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Sisters "Alice and Sue" part 3

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter 3 - New experiences

Once in the house, they paused only an instant before heading for their parents' bedroom. It had a king-sized bed and just looked the part, although both girls knew it hadn't been used "properly" for years.

They burst in, dumped their robes on the floor and made a bee-line for it. Alice did a belly flop on it and Sue landed right on top of her. For a few moments they wrestled like they used to when they were younger, tossing and tumbling and rough-housing.

The eroticism of these two lovely, lithe girls, au naturel, would have been clear to any lucky viewer, but it wasn't to Sue and Alice. They were joyously reliving earlier, carefree days. The tinkling of their childish laughter echoed through the empty house. The soft moan of the great bed was more in relief than pain. Even it seemed to revel in this innocent display.

Then for an instant the struggling ceased. Alice, with a big grin, had pinned Sue to the bed. "I win," she cried.

Before Sue could protest, Alice took what she obviously considered the victor's reward, a kiss. She leaned down and carefully, but deliberately, brought her lips to Sue's. The kiss was tender, at first, not overtly sensual. It lengthened and intensified. It gradually deepened as she poured more passion into it, more than she had ever showed in all of her youthful years. At last, the kiss was a deep, fervent, open-mouthed kiss of unadulterated passion.

Sue gasped, but she returned the kiss with an equal helping of lustfulness. Quickly the kiss overwhelmed them until they became near-observers, as their concupiscent bodies overpowered them. Their involuntary tongues flicked in and out, excitedly searching new vistas, and enjoying their new-found freedom.

Alice broke away, gasping for breath. "That was wonderful, Sue. Thank you." And as she spoke her lips brushed against Sue's ear, breathing her words into the canal, bringing intense fervor with it.

They kissed again.

So preoccupied were they in intensifying their oral ministrations that for a moment neither noticed that Alice's hands, which had been pinning Sue's softly rounded shoulders, laboriously moved up to the side of her sister's neck and slowly worked to the top of her chest.

Sue stifled a muffled giggle, or was it something else, as the fingertips made their way to that soft space between her breasts. For an instant Alice seemed to revert to another time and another place as she moved her hands to her own breasts, turgid with ardency, nipples stiff and upright. Then, almost reluctantly they slipped off the firm flesh to search out another place.

Instinctively, Sue responded and moved her hands, which had become inert after failing to throw her sister off of her in the previous struggles, to just beneath Alice's breasts. Alice thought she was going to touch her there, but she didn't. Her hands remained still.

Again Alice parted and planted a gentle kiss on Sue's soft, brown hair. As she buried her face into those fine, delicate tresses, she slid her hands over and down to her upper arms, crossing the sister's heaving chest on the way. Sue raised herself slightly to allow them to slip under her.

Sue traced her fingers from Alice's ribs to the sensitive nape of her neck, by-passing her breast. Then she pulled her sister against into her soft body. But Alice continued moving those soft warm hands over Sue and kissing each new fear away and breathing endless passion in her ear.

Beneath these motions and the hotheaded mouthings, Sue sensuously writhed. Seizing the only other means of communication at hand, she moved her hands. She moved them down to search for Alice's swelling buds. Her gentle hands found and cuddled and fondled the base of each, forming a supportive cup to mold and envelop them. She found each erotically swollen, crowned by a magnificent blossom, proudly standing midpoint in the exquisitely formed areolas. Her tender fingers enfolded them, eagerly tracing each sensuous area.

Alice had, too, found a perfect pair of breasts. On these she drew circles, circles around the nipples with her gentle fingertips, exciting the ultra-sensitive tissues and membranes of the surrounding areola while she softly blew more warm air into her ear, causing Sue's whole body to shiver. The sexual atmosphere that filled the room was unbelievable.

Sue gasped for breath as she covered those perfect orbs with her palms.

Alice breathed, "God, that feels good, Sue. Keep doing that." And, maintaining the full body contact she now possessed, she slowly and sumptuously slid down until her mouth found Sue's awaiting and inviting breasts. Hesitantly unfolding the hands that had struggled to find these globes of the gods, she gazed longingly at the perfect vision for a few moments. Then she leaned down and slyly flicked her tongue on the first ripe dome. Sue's response, expressed by her hands still firmly attached to Alice's breasts and an unmistakable escape of breath from her ruby lips, was not lost. Alice proceeded to lavish her tongue's warm fury over Sue's entire breast, acerola and nipple. Ah, yes, those exquisite buds of passion. Each stroke brought fervent sigh and showered a libidinous shiver over Sue's entire taunt body.

Alice caught the electric feeling as Sue's body also writhed under her weight. The girls were stretched full length, leg to leg. As Sue squirmed, Alice drifted off of her position until her right leg was next to Sue's left and her left was between those lovely virginal thighs. Alice felt keen pressure against her mons and knew she was doing the same to her sister. The feelings were new and delicious, but the girls possessed a patience, maybe grounded in fear, maybe rooted in the desire to give the most pleasure, maybe both. For more than twenty minutes they entwined savoring the musky smell emanating from them, oblivious to all else, save each other.

Finally, Sue could endure no more. "Alice, please let me lick you, too. I can't bear for you to stop, but I want to taste you. Let me change places."

Alice, did not want to stop, and did continue for a few minutes. Then she groaned, "Sue, I'll turn around."

"But I want to feel you all over me."

"Patience, little one, patience," was Alice's uncharacteristically worldly reply. And she unwilling raised herself off of the soft form of Sue.

She did not give up her oral grip on her sister, however. Instead, she scooted on her knees around in semicircle until she was kneeling over Sue's upturned face. The potential for this position eluded the innocents, for the moment, at least.

She lowered her unspeakably lovely body down over Sue, groaning in excitement when Sue orally grasped her breast. Sue reached up to cup the suspended charms alternately stroking the free nipple and massaging the bulging breast being suckled. She alternated a few minutes on each, guiding Alice by way of example.

The stillness of the house was now punctuated by deliciously sounding slurping and sucking and licking.

Only when Sue abandoned Alice's breasts to eagerly explore new territory did the mood change from one of mutual satisfaction to one of searching.

Sue looked up following her inquiring fingers as they passed over Alice's perfect navel on her flat stomach. Her hands traced the contours and carefully slipped over Alice's back to cling to those lovely buns, the smooth, white ass of Venus. She then pulled them down and ran them along her exquisite thighs. Her eyes, ahead of her hands by now, caught the dark place between Alice's slightly parted legs. She could see the delicate brown fur covering that place that in Sue brought so much pleasure when alone.

Sue could not see Alice, but subconsciously she knew that she, too, had unloosed her grip on her breasts and was enjoying the exposed expanse of her young lithe body. Alice was feasting her eyes on Sue's almost hairless little mound, longing to bury her face in it. She had never seen anything so erotic and beautiful in her life as that developing mons before her.

Alice's fingers began moving down Sue's body, over her navel, toward her mons. Sue's legs were slightly apart and bent at the knees. Alice could see the smooth white of her inner thighs. She placed her hand on the inside of that perfect alabaster altar and gently traced the warm, flowing, sensuous skin. Sue didn't pull away or tell her to stop, in fact she arched her body upward, to meet the wandering hand. The electricity flowed from her finger tips through her body.

Sue felt the electricity, too. She wasn't sure what to do, but she didn't have to do anything but lie there and savor Alice's touch and her own textural senses cavorting on the shrine above her.

Alice had intensified the motion of her hands on her sister's thighs. Her hand had inched it's way up so that it was once again near Sue's magnetic vagina, as it had been out by the pool. Alice could feel the intense heat radiating from Sue. She could feel the moistness of her vagina as her finger gently traced the labia.

"Mmmm... That feels good!" Sue said softly. And in thanks, with her elated finger tips, found and carefully caressed Alice's fledgling, pudgy labial prominence. It was lovely and elicited a gentle compassion in Sue that she had never felt.

As if by magic, Alice's hips began a slow involuntary sensual dance under Sue's ministrations.

Alice closed her eyes as her flushed face showed the height of her craving. She merely nodded and moaned. But she could no longer support herself and sank to the bed next to Sue. They rolled together, squirming until their faces were plunged near to their seats of passion.

With an urgency they had never felt before, they forced themselves between each others legs and searched with their tongues for the deep dark hollows of love and the sweet buds of pleasure. The searches and discoveries were joyful and loud.

For nearly twenty minutes they thrashed around engorging themselves in each others fiery lust.

Then at the height the intense frenzy of moans and flailings, groans and convulsions, gasps and writhing they simultaneous emitted loud cries of ecstasy and collapsed against each other.

All was still for nearly five minutes as the lay, totally spent, in each others arms. No one will ever know how long they would have stayed in their reverie if Alice had not kicked out her foot at something tickling it.

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