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Animal Sex


Alternate Pleasure by Nightshade 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.


by nightshade (MFF)(FF)

"Another long day." i sighed to myself as i walked up the driveway to my house. "At least it's the weekend, and Molly and Callie will be glad to see me." Fitting the key in the lock, i paused for a moment at a sound just on the edge of hearing. A high-pitched buzzing, accompanied by a series of irregular thumps. "I thought so." i mused. Opening the door i stepped into the atrium as quietly as a mouse. removing my outdoor clothes, i slipped into the main hallway and slunk towards the bedroom. The sound grew louder and now i could hear a keening sound mixed in. I could see the door slightly ajar, so i put my eye to the crack and peered in.

Inside the room, on the bed, Molly was stretched out, her legs clenched around the vibrating dildo I could see poking from between her thighs, whilst her face was straddled by Callie, who was greatly enjoying the sucking and licking her cunt was receiving. Their bodies were jerking and writhing on the bed, and callie was making the keening in the back of her throat that i knew would lead to a glorious orgasmic scream. now i was closer, i could hear mollie's grunts and growls (muffled by callie's thighs) as the vibrator did its work. i could see they were both close, so i kept still and enjoyed the show. molly was humping up and down on the bed faster now, and i saw the way her thighs rippled as she neared release. callie's keening was louder and more strident now, and she was grinding her cunt down onto molly hard and fast. mollie's hands suddenly gripped the bedclothes violently and her beautiful body arched almost completely off the bed as she howled into callie, her slender form seized by wave after wave of ectasy. callie, not surprisingly, came at almost the same time, screaming and screaming as the vibration of mollie's howls pushed her over the edge. they were locked together, two bodies wracked by incredible pleasure, screaming, shrieking and howling as they came again and again. at last, they wound down, their bodies settling to the bed, only occasionally jerking or shuddering as aftershocks rippled through their pleasure-ravaged forms. callie climbed off mollie's face and tenderly kissed her, cum-covered though she was. molly reached down, gripped the vibrator, and with a small scream, pulled it free. switching it off, she dropped it over the side of the bed, and the two snuggled together, their fur rubbing against each other, whilst mollie's tail wagged back and forth lazily.

fur? tail? perhaps i should explain.

It all started about five years ago on a camping trip. I had decided on a nice quiet hiking and tenting holiday in the mountains of banff national park. I had my 3 month old puppy, molly, and my 2 month old kitten callie with me. I was camped in an isolated outer region,(though not too far from possible help of course) and was hiking along a trail when i noticed a strange whistling sound. looking up i noticed a trail of smoke in the sky. I moved towards it, and was knocked off my feet by a shockwave of air, dirt and branches. A little dizzily, i clambered upright and found myself looking into a crater about five feet across. in the center was the smouldering remains of the meteorite, glowing like a rainbow, and i was sure, humming slightly. I moved cautiously around the perimeter of the pit, when the rock suddenly flared into a blinding cascade of light. I stumbled back, dazzled, then when my vision cleared, the crater was empty. I decided at once to pack up camp and head to the nearest town for help. Arriving at my camp just at dusk, I noticed my skin was giving off the same glow as the meteorite had. A little panicked, I didn't see my pets rush forward to greet me. A moment later they were rubbing up against me and jumping up and down excitedly. I felt dizzy and sat down heavily. The world began to spin, and just as i began to pass out, i saw my pets glowing with the same otherworldly light. then, blackness.

i came to the next dawn. I felt much better, and i didn't appear to be glowing anymore. Nevertheless, I packed up and went into town, checking into the hospital. The doctors were somewhat sceptical about my story, regarding most of it as sleepiness or mild concussion, but they examined me anyway. They found nothing wrong, and i was halfway prepared to accept my experience as mere shock at discovering the crater. the rangers reported that the crater was empty, and that the rock must have vaporized on impact. I was discharged with a clean bill of health, and i returned to civilization with my mind at ease, and everything was fine and normal. At first anyway...

I first noticed the oddities when my pets began to need more and more food. At first I dismissed this as the needs of growing animals, but then they started to grow in very odd ways. Their hind legs stretched and altered, their paws broadened and their toes lengthened and jointed into fingers, and their spines strengthened and straightened. In a matter of months, my two previously normal pets were rapidly growing humanoid versions of themselves. In a year, they were walking upright with ease and sticking their 'fingers' into places they shouldn't. molly had a fondness for socks and shoes, and callie liked to finger shiny objects on high shelves. I was in the other room one day, when i heard a crash and rushed to my bedroom. Molly was sitting on the floor in front of my dresser happily chewing on my socks, holding them in her hands. Callie was huddled in the corner, in a 'i've been bad' posture, with the broken remains of a crystal paperweight before her feet. "For goodness sake," I exclaimed. "Can't you behave yourselves for two minutes?" Molly dropped the socks and slunk over to the other corner guiltily, her tail between her legs. I was about to continue scolding them when callie began to make strange growling sounds. molly did the same, and for a moment i thought they were choking, but then they made a throat clearing sound and SPOKE! "Sooorrrrrrry daddyyyyy."

Needless to say, that shut me up pretty fast. The growth and humanoid form and stature, (molly was 5'6, callie 5'4) was weird enough, but now they were talking! I sat down and tried to straighten my thoughts out, when i glanced down at my own arm and noticed that it seemed to be a bit hairer than usual. I rushed to the mirror and saw that my ears had altered, my nose and mouth now resembled a snout and my eyes were catlike slits. I recoiled in horror, and stumbled over the footstool. I fell backwards and lashed out with my arms to break my fall. incredibly, my hand caught the bedpost and my body twisted almost on its own. A moment later, i was on my feet, having landed just like a cat. I was about to sit down, when I noticed a rather unusual itching sensation at the base of my spine. I pulled down my pants and a TAIL burst forth, thick and bushy like mollies. A rather nasty suspicion filled my mind and I looked down. Sure enough, my penis was now rather thinner and longer than before, (though at 9" it had been nothing to sneeze at before) and i could feel the beginnings of a knot near the base. I sat on my haunches, the tail making an easychair rather impractical at present, and tried to think things through rationally. Fact: I and my pets had all been exposed to unknown radiation from that meteor. Fact: They now possessed humanoid physical form and the apparent beginnings of speech and cognitive ability. Fact: I now possessed the physical body and inherent ability of a combined canine/feline/human form. Supposition: The radiation from the meteorite had combined our DNA creating previously unknown lifeforms. This calm thinking relaxed me a bit and i noticed my animal factors beginning to retreat. A look in the mirror confirmed this. A few deep breaths and concentration, and i was fully human again.

Supposition: The changes in my own body were temporary, possibly linked to adrenalin, whilst mollies and callies were permanent. Conclusion: Since they were now humanoid it behooved me to raise and train them as such.

Easier said than done. Those of you who have children can imagine most of the difficulties i faced. toilet training was bad enough, especially as mollies tail made it difficult to sit on a standard commode. Cally, being a manx, and thus tailless had it a little easier, but she had trouble at first supressing her natural desire to bury her waste. then, there was clothing. they eventually managed buttons, and cally especially liked shiny zippers, but there are very few pants with tail holes built in. At first i considered not bothering with clothes, but when they asked me about mine, i decided to include them. besides, maybe then molly would wear socks instead of eating them. But the biggest problem was SEX. yes that's right SEX. when they were still kids it wasn't a problem, but by animal terms they were now full grown and they were curious. One day, i was stepping from the shower and saw callie and molly standing in the washroom staring at me. I thought callie was going to ask me why i voluntarily immersed myself in water ever day, but boy was i wrong. "daddy, what's that?" I looked around, confused, then realized molly was pointing at my penis. I sighed, and took their hands, leading them into the library. "Take off your clothes." i said, and as they did i took down the biology books i had set aside for this day. I turned back to them and their they stood. molly a stately golden lab morph, her fur corn blonde, a thick mane of hair flowing round her shoulders, offsetting her brown eyes. Cally a sinous manx morph, a cascade of pure white hair framing her face, white fur mixed with grey patches, and a orange patch around her right eye, her blue eyes twinkling. They had learned to read by now, so i gave them the books and left to dry off and put on a housecoat. When I returned, I sat with them on the couch.

I went through the books with them page by page, explaining the terms and showing how they compared with the pictures. When we came across the diagrams of sexual intercourse, they were really curious. cally was looking back and forth, from the book to molly and me. I saw her eyes twinkling and she started to slowly run her hands over her body, like the pictures showed. She reached over and started to do the same to molly. molly began to fondle my chest, then reached down and touched my thigh. I tried to pull away, but callie grabbed my arm and held me. Boy, they were learning fast! Callie leaned over and started to lick my neck slowly, then moved my head to face her and licked my face. i decided they had to learn sometime and took her soft face in my hands and taught her how to kiss. It was amazing, her tongue rasping gently against mine. We stopped and i turned to molly. She was rubbing her breasts, sighing as she touched her erect nipples. (Both of them had one pair of human sized breasts, with the others half buried under the fur, just nipples.) I ran my hand over her belly and she moaned as i brushed her other nipples. Callie pulled my other hand over and placed it on her thigh, sighing as i twined my fingers through her silken fur. This was it, i decided.

I stood, and they both gasped in disapointment. my housecoat fell open and my now fully erect penis entranced them. "Touch?" molly asked, reaching out towards it. "In a moment." i said and left the room, closing my housecoat. I hurriedly rummaged through my closet and retrieved the porno magazines i had been given as a joke years earlier. When i returned, the girls were writhing on the couch, rubbing and licking each others bodies. although they were both enjoying themselves, it was obvious they didn't know what they were doing. I pulled them apart and stood molly to one side of the couch, whilst i lay callie back on the cushions, her legs spread wide. "Watch." i told molly and began to caress callie's inner thighs. She purred, and stretched, smiling at my gentle strokes. I wet my finger and slowly moved towards her dripping clit. She gasped as i blew softly over it, and rubbed my finger in slow circles on her swollen sex. I slowly sped up, and soon she was arching her back, making mewling sounds as i took her higher and higher. When i judged she was ready, i slipped my finger into her to the first joint. She cried out, her cunt clamping down on me as she had her first ever orgasm. I pushed in further and she came a little harder. In moments i was all the way in, and callie was twisting like a snake, twitching as spasms rippled through her. I leant forward and took her clit in my mouth. "MEEEEOOOOWWWWLLLLL!!!!" she screamed, her pussy bearing down on my finger like a vice. I licked and sucked, and she came again and again, digging her claws into the couch, arching and shrieking, her virgin body wracked by ectasy. At last i relented, and she sank back to the couch, twitching with aftershocks, purring happily.

I heard a soft panting and turned to see molly, on her knees, her own finger buried in her cunt, her eyes rolled back, mouth open and drooling, tongue lolling out. she was near the edge, and when i reached out and rubbed one of her swollen nipples, she went over. "AAARRRROOOOO!!!!" she howled, jerking back and forth, clamping her thighs around her hand. she was consumed with pleasure, her head thrown back, panting violently. I reached down and pulled her hand free. The sudden movement gave her one last spasm, then she collapsed to her hand and knees, gasping for breath. I moved her to the couch and took then both in my arms, holding them close. "Lesson one."

They were happy and relaxed, but i was far from it, my penis almost painfully hard. "Touch now?" molly asked and began to stroke it gently with her finger tips. I moaned and they exchanged glances. They put me on the couch in the same position as callie had been, and crouched before me. they took turns stroking me, the callie leant forward cautiously amd gave it a single quick lick. I gasped and they jerked back as my cock pulsed. "Bad?" callie asked, but i gave her a strained smile and said "Good." Molly was next, and she gave it a longer lick, running her tongue along its length. I rifled hurriedly through the magazines and found some blowjob pictures. I passed them to the girls, and they studied them with excitement. "What white stuff?" molly asked and i explained about sperm. "Look tasty." callie said and took the tip of my cock into her mouth. i groaned and she took me deeper. She couldn't get me too deep, due to the shortness of her muzzle, and she pulled off and offered me to molly. molly did better, her longer muzzle allowing her to engulf me even deeper. they passed me back and forth, and soon i was quivering with the burning desire to cum. They were both natural cocksuckers, molly being wonderful at deep throat, whilst callie's rough tongue was incredible at short licks. "I'm almost ready to orgasm." i groaned and molly pulled me from her mouth. "like us?" she asked, and i nodded jerkily. She grinned happily and enveloped me again. That did it. With a hoarse scream, I howled "NNNNNOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!" and exploded in molly's mouth. "MFFFF!!" she groaned and sucked harder, swallowing my hot semen. "Want too." callie said and molly pulled my spurting cock from her mouth and passed me to her 'sister'. It had been some time since my last orgasm and there was lots for them both. They passed it back and forth, eagerly swallowing my cum. At last i juddered to a halt and they sat back. They were a sight, their faces covered in globs of cum, their mouths overflowing, their fur matted and sticky. We cuddled on the couch, happy and slowly drifting off to sleep.

At first they were content to suck each other off, or give me blowjobs, but the porno magazines made them even more curious. i was hesitant to make love to them without proper preparation, as i didn't want them hurt. So, on my next trip downtown, i purchased several dildos of varying sizes, some vibrators, and even a canine version dildo. The girls were insatiably curious about the new toys, and i decided to break them in slowly, working up in scale and type. Then, the moment of truth came. They went into heat.

They were insatiable, demanding pleasure more and more often, having oral sex almost all the time. I figured it was time when i found them in the bedroom, in a hot 69, driving each other to orgasm after orgasm. I pulled them apart, ignoring their angry cries and set them on opposite sides of the bed. "stay." i ordered them and they sullenly obeyed. I pulled the box of dildos from the closet and opened it. They looked on with interest as i applied lubricant to the smallest pair. (i had bought two of each as i figured they might not want to share) about 6 inches long, and 2.5 wide, i thought they would be a good starting point. I moved to molly first. "lie back, spread your legs and touch yourself." i instructed her and she eagerly complied. In moments she was sighing happily, running her fingers gently round her glistening pussy lips. I touched the dildo to her lips and she gasped slightly. "Let me know if this is too much." i said, and pushed the tip into her depths. Molly groaned and lifted her hips up. "Lie still," i admonished. "It will be easier that way." In seconds i had it all the way to the base in her, and she was panting desperately. "Feel good," she moaned. "want more." I gently removed the dildo and moved to the next size up, then the next. With each successive dildo, she was more and more eager. The last one was slightly smaller than my own penis, now full size and painfully hard. Out of the corner of my eye i saw callie moving to it on her knees, obviously intending to suck me off. "Not this time." i told her and she moved back, confused, but compliant. I slipped the last dildo into molly and she arched off the bed, almost at the point of explosion, growling as her vagina clenched the plastic penis. I reached down to the switch, for it was a vibrator and switched it on low. She burst into orgasm, screaming as her juices flowed from her pussy, oozing round the dildo. She kept cumming, screaming louder and louder as she came on the fake phallus. I turned it off and slipped it free and she collapsed to the bed, sobbing for breath. I kissed her tenderly, and whispered. "Now you're ready." I had her get on her hands and knees and quickly slipped on a condom. (whilst i really wanted to fill her with my semen i didn't know how close our dna had become, and as long as they were in heat, it would be wise to avoid possible pregnancy) She looked over her shoulder at me, with a look of such lust, i almost exploded right there. I pressed my penis to her swollen lips and she groaned as i slid into her. I started slowly, with her gasping and urging me on, but soon was pounding into her with all my might. She was incredibly hot, crying, yelling, and finally screaming for my cum. I held myself back, wanting her pleasure first. i didn't have to wait long. She was poised on the edge, her entire form shuddering, her thighs quivering. reaching under her, i rubbed her swollen clit. "AAAAHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" she shrieked, her cunt gripping my cock like a vice, her entire body bucking and thrashing. She threw back her head, her eyes rolled back in their sockets, then stiffened, her lithe from stiff as a wire, quivering. then she came again, screaming again and again, pounding back against me, howling and giving short shrill barks. I could hold back no longer, and with a loud yell, filled the condom, gripping her thighs tightly, groaning as her spasming cunt rippled along my spurting cock. At last she finished, and we fell forward onto the bed, both of us gasping and moaning.

I slipped out of molly, turned to callie, and saw her sitting on the bedside chair, her thighs spread wide, watching us with unbridled lust. her cunt was practically dripping, and she was obviously trying to keep from touching herself. I took her hand amd led her to the bed. she lay back eagerly, and sighed as she saw me pick up the smallest dildo. due to her watching us, she was even hotter than molly, and when we reached the last dildo, her cunt practically sucked it in. Seeing how eager she was, I left the vibrator in her, whilst i quickly replaced the condom. I was still hard as a rock, and eager to initiate callie in fucking. seeing my iron rod, she pulled the vibe from herself, and, pushing me onto the bed on my back, straddled me, poising her dripping pussy over my quivering cock. She slipped the head into her, groaning, then with one movement, drove herself down, engulfing me totally. she stiffened, and threw back her head, giving a scream of mingled pleasure and pain as my huge cock stretched her vagina. I tried to move slowly, but she was so eager, that soon she was practically ramming up and down on me. She gave short meowing squeaks with each downward thrust. I rubbed her throbbing nipples with my thumbs and she gasped and looked down at me. Our eyes locked and i could see the passion boiling within her. I gripped her thighs and gave short stabbing thrusts up into her. She groaned and soon her eyes glazed over as she approached pleasure. She dug her fingers into my arms, her thighs locked around me. her lithe slender body was writhing, her head rolling from side to side. Her eyes were half closed, and her teeth were bared. A high pitched keening sound was coming from the back of her throat. She stiffened and i could feel her juices flow from her tightening cunt as she screamed in incredible ectasy. "MEEEYYYYOOOWWWLLLL!!!!" she screeched, and hunched forward onto me, squeezing my cock in a vice grip. She came several times, and i could see the muscles beneath her silky fur bunch and tense as she shuddered and spasmed. "CUM!" she yowled, grinding her clit against me. "WANT YOUR CUM! GIVE NOW!" I could hold back no longer, and with a loud yell, rammed to my deepest, and spewed my cum into the condom. "GOOOOD!" she howled, the pulsating of my cock sending her into one last orgasm. When she finally slowed, then stopped, she collapsed forward onto me, gasping for breath, then held me close, purring. Molly crawled over to us, and we cuddled together in a group. As I began to doze off, i heard my beloveds whisper, "love you daddy."

So there you have it. from pets to lovers. Since then, they have grown more sophisticated of course, and their speech patterns have improved. But they're still horny most of the time, and personally I wouldn't want it any other way.

"welcome home father." callie said, stretching her body in the way that always drives me crazy. "Have a good day?" molly asked, getting off the bed and walking towards me, swinging her tail seductively. "About average." i replied casually, slipping out of my clothes. I concentrated and shifted into my morph form. They clapped their hands in delight. I smiled, knowing how they enjoy my furry body as much as my human one. Molly took my hand and we moved to the bed, where callie was waiting, spreading her thighs.

"now then," i said, clapping my paw-hands together in a businesslike manner. "Since molly has already had a cock inside her, i'd say its callie's turn." "it was only a dildo..." molly started to say, but i held up a paw. "don't be greedy, sweety, you'll get yours in due time." I directed callie onto her hands and knees and had molly lie on her back. Callie eagerly complied and molly spread herself for her sisters tongue.

Thier earlier fun had them both wet and ready, so as callie started to nuzzle mollies dripping cunt, i slipped into her from behind, filling her depths in one smooth stroke. She moaned and pushed back, squeezing her muscles round my pulsing shaft. I shoved forward, pushing her face into mollies thighs. molly gasped and grabbed her sisters ears, holding her in place. I grinned, and begin a slow steady stroking. The reactions were most gratifying. as i buried my cock inside callie, she was pushed forward and mollies pussy was stimulated more by callies rough tongue. We were soon fucking at full force, as we rocked back and forth roughly. Molly was hunching her hips up at callies face desperately, grinding her clit against the cat-morphs plunging tongue. I can hear callie begin the keening cries of impending release, and pounded even harder and faster. Molly was the first to explode. "HHHAARRROOOOO!!!" she yowled as she was wracked by orgasmic explosions, locking callies face betwen her thighs, thrashing her head back and forth on the sheets, her back arched clear off the bed. I could hear her pussy juices dripping onto the bed and the thought of callie drinking the sweet nectar turned me on even more. Molly kept coming, both arching towards and half pulling away from the incredible pleasure. I reached beneath callie and flicked her clit with my finger, which catapulted her over the edge and she came. MMMMEEEEYYYYOOOOOOWWWWGGGLLLL!!!" she shrieked, half gurgling as she screamed around a mouthful of molly's juices. That did it for me. I gripped callies thighs and, ramming to my deepest, roared and howled as I pumped gallons of anthro-morph cum into her clenching cunt. "AAAARRRRROOO!!" I screamed, my cum filling her and even overflowing a little round her pussy lips. We all gradually came down and collapsed together on the bed.

We had to wait a few moments for my knot to relax and allow me to pull free of callies cunt, but when i did, streams of cum splurted out with it. We cuddled together, stroking each others fur. Seeing i was still hard, molly grinned toothily, and moved towards callie, sprawled on the bed, her thighs spread wide, my cum still oozing from her. She hunched down, ready to eat my juices from her sisters cunt. She looked over her shoulder at me, and lifted her tail seductively. "My turn." she growled cutely.

Now THAT'S sexy!

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