"Shania Twain,
the Making of a Video"

      by Doberman

      (M+F rape oral anal best)

You ever wonder what it takes to get a music done just right. Shania Twain found out, to her regret.

This story is fictional. No intention of disrespect is intended to any of the participants. Its sole purpose is for the adult entertainment of the readers.

Ever wonder what they have to do to get a music video done just right?

Well here is a fictional story of the production of Shania Twain's video, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" You remember which one I'm talking about. She saunters into a diner full of cowboy jocks wearing that ankle length, skin tight lycra red dress, and four inch heels, which only tightened her calves that much more. One that hugged every inch of her beautifully curved body.

Remember people, this never really happened, I think.

Shania is twisting her way around the diner, rubbing her hot body against different studs acting as patrons as she sings her song;

Whose bed have your boots been under?
And Whose heart did you steal I wonder?
This time did it feel like thunder, baby?
And who did you run to?
And whose lips...

She rubs her taut tits against the back on one of the younger cowpokes, who snickers at feeling her nipples brushing his back.

"Cut!" Yells the video's director. "C'mon you guys. How many takes is it gonna take for you to get this right. You're not supposed to notice her. That's the whole idea of this video."

"We know Stan," the one responsible for this fowl up. "But give me a break will ya. I'm only human you know."

"I know, I know. It's hard to keep a straight face. But you're actors for godsakes. Act like it." he retorted. "Damn! I should've hired a bunch of gays," he exclaimed.

"I'm going back to my trailer Stan," Shania said to the director, exasperated at the numerous takes. "Call me when you got this worked out."

"Sure, you do that sweetheart." he told her.

He then called over her manager.

"We've got a major prob here, man." the director explained. "If the guys can't keep it down, we'll never get this done."

"Well, we've got to figure something out." the manager said. "Its been twelve takes so far. How long do you think I'll allow this to continue."

"I know. You got any ideas?" The director asked him.

Thinking it over for a few minutes, a grin finally crept across his lips. He talked to the director in private for a minute and convinced him to let him have a private conversation with the group of male extras. He gathered the group in the back of the diner and told him of his idea.

It only took a moment for them to agree in unison. Pleased that his solution to the problem at hand might bear fruit he left the diner and headed for his star's dressing trailer. Knocking on the door, he waited before entering.

"Well, did you finally get it straightened out?" Shania asked her manager.

"Yeah, I think I did." he smiled at her.

"I sure hope so." she complained. "My throat is getting raw with all of these takes."

He looked at his ravishing star. Looking over her body from head to toe. She noticed his inspection and was annoyed at those leering eyes of his. She finally stamped her foot down which brought him back to the here and now.

"Are you finished?" she asked him.

"Sorry babe," he pleaded her forgiveness. "But I was just thinking about the video."

"Oh really!" She doubted his sincerity. "And which part of my body snagged your mind?"

"Well, now that you mentioned it. You know that were doing a parody of your beauty. And you are beautiful. Well you know that we're just doing a parody of how beautiful you are by having a diner full of cowboys ignore your presence while you sing the song, right?"

"I know that," she scowled at him. "And your point is?"

"Well I think that we should make sure that we make you as sexy as possible." he told her.

"And what is wrong with the way I look now?" She felt insulted now.

"Noth... nothing!" He stepped into it now. "But with that skintight dress, we can see the outline of your panties. I think you should take them off for the shoot."

She stared at him, dumbfounded. Is he serious? She looked in his face and realized that he was deadly serious. She blushed at the idea of parading herself amongst that pack of husky men with no underwear.

She was already braless because of the dress. With her firm breasts, they didn't need support anyway, but to be completely naked under such a revealing dress bothered her.

After pleading his case further, Shania's manager finally convinced her that the music video would only benefit from the seamless dress if no panty line were visible. So reluctantly she turned her back to him and pulled up the hem of the dress, reached under and pulled down her thong panties.

She then turned around to face him and slingshot her undies in his face, smirking.

"There! You happy now, you old pervert?" she joked.

He just returned her smirk and took a deep whiff of her panties before stuffing them in his pocket and walked out. She fumed at him for his insolence but also smiled at his apparent interest in her career. She turned to her table and resumed applying fresh make- up for the next take.

"I sure hope that they get it right this time?" she said out loud.

A 'gopher' came knocking on her dressing trailer's door, yelling out. "Five minutes, Miss Twain!"

"Thanks Gerry," she answered back, but he was already running back to the director.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the trailer and headed back to the diner for yet another take. Passing a mirror, she glanced at herself and had to admit that her manager was right. Not wearing panties did make her more sexy looking. She ran her fingers along her calf and was pleased at the feeling that was coursing through her body.

The knowledge that she was completely naked under that thin, tight dress got her excited. She noticed that her nipples were stiffening because of it. She was embarrassed at this development. The dress did nothing to conceal her nipples aroused appearance. She was considering postponing this take until her excitement subsided. But after a few seconds of consideration she accepted it nonchalantly.

Oh well, it'll only help make the video that much sexier, she thought to herself, and continued towards the diner.

As she was approaching the camera crew and her manager, he noticed her aroused breasts and smiled at her knowingly. She returned it with a scowl on her face, before sticking her tongue out to him. He laughed out loud, and those around him didn't get the 'joke' that he found so funny.

The director was finishing his instructions to the whole cast, and swore that he'd kick the next one who broke into a smirk in the balls.

Shania didn't much care for that kind of language, but she knew that in the video and movie business it was quite common. She patiently waited in her chair until the final directions were being given. Finally the director felt that everything was in readiness and told her to take her position next to the doorway of the diner and wait for her cue.

She walked over to her position in that red dress and heels and waited. The music was cued up and began playing, then the director would yell, "Action!"

Shania began to sing her song and sauntered into the diner.

Whose bed have your boots been under?
And whose heart did you steal I wonder?

She opened the Saloon double doors, which pulled the dress tighter against her breasts, showing off those stiff nipples...

This time did it feel like thunder, baby?
Whose bed have your boots been under?

She would swish that so-feminine ass towards the first table and lean seductively in the midst of the four men 'having breakfast'. Not a flutter from any of them...

Don't look so lonely
Don't act so blue
I know I'm not the only
Girl you run to

At the next table she would squeeze her body against the back of a muscular college type, crushing her 'bare' tits against his back. No reaction came from him, or his mates...

I know about Lolita
Your little Spanish flame
I've seen you around with Rita
The redhead down the lane

She bumped and ground her way to the counter, her silky hair swaying as she made her way there. None of the cast were showing any reaction to her lascivious demeanor...


Whose bed have your boots been under?
And whose heart did you steal I wonder?
This time did it feel like thunder, baby?
And who did you run to?

At the counter she would lean forward and pour coffee in a mug. Exposing her deep cleavage to the fat old actor playing the country cook. He managed to control himself just as well as all the others....

This might finally work, she began thinking to herself.

And whose lips have you been kissin'?
And whose ear did you make a wish in?
Is she the one that you've been missin', baby?
Well whose bed have your boots been under?

The scene would go back outside, where she would scratch the old Irish Wolfhound's ears in the pickup truck, and he would lick her face playfully....

I heard you've been sneakin'
Around with Jill
And what about that weekend
With Beverly Hill

Back inside the diner, she would continue to try to arouse the men in various ways. She would sit on top of a table and cross her legs seductively. Still no reaction from any of the actors, not even a wink...

And I've seen you walkin'
With long legs Louise
And you weren't just talkin'
Last night with Denise

She would rub her breast against a back or a muscular arm. No reaction from them, but it only served to arouse her even more. Her nipples were getting more and more prominent...

(Repeat Chorus)

Come on boots...
So next time you're lonely
Don't call on me
Try the operator
Maybe she'll be free

(Repeat Chorus)

I wanna know whose bed, baby
Whoa baby, tell me
Whose bed, yes I wanna know
You better start talkin'
Or you better start walkin'...



"Aaannndd Cut!" The director yelled. "That's it people. That's the take."

Shania smiled broadly at him. Happy that this ordeal was finally over. She enjoyed the music, but could do without the videos that today's market demanded. She looked back at the cast and crew and blew them a kiss before heading back to her trailer to relax.

The cast glared at her manager, who simply gave them hand signals to 'cool it' and followed her to her dressing trailer.

"Great show, Hon," he exuded over her performance.

She smiled a thanks to him.

"I think that later you should go meet with the cast and thank them personally." he innocently suggested. "I know that they'll appreciate that."

"Sure, I liked them," she agreed. "They're a good bunch."

She lay down for a rest in the trailer's couch, never bothering to remove the red dress.

Half an hour later the filming crew had packed up their gear and were gone. The manager came up behind his star and reminded her that the cast were waiting for her back at the diner. She got up and straightened up the dress. Because of the tight fit, not a wrinkle was showing. Also she had completely forgotten that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

They both exited the trailer and returned to the diner to thank the cast. At the door, her manager held them open for her as she entered. She stopped dead in her tracks. The whole cast was there, all twenty of them, buck naked.

She was beginning to turn to leave but was pushed inside by her manager.

"Wha... what are you doing?" She asked.

"Just keeping my end of a deal, babe." he said with a grin.

"Are you nuts?" She yelled at him. "Let me out of here."

"Can't do, Hon." he blocked her way. "How do you think I got these guys to do so well on that final take?"

Her eyes bulged as she finally understood what he had promised. He had offered her to them for their cooperation in the video.

Turning her around, he shoved her in the middle of the pack of men.

"As promised, gents." he told them. "Just make sure you don't bruise the merchandise."

Twenty men surrounded her and grinned back at her manager. She felt hands begin to grope her. A husky man grabbed her around her slim waist and lifted her in the air. This allowed two others to remove her high heeled shoes and tossed them across the diner. He then deposited her gently on one of the round tables in the diner. Her butt and head were at hanging over the edges of this makeshift bed.

She lay there helpless, surrounded by twenty naked men. Each sporting an impressive looking cock of various size and shape. Suddenly, four of them grabbed her extremities while others held her down tightly. Some of the others approached her with knives. This had her worried, she didn't know how far they would go.

One of the knife weilding men went to her head while the other towards her legs. At their signal, the four men holding her arms and legs pulled them apart. She now found herself spread-eagled. This caused the hem of her tight dress to ride up to her crotch. This gave an enticing view of her exposed pussy hair to those fortunate enough to be at her feet. This began a stream of whistles as hands went to their cocks and began massaging their rods.

Time came to remove the cumbersome clothing, as little as it was. The one near her face snipped away the shoulder straps of the dress and another took hold of it and pulled it down, revealing those tits that everyone in the world had been fantasizing about.

At her legs, the other cutter was busily slicing away at the dress. Once enough cuts were made, three of the men began tearing the dress off of her struggling body. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she was being forcibly stripped of all her clothing. This gang rape was about to begin.

"No! Don't, please!" she pleaded.

She felt fragments of the dress disappear from her body. This nightmare somehow got her hyper-excited as her nipples began stiffening of their own volition. She knew that screaming wouldn't help her. They were in the middle of nowhere. The film crew was gone and there was nobody else around to hear her yells.

Not wearing any underwear, she was naked in less than a minute, with only tatters of her dress dangling from her now nude body. Her toned body was as beautiful as they expected it to be. In fact, it probably belonged in a special edition of Playboy.

She then felt her hands and feet being tied with strips from her own dress. They had planned the outlay of the 'bed' so that it was in the middle of the four supporting columns. These they used to tie her securely in a spread-eagled position.

The tabletop was smaller than her body so her head and buttocks were over the edges. This meant that most of her weight would be carried on the small of her back. To relieve some of that pressure she would arch her back, which lifted her tits upward making them that much more enticing to look at.

Once they had completed this task, they all stepped back and looked over their handiwork. She was helpless before their lecherous gaze. She could see from the reaction from their cocks that her situation was arousing these men even further.

Each one of the men's cocks was bouncing up and down as more blood was being pumped into those sexual organs.

But a strange thing seemed to be happening to her own body. Rather than being repulsed by the sight of these naked men, or of being tied down as she was. Her body was getting excited by it all. Her nipples were stiffer than ever. Her pussy was beginning to seep with juices that were being produced by her, against her will.

The men in the front of the pack were the first to notice the moisture that was spreading from her loins. One of them finally took that first bold step and moved towards her helplessly bound form. He buried his face in between her legs and began to eat her out.

"Ooooh!" She whispered faintly.

She arched her back at that first contact, as she gasped out loud in ecstasy. Despite her outrage at being sexually assaulted, the man's tongue in her vagina was the relief that her body needed. It only took a few minutes for her first orgasm to surface. This was something that no woman had any control over.

Two men moved to her tits and began suckling one nipple each. Her hands were closed into fists as she continued to struggle against her bindings. Her breathing was getting short and labored as more and more men approached her struggling form. She could feel someone sucking on her toes, as others would squeeze her ass or breast in approval. While all of this continued, the one at her pussy never relinquished.

Two of them unclasped her fist and laid her open hands over their quivering cocks. She instinctively grasped them, but refused to manipulate them. Displeased at her reluctance they each pinched her nipples hard and twisted them painfully.

"Oww!" She exclaimed.

They moved her hands over their cocks and she finally gave in and began to masturbate them as the others looked on in glee. Her body was being ravaged by at least six men at any one time. Then she felt a hand on her chin, turning her head sideways. There before her eyes was an eight inch cock just inches from her lips.

As she watched helplessly, the man approached her until his cock tip made contact with her closed mouth. She felt him applying further pressure, trying to gain entry. She wouldn't let him, she kept her lips pursed tightly shut. The man then reached down and grasped a mitt full of her long silky hair and pulled her head back hard.

Her head was bent back over the edge of the table now. The sudden pain against her scalp caused Shania to gasp out in shock. This was the opportunity that the man was looking for. Seeing her mouth gape open in that brief instance he shoved his cock in. He then released her hair and began fucking his stiff cock past her tight lips. With the tilt of her head as it was, he had no problem deep-throating the superstar.

Shania was helpless to prevent it now, so she resigned herself to the mouth fuck that she was now receiving. She figured that the best thing that she could do now was to get him off as fast as possible so that this invasion could end. In making that decision she began to suck him off voluntarily, lavishing her tongue along the length of the invading member as it moved in and out of her clenching lips.

Glancing sideways she spied her manager with a video camera.

The bastard is taping this, she yelled inwardly.

The others surrounding her table/bed were enjoying the spectacle before them. Seeing Shania Twain, one of the most beautiful woman in music today, sucking on a cock got them all excitedly waiting their turn. Hands were pumping all around as they would masturbate themselves to maintain their rigidity.

The one sucking her cunt finally got up and aimed his ten incher at the entrance of her pussy and massaged it against her pussy lips. Shania could be heard whimpering around the cock stuffing her throat at feeling that contact along her labia. She also continued jerking off the two cocks in her hands.

When the cock at her pussy began to enter her pussy, another orgasm hit her full force. She sucked on the cock in her mouth even harder. She had never felt such a cock in all of her life. Only a few inches had entered her and yet she felt fuller than ever before. The thickness of that member was stretching her pussy lips to a new level. The man continued to fuck slowly into her pussy, only adding an inch more with each in-stroke.

While watching his companion fuck her pussy, the man fucking her face was getting more excited and began pumping his hips faster in response. Shania was still managing to keep pace with him. As this double fuck was going on, one of the guys getting a hand job finally let loose with his load. It hit the side of her face, plastering her hair with the hot juices.

Once he emptied his balls, he pulled his cock free of her grasping hands. It was immediately replaced by a fresh cock. Shania didn't hesitate in taking hold of this new member and resumed her stroking motion to this new participant.

Meanwhile, the cock in her pussy was now past the nine inch mark and still fucking slowly in and out. Shania's breath was shallow at this tease that was being perpetuated on her vagina. She had never felt such a loving fuck, and this from such a huge cock. She always thought that the bigger the cock, the bigger the jerk that is attached to it. Your typical 'Wham, bam thank you ma'am' stereotype. This man proved that assertion to be wrong.

"Here it comesss, Baby," the one fucking her face exclaimed. "Take it all bitch."

She reluctantly began swallowing even before the first spurt shot down her throat. Some of the other guys got closer to watch as they could see her throat muscles contract as she swallowed the load. Hoots and hollers came from the pack of men surrounding her helpless body. This act of exhibitionism triggered another orgasm from her.

The man fucking her pussy took this cue to send in the final inches of his monster cock. He grabbed her by the waist for leverage and sent his body into hers. She nearly gagged as this final surge shoved the other cock unexpectedly deep down her throat, but she never relinquished her sucking.

"Oh! Oh! Yes, that feels so good!" she said, without thinking of her predicament, as yet another orgasm struck her down.

In response the man fucking her pussy began fucking like a damn horse. His strokes were so powerful that her body was sliding across the table/bed, despite being tied down.

When the one at her face pulled out, two more moved forward simultaneously. They glared at each other momentarily then in silent approval they presented both cocks to her.

Shania was dumbfounded. What did they expect her to do. Suck them both together? Unfortunately for her, that was exactly what they wanted. They pushed their cocks together and pushed them against her lips. With a pleading look in her eyes she opened her mouth slowly to admit them in. As soon as they saw the opportunity, they both shoved together and both cocks zipped by her lips.



The hunk fucking her pussy began shooting his cum and he pulled out his spurting cock and shot his load across her torso. So powerful were his jets that they reached her chin and sprayed over her exposed tits. Feeling the heated juice against her skin excited her further and she sucked in the twin cocks down her throat with more gusto.

Once that one finished shooting his jism upon her helpless body, she felt a number of hands lifting her off the table. This was being done despite the cords that kept her bound. Then she felt a body slipping under her and a stiff cock poking at her ass. She realized what was about to occur and once again struggled to try to prevent it. This was hopeless of course.

With no lubrication being applied, she lay helplessly as this new invader was pushing his cock up her sphincter. Luckily for her he was rather thin in the cock department. She was so tense that her ass was shut tight, but the rapist persevered. The only lucky point in this was that the man's cock was thinner than the average. This allowed him to gain entry after a few attempts.

"Oooohh!" she exclaimed.

When that cock head broke through the ring of her ass, Shania tensed up once more which squeezed her firm buttocks against his cock. He enjoyed this immensely, and proved it to her by shoving his cock further into her shit chute.

Once he got the first four inches in, another took position at her pussy and shoved his nine incher into her in one powerful surge. This caused Shania to stare blankly at the groins of the two men fucking her mouth. She was now impaled by four cocks at the same time, while still manipulating two others in her bound hands. The depravity of this caused her to have three or four orgasms in rapid succession.

Will this depravity never end, she thought?

As if her worst nightmare had reached its limit, she felt someone had climbed on top of her and was now straddling her chest. Next she felt the warm blooded presence of yet another penis in the valley of her cleavage. The next thing that occurred was the man's hands squeezing her tits together and his humping his cock for a titty fuck. He would massage her breasts as he pumped his prick through her cleavage.

Oh God! This can... can't be happe... happening!' She was thinking to herself. Sev... seven cocks. Al... all at... at once.

Her ordeal had been going on for over half an hour already, but so far less then half of the men had their shot at her violated body. And it didn't look like they cared to give her a rest period until they did. As soon as one cock vacated a spot, another would immediately jump in.

By this time she could no longer tell when one orgasm would end and the next begin, so fast were they coming. Though she wouldn't admit it to herself, her body was telling her how much she really enjoyed sex.

Some of the guys just couldn't hold off till their turn came up and so they would shoot a load on her. At least five of them had done so since this gang rape began. They would usually aim for her smooth face or tits.

One of them even asked the guys fucking her mouth to free it up for him so that he could shoot it down her open mouth for all to see. They didn't object, in fact they found it exhilarating to watch. As the white liquid shot out of his piss hole, it would strike her on the chin and nose before he finally got his aim right and everyone watched mesmerized as the jism went into her mouth.

"Don't let it go to waste Shania." he would tell her.

As a reminder of what was expected of her someone would twist her nipple painfully. They needn't have bothered. By this time she had resigned herself to the fate that had befallen her and swallowed it eagerly. To add to their show, she then licked the jism from around her mouth and swallowed that as well.

The twin cocks returned to her mouth and resumed their fucking. The one fucking her tits shot his load which struck her on her upturned chin and ran down her neck to puddle on the floor under her. He climbed down off the table and was immediately replaced with yet another. This one was more sadistic. He would torture her tits rather than massage and she was helpless to stop him.

Tears were streaming across her face as she mumbled her pain around the two cocks still stuffed in her mouth. She was temporarily saved when one of the husky college guys pulled that jackass off of her and decked him one.

"None of that. Hear!" She heard her savior exclaim.

Looking over to him, she could see that he had the backing of half a dozen of the more muscular participants. This, however, did not stop the rape. They just didn't want to get involved in pain. Nonetheless, Shania showed her appreciation to her protectors with a friendly look of her eyes. It didn't go unnoticed as they smiled back at her.

All the while her gang fuck never stopped. The two cocks in her mouth were still pumping in and out. While the ones in her pussy and ass had established a tempo that had one going in while the other out. She could feel both those cocks rubbing against each other through the thin membrane that separated her orifices.

A new element was added to this gang bang when another man managed to slip his face to her crotch and began sucking on her clit while his companion continued pumping his stiff cock into her pussy.

This she found increased her own excitement to the obscenity of this whole situation. Without any conscious thought she began humping her ass in unison with them. The others noticed this and smiled broadly, mistaking this as a sign of her willingness to continue.

Finally one of the two cocks began ejaculating. This soon triggered his partner. Shania was now in the unfortunate position of trying to swallow a double load simultaneously. She was being filled with their sperm faster than she could swallow, so some of it began escaping past her lips.

Unknown to her, one of the guys had placed a bowl beneath her head which was catching whatever she would miss. As soon as the pair vacated her mouth another cock presented itself. Looking up she saw that it was her savior from earlier. She smiled up at him and took his cock without any objection.

Given the circumstances, she figured that she might as well satisfy any that are willing to protect her from violent abuse. She licked the cockhead expertly before allowing it to proceed further down her throat. The jock appreciated the attention that the singer was giving him. He reached down to her nipples and massaged them soothingly.

"Mmmmmhh!" she responded positively to that.

"I want in, Miss Twain," he said shyly. "Is that okay with you?"

She couldn't believe that one of her rapist was actually asking permission to do so. Strangely, she found the request sweet, and felt that this might well be his first sexual experience. She smiled up at him and nodded her head affirmatively.

The college jock pushed his cock past her lips which she immediately closed around it. He took a deep breath and began to slowly fuck his nine inch cock to the back of her throat. Looking down he noticed that she had tilted her head completely back to make it easier for him to send his cock down her throat. Seeing that she was actually helping him in this he pushed further in.

Shania had to time her breathing with his fucking but she found that she could manage quite easily once she got the timing down. She could feel the stiff member as it drove into her throat. The warmth of the organ was soothing in a way. Whenever the occasion arose, she would lick the length of the member before it would disappear down her throat again.

The cock in her cunt was finally shooting his load. But unlike the previous tenant, this one wanted his seed planted deeply into this womb. Maybe he was hoping that Miss Shania Twain would carry his bastard child for him. He drove the entire length of his cock deep inside of her and remained immobile as spurt after spurt of jism was being dumped.

Shania realized what he was doing, but what could she do about it. She couldn't even complain out loud as her mouth was still stuffed with a surging cock. The only thing that she could try was pulling back, but that simply drove the cock in her ass deeper. In reaction to that stiff cock she would involuntarily arch her back which drove the cock in her cunt deeper. She was trapped in this see-saw dilemma for the duration.

Around this scene, the others were feverishly jerking off. They had each grabbed empty glasses and were busily filling them with their jism. Already four full glasses of the stuff had been collected. By this time they weren't really worried about losing their erections. The action before them assured them that it would return soon enough.

She was unaware of the goings on of the others. The college jock in her mouth gave a loud grunt and began shooting his juice down her throat. She had to struggle to pull her head back far enough so that she could get a taste of the stuff. She was shocked at herself when she realized that she actually wanted to taste it.

Once the jock pulled out of her, she was surprised to notice that no one seemed to be stepping forward. Next the cock in her cunt came out, followed soon after by the one under her. She was left alone for a few minutes. Then someone approached her from the side. It was her manager.

"Hey Baby!" He smiled at her. "How ya doin'?"

"Fuck off, you jerk." she yelled at him.

She had never used such foul language in her life before. But today it seemed appropriate.

"Tut! Tut! And here I convinced the guys to give you a rest break." he grinned down at her, as he massaged one of her naked breast.

She scowled at him for his audacity and spit in his face. She then turned her head away from him in revulsion.

Wiping her saliva away he grabbed her by the chin and had her face him.

"You thirsty? You want something to drink?" He asked her.

She reluctantly nodded that she was in fact thirsty.

He presented her with a glass full of white juice. In her daze she thought that it was milk. It only took a second for her to recognize it for what it actually was. Sperm, a glass full. She tried to turn away, but he anticipated that and pinched her nose hard. That painful gesture kept her in place. It also cut off her breathing which forced her to breath through her mouth. This is what he had planned to begin with and began pouring the warm jism into her mouth.

"Swallow all of it, Babe." he taunted her. "The guys'll love it."

She had no choice. It was either swallow or drown in it. She steadily gulped down the salty cream until the glass was emptied. She expected that to be it, but then another glass was presented before her. This went on until all four glasses were cleaned out. Then five more of the men came to her and resumed her gang rape.

She looked up at who the next cock she was about to suck belonged to. It was the old man that had played the cook. When she first saw him she thought that he looked like a typical roadside cook.

Unshaven, fat with a large potbelly. Then she thought that he was perfect for the role. But now she found him revolting.

He moved up to her head, his huge potbelly was hiding his prick from her view. He literally had to lift that slab of fat to make it available to her. It wasn't a bad looking cock, if only it didn't belong to that man. It was a full eight inches long, but thick.

At the other end two more guys had placed themselves in yet another double fuck. She felt the one under her shove his cock into her well lubricated and stretched ass as his companion shoved his cock in her love tunnel.

Her back was aching badly by this time. It had been an hour and a half since this all began. With only that serving of jism as a rest period. Shania had already taken care of fifteen of the twenty present. She didn't know if she could finish the job that was forced on her.

What she had forgotten to take into consideration, is that the ones from earlier were now ready for more. She realized this when her first 'lover' presented his revitalized ten incher to her face for satisfaction. She sobbed in resignation and took the man into her mouth for his second serving of Shania platter. Glancing sideways she could see that the others were also waiting for their second turn at her.



They repeated this throughout the evening. Basically, they had all agreed before hand that each man could use one of her holes only once. This meant that she was to be fucked on eighty separate occasions, each one fucking her four times. Her cunt, her ass, mouth and finally her tits.

The rape orgy lasted over eight long hours. By that time, Shania was covered with semen. Her calves, face and tits were the primary recipient of their gift to her. She had lost her strength some hours ago. From sheer exhaustion her head would hang back limply as each man would fuck her face.

Her manager had caught all of this on tape. Actually on three tapes. He never would've imagined a fuck session lasting this long. He knew that this would bring pleasure for years to come. Plus it would keep his protege in line if she ever causes problems.

Everybody agreed that the fun was over. That is until the cook blurted out in pun.

"What about Ruffus?"

They all turned towards him. Sure it was a joke, but now it got them thinking. In silence they all came to the same decision. A bunch of them slipped a second table under her buttocks. This brought a gasp of relief from her lips. For the first time since this whole ordeal began her back could relax.

Meanwhile, two of the men went outside and returned soon after with Ruffus, the Wolfhound. Shania remained oblivious to what was about to happen to her now. She was only semi conscious at this point. Then she heard the clattering on the floor tiles. She had no idea what it may be.

The men led the large dog to the tables where Shania lay. Its keen sense of smell had detected the odor of sex that permeated the diner. Its cock began to emerge from its furry sheath. The mutt was sniffing the air loudly as it tried to locate the source of that erotic aroma. That's when the dog noticed her on the tables. One final whiff convinced him that this is what he was looking for. In one leap he jumped on the extra table that was set up at her groin area.

Now that he was at her level he gazed down at the naked diva. She was still covered in cum from her gang rape ordeal. Nobody had bothered to try and clean her up. He dipped his head down and began licking her calves clean of the spermy residue.

Shania was oblivious to what was about to occur. It wasn't until she felt a tongue against her skin that she knew something new was about to happen, but she didn't yet realize its owner. She was still dazed from her ordeal, but she dizzily lifting her head to see what was happening. Once her head got higher up she noticed her latest intruder. In utter shock she tried to shake herself loose or scare the beast away from her.

"OH GOD! NO!" she screamed at the men. "Don... don't do this to meeeeeh!" she squealed.

"Ruff! Ruff!" Was the dog's response to her distracting behavior.

Her sudden surge of energy did cause Ruffus to look up momentarily. The dog looked at her in a questioning manner, but he simply resumed his licking as if nothing had happened. Shania looked on helplessly as the huge Wolfhound kept lapping his tongue along her calf nearing her groin area and her pussy. She didn't even want to think what might happen when the dog found her opening.

The men had arranged the chairs around her and just sat there with their cocks sticking out of their pants. This was a once in a lifetime show. They doubted if they would ever see another animal show like this. Shania's manager had reloaded his video camera and was shooting this scene as he had all evening.

As the dog kept on scraping his tongue along her skin, Shania's body was betraying her once more. She was finding the strange texture of the animal's tongue was exciting her all over again. Her pussy was once more seeping some of her love juices. Its strong presence caught the attention of Ruffus. He moved his nose in the direction that the fresh fragrance was coming from.

That's when he discovered her pussy. He immediately dove his snout into her vagina and buried his tongue deep inside of her to gather all of the juices that he could find.

"Ungh!" was Shania's only response to this invasion.

She couldn't believe how deep that tongue was going inside of her womb. Its constant movement made it feel like a snake was slithering inside of her. But this 'snake' was lapping up all of the juices that it came in contact with. The male sperm and her own juice.

Whenever Ruffus would withdraw his tongue he would lick her clit in one long swipe. Each time that this happened she would gurgle out a shout of pleasure. The rough texture of that tongue only added to the pleasure of its licking. It was like having sandpaper rubbing against her sensitive clitoris.

This licking continued for over fifteen minutes before the mutt began to move up her body and continued to clean her off. He would lick in and around her bellybutton until that area was cleaned up and then proceeded to her tits. In doing so he landed his forepaws onto her stomach, knocking the breath out of her. The beast must weigh over 100 pounds, and in her exhausted state that's all that was required.

The huge Wolfhound began licking the underside of her breast and proceeded to her nipples. Shania breathed in a deep breath from his contact to her mounds. The hound then dropped his paws to her side, giving her breathing room, to her great relief. He was now straddling her as it continued to lick her tits.

As he discovered her nipples, his puppy memory probably guided him to suck on it as he had as a pup. Rather than licking he was now suckling it. Shania couldn't believe what the dog was doing to her. The absurdity of the situation didn't help her mental state in the least. Her nipples had attained a rigidity that they had never reached before in her entire life. She just continued staring blankly at that canine tongue as it lavished attention on her tits.

During all of this, the men never moved their eyes from the bestial sucking going on. Since Miss Twain wasn't objecting they again figured that she must be enjoying it. She couldn't voice her objections because she was just to exhausted to even bother.

Her only vocal response were "Mmmmm's" that would escape her lips occasionally. But this was only an instinctive response, one that she had no conscious choice in. Never in her wildest fantasies would she have ever consented to such goings on as she had been subjected to this day.

As the men looked on, they noticed the dog's cock growing further from its sexual excitement. They couldn't help but be impressed at its length and girth. The pinkish prick had grown to at least eleven inches and began taking the shape of a blackjack. Thin near the balls and got fatter towards its head. They couldn't wait to see what the pooch would do next.

When it finally reached its pinnacle, the cock measured fourteen long thick inches. And was so rigid that it showed no sign of sagging downward.

As Shania continued watching her latest 'lover', she too noticed the growing prick between the beast's legs. Her stare grew wide in disbelief at its size. She was worried that it may attempt to fuck her as well. Its strange shape also caused her some concern. Then her attention was brought back to her breast when the dog nipped at her nipple. At this, she would arch her back in response.

'At least he won't be able to fuck me.' She thought to herself. 'Not in this position at least.'

She felt safe that a dog needed to do it in the classical doggy fuck position. Imagine her surprise, and the men's, as the large Wolfhound lay down flat across her spread-eagled body. Its large head lay on top of her flattened breasts. She could also feel the warm presence of his huge prick against her leg.

The next thing that happened was that the dog began shuffling forward towards her face. Shania's eyes turned up as she pleaded for this to end. The warmth of the dog's fur against her naked body didn't help her any either. Its rubbing her like that only increased her unconscious acceptance of the situation.

She could also feel the dog's stiff cock sliding closer to her pussy. She gave a final attempt at struggling free. But tied as she was, she had no leverage to assist her in her struggle.

The mutt was now at her neck and he began lavishing it with his long tongue once more. The horny pooch just couldn't get enough of the jism that had covered her. It was then that the head of his cock made contact with Shania's vulnerable pussy lips.

Its heated presence against her labia got her excited all over again. The men shuffled closer to get a better view at what was about to happen. Some still doubted that the dog could get inside of her. The dog recognized the feeling of a pussy and tried to push forward instinctively.

"Ooohh! God th... this can... can't b... be happ... happening," Shania exclaimed.

Not being distracted by its cock, the Wolfhound continued licking her neck and moved up to her face next. He began licking her face clean of the spermy residue there. To protect her eyesight from the dog's ravishing tongue, Shania closed them. Once more the men came to the wrong conclusion and assumed that she had shut her eyes out of ecstasy.

The large pooch was trying to scramble forward, desperately seeking to get his aching prick into this bitches womb. Poor Shania was helpless to stop him. She could only lay there and submit to this, this bestial rape.

Then it happened. The canine cockhead found its mark. And with the marathon rape that she had endured earlier, her pussy lips offered no resistance to the dog's penis. It slipped past her pussy lips.

The going was slow as this was not the natural fucking position for the dog. But slowly, inexorably, the beast's cock slipped into her vagina. Shania cringed at the embarrassing turn of events. To be fucked by a dog!! The men cheered as they realized that the mutt had actually gained entry.

Ruffus, feeling his cock being wrapped by the warm folds of the woman began to hump forward, never stopping his incessant licking of her face. More and more of its cock was going into her. And the warmth of the animal's fur over her body only served to excite her more. The warm canine body crushing her breast was too much for her. She had to gasp out a moan in exhilaration.

It was at this moment that Ruffus slipped his tongue past her lips, inside her gaping mouth. At first, Shania was disgusted at this intrusion. But as he drove it deeper down her throat she began to reciprocate and returned a French kiss herself.

The men weren't even aware of this intimacy between woman and beast. They were too engrossed at watching the bestial coupling at her pussy. That monster cock was doing its utmost to get completely inside of her. Already half of it had managed its way in, and still the beast persisted.

Shania was groaning loudly now as she realized how good this 'lover' was to her. Unconsciously, she began humping her hips into its thrust. She now realized that she wanted him, the dog, completely inside of her. And she no longer cared who was watching.

A few of the men caught on to the fact that she truly was getting into this and cut her legs free from the bindings. They had to help her draw her legs up and open for the dog for she was too stiff from the hours of being tied to do it herself. Her knees were drawn up, this allowed her better leverage to fuck up to her latest lover. But her arms were left bound.

As they continued to observe the dog's cock disappear deeper inside of the superstar, they noticed a ball inflating at its base. Those that were familiar with dog's knew that this knot was to tie with a bitch. They were secretly hoping that this mutt could accomplish this. That would be mind blowing.

Shania was now a willing participant to this intercourse. As weak as she was, she began humping her hips up into the dog's groin, allowing him to get even more of his cock inside of her womanhood. With all of the fucking that she had endured. She was pleasantly surprised that this cock was so wide that it was rubbing her inner pussy walls and she loved it.

Ten full inches of that cock had managed to find its way in so far. The last vestige of it was that knot. In one final lunge it also broke past her pussy lips. Shania's eyes bugged out when that happened. She didn't know what just happened and it took her a few minutes to settle back down.

The dog never stopped his pumping. Though he couldn't pull himself out now, the fucking continued. The men could see that the knot had locked itself in her cunt. They could see her pussy lips being turned inside out as the dog began pumping into her, as only an animal could. Fast and merciless.



Shania's body was shaking with each animal thrust and her breath came in short loud gasps. She somehow managed to trap the Wolfhound's tongue back inside her mouth and was sucking on it lovingly. The dog allowed this and would slither his tongue into her oral recess.

It was a good five minutes before the dog finally ejaculated his jism into her waiting womb. Shania knew immediately when that occurred as she could feel the powerful jets striking the very depth of her womb. The heat that she could feel down there was excruciating, but exhilarating as well.

"OH Yesss, doggy! Fill me with your seed!" the men heard her say.

A grin crept over their lips at her compliance.

As he continued dumping his juices into her, Ruffus remained still. Locked into the bitches cunt as he was he could do nothing else. When the final spurt finally ended he remained stuck into her.

Shania thought that this was the end of it. She didn't yet realize that a dog could regain another load without ever disengaging from its mate. The inter species couple remained locked in place for twenty minutes before anything happened.

Then to the amazement of all, the dog began humping into the diva all over again. This went on even longer than the previous fuck. It took over fifteen minutes of constant fucking before he would shoot his second load.

Shania had passed out after six minutes of this second fuck from the exhaustion of her whole ordeal and from the numerous orgasms that she had experienced. The dog didn't care if she was awake or not, he just continued fucking to his content.

A few minutes before the huge dog was about to shoot his load, she regained consciousness. It took her only a few seconds to recall what was going on. She concentrated her efforts on the pumping cock in her cunt. She would match him hump for hump.

The men watching were hooting, hollering and whistling at her performance. The best that she had or could ever give to any audience as far as they were concerned.

Finally, with a loud howl the Wolfhound began shooting his scalding load into this bitch of his. He was pumping so much jism into her clenching pussy, that some of it was spurting out of its tight suctioning clasp.

"OH! OH! Oh God, yessss!" she exclaimed in ecstasy.

She wrapped her legs around the back of the fucking beast. She only wished that her hands were free so that she could hug her lover. She heard clapping all around her and when she looked she saw the twenty men cheering her and the dog on. In a final salute, they all began shooting a fresh load of jism over the inter-species couple.

The hound didn't appreciate this, but Shania no longer cared. She even opened her mouth to try to catch some of it on her tongue. Some of the guys were only to happy to oblige her and aimed their stream in that direction.

The dog's final cum lasted almost three continuous minutes before it finally stopped. Never had she been so filled with sperm in her entire life. During the dog's climax, she had orgasmed half a dozen times herself. In total exhaustion, her legs fell open in a split.

Of course the dog remained locked into her pussy for a long time. Its knot wouldn't allow them to break free until a good thirty minutes had passed. This was nature's tool to assure that a canine bitch would be impregnated after coupling. Obviously, it was never truly intended for a human mate.

When its knot had finally shrunk enough to permit it, the Wolfhound pulled himself off of Shania's prone body. As soon as the huge penile plug pulled out of her pussy a stream of doggy cum came pouring out of her. It looked like she was taking a long piss. The Wolfhound didn't leap down off the table, he just stood there over her legs.

With the show finally over, two of the guys came over and untied her arms from the restraints that had kept her prisoner all day long. Her arms were aching from the prolonged confinement. She could barely move them. A few of the men were massaging feeling back into her arms and legs. But strangely, to her at least, there was no sexual intent on their part.

When she groaned in pain in her neck, hands were there to give her a soothing massage. Despite her nudity, none of the men approached other than to comfort her. This was truly strange behavior considering what they had just put her through.

When the feeling finally returned to her body, Shania lifted herself up onto her elbows and gazed at the Wolfhound as it stood there over her legs. Its cock had shrunk but still a good six inches remained dangling before her. She could see droplets of the dog's cum hanging tentatively at its cocktip.

As she stared at that dangling penis, a thought crossed her mind. She couldn't believe that she was thinking of doing what she was about to do. But the more she looked at that dripping cock the more she knew that she wanted a taste of it.

Just a lick. What harm could it do, she tried to justify her line of thought.

Slipping her legs out from under the big dog, she then spun herself around on the table top. Her head was now next to the dog. So close was she, that she could now smell the aromatic fragrance emanating from its doggy cock. So mesmerized in her present course of action, she had completely blanked out the surrounding men from her consciousness.

Thinking the entertainment over, the guys were all about to leave. That is until one of them noticed Shania spinning on the table, to sit next to the dog. He nudged his buddy, who turned to see what had caught his friends attention. This lead to the next guy, and the next, and the next. This domino effect had them all returning to their seats pronto.

Shania still had some misgivings about what she was about to attempt, but her reluctance was quickly dissipating. Ignoring the men around her, she hesitantly reached up and touched the dog's prick. It was still covered with residual semen and her own pussy juice.

She brought her slimmed finger tip to her nose and smelled.

Mmmm! Not too bad, she thought.

She took did the next step. She slowly stuck out her tongue and licked her finger. The taste was not unpleasant. Not unpleasant at all, she thought. She then stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean of the fuck juices.

Satisfied that the juices weren't going to cause her to throw up, she got closer to the Wolfhound and began stroking its back to put him at ease. Next she placed her hand back on its cock and slowly began stroking it back to life. She wasn't sure if the pooch would respond so soon after unloading two huge loads into her pussy, but she was going to try.

After only a few strokes, she could feel new life being pumped into the canine's penis. Slowly, inexorably the organ began to grow and stiffen. As more blood surged into its sex muscle, it would straighten up and out in her grasp.

She smiled in appreciation. The next thing for her to do was to get her courage up so as to follow through with her intentions. She bent her head down and took a whiff at the salty fragrance emanating from the turgid sexual organ.

Then sticking her tongue out she lightly licked its surface. The huge Wolfhound let out a loud "Grruff!" in response to this unexpected contact. The more Shania would lick the braver she got. Her excitement at her audacity caused her nipples to become rigid once more, and she could feel her juices begin to flow within her vagina as well. How strange, that engaging in fellatio would cause her pussy to react so powerfully. She went about returning the favor that the dog had done for her earlier. She went about cleaning its cock clean of the residual love juices from their previous encounter.

The men just stared dumbfounded at what the superstar was about to do. Their tying her down and raping her for hours didn't bother them. Even when they had the dog lick and fuck her was acceptable in their minds. But this was beyond their comprehension. To watch a human female, apparently ready to suck a dog off was unbelievable. And yet, this is what was about to happen before their very eyes.

Shania was busily licking the doggy cock from its balls towards its tip. She wanted to get to that last. She was enjoying the mixture of the doggy cum and her own juices immensely. Once or twice she would wrap her lips around the stiff rod and nibble on it lightly.

Ruffus seemed to enjoy that part.

Finally, the climax of the moment was about to occur. She had reached the head of the hound's cock. She hesitated one final moment as she stared at its pisshole. This was were it all came from, she knew. With one last moment to think this through, she went on.

Moving closer she stuck out her tongue again and licked the cockhead clean of juices. By this time the dog was in its sexual peak. The cock was seeping a steady flow of pre-cum liquid. Shania decided that the best way to keep up was to take the organ into her mouth. This she did, to the gasping sound of twenty horny men.

She wrapped the stiff member with her full, sensuous lips and sucked lightly. Finding that she could accommodate the wide girth of the animal's penis, she pushed on. She continued moving down its length, as more and more of the bestial cock disappeared down her throat.

The men were so shocked that they didn't even reach for their own stiff cocks in their pants. Some had already shot a load in them. They just stared blankly at the beautiful woman as she began to deep throat the beast.

She had managed to take in seven inches so far, but she had no intention of stopping there. She pushed on. All the while, the dog's pre-cum kept seeping out of the tip, and Shania just swallowed it along with the meaty prick. Eight, nine, ten inches, and still Shania did not hesitated in trying to swallow the whole thing. From this point on, she would have to cycle her breathing as it drove deeper down her stretched throat.

Eleven and then twelve inches. It was getting hard to continue now, so full was her throat and mouth. But she persevered. Finally, her nose struck the dog's prick knot. The one that had locked inside of her pussy earlier. This was as far as she wanted to go. Allowing the lumpy knot past her lips would surely choke her to death, as it would have locked the thick prick in her throat, blocking off her breathing.

The men around her watched in amazement as they saw all fourteen inches of the dog's cock was definitely inside her mouth and down her throat. They looked on in admiration as she began to slowly pull out and then surge back forward, simulating a fucking motion for the dog.

Ruffus, the Wolfhound, picked up on this and his hind legs began to hump instinctively, adding to her head motion. Soon he had reached the bestial tempo that he was so used to. At this speed Shania could no longer keep pace with his, so she just remained motionless under the dog and let him do the work.

The mutt kept at it for a good ten minutes before he finally climaxed and shot the first powerful jet of jism down her throat. Shania never got to taste that first shot, as it had occurred deep past her taste buds. Not wanting to miss the next one she pulled her head back so that the dog's cockhead would be resting just past her lips.

She managed that just as the second spurt came surging through. So strong was that jet that it struck the back of her mouth almost causing her to gag. She didn't swallow it immediately, wanting to taste it first. The hound still kept trying to hump its cock into her, but she kept him at bay.

Shania had to swallow that second spurt because the third, then the fourth came to add to it and her mouth could only hold so much. The dog kept shooting load after load down her throat, and she somehow managed to swallow it all without losing a drop.

The men could see how much jism she was swallowing by the throat movement she was exhibiting as she drank it down. Though at first they were somewhat disgusted at this, now they wished that they could actually see the semen going into her mouth.

But Shania didn't care about their wants in this. She remained oblivious to their presence. This time, it was to satisfy her needs and the dog's. Nobody else's.

One of the men couldn't control himself any longer and got behind her and sucked out her pussy, to her pleasure. He had no trouble causing her to have yet another orgasm. The bestial act had a lot to do with that, mind you.

When the Wolfhound finally finished climaxing in her clenching mouth, he tried pulling out of her grasp. Shania was reluctant of letting him get away, but eventually she had to concede to his will. The dog penis popped out of her lips and sagged down after the exertion.

Shania lay on her stomach, full of doggy jism inside of her. She had a satisfied smile on her lips and rested. She fell asleep in a matter of minutes. The men looked at her beautiful sleeping form and smiled at themselves. What they had witnessed today was so unbelievable, that they swore not to talk to anybody, ever. Shania's secret sexual thrill would be safe. Her career wouldn't suffer.

They took notice that she was still covered with semen from her ordeal. So as a final act of good will, they picked her up gingerly and took her outside. They deposited her in the horse trough outside. Being a warm night, they knew that she wouldn't be cold.

Feeling the caress of the water around her, Shania stirred awake. Surprised at finding herself in the trough, she looked around as she saw the men leaving. They were heading to their vehicles, giving her the privacy that she required to wash herself properly. She smiled in recognition to their consideration and began to wash off the residual sperm off of her toned naked body. She closed her eyes and relaxed in the cool pool of water. Letting the juices flow from her body by themselves.

As she was doing this, a horse from a neighboring ranch came trotting over. It bent its head to get a drink, not minding the presence of the human female resting in it. As the huge animal drank, he was also drinking in the sex juices that Shania had washed off.

The great beast didn't know why, but he was getting a buzz from this drink. At a fairly rapid rate, its monstrous equine cock emerged from its protective covering at its underbelly. As thick as an arm and as long as a her leg, the huge member surged forward. The horse followed the trail of juice in the trough and reached the slumbering Shania.

It nudged her lightly on the breast floating leisurely on the surface, and lapped its thick tongue along its sensitive surface. The wide tongue covered one of her breast completely in one swipe. This contact brought her out of her light slumber. She gazed up in surprise at the huge horse above her. She stroked him on the forehead and smiled broadly at his presence.

The stallion turned aside nervously. This allowed Shania to discover its impressive prick. The huge ebony prick scared the daylights out of her. She gasped in shock at its size and then broke out laughing hysterically.

What happened next we don't know. The horse wouldn't talk.

- The End -

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