"Outcast Island" - part 2 of 3

      by Nightshade

      (furry iguana armadillo)

continues from part one...

They didn't have much to undress, but they did it slowly and lovingly. They kissed tenderly. "You are so lovely," He murmured against her mouth, running his claws over her back. "And you are so handsome," She sighed. He pulled back the sheets and they climbed in. She snuggled up against him, they gently stroked each others bodies, but somehow it was enough just then. They lay together, just holding each other, and gently wafted off to sleep.

Come the morn, he awoke first. He sat up and just watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful, her features smoothed in sleep. He kissed her softly on the cheek, and she smiled. She opened one eye. "Morning." he said. she sighed and sat up too. He placed one arm around her, and she pressed against him. "Morning, my love." She said softly and he thought his heart would explode with joy. "Sleep well?" he asked and she smiled. "Oh, yes, i dreamt of you all night." He kissed her on the forehead. "And I of you." They slipped out of bed and she stretched. He admired the view, especially the way the light from the window illuminated her perky breasts and the curve of her thighs. She looked at him and giggled. "What's so funny?" He asked and she nodded at his thighs were the bedsheets were forming a very evident tent. "Looks we're not the only things up this morning." He chuckled and pulled the sheet back. She smiled and licked her lips. "I feel like some breakfast." She said, stepping back towards the bed. "So do i." he said and they kissed. They made faces. "First, we brush." She burst into giggles and he chuckled too.

After brushing, they returned to the bedroom. She had him lie on the bed and she kissed him all over, moving slowly down towards his still very ready lizardhood. "I see why they named you Long." she giggled, fondling the ten-inches of his slightly scaled cock. "Actually," he panted. "it's because it took three days to lay my egg." "Ouch." Ally said. "Three days of labor? Your poor mother." "Is there anything special about your name?" she sighed, idling fingering his ballsack. "It's short for something, but i'm not sure i want to say." "C'mon," He coaxed, running his fingers over her nipple. She giggled. "Well, alright. My full first name is Allison Elizabeth Edith Margaret." He whistled. "I don't blame you for shortening it." She chuckled, "Both of my grandmothers and my aunts insisted i have their names. I was firstborn in my family. It's traditional." "Wow," he said and she smiled. "It could be worse. My little brother got saddled with Alphonse Henry Thurston Oswald." He burst into laughter, and she mock-hit him on the chest. "That's not funny." He kept laughing, unable to stop. "Well, maybe it is." she conceded, then burst into giggles herself. They finally managed to control themselves, and he kissed her passionately. "They aren't here anyway." He looked deep into her eyes and she melted against him. "We are."

She caressed his cock, running her delicate fingers over the shaft and tickled the head. "Good condition, hardly used, one owner." He gasped. He was beginning to ooze pre-cum and she snapped it up with a quick lick. "Hmmm, how about a test drive?" She teased, rubbing it against her breasts. "The, customer, is, always, right." He panted, trying to hunch upwards. She held him down and her eyes sparkled with a wicked idea. She turned around, straddled his chest and started licking him. She had her legs by his sides holding his arms down, her lovely butt just out of reach of his mouth. He couldn't see past her, gorgeous as the view was, so he had to suffer the exquisite torture of wondering what she was going to do next. She took long, slow licks up the shaft, occasionally nipping gently at the head with her teeth. He was tossing his head on the pillow, grunting, trying to control himself. She judged him ready, and took the shaft into her mouth. Her long insect-probing muzzle took his entire length in, though the width was a little difficult to cope with at first, she adjusted, breathing through her nose. She grasped the base with both paws, and began pumping him in and out. He was groaning now, shuddering with desire, trying desperately not to cum in her hot, soft mouth. She let him out with a wet plop, and giggled. "Tastes good. How does it handle?" She began pumping him with her paws, taking quick licks at the head. "RAAARRRGGG!" He shouted, unable to hold out, and with one massive heave, threw her off him. She tumbled to the side, her eyes filled with surprise. He rounded on her, his eyes crazed, and she shrank back, almost afraid of what he might do. Then, he winked, and she knew she was alright. "Too much for you?" She asked cheekily.

"I'll show you too much!" he roared and pulled her to him. In moments, she was spreadeagled on her back, and he was lapping at her cunt with his long forked tongue. "OOOH! AAAH! GOD! UUUHHHH!" She cried out, as he reached depths she never knew she had. He sucked and licked, almost slobbering over her clit and it was too much. She came, and came hard. "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!" She howled as her body exploded into convulsions. He held her legs down as she writhed, and kept up his wonderful torment. She came again and again, shreiking, and screaming. "UUUNNNGGGHHH!! GOD! SUCK! FUCK! NO MORE! NO MORE! I, I, CAN'T, CAN'T... AAAAIIIIYYYYEEEE!!!!" She yowled, flailing wildly. He brought her down carefully, with slower and slower licks, then finally withdrew, his face dripping with her fluids. She lay panting, then lunged up, and wrapping her arms round his face, kissed him like a madwoman. "Oh god! That was fantastic." She babbled. "no-one ever ate me like that!" He held her as she eventually sudsided, then let her down. She lay for a moment, sighing, then sat up. "I'd like the test-drive later." She said, licking her lips at the sight of his ready to burst cock. "Right now, i'm more interested in the taste-test!"

She had him sit up, and spread his legs. She took the shaft in her paws and engulfed the head with her mouth. She started pumping with her hands, and sucking at the head, licking with her tongue at the shaft. He groaned and she knew he was close. She kept him at the edge, then a quick lick at the head and he erupted like a volcano, filling her mouth with his cum. "AAAGGGHHH!! AAAGGGHHH!! OOOHHH GGGOOODDD!!!" He roared and she eagerly swallowed his thick creamy cum. It was seemingly never ending, gout after gout spewing into her sucking muzzle. She was torn. On the one paw, she loved the taste and texture, on the other, she had to breathe. She pulled her mouth free with a gurgling gasp, cum spraying from her mouth. He shot sveral more spurts that spattered her face, and finally slowed to a trickle and occassional jerk. She swallowed what she had in her mouth, then licked what she could reach on her face with her own long tongue. The rest she pursed into her still cum-hungry mouth with her fingers, then licked the residue from his slowly-deflating cock.



"Wow, that was great! Do you always cum this much?" She asked, her eyes shining. Sagging back against the headboard, Long thought she looked even more beautiful, her face flushed with passion. "Not always. This was a special occasion." "How so?" She asked, looking in the mirror to see if she'd missed any tasty cum. "I haven't jacked off since i met you." She turned to him. "You mean you've been saving yourself for me? Oh darling, that's so romantic." She kissed him and helped him out of bed. "C'mon, we need to shower and make a public appearance, or they'll wonder what happened to us." "After all that screaming, i wouldn't be surprised if they think we've been murdered." Long chuckled as they helped each other, a little shaky-legged, to the bathroom.

They dressed, Long in a t-shirt and his cutoff jeans, Ally in a sundress that caught the wind in such a sensous way, Long was hard pressed to keep his claws off her. They went to the open air cafe, and were seen by Jeanie and Connie. "About time you..." Connie started to say, then saw the love in their eyes. "Showed, up." She finished and motioned them to sit. They sat opposite each other, holding left paws across the table, playing footsie under it. "So, how was it?" Jeanie asked and Connie rounded on her. "Jeanie! Show some tact for a change!" Jeanie grinned. "Why start now?" She turned to the lovers. "Been at it all night?" Ally blushed, then noticed Long's shoulders were shaking and his head was bowed. "Darling, what's...." She asked, then he raised his head. He was biting his lip, trying not to burst out laughing. She started giggling too, and he exploded. They laughed long and loud, Jeanie and Connie staring at them in bemusement. "What's so damn funny?" Jeanie demanded angrily. The couple eventually controlled themselves. "Do you always come so straight to the point?" Long asked, chuckling. "All the years i've known her." Connie said sardonically. "You have to admit, it's rather obvious. You two disapear all afternoon and turn up the next morning, cooing like newlyweds." Ally blushed and Long squeezed her hand. "Shall we tell them?"

The door to Ally's room opened and the lovers stumbled in, laughing fit to bust. They collapsed on her bed, holding their sides. "The look on their faces." Ally gasped. "You didn't have to add sound effects." Long wheezed, gasping for breath. "Hey, they asked." She said matter of factly, and Long chuckled. "I'll bet they're sorry they did, now." Ally giggled. "You should have heard them the first night. They had partners for bed minutes after we arrived." She kissed Long sexily. "Wanna keep THEM awake?" He grinned. "Lead on m'lady, lead on."

She stripped him in seconds, and sat him on the edge of the bed. "Sit there and don't move. Time for a show." She proceeded to do a slow strip tease, twirling and weaving, as she slipped her dress to her waist then off, then her bra, and with one bob and weave just out of his reach, her panties. He sat, mesmerized at her grace and beauty, though his cock was far from frozen. It rose like a pillar, throbbing with promise. She twirled to the dresser and bent over it, wagging her backside sexily, as she rummaged through a drawer. She faced him again, holding a long, translucent silk scarf. She danced some more, hopping and weaving, the scarf trailing after her like a comet's tail, held in her left paw. She stood before him, moving the scarf over her body as she wove like a snake, covering and uncovering, her face, nipples and glistening pussy. She darted forward, looped the scarf round his cock and moved it sexily back and forth between her paws, sending wonderful sensations through him. He reached out, but she pulled the scarf away and slapped his claw down. "No touching til i say so." He nodded and she continued, she ran the scarf between her legs, rubbing herself, locking her gaze with his. She closed her eyes for a second and he saw from her face how good it felt to have the cloth rubbing her cunt lips. She pulled it up and away, and he saw her juices glistening on the cloth. 'What i wouldn't give to be that scarf right now.' He thought. She went into a flurry, twirling and leaping, and finally fell to her knees before him, her body bent back, offering herself to him.

He was speechless. He looked at her, her head thrown back, her breasts outthrust. She lowered her head and winked and he could move again. "That," he croaked and cleared his throat. "That was the most incredibly sensual thing i have ever seen. Where did you learn that?" She grinned, and stood up, tossing the scarf to the chair. "I watch a lot of arabian nights movies. The rest i just made up." She kissed him on the snout. "You are the first person i have ever done it for." "I hope its not the last time either." He said and she laughed. "I see someone is impatient." She said, nodding at his throbbing lizardhood. "Ready for that test-drive, ma'am?" "You bet," She answered, licking her lips. He lay back, motioning her forward. "I'm all yours."

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