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Animal Sex


Alternate Pleasure by Nightshade 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Pets 2

by nightshade (MF)MF)

Who could have known, what a simple camping trip could have led to. for those of you who haven't met me before, see my previous story (pets). basically, exposure to a mysterious meteorite had combined and altered the dna of me and my two pets. the result, a alternate anthromorph form for me, and humanoid, 'furry' bodies for my dog and cat. by their 3rd year, they were fully grown human-level intelligent beings.

More to the point, they helped me deal with the more animalistic tendencies of my secondary anthromorph body. In return, i taught them how to walk, talk, wear clothes, and generally how to be human,(though i was careful to engender the more positive aspects of humanity.) i didn't try to shield them form the violence of the world, and indeed, they were deeply saddened by it, and determined to do whatever they could to help others. at first, i faced a problem. being as they were healthy full grown and beautiful woman, I initially tried to resist the allure of their inherent sexuality. but, they helped me overcome my inhibitions, and we became three very active and extremely happy sex partners.

One evening, after an especially passionate love-making session, we were cuddled together, still panting and sighing, when molly(canine), winked at callie(feline) and they propped themselves up on their elbows. I was enjoying the gentle movements of their breasts, when they callie spoke. "daddy," (a pet name) "we'd like to ask you something." I sighed in contentment. "ask away my darlings." molly bit her lip (in a very adorable way i thought) I idly stroked callie's breast, but she gently pushed my hand away. i blinked. this must be serious! they had me sit on the edge of the bed, then callie went over to the dresser and removed a small box. They both sank to one knee, and looking up at me, opened the box. inside i saw three golden rings laid side by side. "will you marry us?" they said in unison. For a moment the room seemed to waver, then steady itself. I looked at the lovely bodies of my beloveds, their wonderfully shaped legs, their firm thighs, their full breasts, then to their delicate furry faces. I looked deep into their eyes, remembering the wonderful times we had experienced, and felt a wondrous love that transcended even their gorgeous bodies. this may sound strange, but I would have loved these two no matter what bodies they had. "Yes." i replied. "nothing would give me greater joy then to marry both of you and spend the rest of our lives together." They screamed in joy and threw themselves at me, all of us tumbling back onto the bed. They showered me with kisses and i realized, tears. "hey now," i said, wiping molly's cheek, "why the waterworks?" "I'm just so happy." I sighed, "women. always crying at the strangest things." "oh yeah? we'll show you!" callie said in mock anger, and they both grabbed me, pinned me to the bed and tickled me mercilessly.

"uncle! uncle!" i yelled between my laughs. "you win!" "of course." molly said confidently. "we always do." "really." i replied and they both smiled at the gleam in my eye. "well, if i'm going to marry you, I have to be sure i'm getting good stock." "what do you mean?" molly said in mock anger. (believe me, you don't want to be around if she's Really angry). "I need to test you two." "Test?" they chorused. I nodded and put on my best professorial air. "Tests of your suitability for marriage." I set up our video camera, (we liked to watch ourselves), went over to the toybox and removed the ropes and two full size vibrators. "the first test is sexual endurance. after all, i have to be sure you can keep up with me." They gave me spectical looks, and i chuckled. this was going to be fun.

I tied them carefully to the bed, spreading their legs slightly, giving them enough slack so they couldn't hurt themselves, but not enough to reach thier crotches. I lubed up the vibes, and slipped them into the girls, enjoying they're gasps of delight. i strapped them on, confident they wouldn't slip or be pushed out by orgasm. I laid out the control boxes on the end of thier wires and hung them at the foot of the bed. I pulled a chair to the foot as well, and picked up the boxes. "The test begins. the rate will be raised one notch every five minutes. the first to BEG for an end, or pass out for more than thirty seconds loses. the duration will be one hour, with the last half hour at maximum power. whoever attempts to remove and/or hinder the actions of their dildo will have to start again. ready?" they nodded and I slipped the power dials to the first notch.

The next hour was incredible. At first they cooed and purred as the dildos moved within them, but as the dial reached each notch, they grew more and more excited. by the sixth and final notch, they were transformed from two kind, gentle and intelligent woman, into raging beasts. They were thrashing and bucking, almost foaming at the mouth, as they came over and over. here's an example of how they changed. (3rd notch) "ooohhhhh, yesss, oh, oh, oh... that feels soooo goood. oohh, oooohhh, ooooohhhhhhhh!" (6th notch, callie) "NNEEEEOOOWWWWWWW!!! ROWR, ROWR, MMMNNNNEEEEOOOWWWRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" (molly) "HHHAAARROOOOOO!! WOOF, WOOF, WWWOOOAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!" I could tell they were both close to passing out, but whatever coherence of thought they possessed was focused on staying awake, each determined to outlast the other. I'm not naive enough to believe they wanted to prove themselves 'worthy'. as far as i was concerned they had always been worthy. we all knew this was just a game, though i intended to carry the 'tests' through to the end. i figured they were just plain stubborn, and/or didn't want to miss any of the obviously incredible sensations. there was one minute left and I couldn't hold out any longer. watching my loves had my cock harder than even they could make it. I stood at the edge of the bed, between their raging bodies, and stroked myself to climax. At the moment of my release I yelled aloud, and sprayed huge gobs of burning hot cum over both of them. The feel of my semen spattering their sweat soaked fur drove them both to the ultimate peak and they arched so violently and screeched so loudly, i was amazed their bones didn't crack, or the roof fall in. They collapsed to the bed, totally spent. Their eyes rolled back in their sockets, their eyelids flickered, and they went limp. They'd both tied!


I fell to my knees, exhausted, but retained the presence of mind to turn the controls down to zero slowly, then finally off. They were a hideous mess. their fur was matted with not only my semen, but also sweat, drool and foam from their mouths, and their crotches were a terrible tangled mass of stained and dripping fur. I removed the dildos carefully, trying not to snag their fur. they sighed in their exhausted slumber, but remained asleep as i untied them. once they were free they instinctively curled into fetal positions. once again they looked like the women i loved, wrapped in the ultimate innocence of sleep. I carried each of them to the bathroom, laying them on the carpeted floor. they moaned distantly as i softly washed their fur clean with warm water. i wondered what they were dreaming. I chuckled as i realized this was one time i didn't have to cajole callie into taking a bath! Once they were clean, or at least as clean as i could make them on my own, i changed the horribly stained and cum-soaked bedsheets and laid them both back on the soft fresh sheets. luckily i had long since added a rubber sheet over the mattress. They never woke, but as they felt each other, they cuddled up tegether like newborn babes. I smiled tenderly, full of love for my darlings, and left them to sleep it off. before i left though, i removed the video-tape from the camera and retired to the living room to rest myself.

They slept all night and until noon the next day. When they finally awoke, they smiled dreamily, and stretched in a wonderfully sexy manner, wincing a little at the soreness in their joints and their genitals. "did we pass?" callie asked, and i chuckled. "indeed." Molly smiled sultrily, "so, what's the next test?" "public manners." i replied. "get dressed, we're going out."

perhaps a sidebar is needed here. no doubt you are wondering how two humanoid animals can even walk down the street, let alone go anywhere without being attacked as freaks. Well, the meteor that changed us was not the only one to fall to earth. it was one of several hundred thousand fragments from a much larger asteroid that had passed through the solar system. as a result, anthromorphs 'furrys' and combined human-animal 'morphs' now existed all over the planet. they were welcomed in most countries, once they were discovered to be non-hostile, and in canada and the u.s. they had been granted provisional status as human, pending a full investigation. i still liked to go with them, but my neighbors and the general area accepted them. the one occasion when they had been attacked by the local lowlife, they had beaten him back and been thanked by the whole neighborhood for ridding them of the nasty bully. the police had even thanked them officially, albeit with a warning about vigilante ideas.

So, they got dressed. callie wore a light cotton shirt with blue jeans. (not having a tail made it easier to wear pants, and many human merchants had special lines of furry clothing) molly chose her favorite white silk blouse, that showed off her bosom, and calf length skirt that swirled around her shapely legs very nicely. I let them go first, enjoying the view, watching the slow rise of fall of molly's chest and the sexy swinging of callie's firm ass. As we left the house we saw our next door neighbor mr. watson. a man about my age, he lived alone, (except for the occasional bit of female company) and i could tell he enjoyed the view as well. The girls gave him the treatment as they walked past. sultry looks, slow swinging of hips and a really deep breath as they said. "morning john." He grinned like an idiot and winked at me. He had obviously heard them last night (not that he was about to complain) and i knew that tonight he would seek company of his own. when we boarded the bus, it was more of the same. every male passenger, (and maybe a few female) was practically drooling over these two magnificient examples of the female form. we finally reached the mall, and I took them aside in the parking lot. "you see, that's what i mean. it isn't fair to tease people like that." (lest you think them loose sluts, i must point out that the only person they had ever slept with was me. not that half the neighborhood wouldn't have been delighted to help out.) "I don't understand." molly said, looking a little hurt. "marriage means that people are linked to another. many of those men are married themselves and you may have made their wives jealous." for a moment, they looked like they were going to cry, and i hugged them both. "it's okay. just remember, public behavior after marriage requires a bit more restraint."

They nodded, a little chragined, and we entered the mall. they loved the mall. molly liked to talk to the people, and callie loved to try on new clothes. (not that they wore much at home.) They behaved much better, still acknowledging the effect their bodies had on others, but not arrogantly flaunting it. We registered ourselves at the wedding boutique, and they picked out their wedding dresses. They wanted a large church wedding, but i managed to talk them down to a fairly simple civil ceremony, with my immediate family. they of course, had none, but they had met mine, and been accepted completely. We went swimming at the local pool, and the girls giggled at the sexy looks the lifeguard, a sultry otter-morph, was giving me. callie, surprisingly, was an excellent swimmer, (maybe her distant wild ancestors had been tigers) but she still looked hilarious with wet fur. molly loved the diving board, her long slender form slicing into the water with scarcely a ripple. we stayed till nearly closing time, and as i emerged from the changing room, i noticed them talking to the lifeguard. we returned home, and throughout the evening they clustered together, giggling. when i tried to listen in, they pretended innocent. later that night we sat back to watch the video i had made of them. just as i prepared to insert the videotape, the doorbell rang. I answered it, and to my surprise their stood the lifeguard, sally. callie stuck her head round my shoulder. "Oh, i'm so glad you made it! come in, please." She stepped inside, and the girls pulled her into a huddle. I stood, flabbergasted, then the doorbell rang again. this time, it was john, our next-door neighbor. "evening, nice to be here." he entered, then stopped in amazement at the sight of our other guest. they locked eyes and i could see sparks fly between them.

while they were in their own world, i pulled the girls aside. "okay, spill. what is going on here?" molly raised her paw and ran her claw slowly down my cheek. "well, sally told us about the kind of guy she liked, you know girl talk, and we realized john fit the bill. so, we decided to bring then together." I relaxed a little, but i was still concerned. "in our house? what about..." i said pointing to the vcr. callie grinned mischeviously. "oh, don't worry. that's part of the plan. sally said she was shy, so we figured we'd give her a little help. we chose the perfect vids to set the mood." molly leant forward and spoke in my ear. "besides, this is one of our tests." "oh, really." i said, "testing what." molly grinned, lolling her tongue in her cute way. "modesty." i was shocked, and yet aroused. "you mean..." they nodded. "yep. we figure they might need a little 'boost'" callie nibbled my ear in that way that drives me crazy. "do you?" she whispered sexily. I considered. i had to admit, it would be fun to bring two souls together, and besides, the idea had me horny as hell. I kissed them both. "let's do it." they clapped their hands in delight, and we turned to our guests. we managed to pull them away from the eternal mysteries in each others eyes, and we sat together at the table.

we chatted for a while. as the evening went on, however, we noticed how john and sally's fingers would linger when they touched. "say, how about watching some home movies?" molly asked and they agreed. we moved to the living room. we were careful to leave the two person loveseat as the only available one, so they sat together. callie put in the car wash video, and i chuckled evilly to myself. this would be perfect. the film started with me taping the girls as they washed the car. first molly 'accidently' sprayed callie with the hose, then callie responded with a wet sponge down her 'sisters' back. by the time they finished, their fur as well as their outfits, loose t-shirts and cut off jeans, were soaked. "look at this mess." i said onscreen. "inside both of you." they slunk inside, and the camera followed them into the bedroom. "get out of those wet clothes at once." they complied, slowly stripping. by the time they were down to bra and panties, i snuck a glance at our guests. there was a noticable bulge in john's pants, and i could smell the growing dampness in sally's. they were both trying to hide it of course, without looking like they were hiding it, but their movements were constantly bumping and sliding them against each other. onscreen, the girls were now naked, but when they reached for towels, i stopped them. "you were so naughty, you need to be punished. lick each other dry." they eagerly responded and soon callie was licking up the wetness from molly's fur. molly was panting as callie's rough tongue dried her off. "you missed a spot." i said pointing to molly's crotch. callie dove in eagerly and soon molly was clutching her head and grinding her cunt into callie's mouth. john and sally were at the edge, and when the onscreen molly howled in orgasmic release, they snapped. they pulled at each others clothes, kissing violently.

they tumbled to the floor, almost tearing their clothes off, and in seconds they were naked. "you're so gorgeous." john said. "take me, darling, make me yours." sally begged, stretching out on the floor, spreading her legs wide. i tossed john a condom and in moments, he was covered. then, so was she. she screamed and locked her legs round his back as he pounded into her, his seven inch cock filling her tight cunt. "YES! YES!" she screamed, arching to meet each thrust, grinding her crotch to his. he roared in passion, then his cry changed tone. he convulsed, then pulled out of her and threw himself into the corner. shocked, and not a little hurt, she crawled over to him, but he warded her off with his arm. an arm, i noticed, that seemed unusually hairy. the girls and i exchanged looks, and we moved to the corner and pulled him from the shadows. he resisted, but we pulled him into the light from the tv. I switched the video off and turned on the lamp. "NO!" he cried and tried to shield his face, but sally reached out gently, and pushed it aside. as i suspected, he was transforming. he finished as we watched, and their he was, a human-panther hybrid. he had the tail, and his face and hands were proto-feline. his eyes were catslitted and green and his teeth were long and sharp. "don't look at me." he moaned, but sally kept hold of his arm. "you don't have to hide from us." i said, and changed myself. he gasped, "i thought i was the only one." he growled. "no," i replied. "there are most likely hybrids world-wide. most of us keep it secret. the other side of things is strange enough." i indicated the girls and sally, and they smiled gently. "is this why you live alone?" molly asked and he nodded, tears welling in his eyes, and dripping from his whiskers. sally took him in her arms. "tell us." she whispered.

"it happened at the zoo." john started to say. "i was near the panther cage when the fragment hit. the animals were killed, but i survived. The hospital doctors said i was fine, but a few months later, i was making love to my fiance, when i started to change. this was before any morphs appeared and she was horrified. she left the next day and i never saw her again." he sobbed harder and sally held him tighter. "i learned to control it, but it would sometimes flare up in the heat of passion. i had to be careful with my girlfriends. it hasn't happened for a year or so, but sally is so fiery, so full of passion..." he broke down completely. "I, I, couldn't help myself. i'm sorry." he huddled into a ball, and sally stroked him tenderly. "it's alright, darling," she said soothingly. "i'm still here." "and so are we." molly said. "besides," callie chuckled, "it can be fun." she reached out and we held paws. "i know you must think me some sort of freak." john said, but sally reached out a finger. and pressed it to his lips. "no, no more than any of us. i was a wild animal before the change. i bonded with a marine biologist. her intelligence and love for all things inspired me. besides," she said, reaching out to stroke his still hard penis. "some aspects look pretty good to me." "we can't do it now." he said, though his cock vehemently disagreed. "the condom doesn't fit anymore." "no sweat, buddy." i said. i reached into the drawer and pulled out a box. "special morph size." "are you sure about this?" he asked, looking into sally's eyes. "absolutely. i love you. i've loved you from the moment i saw you. besides, a gentleman always finishes what he starts." she lay back and spread herself for him.

any misgivings he may have had were swept away. in seconds he was on her again. "ooohhh..." she gasped, "it's so big and long..." she reached out to grab his buttocks. "give me all of it." he pushed forward to his absolute limit, his crotch pressed firmly to hers. "AAARRRGGGGG!!'she screamed, cumming at once. he started to stroke slowly and she came again, and again. "STOP!" she shouted, and he did. "i want to be on top." she groaned and he eagerly rolled over. she straddled him and sank her claws into his chest fur. he groaned and thrust upwards. "HOOooold still." she begged him. she moved up and down slowly, gasping and moaning as her pussy was filled by his huge cock. this scene was too much for the girls. we all stripped and soon we were going at it like crazy. i was on my back, callie riding my cock, whilst molly straddled my face and i ate out her cunt. I heard sally shriek, and lifted molly enough to see her writhing in orgasm again. john was obviously on the edge, and he roared, and rammed up into his love. she howled in one last incredible release as he pulsed and throbbed inside her, filling the condom. she collapsed on top of him, sobbing for breath, and they held each other close. this was what the girls had been waiting for and they both let themselves go. callie's cunt grabbed my cock so hard, it almost felt like it would break, and molly flooded my mouth so violently, she practically rearranged my teeth! sally and john were cuddling, whispering sweet nothings as they stroked each others fur. the girls disengaged, and i sat up, my hard-on still throbbing. they pounced on it, and soon i was pouring my semen into their eagerly sucking mouths, as well as spraying it all over their faces. we all lay together, panting, basking in the joy that comes from true love.

John and sally were inseparable from then on. we could hear them next door most nights, and i knew they were really serious when sally moved in with him. she told the girls, during one of their coffee clatches, that she loved john in both his bodies, and that she especially loved having his human cock in her ass. this interested the girls and we discussed it, but decided to save it for later. then, john proposed. sally hurried over to show the girls the ring, and though they shooed me from the room, i could hear them crying happily. we all had a joint wedding. the ladies looked gorgeous in their white gowns, and i could tell that john felt just as uncomfortable in his tux as i did. the honeymoon was fantastic. we had arranged for adjoining rooms, and after a few hours of enjoying our own partners, they joined us in our room. we shared ourselves completely (using condoms of course). sally had an incredible time with the girls, licking and sucking till they were all soaked in pussy juice. then, john and i took turns with all of them, letting them suck us, or fucking them in all sorts of positions. here's some examples. sally straddling me, my cock in her pussy, while john slowly and steadily pumps her up the ass. callie and molly doggie-style, john and i taking them in turns whilst sally is eaten out by the girls, thier tongues roaming all over her body. sally wearing a strap-on vibrating dildo, pumping both girls to screaming climaxes. callie and molly licking our cocks, keeping us on the edge, until we were allowed release, howling as we pumped semen into their mouths and all over their faces. one of the last things was a daisy-chain, sally getting ass-fucked by john, dildo-fucking callie, who was eating molly as she rode my cock. when the dawn came, we returned to our separate rooms, exhausted, but happy.

a year passed. we were delirously happy. we seldom got any sleep, but that was okay because john and sally's antics next door would have kept us up anyway. she told the girls they were trying for a baby, and when she did conceive, and twins, we were all delighted. she looked even more gorgeous as she got bigger and bigger, and john was so full of pride we thought he'd explode. We were over at their place, having coffee, a few days after sally's baby shower. the room was full of baby things and molly asked when she thought she was going to get to use them. sally started to answer, waddling from the counter to the table, supported by john, when a strange expression passed over her face, and a gout of liquid ran down her legs. "pretty soon, i'd say, my water just broke." we immediately adjourned to the spare bedroom, fitted as a birthing room, and called the midwife. she was over in minutes, and soon, sally was stripped from the waist down, grunting and panting. john stood by the bed holding her hand. he kept up a steady stream of encouragement, and even when she gripped his hand especially hard, so her claws sank into his palm, he didn't let go. the girls and i sat in the corner, keeping out of the way, absorbed in the wondrous act of childbirth. eventually, the babies head emerged, and the midwife carefully reached out and slipped the cub free. a clearing of the mouth, a gentle rubbing on the back and the room was filled by the wonderful cries of a newborn life. she was a otter-morph, like her mother. the child was laid in the prepared bassinet, then they returned to the task of bringing the other child forth. then one was a male, a panther-morph. he too had lusty lungs. they were laid in their mother's arms, and as john kissed her tenderly on the forehead, we slipped away, leaving the new parents with their offspring.

John and sally seemed made for parenthood. they took the children in their double stroller for long walks, and everyone who saw them was delighted for them. the local tv station even ran a story on them, as this was the first interbreeding between a human and 'furry'. the news spread quickly, though any unwanted news people who tried for an 'unoffical' interview, were quickly warded away by john in morph form. other morphs came forward, and the number of furry human weddings increased. the cubs, alice and harry, were beautiful. we were baby-sitting them at eight-months, and the girls proved to be excellent at it. changings were done efficiently and the way they would sing them to sleep for their naps was so tender, it almost brought me to tears. after the twins first birthday party, we had a romantic candle-lit dinner. they were wearing long silky gowns and after dinner we danced to slow music in the living room. we were cuddling on the couch, basking in our love, when molly said. "darling, we've talked it over and we want to have babies of our own." i was momentarily stunned, then i thought it over. i imagined the house overrun by a couple of fuzzy babies. faces smeared with baby food, walls scribbled with crayons, three-am feedings, diapers, scraped knees. i looked at my beloveds, they were anxiously awaiting my response, molly biting her lip in that wonderfully cute way, callie subconsciously flattening her ears. i kissed them both tenderly. "nothing would make me happier. let's make some beautiful babies." they squealed with delight, mobbing me. our kisses turned passionate. we pulled apart and practically ran for the bedroom. "now?" callie asked. "no time like the present." i answered, pulling my clothes off.

I shifted to morph form. i'd been told by sally that she had concieved when john was in panther-form, and i figured the dna was more compatible that way. i knew they had timed their longest sesions for her heats, not an easy task as she was only receptive every two months, (an aspect of the combined dna.) i knew the girls weren't in heat at the moment, but that hardly mattered as tonight was to be a celebration of our love and the monumental decision we had made.

the girls were REALLY excited tonight. they practically attacked me, pulling me down to the bed, covering me with kisses. I managed to fend them off, barely. in seconds, both of them were sucking and licking at my cock. callie just beat molly to the punch, straddling me and sinking onto my hardness with a loud cry. undaunted, molly spread her legs over my face, and in moments i was eagerly eating out her pussy. we rocked and humped together furiously. both of them were by this time cumming almost constantly. every time she sensed i was close, callie would slow down. when i couldn't hold back any longer, ready to explode or die, she pulled free and yanked her 'sister' off my face. they both clustered round my aching penis. they gripped it firmly and that was it for me. "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" i scream-roared as i poured what seemed like gallons of come into their eagerly awaiting mouths. they swallowed what they could catch, frantically trying to keep my wildly spurting and thrashing cock steady. after an eternity, though they told me later it was only a minute thirty, i finally shuddered to a halt. barely conscious, i raised my head a little and saw the results of my volcanic eruption. their mouths were so full, they were overflowing and their characteristic giggles were more like gurgles, still more morph-semen bubbling out over their lips. that wasn't all though. the fur of thier faces, muzzles and even the hair on their foreheads was covered with huge globs, dripping down onto their breasts. i let my head fall back, and dimly heard then giggling "wore him out..." as i drifted into an exhausted sleep.

that was only a celebration, a 'trial run' if you will. the real fun came when they entered heat. they both tended to come into heat at the same time, something i attributed to the fact that they were both exposed to the meteorite fragment at the same time. i suppose the same would have happened to me had i been female. not that i wanted to be female though. i was glad being male, and though they both enjoyed each others charms on occasion they were 'very' glad i was male too. but i digress...

as they approached estrus, they were both very nervous, and edgy. i was careful to give them room, waiting for the 'big day', when they were at their peak. i came home to find the house full of candles, a bottle of wine chilling and my favorite meal laid out on the table. dinner was very sensual, with much slow lapping at the wine, and suggestive eating of things like the strawberries and cream for dessert. after dinner, we retired to the bedroom. they were both wearing the sheer gowns i had bought them for their last birthdays (they were only three months apart). they stripped me slowly, removing every article one by one, taking every chance to rub their fingers or claw-tips over my skin. when i was finnaly naked, they laid me out on the bed. i at once shifted to morph form. when they judged i was ready, they dropped their gowns and stood before me, gloriously naked. "who's first?"

I reached out and took callie in my arms. i saw molly pouting slightly (something i find incredibly cute, even though she knows it never works on me) "you'll get yours soon enough." i said and she brightened. we had abstained for a week, (well i had. i heard them enjoying each other a lot) so i had plenty of sperm saved up. i kissed callie tenderly, loving the feel of her rough tongue in my mouth. i set her into our favorite position 'doggy style' no pun intended, we liked it because being a manx, she had no tail to get in the way. she was dripping like a faucet, and i spread her legs, gripped her asscheeks, and smoothly slipped my throbbing cock into her depths. "oooohhhh..." she sighed and pushed back against me. i pumped slowly at first, but soon sped up. in a minute or so, i was ramming as hard as i could and she was enjoying every second of it. "YES! COCK! HARD! FUCK" she screamed over and over. i was panting for breath, nearing the edge. "gonna cum baby, you ready for it?" i grunted. "YES! GIVE IT TO ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR JUICE! GIVE ME YOUR BABY!!" callie shrieked. i rammed my deepest and held it their shouting "UUUNNNHHH!!!" as i pumped her full of morph-cum. YES! MMMOOORRREEE!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" she yowled as she was wracked by several orgasms in a row. we slowed to a halt, and collapsed to the bed, sweating and gasping for breath. callie kept her thighs high as i pulled free of her delightful cunt, keeping as much cum as possible deep inside her. she giggled, "that was fantastic."

"next!" i called out and molly eagerly stepped forward. i put her on her back. whilst her favorite is being on top, we didn't want to risk losing sperm to gravity, so we settled for the still delightful 'missionary'. she was just as ready as her 'sister' and i wasted no time entering her. we were hot as pistols, and her cries filled the room as soon as i entered her. i saw callie start to get up, and stopped her with a word, my hands being busy squeezing mollies wonderful breasts. "stay 'unnnff' there, baby 'ugghh,' i'm 'oh god' not finished with 'ahh' you yet." she obeyed and i turned my attention to molly again. she was loving it, growling and barking as i pumped my long morph cock into her canine depths. i rubbed her nipples, running my paws over the erect studs over her secondary nipples, and she almost howled, bucking up against me hard. "you like me inside you don't you baby?" i taunted. "you want me to knock you up? you want my puppy? huh, do you?" she screamed as my words drove her to the breaking point. "YES!" give me your cum! knock me higher than a kite! i want to show off my baby-full belly! i want the world to see how potent you are!" needless to say, that was it for me. "OHHH, YEEAAHHH!" i roared as i pumped molly to the limit with my puppy-seeds. "OH YES! YESSSS!" molly howled as the feel of my hot cum sloshing into her overheated womb sent her into orgasmic convulsions. when i finished and pulled free, i sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, spots flashing before my eyes. they started to get up, but i motioned them to stay still. going to our toy box, making a mental note to get a childproof lock on it, i returned with the ropes, and velvet wrist and ankles restraints. whistling merrily, i quickly tied then to the bed in their unchanged positions. i placed pillows beneath them to keep their buttocks elevated.

"well now," i said with an evil grin, "that should hold you." they struggled in a half-hearted way. "what do you mean? what do you have in mind?" they knew i would never hurt them, and they need only use our safeword and i would release them at once. "wellll..." i said, rubbing my paws together gleefully, "since you ladies want to be pregnant soooo much, i'm going to oblige you. you're going to stay there all night, whilst i fuck you over and over, until you're so full of cum, you're ready to explode at the seams. you're gonna be so full, you'll be knocked up for certain. sound good?" they nodded eagerly. "now, then. who's first?" i flipped a coin and molly won. in seconds my revitalized cock was in her cunt, and minutes later was filling her with cum again. she lay gasping, but smiling as i withdrew. next was callie's turn. seeing them helpless like that excited me no end. i took then again and again. by the end of the night, as dawn shone through the window, they were sexual wrecks, sweat-soaked and half-dead with exhaustion, and i wasn't much better. as we staggered off the bathroom to shower and deal with other pressing matters, i still retained the presence of mind to fit them with vaginal plugs, to keep the sperm in even as they stood up.

a week or so later, our night of passion paid off. they went to the doctor and when they returned, the grins on their faces told my everything i needed to know. i swept them into my arms and embraced them tightly. we were carfeul to follow the docs instructions to the letter. sally was especially helpful, giving advice as well as pregnancy horror stories, and lending them some of her maternity clothes as the girls started to get bigger. i understood john's pride, and we shared our own bonding whilst the ladies had theirs. the diagnosis was one child each. i know what some people saw about the ungainly and unattractive nature of pregnant women, but i found them more gorgeous than ever, even when they rolled over in bed and needed help to recover, or became trapped in the bathtub. our sex life was great too. as they got close to term, their gloriously protruding bellies made normal positions difficult, so we switched to anal. it was when we were enjoying ourselves in this manner, taking turns, when everything hit the fan, so to speak.

"uuunnnhhhh..." molly groaned as i sawed back and forth in her rectum, enjoying the tightness. callie knelt next to us, watching me fill molly, fingers buried in her own pussy. i grunted as i filled her gut with my sperm, rubbing her cunt with my fingers, when i felt a sudden rush of wetness around my fingers. i heard callie gasp, and pulling free of molly i saw large pools of liquid beneath their thighs. we looked at each other, realizing what had happened. i grinned nervously, "showtime."

the midwife was waiting by the phone, having expected our call. john and sally came over as well, only fair as we had been present at the birth of their children. i sat between my pregnant angels, holding one hand in each, seeing how john and sally held hands, remembering their own battle. things went fairly smoothly, though their were times when their cries tore my heart in two and the claws in my palms nearly drove me to my knees. callie delivered first. i saw the bloody bundle of fur emerging and when i heard the first cry i was so overwhelmed i almost cried myself. a little manx girl, she was beautiful, wrinkled and scrunch-faced though she was. no sooner was she in the bassinet, then her sibling was ready for the grand entrance. he was a fine male golden lab, at least i thought so, from the wonderful cuteness of his little muzzle to the stub of his tail. after the afterbirths were dealt with, and john and sally had left, i leant over and kissed each of my beloveds ever so gently on the forehead. "i love you both so very very much."

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