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Sisters "Alice and Sue" part 6

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter 6 - Not to be out done

Unfortunately, after no more than a few moments, Sam regained contact with the real world and practically tore himself out of Alice and bolted upright with little regard for the gentle, giving creature beneath him. He, no doubt would have regained his feet and ran out of the room, but for two things -- his enormous cock was still rigidly at attention, he never could have managed his pants over that thing, and Sue was aroused. The former did not enter his mind as he was struggling up, but the latter performed a open field tackle that would have been the envy of any NFL defense man.

The next anyone knew is that Sam was sprawled on his back on the quaking bed and Sue was lying full length on top of him beginning to plant a tonsillectomy-kiss on the stricken boy. Alice lay spent next to the engrossed pair.

He was gasping and Sue was panting. They were both drenched with perspiration, which made their bodies all slippery against each other.

When Sue finally felt a positive response from Sam, that is, his struggling to break free finally petered out, she quickly got up off of him and sort of spun around on his stomach until she was facing that marvelous penis before her.

A slight string of drool escaped Sue's lips as she bent over his erect cock glistening in the light. Slowly she reached out, scarcely daring to touch it. She was fascinated by this bulging, hard stick, that pointed straight up. As she stared intently at his tool, she stopping just short of grabbing it.

Her eyes drop down to take in that funny lose sack that dangled between his legs and rested on the bed. Gently, she reached down and picked up his testicles, exploring each new wonder. After she had investigated each fold and lump, she eagerly allowed her hands to find and lock themselves around the base of his slowly throbbing penis. While still holding firmly with one hand, maybe to keep it from getting away, her other hand began a miraculous journey up the craggy sides, following fascinatingly a distended vein until it disappeared just beneath the base of his foreskin. As she continued up she squealed with delight as she found that his foreskin moved. Slowly she retracted it on its moist tracks until the flaming glans was revealed in all of its glory. Her other hand was fascinated by every pulse in his body each bringing a new surge of blood to enlarge his organ.

Slowly she leaned over and sought to run her tongue over his stiff staff. She found the taste of Alice still clinging to it, delightfully sensuous. When she was about half way up his erection she heard Sam moan and felt his hips begin a rhythmic pattern up and down on the soft bed. In just a short time his movement reached a fanatical pace. She had to hang on to keep from being bucked off.

She stopped in awe at what was before her. Then, in open mouthed amazement, Sam's wad shot up, nearly hitting the ceiling. Then another gigantic shot surged upwards. For the longest time Sue and Alice watched this magnificent performance, each succeeding ejaculation slightly less then the preceding one, until only a little oozed from him and ran down his proudly waving shillelagh.

Only one thing disappointed the girls, and that was that Sam was unable or unwilling to do anything but lie there inertly, while Sue relieved Sam.

When the ejaculations had finally subsided, Sue twisted around until once again she straddled his stomach and faced the lucky boy lying there.

"Have you ever been inside a girl before? Before Alice, that is?" she asked him. He shook his head. She reached back and found his cock, still hard and hot and throbbing just behind her. She leaned back a bit so she could feel it press into the separation of her derriere. Sam groaned a little bit at the contact.

Sue leaned forward onto him and gave him a big, wet kiss right on the lips. Her tongue reached out and forced its way between his clinched lips. Almost reluctantly his hands came up to roughly stroke her back. Then they slid down and squeezed her so squeezable rear.

Wordlessly, she knelt up and moved back, then crouched over him. His dick was stiffly erect, straining at about a forty-five degree angle from his abdomen. Reaching back, she grabbed his prick with one hand and lowered herself till it was against her awaiting labia, which was blood-swollen, incredibly moist, exquisitely sensitive and begging for attention.

With a massive effort she forced herself down upon that magnificent elephantine cock. If it were not for the combination of Sam's intact foreskin and Alice's residual juices and his semen, liberally released just minutes before, thoroughly coating his cock and Sue's own self-preparation the effort might have been impossible. As it was, only his glans had entered that delightful and inviting cave after several minutes of fierce straining.

Dogged determination and Sue's sheer weight forced more inside of her, until maybe a third of him was inside her.

Sue paused. Under the urging of Alice, now along side the laboring couple cheering them on, she tried to relax.

"Stop, Sue. Just stop and imagine yourself opening up. Imagine that beautiful cock filling your whole being. Close your eyes and pretend that it is someone else. Pretend it is me trying to work up inside of you. Relax and let me in, Sue. Relax."

After a few minutes of silence, punctuated only by a quiet groaning from the boy under her, and motionlessness, except for his continuing efforts, Sue took a deep breath. She held it for a moment and let it out, whispering, "Come in, Alice. I am waiting for you. Come into me, my love."

At that Alice leaned over and planted a moist kiss on Sue's lips. She would have held it for a long time, but she felt Sue's body go rigid as she withdrew from Sam. She pulled herself completely off of him.

With her weight off of him, Sam's hips began bouncing up and down on the bed like a pile driver. He would never have found his haven again if Alice had not reached down and grasped that stupendous prick in her hands. With all of her strength she tried to hold it steady, resisting the temptation to fondle it again.

"Now, Sue. Now lower yourself back down. I'll hold him still."

She quickly engaged that engorged cock and eased herself down slowly enveloping the raging bull. This time he slipped in half way. With a gigantic sigh, Sue withdrew again and quickly pressed down again. He slipped in further. Several more times she pulled him out and slid back over him until finally she sank down until he was nearly all the way in.

"Aaaarrrrgggg. That feels so good, Alice. Now, move around in me."

The feeling of his dick sliding inside of her was like having a long-time itch scratched. His prick had spread and opened her, filling a void that somehow she hadn't even known existed, until then.

She moved her slender hips in time with her emotions while his hips rammed that stiff, throbbing cock up, relentlessly up, at a feverish pace, with no consideration for her needs or desires.

She could feel him spasm as she continued to press down as hard as she could on him and feel his cock sliding in and out of her. A low animal growl began in her abdomen and rose in pitch and volume as her orgasm soared in her. She made no effort to keep quiet.

But long before she had played out, the thoughtless boy beneath her had exploded with a grotesque grunt and sent yet another surge of semen coursing though his vas, destined for the holy place. It shot out, bolt after amazing bolt. It not only entered Sue, it permeated every nook and cranny of her delightful vaginal cavity. All she knew was the shattering, shredding pleasure ripping through her passionate little body. His dick swelled inside her and throbbed and jerked for a few minutes.

Sue toiled to reach the pinnacle of her orgasm by continuing to move her hips around Sam. But he grabbed her and pulled her down on him, holding her motionless.

For a time they lay there, Sue sprawled across Sam contacting as much of his body as she could. Unfortunately, in his tight clutches, all she could do was keep twitching her hips and rolling a little, as his spent penis finally shrunk and collapsed. A thick mixture of juices, his and hers, seeped out of her vagina.

Alice had one hand busily at work on herself trying to catch up with Sue, the other toying with Sam's flagging balls. Alice, sensing her sister's unsatiated anguish, groaned in disappointment at the turn of events.

Could that have been what finally "awoke" the boy? Because with no warning he suddenly and ruthlessly threw the poor, unslaked girl off of him like a rag doll and hurled himself off the bed. In a flash he ran down the stairs, hurriedly put on his clothes and bolted out the door.

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