"Self Sucking Zoophile"


      (b, solo, zoo)

My first experience occurred rather serendipitously and has thankfully allowed me to be part of a very special lifestyle. Well lets start at the beginning....one day when I was fourteen years old I was hanging out with a friend and he was telling me about some kid he knew who could suck his own cock. This made me extremely horny and I couldn't wait to try.

When I got home I went immediately to my room and stripped and laid down on my bed. I threw my legs over my head and opened my mouth and discovered I was one of a fortunate few who could suck their own cock! Suddenly, a strange feeling started to come over me and I soon experienced my first orgasm in my own mouth!

Sucking myself off became a daily ritual, however, I could not chance it at home with my snooping siblings around. There was a place in the wooded area of our farm where I used to go to smoke that was far from prying eyes.

Our German Shepard followed me which he did most of the time. When I arrived at my special spot I quickly got undressed and smoked a roach I had been saving for a special time. Feeling a wonderful buzz coming on, I took little time in assuming the position and soon was sucking away at my cock.

I was off in fantasy land when I was jolted back to reality when my dog stuck his nose in my groin area and started to lick my balls and ass. This made me so hot I quickly blew my load. I was totally turned on by my dog! I decided to try jacking him off and succeeded in getting him off.

From that point on my dog became part of my daily routine. At first I only jacked him off, then on our fourth date I decided to give him head, and I soon found that I enjoyed this even more than sucking myself off.

We continued making love until I went in the service two years later. Unfortunately my love, Kaiser, was run over by one of the guys who worked on the farm.

I've only been with one dog since, an ex-girlfriends, but I look forward to having a long term k9 lover again someday.

Sorry if this was too long...I needed to say this. Thanks.

- The End -

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