"Planet of the Rapes"

      by Shadow Artist

      (Fbeast+, orgy, rape, oral, anal)

Estella Warren was walking from her trailer on the set of Planet of the Apes. It had been a vigorous day of shooting, and she was exhausted. They had filmed the end fight scene today, when the Apes charged against the human resistors. Estella had left the set an hour ago, and had retreated to her trailer to shower and get dressed. She was now wearing a white singlet and a pair of blue shorts. Estella had caught a glimpse at herself in the reflection of a window and was impressed by how she looked. Her large breasts swelled behind the cotton fabric of the singlet, the bumps of her nipples obvious, and her beautifully rounded arse was barely concealed by the shorts.

She pressed the central locking button on her key ring as she reached her vehicle: a sleek royal blue Jaguar. She dropped her bag in the back seat, and was about to sit behind the wheel when she heard a pitiful moan come from a nearby dumpster. She looked around; trying to see what was making the noise. Cautiously, Estella tiptoed towards the dumpster. Once she reached it she scanned the scene. She saw nothing.

Suddenly, something pounced at her out of the shadows. Screaming, Estella jumped backwards. A little black cat hit the ground running and disappeared into the night. She gave a little laugh as she watched the cat vanish, and then turned to get back into her car. She started the engine and the Jaguar purred to life. Estella pulled out of the studio car park on to the road. There was surprisingly little traffic on the road tonight, and she looked at the car digital clock.

No wonder, she thought as the luminous numbers showed the time to be two thirty in the morning. She changed gears and overtook a large white van that was doing much less than the speed limit. Estella glanced up at the rear view mirror and saw a car approaching fast from behind. Soon it was tail gating her, the driver honking its horn and gesturing rudely at her. Stupid bastard, Estella thought to herself, and changed lanes, back in front of the white van, to let the idiot pass.

The car sped up, but only to pull alongside her and maintain speed. Estella saw the white van pick up speed behind her and was soon tailgating her. Another van, this one a grey colour, swerved in front of her and Estella knew something was wrong. She began to panic when the car next to her veered towards her. Estella screamed as the vehicles collided, and she fought to keep control. The car smashed into her again, and this time she turned with it. Estella hit the barrier on the side of the road, sparks cascading over the motorway.

The enemy car kept coming and nudged Estella into the barrier again. This time, the fence gave way and Estella's car spun off the road and into a valley. The car was rolling down the hill, and Estella was screaming as she was bounced around inside her Jag. Finally it came to a stop, and Estella was surprised to find she was still alive. She kicked the door open as the cabin began to fill with smoke and lay sprawled on the ground. Why would they run me off the road like that? She thought. Estella slowly got to her knees, and looked back up the hill. She had thought the hill was a lot bigger, but it was only a ten metre drop. Her heart leapt to her mouth when she saw the white van stop at the hole in the barricade. She got up to run, but three pairs of strong hands gasped her arms and shoulders. She turned around and saw the faces of the creatures she had been fighting for all of the day, the Apes. She thought it was a practical joke, a dangerous practical joke, but a joke nonetheless.

"Very funny, you arsehole!" she snapped and tried to break the hold the actors had on her. They did not budge.

"Let me go," she said. Now she was a little frightened. The makeup artists had done a great job on the film, but these masks were very realistic, more realistic than the ones used on the set.

"Who are you?" she croaked, her voice catching in her throat. The actors said nothing, but released her from their grip.

"Take off your masks!" she yelled. The actors looked at each other.

"What is a mask?" one of them said slowly. Estella leapt at on of them, grabbed the hair of the neck and yanked hard upwards to remove the mask. But no mask came off. She stared wide-eyed up at the gorilla, and he frowned at her. The other two gorillas looked at her in shock.

"How dare you touch me!" the head gorilla bellowed. "You know your place in the evolutionary chain: just below monkeys. You have no right to touch me!" He swung his hand at her and smacked her across the face. Estella went flying through the air and landed heavily ten metres away. She looked at them in fear, and saw the grey van pull up behind them. The doors opened and ten gorillas jumped out. She turned her head and saw that another ten gorillas where making their way down the hill into the valley from the white van. Now she was terrified. She got up to run, but the three gorillas that grabbed her before grabbed her again and lifted her to her feet.

"She touched me!" the head gorilla yelled to the gorillas that had just arrived. "Let's pay her a lesson!" The gorillas started growling and beating their chests. The head gorilla turned Estella around and literally ripped her clothes off. Within seconds, she was standing completely naked in front of the twenty three gorillas. The head gorilla removed his clothes and Estella saw his twelve inch cock protruding from his black fur. He pushed her on to her back with one rubbery hand to the cleft between her breasts. He knelt between her thighs and placed his penis at the entrance of her pussy. Estella screamed as the gigantic rod pushed into her, stretching her cunt walls with its thickness. The head gorilla pulled back then thrust in again, deeper this time. Estella's eyes watered as the ape's penis penetrated her. Occupied with this pain, she did not notice the other gorillas stripping down. She soon realised what was happening when the head gorilla lifted her up. When he lowered her again, she felt the warm, furry body of one of his lieutenants underneath her, and wailed as she felt the ape's cock pressed against her arsehole.

"No, please don't do that!" she begged, and clenched her hole tight to prevent him gaining access. One of the head gorilla's hands wrapped around Estella throat and gently squeezed. Gently for a gorilla is still very hard, and Estella found that it was impossible to breathe as she gasped in vain, her beautiful face contorted in pain. As her lungs burned, she gave in and relaxed her arse just enough to let the head of the lieutenant's penis force itself past her sphincter. At this point, Estella was sure that she was going to break. Her anus was stretched to its maximum, as the huge cock churned its way up and down her rectum. The second lieutenant presented his eleven inch rod to her mouth and, rather than get strangled again, Estella parted her luscious, full lips and allowed the ape's cock to slide into her mouth. It kept going until it was forcing itself down her throat. Estella was gagging and trying to keep from throwing up as the gorilla fucked her throat, pounding his groin against her face.

All Estella could see was the black fur of the gorilla holding her, but she knew what was happening when she felt a thick, warm object get placed in each of her. She grasped the penis in her hand and began to jerk up and down the shaft. She heard the gruff laugher around her, and felt a body positioning itself on her stomach. Another cock was forced between her valley of her breasts, and the gorilla grasped her breasts with leathery hands and pushed them together. He thrust hard and fast for a few minutes, her soft, luscious tits causing him to cum quickly. His warm semen spurted from his cock, and splattered all over Estella's breasts and neck. The other apes roared their approval, and Estella found the gorillas she was jerking off ripped her hands from their cocks so they could ejaculate over her body as well. Estella was disgusted and terrified that as the warm jism squirted over her breasts she started to orgasm. It started from her pussy, where the head gorilla was still pumping his mammoth cock into her hole, and spread through her cum covered body and into the fingertips, which had just clasped two new throbbing cocks. The cock in her mouth began to convulse, and Estella gagged as a huge cum load was emptied down her throat. She coughed, sending the white liquid spraying all over her hanging face. She barely had time to take a breath of fresh air before the next cock passed her full, shining lips.

For the next hour she serviced the horny apes. Her face, neck, breasts and stomach were all covered in sticky, hot, gorilla cum. Most of the loads were concentrated on her breasts, which were heaving as she tried to defy the orgasms that persisted to arise. She screamed, the sound muffled by the cock in her mouth, as she climaxed again. The vibrations around his shaft caused the gorilla face fucking her to cum, and she swallowed his semen almost eagerly. Now the head gorilla and his first lieutenant were the only ones fucking her. Estella was still repulsed by the rape, and was sicken by the amount of pleasure she was receiving from the double penetration. The cock in her arse had hurt a lot to start with, but somehow she was deriving a twist kind of pleasure from it. Each thrust tingled the nerve endings in her rectum and brought her a step closer to another climax. She wailed in ecstasy as the gorilla came into her clenching anus. She felt the scalding white liquid spurt into her anal cavity and into her guts. Her clenching anus milked the cock dry. The gorilla got out from under her and the head gorilla grinned evilly at her.



"You really enjoyed yourself, didn't you?" he almost whispered.

"You fucking human slut! You should be honoured we mated with you." He quickened his thrusts and Estella threw her cum covered head back in a scream that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Her body writhed under the huge black form as orgasm swept through her. Estella grabbed the fur of the ape's hips tightly and continued to moan in pleasure. Finally, the gorilla began to cum. The shot two loads into her pussy, which forced her into another orgasm, then directed the last three on to her thighs. When he moved away, Estella clamped her thighs together, revelling in the feeling of the hot cum running down her legs and oozing from her ravaged pussy and anus.

The gorillas moved away, laughing with each other and replacing their clothing. Estella was exhausted, but still began to scrape the sticky cum off her beautiful body. She collected handfuls at a time, and slowly - lusciously - lapped it up with her tongue. Estella, she was surprised to find that she liked the taste, and was almost unable to control herself as she frantically tried to eat all the cum that covered her body. Her fingers scooped it up from between her breasts and she sucked them clean. Soon she delved into her pussy to collect the semen that the head gorilla had deposited, and then penetrated her sore and tender anus to access the ape seed that lurked inside.

Once she was clean of the gorilla sperm, she began rubbing her clit. Estella pictured in her mind what she had seen that night, and fantasised about being fucked by a band of gorillas, their long, thick cocks probing her most private parts in their quest for release.

"Hey!" came a shout from up the hill. Estella stopped her masturbation in shock and looked up to see a figure coming down the slope. She gathered together her clothes and covered herself as best she could as the man approached. As he got closer, she realised it was Mark Wahlberg, her co-star on "Planet of the Apes".

"Stella?" he gasped when he saw her properly. "Are you all right?" She slowly nodded, then quietly asked, "Have you got any clothes I can wear?"

"I have a towel, will that do?" he replied. A look of concern was firmly fixed upon his face.

"Yes. Thankyou, Mark," Estella answered and Mark ran back up the hill to his Mercedes. Estella used his absence to mop her pussy of juices and to wipe her hands clean. When he returned, he held up the white towel for her.

"I heard moaning before," he stated as she wrapped the towel around her. "Are you hurt?" Estella looked quickly at him, reading his face for any sign that he knew what she was doing before. He had no inkling, however, and she smiled at him.

"My neck is sore," she complained. "So is my back." The towel barely covered her sexy body, beginning just above her erect nipples and ending a few inches below her crotch. Mark felt a familiar swelling in his trousers.

"You are lucky to have survived a bang like that," he commented. Estella looked at him sharply. Does he know about the gorillas? She wondered. Mark nodded towards the wreckage of her Jaguar.

"How did it happen?" Estella breathed a small sigh of relief.

"Some guy nudged me," she explained as Mark escorted her up the embankment. He shook his head in disbelief.

"Some drivers are just bloody idiots," he said. "Cars are dangerous machines, but lot of people just keep monkeying around." Estella's heart skipped a beat and she shot him a suspicious glance. He knows, she thought to herself, he must know.

But Mark did not seem to notice the looks he was getting from his co-star and ushered her into his car. They did not say a word for ten minutes until they reached Estella's apartment. Mark pulled the Merc up to the curb and jumped out to help Estella from the passenger seat. As they approached the door, Estella reached up and grabbed Mark's head, pulling it down to hers to kiss him lightly on the lips. She smiled and looked up into his handsome face.

"Thankyou, Mark," she whispered. She stepped back, unsure of what to do now. She was about to ask him if he wanted to come in when Mark spoke.

"I don't think I should, Stella," he said almost apologetically. "You should get rested up. I'll see you tomorrow, all right?" Estella smiled back and nodded.

"Good night, Mark." Mark gave a kiss on the cheek and bounded down the steps to his car.

"You can keep the towel," he called back to her, a huge grin on his face. Estella smiled back and waved as he drove off. She entered her apartment, showered then fell asleep - naked and wet - before she could even get under the covers.

The next day, Estella was back on set. As the director yelled "action", she lifted her weapon above her head and proceeded to attack the enemy gorillas. As she knocked one down; she heard a voice whisper from behind her.

"How did you enjoy last night, human?" It was the head gorilla that had raped her last night.

"As much as I'll enjoy it tonight!" she replied with a grin.

- The End -

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