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"Sexual Hike"


      (f, best,hikel)
This is a story of a beautiful and sexy lady named, Lizza. Lizza is 1.7 meters tall with perfect firm breasts and a well rounded tight sexy ass and a sweet clean shaved pussy with shoulder length black hair and deep blue eyes and a perfect tanned skin, she is also well built and an extremely fit women that loves the outdoors especially hiking and camping and lived in a valley on a lovely estate left to her by her late parents as she was their only child. She was also sort of a sex addict and always used to get her full dosage of it from her hunky boyfriend, whom she broke up with after 3 years of the best sex she has ever had.

After the break up with her boyfriend, Lizza decided that the best way to take her mind off him was to go on a two day hiking trip in the valley near her estate. So she set out to pack her gear and did one final check to see that she had everything she needed, and than headed out to the trail that led up into the valley, wearing a short tight tank top that showed a voluptuous breasts and a short ass hugging pair of shorts and her hiking sneakers.

The valley was beautiful, filled with some wild life and a cool stream that flowed through it and everything was green and peaceful. As Lizza hiked up the trail she listened to the flowing stream and chirping of the birds and she was also working up a sweat as it was a scorching summer day. After about a five hour hike into the valley, Lizza found her spot to set up her camp for the night. It was a nice secluded cave that she and her dad used to visit when she was a child which was also right near the stream. After setting her gear down and laying out her sleeping gear for the night, Lizza stripped down, removing her top and shorts and kicked off her sneakers and socks, being so well built, she hardly ever wore any underwear and headed to the stream to have a nice cool swim to cool off her hot sweaty body after her long hike.

The cool water flowed all over her sexy hot body and feeling the coolness between her thighs, started to turn her on as her pussy was really hot and she never had sex in six months and was aching for some sexual relief. Lizza immediately started running her hands up and down her sexy tanned body and as her hands passed over her breasts she pinched her nipples gently as they were already standing hard and then she slid her one hand down between her thighs to her aching pussy and starting to rub her clit while her other hand squeezed her breasts. Lizza rubbed hard and fingered her pussy but just could not bring herself to orgasm and this disappointed her, and then she noticed that it was already dusk and the sun was setting so she headed to the cave to make herself something to eat.

She started her fire and made some coffee and sat there with just a t-shirt on that barely covered her sexy ass. While relaxing at the fire, Lizza began, unconsciously, to play with her sweet pussy and went to lie down on her sleeping bag and dozed off while she was fingering herself and started dreaming of the times when her boyfriend used to fuck her into multiple orgasms, cos she believed that no one could make her reach orgasms like her hunk of a man.

While still dreaming, Lizza was giving off her scent of wanting sex into the hot night and the cave in which she was sleeping. Nearby inside the cave, a 3 foot long python that had just eaten and woke up from its slumber by picking up the strange sexual scent that was filling the cave, came slithering close to Lizza to investigate the scent it was tasting in the air. The python came right between Lizza's legs and moved its head close to her pussy so its tongue could taste her sex; Lizza who was still asleep felt the sensation of the snakes tongue and thought that it was all part of her dream.

The snake, however turned itself around and positioned its tail end at Lizza's pussy entrance and then slid itself inside by at least 6 inch's, Lizza started to moan, still unaware of what was giving such pleasure in her pussy as she reached her first orgasm giving off a stronger scent which the snake could taste in the air and it moved another 2 inch's inside of Lizza's cum drenched pussy. The snake slid in and out of her pussy for at least an hour making Lizza have at least 4 orgasms before it slid out of her well fucked pussy. As the snake slid out the rough scales on its skin rubbed against Lizza's pussy walls and her clit bringing to another orgasm which woke her up from her sleep just in time for her to notice the python slither away from between her thighs and out the cave into the dark, hot night.

This is when Lizza looked at her drenched pussy and realized that she was not dreaming and still feeling a bit of disbelief could not bring her self to terms that she had the best fuck so far since her boyfriend, from a snake. Lizza stood and quickly went outside of the cave, her pussy was still dripping cum down her thighs and her legs a little shaky from all the orgasms to see if her eyes were deceiving her and that's when she saw the size of the python that fucked her and gave her so much of pleasure, disappear into the bush's.

As she turned around to go back to the cave, Lizza froze, only to see that there were two huge male wolves inside, lapping her cum stains from her sleeping bag, and she soon realized that her pussy was still dripping cum down her thighs and that it would no be long until the wolves picked up her fresh cum scent coming from her sweet drenched pink pussy.

Lizza started to move slowly toward the cave entrance trying not to disturb the wolves, when one of the males picked its head up from her sleeping bag and started sniffing the air as he could get the smell of sex close by in the cave and turned to look at Lizza. She stood frozen, only a few meters away from them and her sleeping bag as the one wolf walked towards her growling in a low tone. The wolf came close to Lizza, so close that she could touch him, but she just stood frozen to the ground not daring to make any sudden moves.

Then Lizza felt the cold nose of the wolf between her legs sniffing at her pussy, and then he swiped his tongue across her pussy tasting her cum that was still dripping from her fuck with the snake. At that moment Lizza felt the wolf's tongue to be nice and at the same time she felt fear, but something inside her was waiting for the wolf to lick her again, and just then the wolf started to lick her pussy continuously sending waves of pleasure through Lizza's body.

Lizza turned around slowly facing her back to her sleeping bag and the other wolf, while the first one was busy licking her pussy juices making her cum more and more. Suddenly, she felt another cold nose sniffing her sexy butt and when she turned her head she saw the other wolf behind her licking her ass and bung hole. Lizza could not do anything but to just stand there and enjoy the two hot tongues between her sexy long legs, when without warning the wolf in front of her placed its front paws on her breasts and pushed her down onto her sleeping bag.

Both wolves then buried the tongues deep in her pussy making sure that they did not miss any juice's that were flowing out, Lizza could not hold back her orgasm any longer and burst into a huge orgasm sending shivers throughout her entire sexy slender body. At this point one of the wolves was nudging her as to tell her to raise her pussy up, and then Lizza got on all four's facing her sexy ass to the wolves when she felt the front paws of one wolf on her back and before she knew it, the wolf had his 11inch purple cock deep in her pussy.

Lizza, let a scream of pain at first as no one has gone so deep in her before but soon she started to enjoy the sensation of the wolf's cock buried deep in her and she soon started to hump her rear in conjunction with the wolf's thrusts, fucking hard against the wild animals cock as she was a bitch in heat and needed to be fucked like one. As she pushed hard back against the wolf's cock, Lizza could feel something huge smacking against her cock filled pussy and the felt her pussy lips stretching to allow the intruder in and she soon realized that it was the wolf's knot that tied her to him as she often seen with her dogs on the estate. Lizza was the now his bitch and she could feel the knot swell inside her bringing her to another orgasm and then she felt the wolf turn and they were butt to butt.

The second wolf came toward them and started to lick Lizza's bung hole, making her cum again and then he managed to get his hind legs over the coupled lovers and aimed his cock straight for Lizza's bung hole. As the second wolf entered her, Lizza screamed in pain as she was still a virgin in that area but soon succumbed to the pleasure that was taking over her body and being filled to the max by two huge cocks as she could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other inside her, making Lizza cum once again and then she felt the first wolf shoot his load deep inside her womb filling her full of his cum.

The wolf filled her so much so that she could feel some of the cum dripping down her thighs. Just then she could feel the second wolf's cock starting to swell in her bung hole and then she felt the hot jets of his cum being sprayed deep inside her bung hole and then there was a popping sound as both wolves cocks came out of Lizza, as she dropped her head in her hands on the sleeping bag and looking at the amounts of cum oozing out of her two well fucked holes from between her legs, she also saw the wolves clean themselves up and left her there with all their cum dripping out of her.

The feel of all the dripping cum gave Lizza one last orgasm as she just lay there in the cave trying to absorb everything that happened to her that night and she could not believe how much she actually enjoyed being filled so much in her holes as she looked at her well fucked pink pussy that was tingly all over inside.

The next morning, Lizza woke up only to find that there was still cum from the previous night that was oozing out of her as she made her way to the stream to bathe. When she had finished having breakfast, Lizza packed up all her gear and headed for home, all the way she kept thinking of her experience with the snake and the wolves and when she reached home she found that she was all wet again and her pussy was throbbing from the thoughts of being so well fucked by those two wolves and the python.

The End, for now.


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