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Sisters "Alice and Sue" part 5

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter 5 - One Sister's Introduction

Alice slowly crawled up next to Sue to snuggle.

"That was so wonderful, wasn't it?" see purred.

"Yes. What we have been missing. Never again."

They dozed peacefully for a long time.

Finally, Alice stirred, rolled over and stretched. "You know, I'm hungry. You stay here and I'll dig something up."

She glanced at the clock on her way to the bathroom. "Wow! Do you know it is after 3? No wonder I'm starved."

Sue continued to nap with a satisfied smile on her face. Her dreams were wonderful.

She awaken when Alice returned.

"I ordered some Chinese carry out. They'll deliver. I couldn't see fixing anything in the shape I'm in. I'm going to take a shower. Toodles."

Sue rose and headed to the bathroom, too. "Care if I accompany you?"

"OK, but no hanky-panky. I don't know if I could stand any more."

"I could."

"You are a regular nymphomaniac, aren't you?"

"No, I just have a new, how shall I say it, 'toy.' Why not take advantage of a good thing?"

After a while Alice leaned over to turned on the water. Sue couldn't resist.

"Ooooohhhh." Alice cried. "Don't do that. At least wait until I get out. Maybe we could fool around some more then."

Alice stepped in and lathered up.

"Do you need any help?" Sue offered. "I'd love to get in there with you."

Just as Sue finished her "chore" she glided over to the shower, intent on joining.


"Oh, there is the food. I'll go get it, but watch out for when I return." Sue warned.

She grabbed a robe and headed for her room and some money. The bell kept ringing impatiently.

"Hold your horses. I'm coming."

By the time she reached the door the ringing had stopped. She flung it open in time to see the deliver boy just descending the steps.

"OK, I'm here."

He turned and headed back up the stairs.

"Duh, yer stuff is here, ma'am. $8.47, no checks, no credit."

She stood in the door way fumbling with her wallet. It was a struggle to search for money and keep her robe closed, but she managed.

"Oh, come on in. I don't have enough with me," she said and turned around.

"I ain't supposed to go in houses, ma'am," he said sheepishly.

"Well, I don't want to stand here with the door open, either come in or leave."

"Well, uh, I cain't go back cuz I'ma going home, ma'am. The boss give me sumpun extra if'n I take some stuff on the way home."

"Then you aren't working. Come on in," Sue commanded in frustration.

He stepped in, well, more like sidled in, like a crab. Sue closed the door and started to turned to leave to find some money, but turned back toward the delivery boy.

"What's you name?"

"Uh, Sam, ma'am."

"Don't I know you, Sam? Don't you go to Jefferson? And cut the 'ma'am.'"

"No, ma'am. I go ta Hen'a'son Tech, ma'am."

Sue, shrugged. All she knew is that the dummies went there. He sure did act that way. He wasn't a bad looking kid, a little older, kind of short, not more than a few inches taller than Alice, and stocky, almost muscular, but more like muscle-turned- flab.

Poor kid, she thought, "What does the boss give you for this extra service?" she inquired off-handedly.

"Uh, he gives me a dedukshion, ma'am."

Sue made a mental note to give him a generous tip and said, "Wait here, I'll get the change."

A few minutes later she returned with the change. Her robe had parted slightly in her rush. Sam's eyes dropped to ogle the elegant gams showing through the gap. His jaw dropped open and his eyeballs practically fell out.

"Here's your money. Keep the change," she said.

Sam didn't hear a word.

For a few moments Sue stood there holding out her hand with the money in it. She continued to watching as a little drool dripped from the corner of his mouth. It was fascinating. No one had ever leered at her before. She felt kind of good, sort of powerful.

She was just going to yell at the poor guy when she heard Alice coming.

"Where is the food? I'm starving," Alice yelled. All of that sexy stuff made me ravenous." It was obvious that Sue was blocking her view, so she couldn't see Sam still standing there.

Sue saw Sam look up, at the new arrival. Sam immediately began to, what could only be called, pant. He swallowed hard a few time and became very agitated. Sue was puzzled, but it didn't occur to her to turn around as something caught her eye.

As Sam's confusion began his hands both dropped to his crotch. One sort of covered the other. The other one immediately began to rub his fly.

"What are you standing there for, sis? And where is the Chinese?" Alice continued from somewhere behind Sue.

But now Sue was intrigued as she saw one leg of Sam's trousers begin to move, then it sort of inflated. Sam's jeans weren't real tight, but they were tight enough for Sue to make out the distinct outline of an erecting penis shooting down. Sam, noticeably embarrassed, sort of hunched over, like he had to go to the bathroom. More drool followed the first few strings.

"Sue, are you crazy? Aren't you listening?" Alice said and placed a hand on Sue's shoulder. Only then did she see Sam.

"Eeeeeeeeee. Yowie!" she cried and turned to run.

"Stop, Alice, stop!" Sue yell, as she quickly regained her lost composure.

"I don't have any clothes on," she yelled as she continued towards the stairs.

"That's OK. Come back here. NOW!"

For a few minutes all was still. Sue was still absorbed in watching the growing excitement in front of her. Sam was engrossed in watching the now-frozen Alice, from the rear. And Alice was paralyzed in mid-flight, one foot on the stairs and one on the floor.

Another command, issued at even high volume and intensity, brought Alice around. Her hands immediately took the classic positions of covering up the exposed strategic areas.

She hurried back to Sue, huddling behind her robed sister. Then both arms went around Sue holding her close.

"You must be crazy, Sue. Why did you want me back? I'm naked?" she hissed.

Again, silence prevailed for a few moments. Sam's eyes were riveted on what little he could see of Alice.

Then Sue said, quietly, "Alice, our friend Sam, here, has something very, very interesting to show us. Don't you, Sam?"

"Sam! . . . Sam! . . . SAM!"

"Uh, yessum. What do you want, ma'am."

"What are you trying to hide from us, young man. I think after seeing my sister naked, you should show us what you are trying to hide."

Alice whispered, "What are you talking about? This doesn't sound like you."

"Alice, Sam, from Henderson, here, is trying to hide something in his pants. Obviously he thinks he should be ashamed of it, but we don't think so, do we, sis? Do we!"

"No, no, of course not," she replied, dutifully obedient.

Then Alice peered over Sue's shoulder, down to where Sue was pointing. She was pointing at that still growing bulge in Sam's pant leg.

Alice's mind raced. The only possible conclusion she could come to was that Sue wanted to see Sam's cock. The guy sure didn't look dangerous, but this situation sure was getting that way. Then a bell rang. She remembered reading about Sam in the local paper. There was a big scandal. He had been committed as an infant and been cruelly treated by the state. Within the past few weeks he had been released and was doing very well. The article had said over and over that he was just a little kid mentally and that he was very gentle. But, this could backfire.

"Do you really think we should, Sue?"

"Ya'. What better chance will we have. He's OK. We'll let him go in a few minutes."

"I'd kind of like to see it myself. Let's try it. It's two against one, anyway."

At that she slowly dropped her arms from Sue and moved out from behind. Then when she was right next to her, she stepped back a step, more in self-defense, and said, "Look, Sam. I'm not covering anything up. Why should you?"

The spittle fairly gushed from the parted lips. His tongue protruded nearly an inch as his breathing got heavier.

"Sam. I'm speaking to you. SAM!" Alice braved.

That seemed to do it. Sam's eyes dropped to the floor, but his hands stayed put.

"Come on, Sam. Just drop your pants. Why don't you just unbutton your fly for Alice. Don't you want to please her? She would be very happy."

Slowly, very slowly, Sam moved one hand up to reach the top button of his jeans. It must have taken him over a minute to do it, but eventually it fell open.

Sue could hear Alice's breathing steadily increase, just about in time with her own. "He's going to do," she whispered out of the corner of her mouth. "Oh, boy."

"Now the zipper, Sam. If you don't hurry, I'll have to help you."

He seemed to respond to that suggestion and quickly unzipped his fly. They both expected his jeans to fall down, but obviously he was going to have to push them down.

"Don't stop now, Sam. You must push them down."

Slowly, he pushed them down. Once past his briefs the girls gasped as they saw his penis actually protrude out one leg and down into his pant's leg.

"Hurry, Sam."

He leaned over and pushed them completely off, then slowly stood up again with his hands at his sides.

There he stood, his feet surrounded by his limp jeans, standing very erect with a humongous cock striving to bolt upright, but being thwarted by his under pants.

"Ok, Sam. Now your undies."

Sam responded as fast as he could but he had much difficulty holding his enormous prick down while he tried to extract his underwear. But finally he got them down, too.

There he stood, clad from the waist up, standing at attention with his drawers at his feet, with the most magnificent penis pulsing proudly straight out before him. The awe in their eyes was readily apparent, and this from the viewpoint of kids who have seen only the grotesque monsters usually seen in low-grade porn videos. At this point in their lives they had not savored the real ones, six or so by an inch and a half or so. To them, an eight-incher was not unusual.

But Sam was like nothing they had ever seem. It approached a full foot long and easily three inches across in the middle. The ruby head formed the most delightful crown peaking warily through the uncircumcised collar of foreskin. And it was so rigid. It seemed to twitch every few second. The penile skin hugged the staff so tautly that it shone in the glare of the sun shining through the window. Light blue veins wriggled across the unblemished surface forming exciting knots all along the smooth contours of the erectile creature.

Now it was the girls turn to have their jaws drop open and slaver lavishly in astonishment. In unison, they whispered, "My god!"

No one knows how long they all stood dumbly. In the interim, I'll review the scene. Sue, a comely lass, clad in a drooping robe parted in the middle, and Alice, a slim, sensuously alluring virgin, lusciously au naturel, each stood with jaw agape and eyes riveted to Sam's glorious and splendid erect manhood throbbing. And Sam, dim witted as ever, stood at as rigid attention as his newly freed penis, also agape, leered at the succulent and exposed Venuses.

When any viewers patience would have been exceeded many-fold, Alice sluggishly moved forward, first one step, than another. Then another, until she was within an arm's reach of that "thing." As if in slow motion, she reached up and out towards the monstrosity.

Without speaking a word, she extended one graceful digit and placed it upon the wand. For a few moments she rode on top of it as it danced up and down. Then another finger extended and rested next to the first, then another and another. They rested there for a few more moments before they slowly and sensually traced along the taunt upper surface from the middle to the base and then towards the glans. Then they flowed over the exposed glans creeping next to the foreskin, gentle slipping it back, watching the shiny moistness glisten in the suns rays. Then even further forward to the gaping entrance to the urethra.

As she finished tracing the glans around she ran her hand down to check out the loosely hanging testicles. They hung nearly six inches below the ever-present and attentive dick, in a soft, loose bag of skin. She had never felt balls before, so it was a puzzle when she had trouble grasping them. They felt like tennis balls made of gelatin. They were pliable and soft, yet turgid, exciting, for what they possessed.

Sam was frozen in time, except for the heavy breathing, the heaving of his chest in time to the quivering of his manhood.

Then Alice allowed her tiny hand to close around that stallion. Or at least she tried, for she still had half way to go. Her other hand then joined the first and together they retraced the initial explorations, again stopping just behind the retracted foreskin. Together, both hands barely encircled the surging cock.

She hesitated only a second. Then squeezed firmly and said, "Come, Sam."

She pivoted daintily towards the stairs, virtually dragging the reluctant Sam by the lead. He stumbled trying to step out of his clothes, almost causing Alice to lose her grip, so perilous was it. But he recovered and followed obediently.

They were a few steps past Sue, when she recovered and cried, "Alice. You can't do it."

"Like hell I can't. You can stay here, if you like, or you can come up and watch. I watched you before. I suggest you watch me now."

Sue needed no more argument. She bounded after the fleeing pair.

At the bedroom door, Sam balked, but Alice persisted. Now, she had the upper hand.

Alice backed into the room pulling her diffident stud with both hands. At the edge of the bed she continued to pull him forward. She sat back, pulling him to the very edge. Apparently there would be no trouble getting him on the bed for as she scooted her hips back and spread her legs and tugged, he raised a knee and placed in on the edge. The other followed. He followed her further like a puppy dog, but this was no Oscar, no siree.

Alice's breathing was more quick gasps. Her chest heaved causing her budding breasts to swell. Her nipples appeared painfully erect, striving to join the foray.

When they were safely ensconced on the bed, Alice licked her lips and said, "Sam, this is it. I have never had a man. Have you ever done this before?"

A furious head shake was the only response.

She lay back down, not releasing her grip, until Sam could barely stay on his knees. Once close to toppling over on the young girl he resisted. In a flash Alice reached up her lithe legs to encircle his waist, keeping her shoulders on the mattress and keeping her grip on that flailing staff.

It took her no more than a few seconds to scrunch herself into position so that the upraised stalk was pointed at her delicate genitals. With all her available strength she pulled his penis down and slowly clasped her legs tighter around his loins until the huge glans was nestled between her moist and awaiting labia. For a second she lost her grip and the stanchion flew up vibrating free. As it escaped it ran past her small erect and projecting clitoris. A shock coursed through her trembling body. With the wild fires burning ever more fiercely, she grasped the elephant again and returned it to it rightful place.

A quick squeeze of her legs lodged Sam up against the willing, but unable, opening. The twinge she had felt when his cock had crossed her clitoris was such a delightful thing, she couldn't resist trying it again.

Taking great care to be sure she didn't lose her grip again she relaxed her legs and allowed his stiff penis to slip juicily up until it was right on the blossom. She held it there allowing the amazing quiver of it massage it. It seemed to have a life of its own, but it also took orders well. She found she could even force her little bud right into his opening.

The sensations were beyond her endurance. With a cry of delight she flung her tousled head back onto the mattress gasping in fierce, yet exquisite, delight.

Sue started, when she saw the spectacle in fear that Alice was in pain, but she thought better and just stood by the bed engrossed in the erotic scene.

Sam still was frozen in fear at his feelings and just knelt stiff in body, as well as cock. Alice's slim hips had begun an extremely sensual grind around the captive pole, each revolution carrying her higher and higher in her ecstasy.

She surely would have been satisfied being allowed to orgasm in this manner, but Sue, who could not have know the utter joy that Alice felt, could not stand seeing the poised penis still not enveloped. She just assumed that since Oscar had penetrated her, so should Sam penetrate Alice. So she imprudently reached in to assist. For a few minutes she stroked the glistening stave as it oozed over Alice's delicate pink labia. Neither of the other parties seemed to notice or care that an intruder had arrived on the scene.

Then with a big sigh of envy she placed her whole hand on the fiery stalk and tried to push it downwards toward the yearning entrance to Alice. She found that it would take a great deal of force, so she had to come close to Sam and lean around him.

Sue's robe had fallen open long ago and she had entertained herself with manual stimulation during much of the preceding. So when she leaned against Sam it was with her bare, warm flesh pressed against his side, still covered with a shirt.

The touch of this supple flesh startled Sam, who up until this time had clamped his eyes tightly closed. One instant of seeing this lovely face near his, the softly parted lips breathing in the heights of passion, the naked breast pressed hard against him, that tiny little hand resting on his swollen manhood, caused him to groan and squirm in utter agony.

Alice at once thought he was trying to get away and pulled even harder on him. These slight perturbations caused Sam to lose his balance and he started to fall forwards. Alice's legs propelled his and Sue's closeness prevented him from recovering.

Over he went. The only thing preventing him from falling full length on Alice was his steel post, tightly engaged at the opening of Alice's love-cave. For an instant he just slowly fell over. Until Alice's raised hips landed on the bed. But Sam kept coming. The full weight of Sam's stocky body crashed down on that sturdy cock.

With a cry that would have brought dread to the most hard-hearted, Alice tried to absorb his enormous cock in one earth-splitting stroke. She should have been rent from stem to stern, but nature allowed Sam to penetrate several inches, absorbing a great deal of the energy.

Sue screamed in sympathy and began trying to throw Sam off of her grievously attacked sister. Alice's hands, so long preoccupied with capturing Sam's cock, now flew up to also try and extricate Sam. And she threw her legs off from their embrace. But something had snapped inside the poor devil. No mere mortal could keep him from his allotted task now. He had tasted the honey of passion and wanted to be slaked. He dug in to the immediate job at hand.

One arm flung Sue aside like a yelping puppy. Then both reached down to grasp the luscious orbs of Alice's derriere. With a strength he could never have realized he possessed, he pulled himself closer to the goal before him. Another cry bubbled from the prone virgin.

His hips then pulled back an inch or so, allowing the glans to gather some of that lovely oily slaver so richly coating every crevice and cranny in that delicious haven. Then he plunged forward once again. The cry elicited this time was less that the first two.

Again he withdrew a short way. From across the bed where she had landed, Sue could see the sheen covering the first few inches of that mammoth penis as it slurped out, nearly escaping its tight confines.

Then he rammed home again. Alice's response was more a groan that a cry this time, although her arms still were extended to hold this monster away. Her face, contorted in a mixture of agony and ecstasy turned towards Sue. For an instant, when Sam withdrew this time, Sue saw a flutter from Alice, then a brief smile, before the battering ram once again delved deep into her.

A wail of dismay came from Sue as she looked again and saw that about eight inches of this horribly gargantuan organ still showed from between those racked labial lips.

Then an improbable thing happened. To her utter amazement, Sue saw Alice's out-stretched arms extend around Sam. Her legs slid up and bent at the knees next to Sam's heaving body, but they did not return to their original position. And she hear an indistinct gurgling from the lips of her sister.

As Sam's desperately thrusting body increased in pitch and magnitude, Sue detected a returning of the motion by Alice and grunts and groans of what could only be described as delight coming from her sister.

Sue's concern about Alice's safety were relieved when she finally saw Sue's lovely slim legs rise over Sam's thrusting rear and lock around his churning haunches.

Sue could only guess that what pain might have existed a few moments before was now gone. All Alice could feel was the delicious warm, firm stroking of a gigantic thing inside of her. She had so longed to have this part of her entered and savored, and now it was. She cared not that Sam's face was screwed up in horrible determination, not love, for she couldn't see it. All she knew was that someone was reaching far inside of her, to her most innermost, deep and private place, the place she dreamed of exploring herself, but would never be able to do. She felt fulfilled.

Sue, though utterly fascinated by the goings on before her, had finally come to the realization that Alice was indeed enjoying herself. Knowing that she was simply a bystander in this erotic play did not sit well with her. Her hands absently wandered over her budding breasts, playing casually with her tiny, erect nipples. While the heated action gained in intensity before her one hand crept down her lithe body, past her flat stomach and abdomen towards her genitals, radiating erotic sensations. The other cautiously reached out to the struggling couple. The space between the sweating bodies was obviously dangerous so she just watched in awe, but she let her hand slip around behind Sam's flailing hips. She reached up underneath searching for something. She had wanted to again feel that awful manhood for herself, but instead she encountered the pendulous testicles dancing back and forth trying in vain to keep up with the pumping hips, but always they seemed to lag behind. She reached out to explore these wondrous creatures that seemed to have a life of their own.

No sooner had she began fondling these shy beings than an unearthly moan began, growing steadily louder and louder.

Sue felt the testicles contract and Alice felt the initial shot of semen destined to penetrate her very soul. A hot searing flood followed. Not quite having reached her climax, Alice could only strive to climb the last few yards as he just kept cumming and cumming. Neither girls quite knew what to expect, but somehow they both suspected that they were witnessing a phenomena seldom seen or felt.

For over three minutes Sam poured forth inside of Alice, totally oblivious to Alice's unsatiated actions or Sue's wonder and wanderings. Poor Alice was in desperate straits for she could begin to feel herself slide off of the mountain, back down towards the dreary real world. Not even this outpouring could nudge her over the edge. She tried to reinitiate the ferocious bucking of her hips and the delicious gliding and sliding of that wondrous shaft in her vagina, to no avail.

After his momentous flood any interested viewer would have expected Sam to pull out, and smugly light up a cigarette the way guys do. But apparently he wasn't quite through yet.

He was still lodged inside Alice and he was still as hard as steel. Suddenly, with a grunt of satisfaction he began his ministerings again. The stallion was going to take Alice for another ride!

With utter elation Alice grasped him around the neck again, re-clutched his full loins and welcomed another onslaught. He started gently, with short strokes. Alice tried to extract him on his up stroke so he would have momentum on his down, but didn't succeed. He just withdrew a short ways and slid back to the same place he has erupted.

He appeared to display no frustration at only being able to invade a few inches. But his still pulsing penis seemed eager and ready to fully penetrate Alice's body. Steadily his horse-stabs grew longer. The added lubrication of his prolific ejaculation, finally assisting the eager couple.

Sam seemed to pour his whole being into each monstrous stab now, and Alice slowly, juicily and with obvious relish, absorbed more and more of the incredible staff. His plunges had met her involuntary resistance before, but she was slowly opening up allowing this gargantuan thing to delve further toward her soul. The wild, flailing thrusts were rewarded with the delicious, lubricated sliding of that gorgeous vein-studded, flaming penis in her creamy pink vagina.

Alice shrieked with pleasure every time the huge flaming cock thrust into her. She squealed and murmur, urging the boy on, and them she started to pant. It was as if she couldn't get enough air.

This superb stallion found renewed energy somewhere and gave a cry of pleasure, redoubled his efforts. As the fantastic, scintillating penis slipped deeper into her, she arched her back and groaned, "My god!" Over and over he drove his glorious penis deeper and with each stroke both grunted in unison. As his strokes approached ten inches in length the penetration by his spectacular organ was very nearly complete.

It was the final lunge at the end of a superb eight inch stroke that did the trick. Both emitted muffled cries when that immense penis finally thrust home. Together, they froze in seemingly amazement. Alice just had time to catch her breath when he began again. Again he filled her to the hilt.

As his long, stiff bull penis slid into Alice's wanton body, her eyes got big and bright. She gasped sharply and groaned, "Oh, God! It's in. He's in me. Oh, God!".

And then, with a huge flash, the world exploded. With one magnificent plunge Sam came with a heart-wrenching shriek. Alice's response was far from muffled. As he struggled to unload another gigantic wad into her, her whole body stiffened and she went into a spasmodic orgasm. His testicles boiled up and erupted their contents inside of her until she could practically taste it. All Alice know is that his hot sticky semen continued to spew and spurt inside of her for what seemed like eternity.

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