"My Sexual Adventure Begins on an Exciting Note"

      by Sheperd

      (F, zoo)

I am Usha, a young Indian girl. I have had a sheltered life till my 18th year. My parents died when I was 3 years old. My grandmother brought me up in a village some 200 kilometers from Chennai. When this story opens, we had moved to Chennai. My grandmother was a teacher in a school and she had classes throughout the day. This left me free to do as I pleased, provided I remained at home. Sarala, a thirteen year old servant maid was my companion.

One day Sarala came to work carrying a young baby some 18 months old. It was Ram, the son of a visitor to her neighbor's house. It was quite friendly and not shy of newcomers. I spent time playing with the child. After sometime I went to take a bath. While taking bath, I heard the child cry suddenly. It had fallen down while running about. Sarala took it up and started comforting it. As I came out all was quiet. I was just drying my hair as I came to the place where Sarala was sitting with the child in her lap. She didn't see me approaching. What I saw was just amazing. She had nestled the child in her arms. She had taken the left breast out and was feeding the child! The child was busy sucking at the nipple that was held up by Sarala between her first and middle fingers. It had latched on firmly to the nipple and was doing vigorous sucking. The cheeks were hollowed indicating forceful sucking. Its white teeth flashed now and then and were a good contrast against Sarala's jet-black nipple. The child appeared to be making a generous use of its teeth on Sarala's nipple while chewing it. The room was quiet except for the vigorous suction noise produced by the child's mouth. The girl had closed the eyes and was enjoying the feeling of being sucked. At times she winced as the child's sharp teeth sank into her marble-hard nipple in the course of its chewing. But then she made no attempt to stop the suckling process. After a few minutes, she just got hold of her right breast, applied a syrupy paste to her right nipple and was rubbing it against the corners of the child's mouth. The nipple was shining in sun-light and was quivering with the girl's excitement about what was going to happen to it. The child promptly switched breast and continued its business with a single track mind. The suction was with such a force that nearly a quarter of the breast vanished between the ravenous lips and teeth of the child.

I was just watching. After 10 minutes of sucking both her nipples showed bite marks on them and they were angry red in color. They were coated with thick saliva and were quite raw. I was sure the girl will have trouble putting on her blouse, as the nipples that were sucked so viciously would then rub against the cloth. The girl did not see me watching her. Suddenly the phone rang and I went to the hall to answer it. It was Sarala's mother Saraswathi. She wanted her to come to her immediately. I conveyed this message to Sarala, who had removed the child from her breast in the meantime and buttoned up her blouse. She requested me to look after the baby, who was sleeping. She would be back in a few hours time. I assured her that I would look after the child.

Now I was alone in the house with the child and I sat down to watch the program in the TV. After 10 minutes the child woke up and came to me. It sat on my lap. I just cuddled it against my chest and continued watching the TV. From the corner of my eyes I noticed that the child was throwing covetous glances at my breasts and licking its lips. I pretended not to notice and was watching the TV. Slowly the child extended its fingers and was touching my right breast and was searching the nipple. I felt terrific. It then pushed its face against my chest. I said nothing and was keeping quiet as if nothing was happening. But my heart was beating in a fast rhythm as I was excited by what was going to come. The child's lips brushed against my nipples covered by bra and blouse. Even with that cover the child could feel my nipples growing hard and sticking out. It quietly opened its mouth and imprisoned my right nipple, blouse and all. Its saliva started wetting my blouse covering the breast and the nipple could now be made out. The child was sucking and chewing it vigorously in spite of the blouse cover. My excitement grew. I took my right hand to my back, just unhooked my bra, unhooked my blouse, cradled the child's head in my arms and pressed my nipple to its lips. It looked at me for a moment and without further ado opened its mouth and sucked in my entire areola along with the nipple and started to suck. I looked down and saw the child's mouth working furiously on my nipple. It had closed its eyes in bliss. My nipple under suction hardened to a marble and was chewed on in a relentless manner by the child.

A sharp electric feeling coursed through my entire body. The child had very sharp teeth and made unhesitating use of them. But just as it was biting my nipple, suction too was applied and I was able to withstand the pain on account of the pleasure procured by the harsh sucking. I felt as if my nipple was caught up in a vacuum cleaner and a mixie all rolled into one. After 10 minutes of this chewing and suction by Ram, I offered the other breast to the child just to give a well-deserved rest to the right nipple. The child continued its sucking with the other breast as well. I alternated the breasts every 10 minutes during the hour-long suction. The child again fell asleep with my left nipple caught between its teeth in a vice-like grip. Whenever I moved a little, the chewing started in right earnest, even as the child was sleeping. I extricated it with a little tact as it was time for my grandma to come home. Just as the nipple was leaving the mouth, it scraped against the sharp teeth, thus causing a shooting pain. My nipples had grown at least one inch longer due to the sucking. Both were showing bite marks on account of the vicious suckling and covered with so much sticky saliva that a droplet had collected at each nipple and was about to drop. Sarala came before the grandma and I got to talking with her. I questioned her about the breastfeeding and she confessed that she liked having her breasts sucked. She added that the child had a twin brother by name Lakshman. I asked her to bring both babies the next day.

The next day the exercise continued with a difference. I had both Ram and Lakshman at my breasts. There was a twin attack on my breasts. Lakshman was sucking more aggressively and his teeth were sharper than Ram's and that is telling a lot! The children sucked my nipples for one full hour non-stop. The next hour they spent at Sarala's breasts, while I took my bath and went about my duties. I followed Sarala's example and applied sticky honey to my nipples. As I came back and sat beside Sarala, Lakshman followed by Ram leaped at me and settled themselves at my lap. Their hungry lips and sharp teeth latched on to my nipples simultaneously. Another hour of vigorous and vicious suckling followed.

But after a few days the twins had to leave for their village. This time Sarala brought some other babies from another neighbor of hers. They were nearly two year old boys with large sharp teeth. One baby by name Rikki had two rows of lower teeth! She told me that they were still being breastfed by their mothers. There was no longer any milk forthcoming but the children loved sucking at the breast. Their biting was a little more painful and she was not sure that I should take a risk with their biting my nipples. I too hesitated a little but then after seeing Sarala breastfeeding them and bearing the pain with an indulgent smile, I took courage in my hands and let the children suckle at my breasts as well. It was indeed more painful especially with the multi-row toothed Rikki, but then I grew accustomed to the pain. In fact, Rikki became my favorite. The suction and the chewing exercised by him were enormous and I had a feeling that I would start lactating if this stimulation continued for some more days on a regular basis. At times I encouraged him to bite and suck a little harder and he obliged me. My breasts had an extraordinary growth thanks to this adventure. Rikki loved to try swallowing as much of my breast as possible. As a result, his bite marks were distributed all over my breasts.

Now there followed a succession of children. The eldest of them was a three year old boy, Govind. I had told Sarala to bring male children only. This three year old boy had ideas beyond his years. He would suckle vigorously at one breast and will be tweaking the other nipple. His head would dash against my breast followed by immediate pulling of my nipple imprisoned between his strong and sharp teeth. Suction will be there all the while. As his head dashed against one breast, he will be vigorously milking my other breast with the nipple caught within his fingers in the typical milking mode adopted by cowherds. The first time he dashed against my breast, I had my breath knocked out. The servant maid explained that the boy's father was a cowherd and this boy had looked on as the calf was suckling at the cow's teats. His tweaking my nipple was his way of imitating his father milking the cow. The child continued its suckling accompanied by dashing against the breast and pulling the nipple caught between the teeth. It changed breasts three or four times and the breastfeeding session lasted two hours. I came in my pussy many a time.

Things took a different turn. Sarala told me that her mother had some sheep and was in the practice of breastfeeding the sheep kids. I was excited on hearing this. I persuaded her to bring two sheep kids, both male. With experience I found that male kids suck more aggressively, whether human or animal.

The sheep kids came the next day. Sarala started breastfeeding them by putting them on her lap and cuddling them to her nipples as she would feed a human child. But I was more innovative. I just put myself on all fours and the breasts hung down. The sheep were under me. Without much ado they flicked out their tongues and captured my nipples, areolas and all. Their suction was more powerful than that of human children. The two sheep kids pulled at my teats and the dashing was coming in a random manner. Thus, as one kid was dashing, the other was pulling. Needless to say, suction was being constantly applied and the mouths were working furiously on the nipples. They were wagging their tails in excitement. Gradually my nipples became tougher and longer. My upper torso was heaving up down in response to the push-pull operation being carried out by the sheep kids in a random pattern.

One day Sarala came along with Saraswathi, her mother. They brought a piglet. No need to ask why. Saraswathi was still lactating as she had a male child one year old and had not yet weaned it. Her 36 DD breasts had prominent nipples that jutted at least one inch forward. She laid down on her back, unhooked and removed her blouse and put the piglet to her left breast. It had a hearty feed from her breast with heavy slurping sound. Its snout was twitching and Saraswathi's breast was dragged into the piglet's mouth nipple, areola and all. The portion of the breast outside the snout of the piglet had a blue vein, which was throbbing as the heavy suction and chewing were applied to the nipple. She switched breasts and the piglet went on sucking. It was quite content and was wagging its short tail very fast as it was furiously feeding at Saraswathi's teats..

Saraswathi explained that the piglet had to still its hunger first and then only I should attempt to breastfeed it myself. It was a wise suggestion. I imitated the position taken up by Saraswathi and put the piglet to my left teat. Saraswathi pressed her own breasts and milked herself to get some milk in her hands. She coated my nipples with that milk. It was quite warm fresh from her breast and created a tingling sensation in my nipples. It hesitated at first. But I rubbed the nipple against its snout and the piglet accepted the nipple. It recognized the taste of Saraswathi's breast milk and went about its business in a serious manner. I was quite amazed at its suction power. It was many times that of sheep kids! Saraswathi stood by my side and was slowly letting drop her milk collected in a bowl on to my nipple under suction. Thus the piglet was tricked into thinking that it was getting milk from my breast. She explained that its gums exercised an enormous chewing, which would have been manifold had it not been getting any milk. On my request the next day they came with two piglets and put them at my breasts after Saraswathi had stilled their hunger with her own breasts. The twin attack on my nipples and areolas coated with Saraswathi's thick milk and supplied with drops of milk dropped by Sarala as well as Saraswathi on to my nipples was out of this world. The next day I was curious to know how forceful their suction while being hungry would be and insisted on feeding without Saraswathi first stilling their hunger with her breast milk. The chewing was much rougher as the piglets were desperate to draw some milk from my breasts. I stood it for some 20 minutes and signaled to Saraswathi to remove them as the pain became unbearable. She pressed the piglets' snouts with her fingers and pulled them off my nipples with a plopping sound. The nipples showed every sign of the vicious sucking by the piglets and were angry red in color. I was excited in spite of the pain and vowed to repeat the experiment after a few days of recovery. Till then I had to content myself with suckling Ram and Lakshman, who had come back for a brief visit.

In my next story, I will tell more!!

- The End -

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