slow things down a bit and stop me from cumming there and then!

"There!" she gasped, "Push slowly there and slide your cock into my womb!

I did as she instructed and felt the constricting muscle of her cervix gently dilating before it finally opened up sufficiently and I slid all the way into her, making her gasp slightly, "Now, fuck me gently and come inside my womb my darling! You can fuck me again later and be more rough with me then!"

I started to slowly ease my throbbing shaft in and out of the tight muscle that held it and she closed her eyes as she held me tight, clawing my back with her nails and drawing blood as she urged me to come deep inside her in a low whisper, humping her hips back and forth at my cock!

"C'mon my darling, spurt your cum inside me! I want to feel you coming inside me and filling me with your hot cum! I've had to wait too long for you fuck to me and I'm ready for you right now!" she gasped, "I'm nearly there again my darling and it's all because of you! Cum with me! It's starting now!!!"

I felt her body tensing as her orgasm rapidly approached and she gripped me even harder, digging her nails deep into my back! "I'm coming Ann!" I gasped suddenly, "Now my darling, NOOOOWWWWW!!!!" She made a growling noise from deep in her throat that could only be described as being animal-like and she bit into my neck as she felt the first spurt of my thick and creamy cum blast into her womb and her orgasm match mine, both in timing and intensity! We were two bodies joined together physically and mentally and we rolled around the floor for what seemed like forever, me spurting my cum deep inside her and her sucking my cum from me until our mutual orgasms subsided and we lay there gasping, totally spent and still locked together! It was five minutes before anyone spoke and she finally gasped that nobody had ever fucked into her womb before!

"D'you realise we're still knotted?" I finally asked her.

"Your second time tonight and my first!" she smiled, "How about us getting our friend over there and evening up the scores after we untie?"

"Only if I can lick you out first!" I replied with a grin.

"You both can!" she replied, "Hold still while I pull my womb away from your cock, it should've gone down sufficiently by now!" I felt her pulling backwards on my captive cock and then felt it suddenly plop out of her womb as she gave a little cry!

"Done!" she smiled as she got on all fours, spreading her knees apart, "Now slide between my thighs and call him over my darling! I've waited all evening for this!"

I did as she asked, clamping my mouth over her draining cunt and slurping noisily on my cum as it dripped from between her gaping cunt-lips!

"C'mon boy!" I called to the dog as I pulled away from her drooling cunt for a moment, "Come and have a taste of this cum!" He walked over, wagging his tail and sniffed her open cunt for a second or two before eagerly lapping at the escaping drool that oozed from it, making her shake her hips and gasp loudly with pure lust and excitement!

"Oh God, that feels good!" she moaned as she looked down between her firm tits at us licking the cum from her drooling twat, "You've no idea how good you two are making me feel right now! You make a perfect team! Yessss!!!"

The cocktail of our cum tasted lovely and I could've willingly licked her cunt clean all night, but it was time for her first doggy-fuck so I reached down and took hold of the dog's furry sheath and gently wanked him once or twice.

The effect was immediate! He humped his cock at her once or twice, fucking the air before he jumped forward and wrapped his paws around her waist, causing her to gasp loudly and push her cunt back at him! She was more than ready for her first doggy-fuck, she was begging for it! I decided to help her get her wish by reaching up and taking hold of his stabbing cock, steering it between her gaping cunt-lips!

Once he felt the caress of her cunt-lips on his pink cock he immediately dived forward and buried to the hilt in her cunt, fucking into her rapidly and making her shout!

"FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!! OH GOD, FUCK YOUR COCK DEEP INSIDE ME AND KNOT WITH ME NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she begged as she reached back and grabbed my hand tightly for a moment before moving it back to steady herself from the onslaught of the dog's cock as it rammed into her! I then recognised the signs that he was beginning to knot with her. His rhythm changed and he curled his rear-end round so's he could fuck into her more deeply as she pushed back at him!

"HE'S KNOTTING GRAHAM!!!!! OH MY SWEET LORD, HE'S KNOTTING WITH ME NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" she cried as she felt his knot swell inside her cunt and lock in place, his cock spurting his cum deep into her cunt and already beginning to ooze from between her cunt-lips! He then moved in a way he hadn't done when he fucked into me, a sort of deep and powerful type of thrust with his haunches, but taking more time and being more deliberate with each one!

"Graham! He's actually fucking into my womb!" Ann gasped suddenly, "Oh my God, I can feel his cum splashing the inside of my womb! Yes!!!! Oh my God yessss!!! His cock's stretching my cervix and he's right inside!!! Quickly! Come round here and toss yourself off into my mouth my darling! I need to suck your cock and taste your delicious cum as he fucks me! Oh my God yessss!!!!"

I quickly moved round and she gobbled my cock into her mouth, her whole body now moving back and forth with the powerful thrusts of the dog buried deep in her twat!

Her eyes were completely glazed over and she was obviously orgasming continuously as he fucked his swelling cock and knot even deeper into her willing cunt!

Finally, he slowed to a stop and rested on her back, panting loudly and giving her the occasional thrust of his swollen cock, just to let her know who was boss! Then he gave he one big thrust, making her cry out even though her mouth was sucking on my rigid cock! A second later I came, spurting my cum down her throat and she gulped it down, groaning and moaning with satisfaction! She pulled off me as I finished and dropped to her elbows, making the dog lunge at her again and making a loud squelching sound from her cunt as a river of cum was forced from it!

"God!" she whispered breathlessly, "To think I've missed out on this for most of my life Graham! How can I thank you for introducing me to this? God, it's wonderful!"

They remained knotted for over half an hour, Ann coming over and over again as I laid between her cum-soaked thighs and drank the cum that escaped from her bulging cunt, frequently giving her a mouthful of cum to swallow from my own mouth because she said she couldn't wait for him to pull out of her before she drank his cum!

"Ann? Can I suck his cum out of your cunt when he pulls out of you and you can then suck him off?" I asked her.

"I'd be upset if you hadn't asked my darling!" she replied as she reached forward and stroked my cheek, "You do realise that this isn't the last time you me and the dog are going to get together, don't you my darling?"

"I'd already made my mind up that he wasn't going back!" I told her, "And neither are you if that's okay with you?"

"Again, I'd have been upset if you hadn't suggested that as well!" she replied, "You and me are made for each other and I'm really glad I had the courage to phone you and come over tonight!"

"Hmmm, me too!" I whispered, "And I don't mind how many other women you want to fuck with either! You fuck as many as you want with my blessing!"

"And the same goes for any of the guys you want to fuck with as well!" she replied.

Shortly after, I noticed that the dog was getting restless and told Ann to get ready for him pulling out of her and to spin round and lie on her back so's she could slide his cock into her mouth while I sucked his cum from her cunt.



"Okay, I'll be ready!" she replied, "I can definitely feel his knot shrinking now!"

A minute later Ann gave a small cry as the dog pulled from her with a gush of cum from her cunt! She quickly spun round and took hold of his cock behind his knot as I'd told her, and laid on her back for me to get between her thighs! It was as though she'd done it a 1000 times before and moaned with lust as she noisily slurped on his throbbing cock, sliding it back and forth in her mouth as she swallowed the spurts of doggy-cum! I was busy between her thighs, slurping on the copious cocktail of her and the dog's cum as it flowed from her and she diddled her clitty, making herself come continuously with a ripple of mini orgasms!

Finally, she let go and laid back with her knees bent and spread wide as the dog went and sat down to lick his over-used cock, her face and tits glistening with his cum!

"God, what a night!" she cooed, "To think I've been missing out on all this for so long and it's been right there, waiting for me on my doorstep!"

"Well you can come over as often as you want from now on my darling and get all the cock you want - mine or the dog's!" I told her. "Hmmm, I will, don't you worry!" she replied. We smoked a ciggy and regained our strength, cuddling and kissing each other before she looked at me and smiled.

"I've just thought of something, you seem to like outdoor sex, don't you Graham?"

"Hmmm, I do actually! It really turns me on to be dressed like this outdoors knowing that I might be caught by someone and they might see me in my undies, why?" "Well.. I've never had it outside and would like to try it to see what it's like!"

"No problem, wanna go out into the back alley now and try it?" I asked. "You bet!" she replied, "Can we go out dressed like this?" "That's what I had in mind!" I replied, "C'mon, let's go and fuck al fresco!"

I helped her up and we put on our shoes before we went to the back door, opening it and going down the yard to the back gate. The ground was damp under our feet as I led her by her hand and opened the gate to peer into the darkened back-alley.

"This is turning me on Graham!" she whispered, grasping my hand tightly, "Are you sure we'll be alright and nobody will see us?" "No, I'm not sure!" I whispered back, "That's what makes it exciting, the fear of being caught dressed like this outside in public!" My erect cock and balls were bouncing and rubbing against my stocking-tops as we edged our way to the end of the alley and we stopped just short of where the orange street-lights lit up the damp ground, staying just in the shadows. Ann then stood against the wall, her nipples standing out proudly with the cool night air and the sense of excitement of what she was doing. I stood before her and kissed her tenderly on her lips, wrapping my arms around her shoulders to reassure her and get her relaxed.

"Hmmm." she whispered, "Do you know something Graham, in the very short time I've come to know you, I really think I could easily fall for you big-time! You make me feel really good inside and I don't feel threatened by you, how you're dressed or by what we're both doing right now! If anybody would have said that I would be spending an evening with a guy dressed in women's undies, getting fucked by him and a dog and then going outside and making love dressed only in my undies, I'd have called them a liar! Please don't make this just a one-off! I really want to do it again and carry on seeing you!"

"That's fine by me Ann!" I whispered to her, "I really feel the same about you as well and want us to carry on seeing each other on a regular basis!"

"Can.. Can I call you my boyfriend then? My regular boyfriend?" she asked.

"You can call me your girlfriend as well if you like!" I replied. "Hmmm, d'you know something? I like the sound of that!" she replied, "I must think of a name for you, we can be girls together and you can dress like this every time I see you, if you want? It really turns me on to see you dressed as a woman and I could give you make-up tips and we could share clothes and things - just like two girls would!" "Yeah, I like the sound of that my darling!" I replied, "As long as I can still see other guys as well and you won't get jealous of what I do with them?"

"Far from it! In fact, I'd want you to tell me what you did with the guys you meet from now on so's I can share your experiences!" she whispered.

"That goes for the women you fuck with from now on as well, if that's okay?" I said.

"It's a deal!" she replied, "Now, I want to squat down and suck your cock before you fuck me here in the alley!" With no more ado, she slowly bent her knees and moved down until my cock slid into her mouth and she sucked hard on it, her head bobbing back and forth and her lips sliding right along my shaft!

"Just a minute Ann!" I said as she got into her stride, "I want you to stay right where you are! Don't worry, I'll be back in a second!" A look of puzzlement crossed her face as I disappeared into my yard and left her there on her own dressed only in her suspender-belt and nylons, her hairy cunt totally exposed and her cunt-juices running down her nylon-clad thighs!

By the time I returned, she'd removed her bra and was busy frigging her clitty! Her first outdoor wank and it was while she was on her own! "Here!" I whispered, offering her one of my thick and long, black jelly-type dildoes, "Use this on yourself while you squat down and suck my cock!"

"Oh, come to mummy!" she whispered excitedly as she took the cock from me and splayed her knees, sliding the thick dildo into her juicing cunt, "Tonight just gets better and better! D'you know something? I was really relaxed when you went and left me just then! I could really get into this outdoor sex!"

"Stay with me and you'll have every opportunity my darling!" I whispered as she clamped her mouth over my rigid cock and squatted there with her knees splayed wide apart and the dildo sticking lewdly half out of her hairy cunt!

She sucked me for a few minutes, fucking herself with the dildo before standing up and saying, "Fuck me! Fuck me right here in the alley and come inside me!"

I moved forward and she guided my knob-end between her cunt-lips, kissing me passionately before pulling me into her by my ass-cheeks and rotating her hips to make my cock stir up her insides.

"Ah, that's nice!" she whispered into my neck as she clung to me and bucked her hips at me, "Do you want me standing up or on the ground?" "How. how about on all fours, like a bitch?" I suggested. "Hmmm, I like it!" she purred, "I like it very much! And how about you fucking me on all fours in the light instead of hiding in the shadows?" I smiled at her and slowly pulled my cock from her flooding cunt before leading her over to the alley that ran across the end of mine and connected two streets adjacent together. We were now standing in the full illumination of the street-light and bathed in an orange glow with her in her undies and my dildo still sticking half out of her cunt and hanging down between her nylon-clad thighs!

"Here! Right here in the middle of the alley!" I told her, pushing her down.

"Here?" she protested, "I meant at the end of your back-alley so's we could hide if someone came along and disturbed us!" "Here!" I repeated.

A wicked smile crossed her face as she sank down and knelt on all fours on the cobbles, spreading her knees and pushing the dildo out from her cunt with her muscles and making it ready for me to slide into! "Will you suck me out after you've fucked me?" she asked as I slid all the way into her now empty cunt, "Let's go all the way!" Instead of answering her, I rammed my throbbing cock into her cunt, rocking her forward and making her grunt!

"Oh yes Graham! Fuck me! Fuck the ass off me and fill me with cum!" she gasped.

And that's just what I did! A few minutes later I was grunting myself in time with every spurt of cum that I pumped deep into her steaming cunt, and as soon as I'd finished spurting and my cock began to shrink, I slid out of her and laid on my back for her to sit back and look down between her exposed tits at me slurping on my cum as she squeezed it from her cunt with her muscles!

I remember looking up at her and her looking down at me and smiling as she squatted over my face and the cum spluttered and frothed as she squeezed it from her between gaping cunt-lips and into my mouth! And then she surprised me by reaching for the dildo and slowly easing it into her ass before reaching down and scooping a handful of my cum from her cunt and sucking it off her fingers as she looked down at me! "I think love you!" she mouthed at me, blowing me a kiss! "And me, you!" I replied, giving her gaping cunt a good lick from her ass to her clitty and making her squeal with delight, "C'mon, let's go to bed!"

She helped me to my feet and kissed me as hard as she could on the lips, squeezing my semi-hard cock and then burying her face in my shoulder before sobbing softly as she clung to me. I held her close and felt her hard nipples press against my bra-cup covered chest, my cock jerking upwards until it found the entrance to her cunt and sliding in of it's own accord!

"It's got a mind of it's fucking own!" she snuffled as she drew away slightly and grinned at me, "Can you not keep it under control?" "It knows where it's welcome!" I replied softly.

"Oh yes my darling, it's always gonna be welcome there!" she replied, squeezing her cunt-muscles tight around my throbbing shaft, "C'mon, bed!"

She stood back, I plopped out of her and she took hold of me by my cock and led me back inside and up the stairs to bed, sucking me off one more time as I knelt over her and she tossing me off and swallowing every drop of cum before cuddling up to me and falling asleep almost immediately on my shoulder.

What an evening this had turned out to be - and this was only the first one with Ann!

- The End (for now) -

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