"Sissi Cops"

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Sissi cops. The most famous police squad of the USA, the best of the best, the best client of Duff Beer. When there's a crime in your neighborhood no one can solve, if there's a lawyer that wants to screw you, if your son doesn't want to go to school, if the neighbors cat pisses you off, call the Sissi cops and they'll do anything you ask. With their clubs and their dogs, they can get a confession from anyone, anytime. Beating up the bad guys protects good guys. Sissi cops, the biggest dicks on the streets.

The office was filled with crooks and cops, that's what a police office is for. What was unusual was the handsome young cop entering the office at 9 a.m. without a suspect. He walked to the counter where a sergeant asked for his identity.

"What's your name, son?" "I'm Officer Simon Dall, sir. I'm the new guy." "The Captain's expecting you kid. Follow me." After a long walk through the dungeon they finally arrived in the Captains' office. "It's the new guy, boss. Do you want to meet him?" "Yeah, sure, why not? Bring him in."

Finally, the sergeant took off.

"So, you're the new guy. Let me have a look." The Captain opened his desk. "What's your name, son?" "Officer Simon Dall, Sir." "Dall... Begins with a D right? That's OK son. I've got your record right here."

Silence... Silence...

"So, you graduated from Police Academy five months ago. Tell me, does commander Mahoney have a wife yet or is he still that old screw-up?"

"I'm afraid he's starting to dement, Sir. He keeps whining about a certain Callahan, do you know what he was talking about?"

"Some cop that got killed in a crop duster. They can still find bits of her outside the city. Now about you, kid. You passed every test, including the medical ones. Is that correct?"

"Yes Sir." "You're age 20?" "Yes Sir." "You passed all exams and you were the best of your class. Is that correct?" "Yes Sir." "Leave the "Sir" son. Call me All. Where were you stationed after your graduation, kid?" "At the metropolitan police, Sir... eh, Al." "That's great, son. Now, where do you live for the moment?" "I've got a house just by the beach, near the promenade. The bright blue house, you can't miss it." "Hey, how do you get to live in such an expensive house? Even I can't afford such a house." "Well, the price dropped dramatically after I caught the owner with my mother."

"That's great son. Well, I've got your new badge right here. Congratulations son, welcome to the team. The Sissi squad. But don't let that name fool you, you need to be a real tough guy to handle our job, but I just know you can handle it."

"I'm sure to. Otherwise I wouldn't be here."

"Now, you need to get your dog, right? Everybody in the squad has his own dog. You can't believe how useful they can be for a cop. Do you like dogs, kid?"

"Yeah, I love dogs. Ever since I was a kid I had one."

Down the hall they went to the kennels. The kennels were located outside at the back door. There were lots of dogs, big ones. Most of the dogs were German Shepherds. Suddenly one of the dogs jumped up, barking. Simon was startled by the size of the dog. It was a German Shepherd and standing on its hind legs in his kennel he was bigger than Officer Simon.

"Don't be scared son, that's just Duke. He's our squads' mascot. He's just curious about you, but once he gets to know you, he can be a real cutie. I can assure you that."

They stopped at one of the last kennels. There too was a German Shepherd. He wasn't as big as Duke, but still it was big enough to look Simon in the eyes on his hind legs. Al opened the door.

"Simon, meet Boomer, your new partner. Boomer, say hello to your new friend."

The dog looked up and then jumped out of his cage and knocked down Officer Simon. Immediately Boomer got on top of him and started lapping the Officers' face.

"Well, would you look at that. I think he likes you. He's going to be your best friend four the next twenty years."

"Twenty? I thought dogs only lived for about ten to twelve years."

"Yeah, well... genetic engineering has entered our police department too. Our dogs can get to 25 and your dog is now two years old. Because of that we don't have to replace them so soon, we need to train less dogs and a relationship between a dog and a cop can last longer."

"Could you get him off me, please, I think there's something poking on my pants."

"Yeah, sure. Boomer, come and sit here, boy."

The dog immediately obeyed and sat straight aside Al.

"Now remember kid, it's a big dog, so you need to be ready for a big dog. You'll need to feed him three times a day and don't stick to just ordinary dog food, give him so red meat too and some soft meat. You know, like heart, liver, guts, dogs love that."

"I'll try to remember." "You'll need to work out with him. We don't want fat dogs and we don't need fat cops. Understood?"

"That's OK Al. I do jog every day anyway, you know. I'll just take him with me."

"That's great kid. Now, are there any cats in you neighborhood?" "Not that I know off, no. Why?"

"You need to be careful. Every single one of our dogs hates cats. If your dog spots a cat, it won't stand a chance against your dog. He'll just eat it. You see Duke over there? You probably already noticed he's a very big dog, right? Well, that big dog has a bog jaw. Last summer he was staying at my home. We had a barbecue back then. Unfortunately our neighbors' cat wandered in our backyard. Duke caught him and ec· well. We could still hear the cat after Duke had finished. I mean he didn't even chew; he just swallowed it. My neighbors still don't know what happened to their cat. So be very careful."

"I'll remember. But three meals a day, how much is that going to cost me?" "I'm glad you asked, kid. Well, it won't cost you anything. You just keep the bills and pass them on to me every month. The taxpayer will pay your bills." "What about vets and stuff?"

"We have our own vet here. But don't worry, he had all his shots. Now, are there any further questions?"

"No, not for the moment." "Great, kid. Now, one last thing. If there's any problem, anything at all or if you have more questions, call me. You have my number."

A sergeant came in. He wasn't much older than Officer Simon.

"Simon, this is sergeant Kelly. He's only two years older than you and now he's got his first promotion. You see, in our squad people can promote quickly if they're really good at their job."

"Nice to meet you kid. I'm sure you're going to make it here, isn't that right boss?"

"Yeah, he's a real handsome young man, isn't he? Now kid, just follow Kelly and he'll show you your locker and your car. And take the rest of the day off; we'll handle it. Get to know your dog, go training with him."

"OK, Al. Whatever you say."



"Hey, aren't we forgetting something? Take your dog with you."

"Boss, please. It's his very first day here; you can't give him the big burden from the very first day. I'm taking him to the locker and you know no-one can control that dog in the lockers."

"You're right Kelly. I'll put him in your car, kid. That way you can find your car easier. Even I sometimes mix up the cars. They are so alike, don't you think?"

In the locker room Simon was stunned when he saw both men and women moving in and out of the shower.

"Hey Kelly, doesn't this squad have separate showers."

"No kid. That would be too expensive. We have to decide on our priorities here. But don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"Did you get used to it?"

"No kid. And I hope I never do. Watch it, when you go take a shower kid. Sometimes the ladies take their clubs with them and you don't want to get near those."

Simon started getting a bump in his pants by the looks of his female counterparts.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here's our new recruit. The shining star of the Police Academy."

"Handsome young man."

"I would like that bump of his!"


"I look forward working with you, and other stuff." "Take a shower, kid. Let's see the meat, we want it!

Kelly said, "Don't listen to them, kid. They did that to me too when I arrived here. Look, here's the men's lockers and there are the women's lockers. Your locker is right here. See, we put your name on it." "Excuse me, Sergeant. That's a woman, right?"

"Yes." "Then why does she have a moustache?" "Miracle of nature, son." One of the other Officers: "Yeah, miracle with her dog." "What does he mean by that?" "Never mind, kid. That officer's just a little anxious for his little walk with duke."

The officer left the room crying.

"Look, here's your club, your pistol, your helmet, your... video. Lolita and the tramp? Must have been from your predecessor. Don't worry; I've got it. Now here's your key, don't lose it!"

"I won't."

"Now, kid. What do think if we go see that new Mercedes of yours? Come along."

Another sergeant was in charge of the stations' garage. He was in his office, watching TV with some chips and beer.

"Hey Dick! He loves it when I do that."

"What's on your mind, Kelly? Another car wrecked?"

"Here's the new kid, Officer Simon Dall. Is his car ready?"

"Sure, follow me. Welcome to the squad, Simon. Look, that car with the dog, that's your car. We can be friends kid, as long as you keep that car on the road without a scratch."

"That's why Dick has very few friends around here, kid. Don't mind him." "Here are the keys, son. Good luck."

Simon took off, leaving the station at high speed.

"Kelly, do you really think that kid can handle Boomer? I mean... He's nothing like Duke, but still, if he's not ready for it, he'll be traumatized for the rest of his life."

"Don't worry Dick. Al knows what he's doing. Besides, I'm sure Simon can handle that dog."

In the car, Boomer started licking his new boss. It was very hard for Simon to steer under these conditions. Finally Simon arrived at his home at about 11 a.m. The dog got out and started inspecting the new place. Right after lunch, Simon decided it was about time to do some training.

"Come on Boomer. We're going to do some running!"

The dog jumped off his new couch and followed his partner out.

At about 7 p.m. they arrived back home. Simon was exhausted and just fell on his couch. Boomer went straight to the kitchen and drank all his water. He then managed to turn on the tap and drank some more.

Simon stumbled upstairs. First he took a long shower. After half an hour he went straight to bed. He didn't even bother putting on clothes. Once in his room, he found Boomer standing on his bed. The dog had a beautiful erection. The shining red cock reflected the light.

The young man sat down and took a closer look. He touched the cock and petted his dog.

"That's a pretty thing you have there, boy. Do you want to share it with me?"

The dog lapped his face.

"I really shouldn't do this. On the other hand, the Captain told me to get familiar with the dog. And by the way, he trained so hard with me. He really earned it. Animals can have their fun too."

Simon crawled onto the bed. He put his head on his pillow and got on all fours. He was getting an erection himself. This was so naughty.

"Come on boy! I'm ready. Give me your best shot."

Boomer immediately came over and crawled on his boss' back. His dick searched and then found the entrance. The dog stabbed Simon's' ass. It hurt but Simon didn't utter a sound. Boomer stabbed him again and again and again and again. The dog stabbed him faster and deeper every time. Eventually the stabbed him in a steady rhythm, fast. There was a sewing machine on Simon's' ass and he liked it.

Then suddenly, after half an hour pounding, it stopped. The cop felt something swelling in his butt. It was the knot at the base of the dogs' dick. Simon felt spurt after spurt of sperm in his guts. The knot kept on swelling and the dogs' sperm pushed on deeper and deeper in his guts. There didn't seem to come an end to the shots in his belly. Ten minutes later the last shot came through.

But it wasn't over yet. The dick in his ass was still rock hard and didn't seem to go away soon. The knot had sealed the exit and nothing could escape until the knot shrank. The dog was tired however, so it decided to take a break on top of his new friend. Simon almost fell over from the weight on his shoulders. His face was down on his pillow but his ass still stood high in the air, with the dick still inside him.

"All right, I'll just wait until it goes down."

Ten minutes later there was still no sign of relief. What to do, what to do? "Dial 911? No, it'll be in the newspaper tomorrow and the whole neighborhood will know. The Captain! He said I could call him if I had problems with Boomer and as far as I'm concerned this is a problem." The phone was right aside his bed. He dialled the number.

"Hello? Oh, it's you kid. How are you doing there? Does Boomer suit you?"



"Al, I'm having some problems with that dog, could you come over here?" "What's wrong kid? He didn't bite you, did he?"

Simon explained the entire affair.

"Ha? So soon? Even for Kelly it took a week to figure that out. You're a real hotshot, aren't you kid. Don't worry, we'll be right there." "We?"

Al hung up. Ten seconds later twenty cops entered his room: Al, Kelly, Dick and some other cops he met earlier at the station.

"How did you get here so quickly? The police station is fifteen blocks away."

"I don't know kid. I'm not the one who's making up this story."

"Why did you bring all these people? This is none of their business."

"Look kid. We wanted to do your orientation next week, but you decided to start without us, so don't start, OK?"

"Look at that thing, Kelly it's even bigger than mine!"

"Everybody's got a bigger one than you, Dick. We wanted to call you Dickie, but we have too much respect for you. But he's right, it is quite big. Used a vacuum cleaner or something?"

"No, but thanks anyway."

One of the female officers, now without a moustache: "It's pretty. You know, Duke loves having a big cock in his ass. I'm sure you'll like to meet him." She took his prick in her hand to examine it.

"I'd love to, but right now I'm a little stuck and I'd appreciate if you would try to help me."

Al said, "I'm afraid you'll have to wait until it settles down. You see; we train all our dogs for this. This dog I trained myself, as I did with Duke. They're trained to fuck and being fucked."

"Even in the ass?"

"Yeah, in his ass. It took me a week to convince this one to consider going into my ass. Now, it's his favourite treat. And being fucked up the ass not a problem either for him. And he can pee and shit on command too."

"Why exactly do you train them this way? Other than just for your fun." "Do you know how hard it is to get a confession from a suspect these days? We used to beat them to confess, but that leaves marks and every lawyer can free them now for this. This way we don't leave any marks and our customers are too embarrassed to speak out. Kid, you don't know how convenient such a dog can be in a long interrogation. And yeah, we have our little fun. It does make our long hours a big more comfortable when we have our dogs to play with. Hey, you know what kid? I'll show you it to you. You're going to have it right here. Boomer, Pee!"

"Now wait! He's still in m..."

Simon felt a fire hose spurting hot water in his gut. He remembered that Boomer had drunk gallons of water this evening. Simon was still in his bent-over-position and the knot still sealed the ass, so the urine had only one way to go: down into the guts.

"Al, help me! I feel it flowing into my belly. It all goes inside my body!" His guts from his anus to his appendix started to swell to accommodate the urine. It even started to seep into the inner-guts.

Al said "Don't you worry about it, son. We all had to go through. It's good for your health. Duke's father was as big as his son, and he did the same thing with me when I was a recruit. I'm still standing here. All the others got Duke for their inauguration and they got through. You're the first one to use Boomer for your inauguration and you're doing just fine. I did train him in all these things."

Silently Simon wished he'd gone to the fire department instead of the police. His guts did the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do and gradually the pressure in his butt dropped as more of the urine got absorbed in his inner-guts. Slowly the juice got sucked away.

Boomers' erection started to go down and finally the dog broke free. But Simon's' erection didn't go down. He wanted to get up, but Al and Kelly pushed him down again.

"Stay down, kid. This isn't over yet. On your back! Please, we don't want to hurt you."

Simon knew he had no choice and obeyed. He started panicking. "What are you going to do now?"

"You'll see son, you'll see. Go ahead Boomer, he earned it."

Simon was stunned as he saw what the dog was doing. It turned around and positioned itself above his friend. Then he lifted his tail so his master could see the entire thing.

First there was nothing. Then there was a brown spot, which turned into a spot, which turned into a ball, which kept on coming out. Boomer lowered his back and delivered his load exactly in the middle of his boss' chest. It just kept coming out of his ass.

"Oh, would you look at that, kid. It just keeps coming out of there. Look how he's doing his best. This means he really loves you, kid. Wouldn't you just love to have a taste on that pile? Relax kid and enjoy it."

Simon was getting more comfortable now. He didn't mind the smell that was filling his bedroom. He strangely felt relaxed by the rising warm and fuming heap on his chest. The look of the excrement coming out even made him a bit sleepy.

Finally the last chunk fell down on the heap. It was kept warm by Simon's' body temperature. The dog stepped backward and placed his butt just above his masters' mouth.

"What does he want now?"

"He wants you to lick his butt clean, dummy. He showed he loves you, now he wants to know whether you love him as well. Come on; show some respect to your partner. It won't kill you."

It won't hurt, he thought. Simon closed in on the butt and started licking. All cops in the room saw how Boomer was enjoying this treat and wished he or her was under that dog now. Boomer got off the bed as soon as he was satisfied.

Al: "Kid, now it's time for the Honour-Salute. Just stay there and enjoy." From the twenty cops around his bed, only five were women. They stepped aside and went over to Boomer to watch the men. The fifteen remaining cops closed in on the bed until they stood right against it.

Al: "Attention!... Drop Pants!... Drop Shorts!..."

All men had an erection, which they proudly showed to the women. Al: "Load Arm!..."

The men started jerking off. This continued for about five minutes. Then Al said, "Ready?...Aim!...Ready?...Fire!"

The Captain shot his load first. Then came the others. The new cop got hit everywhere: his face, his legs, his crotch, his arms, his belly and the dog-pile on his chest all turned white. And then there was Sergeant Dick. His shot was last and he was the only one to hit the blankets instead of the cop.

Al said, "Great Dick. You know what, kid? Pass your blankets over to Dick tomorrow. He'll wash them as a punishment. Even Boomer left your bed clean. You did great kid. I foresee you'll become a great member of the Sissi squad. But don't let the name fool you; one needs to be a real tough guy to make it here. You still have a lot to learn kid, but you're a natural, I can see that."

Boomer jumped back on the bed. He had regained his erection because of what the men did. The beautiful red tip of his cock pointed to Simon. Al said, "Seems like Boomer wants to have another go with you, kid. Enjoy it. Meet us at half past midnight at the bar on the promenade. We'll have a nice long conversation there."

The cops all left the room. Boomer looked at Simon with a shining glance in his eyes. Simon lifted his legs and pointed his ass toward the dog. "Come on boy. I'm yours, do whatever you like."

Boomer just placed his prick on the hole and started humping again. This time they could look each other in the eyes. Simon petted the dog while it lapped away the cop-sperm from his face. The young officer did his best to get in a comfortable position for his dog. After some time he felt the familiar swelling in his ass. The dog dropped on his master while injecting his seed. Half of the pile on Simon's' chest got crushed between the two of them. The other half was scattered across the bed, including Simon's' face. Simon couldn't stop laughing. "Boomer, you mutt. You dirty little mutt. I guess we're both going to need a bath, aren't we?"

Boomer lapped some of his own shit off his boss' face and Simon couldn't resist doing the same thing to his friend while enjoying the hot spurts of dog sperm in his ass.

- The End -

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