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"Sexual Hike-Part 2"


      (f, best,hike)
When Lizza reached her estate after her overnight stay in the valley and her bestial experience, she was greeted by her four huge Rotweilers, all males. Lizza played with them for a while and headed inside the house for a shower as she was all hot and sweaty from her long hike back and not mention that her pussy was all wet by her thoughts of the wolves and the python.

Lizza ran her bath water and filled the tub with her favorite bath crystals and climbed in for a soak, to relax her aching muscles from all the hot erotic sex she had the night before. After her bath she prepared a light lunch and took a nap. When she woke up, it was already dark and the security personal were already on duty, checking if the house was secure. One of the guards knocked on her room door to check if she was okay and also to inform her that he let her four dogs inside the house as a huge storm was coming and that he would be at his post outside at the entrance if she needed anything. Lizza thanked him and said: 'That would be all Sam; I will call if I need anything, good night."

As the guard headed for his post, he did one last check around the house making sure that all the windows and doors were locked and also checked to make sure all the blinds were closed properly and he then secured the entrance to the house and reported to his post at the entrance of the estate. Lizza, slipped on her satin robe and made her way downstairs to the kitchen to grab a snack, and was greeted by her four dogs, Buster, Rex, Seth and Jojo who were lying near the fire place in the living room. They followed her to the kitchen and she gave each one a piece of polony and made her self cream crackers with cheese and took a bottle of wine with her to the living room to watch some TV.

Lizza sat there watching her show with all four of her boys on the floor in front of her near the fire place. While watching TV and sipping on her wine, Lizza began thinking of the night before in the cave and how much she enjoyed being so full of sperm and cock inside her. She soon started getting a warm feeling of arousal in her tummy as well as a tingly feeling in her pussy, so she raised her legs and placed them on the coffee table and slid her one hand under her robe and down to her pussy to feel how wet she had already become.

Lizza then looked at her four dogs and wondered if they would be able to do her just like the wolves did, as her four males were never near any female except Lizza her self, and she doubted if they knew how to react to a human female in heat. So, she started to play with her self trying to cum by rubbing her pussy lips hard and fingering her pussy as deep as she could, but all she achieved in doing was to make her self even more wet and more horny and that's when she noticed that all four dogs, heads were up and ears pointed as they sniffed the air and got the scent of sex in the room. The dogs could not understand what was going on as there was no bitch in heat to be seen and the only female around was their master, Lizza.

Jojo was the first to stand up to investigate where the scent was coming from and made his way to Lizza as she continued to finger her self. When she saw that Jojo was standing by her stretched out feet, Lizza took her fingers out of her pussy and held them at Jojo's nose. He immediately sucked her fingers clean and Lizza could see that her dog wanted more, so she put her one leg down so that Jojo could stand between her legs and opened her robe to expose her wet pussy a little, just to see if Jojo knew what to do. The dog immediately put his huge head between her thighs and took a swipe of her pussy with his long rough and hot broad tongue that immediately brought Lizza to her first orgasm and made moan even more in pleasure.

While Jojo was sucking her cunt and making her feel so good, Buster came to her and also wanted some of what his buddy was enjoying, Lizza then pushed Jojo away from her dripping wet pussy and stood up and took off her robe, exposing her sexy naked body to her four horny dogs for the first time. She then laid down on the soft carpet and spread her legs as wide as she could, giving Jojo and Buster full access to her sweet pink pussy. Lizza was enjoying every moment of being tongued by two huge tongues that went deep inside her and licking all her juices as she rubbed and squeezed her breasts having her second orgasm. When she opened her eyes she found that Seth and Rex were also eating her pussy and now there were four tongues fighting to get all of her sweet pussy juices, and that's when noticed that Seth's rear end was above her face and she could see his thick pink cock emerging from its sheath.

Without any thought, Lizza raised her head so that she could reach the tip of Seth's emerging cock and gave it a lick to taste his pre-cum that coated it, by feeling the warm sensation on his cock, Seth, just let more of his cock out of its sheath, while all four dogs brought Lizza to another mind blowing orgasms that made her arch her back as she moaned even louder, she noticed that all Jojo, Buster, Rex and Seth's cocks were all fully exposed and thick and she could see that her boys were now getting horny. That's when she got up and headed for her bedroom which had full length mirror doors as her cupboards, as Lizza wanted to see her dogs penetrate her. All four dogs followed her closely, licking her calves and occasionally licking her sexy butt.

When they reached the room, Lizza locked the door and then, got down on her hands and knees next to her cupboard so she had a full view of her sexy body and could see all four dogs at her rear licking her pussy and butt. Then without warning, Jojo climbed on her back and started humping forward and Lizza could see his cock slapping against her tummy missing its target. She reached back and directed his cock to her awaiting pussy and once Jojo's tip touched her pussy entrance, her pussy lips parted and swallowed his cock deep until Lizza felt Jojo's tip enter her cervix and could feel that it was going deeper until she could feel the huge ball at the end knocking at her pussy lips. Lizza was in heaven as Jojo fucked her trying to get his knot in his new found bitch, as she reached another orgasm, her pussy muscles contracted and squeezed tight onto Jojo's cock which caused him to push harder and finally, her pussy lips parted and took in his knot which tied the two of them together.

The other three were looking at them and occasionally one of the three would lick Lizza's face and also her breasts making her want more cock and that's when she saw Seth, standing in front of her licking her face and trying to get his head between her arms to lick her tits. As soon as Seth got his head under her, Lizza coaxed him to turn over and lay on his side so she could have access to his fully extended cock, which she took into her mouth without even thinking about it as she was horny and needed more. Seth didn't mind and he started to hump his rear slowly and his slid on the carpet closer to Lizza cock filled pussy and he stared to lick her pussy as Jojo pumped his cock deep into her and as soon as she felt his tongue, Lizza orgasmed again and sucked Seth's cock even harder and faster making him cum in her mouth and deep down her throat and at the same time she felt Jojo's cock turn inside her as he raised his legs over her butt and they were now locked butt to butt.

Lizza let Seth's cock slip out of her cum filled mouth and watched him go to one end of the room to clean him self and then she felt the knot of Jojo's swell inside her as he filled her womb up full of his doggy cum. Lizza could feel the hot cum spurting out of his cock, it felt like a hose as it shot out and then felt his cock shrink and Jojo also went and sat next to Seth while he cleaned his cock. While she was still on all fours trying to see if any cum will drip out of her well fucked pussy, Rex mounted this new bitch in heat and without any help from Lizza, he hit home, driving his cock deep into her pussy until he also entered her cervix sending her to yet another mind blowing orgasm.

Rex fucked her for about ten minutes humping his cock in and out of Lizza like a bullet until she felt his knot slip in her and tie them together and when Rex was butt to butt with her, Lizza kept pushing and pulling against his swelling cock making her self cum again and again. At this point she lost count as to how many orgasms she had and also did not care as she just enjoyed the fucking she was getting from her dogs. Finally Rex shot his load into her and she could feel his hot cum mixing with Jojo's deep inside her womb making her want more as Rex also slipped out of her and joined the other two to clean himself.

Lizza then got up and got some pillows which she placed under her butt to raise her pussy as she wanted to see if Buster could fuck her in the missionary position as she lay there spreading her legs, Buster came to her and licked her pussy for a while before placing his front paws on either side of her and positioning his cock to enter her pussy. Buster aligned his cock for its target and then hunched forward driving his 17 inch cock deep into Lizza's warm pussy and with the force that he humped her, her tits started bouncing up and down as Buster also swiped his tongue over her beautiful soft lips and hardened nipples, making her cum again and making her pussy more wet and warm for him.

As Buster fucked his mistress, she wrapped her long sexy smooth legs around his waist and squeezed the legs of the dressing table as her legs pulled him deeper into her filling her to the max. After about half hour of fucking her, she felt his cock start to swell and just as she was having an orgasm, Buster let himself go, spraying her full of hot doggy juice making Lizza have one last mind blowing orgasm.

Lizza removed her legs from Buster's waist allowing him to join the other three dogs and clean himself. As she lay there on the floor in her after glow of having the greatest fuck in her life, Lizza felt all the doggy cum start to seep through her womb and out her pussy making her cum once more. Lizza was too exhausted to even get up; she just lay there as everything seeped out of her well fucked and hot pink pussy onto the towel which she used to cover the pillows and floor. While she lay there, she dozed off for a while only to be awakened by the warm feeling of Seth's tongue between her legs, cleaning out her pussy.

She was to exhausted to even push him away so she just let him do as he pleased, thinking that, that's all he was going to do, give her a good licking when suddenly she felt him enter her sore pussy, burying his cock deep in her and started to fuck her all over again only this time, Seth's cock was a little faster and harder not to mention thicker than the other three dogs that she fucked and he managed to tie with Lizza in the missionary positing and he was now facing his butt to her pussy and she could feel him swelling inside of her causing her to cum again and then she felt him shoot his load deep in her.

After Seth came loose from her he gave her pussy one last lick and then curled up next to his mistress and fell off to sleep. Lizza felt his cum dripping out of her now aching pussy and saw all four of her boys lying next to her fast asleep.

The next morning, she woke up feeling dog cum from the previous night seeping out of her sweet pink pussy and so she made her way to the bathroom to use the toilet and to wash her well fucked pussy from all the cum that was still oozing out. Her dogs were still asleep on her bedroom floor, so she went down stairs to the kitchen to have some breakfast with just her robe on. After having her coffee and some French toast, Lizza went back upstairs to her room and was greeted by all four dogs as they tried to get their heads under her robe to her pussy, Lizza just smiled at them and opened her room door to let them out and then she went to her computer and surfed the net for some info on other animals that she could have sex with, and that's when she saw pictures of two ladies and a chimpanzee, and she thought to herself that maybe she should get one and surfed the net some more to find out if their was anyone who trained animals to have sex with humans. She found a place that was about a half days drive from her estate and immediately, she got dressed and left home to find this so called farm.

On reaching the farm, Lizza headed for the house and was greeted by a fairly young couple who asked if they could be of assistance. 'Hi, umm yes, I got you guys address from a website and I understand you sell trained animals that will have sex with humans", said Lizza. The man said: 'Yes, ma'am you've come to the right place, how may we help you.' 'Do you guys perhaps have a chimpanzee for sale by any chance?' asked Lizza. With a smile on their faces the couple took her to the barn where they kept all their animals and asked Lizza to choose the one she liked best, Lizza walked passed each cage and found a huge male that caught her eye and asked them how much did he cost. The man looked at Lizza and said: 'Good choice ma'am he is one of our best students, and will cost you $2000.00" and just then Lizza took out the cash and handed to the man and she opened the cage and held the chimp by his hand and as they walked to her car. Before Lizza left the farm, the man told her that she give the chimp a bath and also if she liked, she could bath with him and make sure to keep and well fed or he won't perform well. She agreed to do so and headed for home, all the way home she was like an excited little girl on Christmas who couldn't wait to open her gift. On reaching the estate, Lizza took the chimp, which she called Spike, because of his spiky hair on his head, into the kitchen and fed him some fresh fruits as well as some cool water as the night was hot and also prepared a meal for her self.

After they had both eaten, Lizza took Spike upstairs to her room and prepared a nice bath for him, with just warm water, she led Spike to the bathroom and he jumped into the tub splashing water onto her and making her cloths all wet, Lizza just laughed at Spike saying:" You naughty boy, I am going to join you " and then she stripped, revealing her sexy well curved body to the chimpanzee as she climbed into the tub with him. Lizza started to pour water over her self and Spike and took some soap and began to wash him, and as she washed, Spike, she noticed that he was doing the same to her, rubbing her body full of soap and feeling her sexy curves and then Spike, slid his one hand down her soapy body between her thighs under the water and slipped two fingers into her pussy, Lizza just looked at the chimp with lustful eyes as he fingered her pussy. She quickly rinsed off the two of them and led Spike to the bedroom.

Once on the bed, Lizza spread her legs, gave Spike a full view of her inviting pink pussy to see his reaction. Spike looked at her with his big brown eyes and then buried his head in her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit, sending her into a spasm of unstoppable orgasms. As Spike sucked the juices out of Lizza's pussy, she could feel his hands caressing and cupping her breasts and gently pinching her erect nipples as she ran her fingers through his short spiky fur begging him for more. After spike had finished eating her pussy, he sat up at her feet and that's when Lizza noticed, the thickest and longest cock she had ever seen, growing between Spike's legs.

She lay there on the bed with her hot cum drenched pussy, waiting in anticipation, for Spike to fuck her, and then the chimp moved closer, holding her by her ankles, he spread her legs apart and then she felt the huge intruder at her pussy, parting her lips and entering her slowly until Spike had all 18 inch's of his cock buried deep in his new mate. Spike began to fuck Lizza hard and pumped his meat fast into her making her scream: 'Aaah yesss Spike fuck me, mmmm don't stop, yess yess ooooh.' Spike held her legs apart for about 20 minutes and then he let go so her long sexy legs lay on either side of him and then he placed his fury arms on Lizza's and pulled her up onto him so she could ride his monster cock.

As she sat up on his cock, she felt him go even deeper into her, filling her up to the max and then she started to ride him and as she did, she wrapped her long legs around his waist and held the bed posts behind him while she slid up and down his stiff long shaft. Spike pulled her upper body closer to his mouth and started to lick her breasts and gently nibble on her nipples bringing her to another screaming orgasm.

Lizza rode Spike's cock like she was riding a pony and then she felt his cock start to get even harder and then she felt the hot jets of cum shooting in her coating her womb full of his monkey juice and at the same time causing her to have another mind blowing orgasm. She let the bed post go and her weak sexy body fell back onto her soft bed as she unwrapped her legs from Spike's waist, Lizza felt his member was still in her sore well fucked pussy as it began to shrink slowly and she dozed off a while from exhaustion and all the sex she was having. She was awakened by the thrusting of Spike as she opened her eyes she found that he never came out of her and was now getting harder, she stopped him from fucking her pussy as it was sore from the long fuck she just had with him and when he drew his member out, she got to see his full length that went in her, she sat up and grabbed his member in her hand and brought her soft lips to its tip and kissed it all the way down his shaft to his balls and then flicked her tongue out and licked him all the way to the top, and then took as much as she could into her mouth and sucked him for a good ten minutes.

When she was done, she looked at Spike, and said: 'Can you do me in my sexy arse, boy, huh, can you fuck your new mate in her ass,' and then she turned around showing her sexy ass to him, and the next thing she knew, Spike was holding her waist tightly as he positioned his rock hard member for entry to her awaiting bung hole. She felt the intruder at the entrance of her ass hole and how it slowly parted giving way to the entering intruder. Lizza gasped as Spike sunk the first 3 inch's of cock into her and then with one quick jab and a loud scream from Lizza, he got all 18 inch's of his cock into her tight ass and started to fuck her with lightning speed as she felt his legs and arms wrapped tightly around her waist and tummy.

Spike fucked Lizza hard and long before she felt his hot monkey juice filling up her ass and then he pulled out of leaving her all hot sweaty and exhausted as she had never been fucked by such a huge and thick cock before and with that she looked at Spike with a smile and said: 'You and I are going to fuck like this everyday.'

With that being said, Lizza and Spike fell off to sleep for the night.

The End


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