"Outcast Island" - part 1 of 3

      by Nightshade

      (furry iguana armadillo)

The old iguana meets armadillo story...

The boat pulled up to the jetty and Long stepped off, shielding his eyes from the tropical sun. He picked up his suitcase and walked along the pier. he was a tall iguana, wearing a white muscle shirt and cutoff jeans. Despite his handsomeness, most females didn't go for him sexually because he wasn't a 'furry' anthromorph. A stupid discrimation, but sadly, sometimes furries could be as stupid as the humans they gene-bonded with during The Change. A generation later and they still didn't learn. It was only while checking out internet chat lines that Long had found the entry for this contest.

'Looking for a place to be yourself? Enter the ISLAND GETAWAY contest and win a month on a lush tropical island! Sun, sand, and love! enter now!'

He figured he didn't have anything to lose, so he'd entered. He'd won first prize, and before he knew it, he was here. He stepped onto the beach and wriggled his toes in the sand. He took off his sunglasses and looked inland. 'It looks pretty good.' he thought. Some motion caught his eye and he saw some pretty female furs further down the beach. 'Pretty good, indeed.' He picked up his suitcase, and set off for the hotel.

"Welcome sir," the porcupine concierge beamed as Long signed in. "I hope you enjoy your stay." "Thank you." Long replied, as he accepted his key. The bat bellboy took his bag and led the way to the elevator. On the way up, Long said. "May i ask you a question?" The bellboy smiled. "Of course sir." "You're a nocturnal fur, why are you working during the day?" The bat grinned mischeviously. "Graveyard shift." Just outside room 211, Long's suite, they saw a couple run giggling down the corridor. They were a male armadillo and a female hedgehog. There was no doubt as to their gender, as all they were wearing were skimpy bathing suits. As Long watched, a little embarassed, they kissed hungrily, the male fumbling for his room key. The door opened, and they tumbled in, laughing. The door slammed shut, and the bellboy smiled at Long. "Don't worry about it, sir. They're at it day and night. If they bother you, just bang on the wall." He led Long inside, pointing out the fixtures, showing the switches, excetera. Long tried to tip him, but he declined. "Oh no, sir. The contest paid all your costs. Just relax and enjoy yourself." They heard a thump on the wall and he grinned. "Others are." He winked, and walked off, chuckling.

Long unpacked, trying to ignore the laughter and occasional thumps on the wall. He heard a scream and the couple started hard and heavy. They were very loud, mostly incoherent howls and wails, with occasional shouts of "FUCK! COCK! MORE! GOD! FUCK ME!" and the like. Before long, he heard the female shriek in obvious orgasm, followed by another, then another. He could take no more. Stripping and putting on his bathing suit, he left just as he heard the male roar in release.

He walked to the pool, hoping some cold water would help with his rather pressing problem. He lowered himself in and sighed as he felt it work. Looking around, he saw several bikini clad females around the pool area. two lizards, an aardvaark and an armadillo. He let his gaze stay on the last. She was beautiful, her plating smooth and curved. She half turned and he admired the curve of her breasts and thighs. Then he saw her face, and was lost. She had gorgeous features, a long sensous muzzle, brilliant green eyes and a twinkling smile as she laughed at something her companion was saying. He stared at her, unable to tear away his gaze.

Ally saw the handsome iguana climb out of the pool and walk towards them. 'He's cute,' she thought, admiring the muscles of his green skinned body and the fit of his trunks. Then she saw his face, and she too was lost. His firm jaw, the way the light glinted from his eyes, the warmth and compassion in his gaze.

"Nice day isn't it?" Long asked as he drew near them. Ally's friends giggled and prodded her on the foot, jerking her aware. "Yes, it is." She answered, lowering her gaze slightly. "My name's Long. I just arrived." Long said, holding out his claw. She took it in a pawshake and they both felt an electric thrill as they touched. "I'm Ally. i got here yesterday." She answered, and smiled. Long felt like he'd been hit by a lightning bolt. Her smile seemed to freeze the world around them, so only they remained. "I thought you might know a guide, i'd hate to get lost." He asked. "She can show you around." Her aardvark companion chirped. "Well, we did have plans..." Ally started, but a sudden kick on the calf by her aardvaark friend stopped her. "It's okay, we can do that later." She said. She turned to her lizard companion. "Come on, we were just leaving." "We were?" Her friend said, and she took her by the arm and pulled her away. "Yes, we were."

The couple felt strangely reluctant to let each others hands go, so they held hands during their tour. She showed him all she had seen so far, some stretches of the beach, the outskirts of the jungle and later, as evening drew closer, the hotels outdoor dining area. They didn't feel like company, so they ordered to go and with a borrowed blanket, went down the beach and picniced. It was a light supper, sauteed beetles, grubworm soup, and candied grasshoppers for dessert. Then after clearing up, they sat on the beach and watched the sunset.

"Do you mind if i ask you a question?" Ally sighed, as they sat together, the blanket over them to help keep warm. "Not at all." He said, putting an arm around her shoulder. "Why did you come here, to 'outcast island?'" He looked at her in surprise. "'Outcast island?'" She giggled, and his heart leapt at the sound. "Well, that's the nickname. All the people here are outsiders. People who had trouble in the outside world, because they aren't 'furry' enough." He heard the pain in her voice and it stabbed him through the heart. He held her closer, stroking her shoulder tenderly. "You just answered your own question. I entered the contest because i too felt like an outsider. Oh, i was popular enough, good athlete in school, top scholar, but i couldn't help but hear the voices in the background, those who felt i was too 'different.'"



She snuggled closer to him, running her paws over his chest soothingly. "I guess some things never change. There always those who don't 'fit.'" He looked down at her, as she was slightly shorter. "How did you get here?" "Inheritance. My uncle died recently and his will stipulated that part of his estate go to me. He was a porcupine, you see, and i guess he understood the way i felt." "And your friends?" She chuckled. "We met yesterday, we happen to have adjacent rooms." "No friends back home?" She sighed, sadly, "No. Just my folks." He held her, and they watched the last rays sink beneath the sea.

Later, they walked back to the hotel, after returning the picnic things and the blanket to the restaurant. He escorted her to her room, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight, Long. Thanks for a wonderful time." "Thanks for showing me around. Would you like to go swimming tommorrow?" He asked and she smiled. "Sure, see you at the pool at 9." He watched the door close and practically floated down the hall, his heart singing.

Inside her room, she fell onto the bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling her heart pound. She was still lying there, when the knock she was expecting came on the adjacent room doors. She got up and answered them. Her two friends, Jeanie the aarvaark and Connie the lizard, entered giggling. "Well, how was it?" Jeanie asked eagerly. Ally fell back onto the bed, sighing. Jeanie waved a paw before her eyes. "hello, anybody in there?" "Oh, he was wonderful." Ally said. "So kind, so charming." "So hunky." Connie said, and was elbow jabbed by Jeanie. "Did you do it?" she asked. "It wasn't like that. He was a perfect gentleman. We cuddled on the beach, watched the sunset, and that was all. It was like we didn't need anything else just then. It was just us, being there together." Ally replied. She sighed again, her gaze going deeper, and Connie nudged Jeanie. "She's out of it. C'mon, let's find some guys of our own. the nights still young."

Long sat on his own bed, his own thoughts on Ally. She was so beautiful, outside and in. There was something about her, some inner quality, that made her more than just a pretty face. She lit up the room just by her presence. He was so lost in thought, he hardly noticed when the couple next door started screwing again. He showered, and fell into bed, thinking only of Ally, as the neighbors did their best to knock holes in the adjoining wall.

The next morning, he was up bright and early, doing his morning exercises as the couple next door did theirs. He showered and put on his best bathing suit under a pair of bermuda shorts. He went down to pool and was met by Ally. She was wearing a terrycloth robe, and when she let it drop to the deck, he found it hard to keep his jaw from dropping and his cock from rising. She was hardly clothed at all. The suit was two wisps of cloth that were so thin, she might as well have been naked. when he removed his own shorts, he could tell she appreciated the thong he was wearing too. "Good morning." she said, and he smiled. "Very good," He replied and she blushed.

They stepped down into the pool, their eyes glued to the others, the water rising up their forms. They did laps first, then started racing. She won both races easily, her lithe form slicing through the water, the water rippling in an enchanting way over her back armor ridges, or so he thought. "Where did you learn to swim like that?" He asked, panting as they tread water at the pool edge. "I was captain of the high school swim team at college." "So, a ringer." He said in mock anger, splashing her. She laughed, then dunked him. "Want to swim some more?" He asked and she shook her head. "No, i'm a little tired. Let's have some lunch." He looked at the clock in surprise. They had been having so much fun, he hadn't realized it was almost noon.

They dressed, he wearing his shorts, she wearing a light robe that fluttered most delightfully across her body in the slight ocean breeze. They had a light lunch at a cafe on the beach, and she admired the way he snapped the pressed ant sticks in two with his teeth. They went for another walk, and she led him into the jungle. "C'mon, i heard about a cave near here." He followed and soon they came upon the entrance to a natural cave in a hillside. There was a sign that stated that the cavern was believed to be a sacred place to the natives as the birthplace of their gods. They entered carefully and followed low lights to a larger opening within.

"Whew." Ally whistled as they saw the shining obsidian of the volcanicly formed cavern. The lights were reflected from almost every surface, surrounding them with a halo. "It's beautiful." She whispered. He put his arms around her, and she sank back into his embrace. "Not as beautiful as you." He whispered in her ear and she snuggled against him. "Ally, let's sit down, there's something i have to say." They did and he knelt before her, taking her paws in his claws. "Ally, from the moment i saw you, something happened to me. I know we just met, but i know this from the bottom of my soul." He looked deep into her eyes. "I love you, more than anything else in the world." She stared at him, then her eyes brimmed over and she threw herself into his arms. "Oh Long! I love you too! With all my heart!"

They left the cave hand in hand. They couldn't stop smiling, and everyone who saw them smiled too at how much they were in love. There might as well have been a huge neon sign over their heads. They went to his room, and he chuckled as he remembered his first day. "What's so funny?" She asked, holding his arm. He explained about the couple next door. "We must be acting just like them." She laughed too and they carefully locked the door behind them.

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