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Sisters "Alice and Sue" part 8

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter 8

Within a few minutes, they were running their hands all over each other. She trapped his leg between her thighs and rubbed her labia up and down on his leg.

"Put your hands on my breasts," she said quietly. He complied with trembling fingers, sliding his hands down to her breast, just letting his fingertips rest on them. After a few seconds, he began moving his palms over them, sort of learning their curves and contours. Finally, he pressed them slightly, then cupped them. It was incredibly sensual to her. She felt heat in her belly.

She took his hand and led his fingers to her nipple. She pushed his fingertips the erect tip and compressed them a little. He didn't need much coaching after that. He grasped the other nipple and began gingerly pinching and pulling them. Each touch and movement sent a lurching spasm through her belly. Her eyes half closed and she smiled.

Finally, he bent and started suckling one nipple. He ran his tongue over the tip, quickly.

By that time the clutching couple was pretty well draped over the sofa. He had rolled onto his side, though, to allow his cock to stand straight out. It throbbed in time with his rapidly beating heart.

He crawled over her and continued madly kissing and licking all over her breasts, pausing only to take one nipple or the other between his lips and suck crazily. She took one of his hands in her's and led it down over her quivering belly down to her soft pubes and guided him in his explorations. She carefully taught his fingers the way to her clitoris and once he found it, he dallied and was fascinated by the effect his combined licking and fingering had on her.

His finger found the vagina and slid in. He gasped, "It's so wet and hot!"

She could feel his throbbing cock against her thigh. She then rolled him over until he was back on top of her and arduously slipped down until she was half off the sofa. By then he was kneeling before her.

For a brief, so very brief, moment, he was reminded of her loveliness, for indeed, Alice was a beauty. Her skin, soft and warm, her graceful curves so perfect that in the dim light they looked as though they were carved out of marble.

But Ken's eyes were now in his hands as he slowly worked his way up her smooth legs, touching her ever so lightly with his tongue. As he approached her inner thighs she began wriggling and slid down even further down in the sofa as if to meet his mouth on the way up.

But he moved up and kissed her neck gently. Their lips came together and her tongue worked its way swiftly into his eagerly awaiting mouth. He put his arm around her neck and the hand on her shoulder moved carefully downward. Slowly it hand crept towards her firm breasts gently stroking her neck on the way down. Her silky skin was moist and cool as he touched it.

He was sweating profusely as his hand again slipped down, ever downwards. His mouth followed closely behind.

Alice pulled her knees up and apart and encouraged him to started kissing his way down into the awaiting and inviting vee offered to him. His breath was like fire on her exposed labia lips and throbbing clitoris.

"You'll have to help me find the right spots," moaned.

"I will, but you're doing fine, just fine," she murmured throatily.

And indeed he was. His tongue went into the hollows between her thighs and swollen labia. When he shifted from one side to the other, his breath and sometimes the tip of his tongue just barely grazed her and that tantalizing touch made her groan and grind her hips. She was writhing, trying not to escape his tongue. She arched her back and bringing his face closer to her sweetness.

He cupped his hands around the smooth cheeks of her buns and held her tightly. He lifted her and pulled her to his lips and kissed her firmly.

Then, seemingly abandoning any shyness, he stuck his tongue inside of her and began to work it in and out.

A few quick strokes and she growled, "Higher!", guiding him up. "Lick there, ahhh, right there!"

As he reached it her body quavered and squirmed. Her scent seemed excite him even more. Gently, he let her down and moved his tongue up her supple body to her breasts. As he reached them he felt her twist and reach down to grab his cock firmly.

He was panting so heavily that Alice was afraid he was going to come just kneeling there. He was to excited to delay any longer. He apparently thought so too, because be whined, "I'm going to cum again, Alice. Help me." And backed away from her.

She sat up with difficulty and leaned over grabbing him by the head with both hands, kissed him real hard on the lips and said, "Don't you dare. You wait for me." And pushed the helpless boy over on his back. He landed with a crash, but he was clearly not hurt as his cock still waved.

She was on him in a flash, pinning his shoulders to the floor, straddling him with her knees. She trapped his cock between his belly and her genitals and stroked along it a few times. The underside of his dick, turned upward, dragged over her blood-rich clitoris.

Recovering, he pulled her down so her face was against his neck and her chest crushed against his. She reached around behind herself and held his steel-stiff cock steady while she slid backward.

One quick slide and she had engaged his hungering member. He groaned in ecstasy as she slid further down on him taking him fully inside of her in one motion.

She held still for a few seconds savoring the moment.

Unfortunately, when she started moving forward again it was all over for Ken. With an loud cry he came in her. He was jerking and spasming inside her and groaning. Meaningless babble escaped him.

In a few moments he subsided and she felt his seminal fluid seep out of her and drip down on him.

Alice hadn't reached her orgasm yet, and she continued to churn her body up and down on him she groaned in anguish as she felt his cock quickly begin to shrink. And all to soon it slipped from her yearning vagina.

For a long time she continued humping against his flaccid body, but he soon tired of it and encouraged her to get off of him.

In the mean time, Sean was busy with Sue. He could not take his eyes off of his cock as he saw it slowly move into Sue's expanding sphincter, while Sue moaned and groaned. She kept her hips quite still, making him do all the work this time. Then the glans was completely swallowed again.

"I'm in again," he cried. "Oh, shit, does that feel good!"

"Yah, it feels good. But go slowly and don't fall out again, please."

As the young boy continued the pressure, feeling her anus tighten its grip, the rigid shaft inched inward. Sue was beside herself once more, making animal sounds.

Then he was half-way in, and then suddenly all the way in. Sue was moaning softly, from deep within her throat.

"It's in all the way," he cried with a sound of satisfaction in his tone.

And as she contracted around him, he continued, "Mmm, I like that," and his hips began moving even as he spoke.

Sue managed to work her hand under herself and back to her clitoris. Her manual stroking was much slower and more deliberate compared to his intense churning.

"Damn, it feels so gooood!" he moaned and increased his pumping with long, hard strokes that plunged inside her.

"It feels so damn good!" he wailed, his strokes now getting shorter and faster.

Then all too soon he let our a scream and jammed himself all the way into her and held fast, his fluids pouring into her anus.

He fell onto her, with his cock still in her rear. He sort of embraced her like that, in silence, planting soft kisses moist on her neck as he cupped her breasts in his hand and gently kneaded the pliant flesh.

Both boys had spent themselves again, while the girls were still languishing somewhere up the side of the orgasmic mountain, disappointed and dejected.

Ken, who had finished first and shrugged the unsubmissive Alice off of him scrambled up off the floor and said, "Man, I've gotta go, its late. You coming with me, Sean?"

The affirmative reply disappointed both girls who would really have like some more activities. But all they could do was plaintively protest to deaf ears. One only feared that they now had all of the ammunition they needed to return to their peers and be welcomed as heroes.

They disappeared nearly as fast as Sam had done less than an hour ago.

Chapter 8 - Twice is Better Than Once

For a long moment the girls lay partly in dejection and partly basking in a delicious glow.

Slowly Alice got up off the floor and sat next to Sue.

She moved over and leaned down until her face was just a few inches from Sue's and whispered throatily, "Sue, I love you," and leaned further until their lips touched.

"Hold it, Alice, let's go back upstairs."

It took some doing, but eventually they made it by half carrying each other.

When they got back to the bedroom, Sue told Alice, "You lie here and just let me look at you for a while."

Alice complied and smiled up at the beautiful glowing features of her sister gazing at her.

Sue kissed Alice tenderly on her lovely smile. Slowly she slipped her tongue out to part Alice's ruby lips. For an few moments they toyed with each other. Then with a groan as earnest as anything she could muster, Sue intensified her kiss pouring her soul into it.

Sue backed off. She slowly let her gaze drop down and take in Alice's whole body. Then her soft, delicate hands also took the same trip. "My, my," she whispered as her hands gently fondled her ripening breasts. Alice's nipples still erect seemed to reach out to greet Sue's touch. Her warm hands then traced Alice's youthful contours to her slim hips. Then she carefully took Alice's hands and placed them on her own small breasts. No encouraging was needed to persuade Alice to return the playful excursion.

The tingling sensations were driving Alice crazy and when Sue reached around and enveloped Alice's small, but firm, buttocks and stretched further to trace between her legs, she thought she could stand no more. She tensed.

That seemed to halt Sue's dallying. But Alice caught the hint and protested as adamantly as she could. "Sue, I have never felt so wonderful, so needed and so wanted as I did just now. Just these little touches bring more pleasure than that whole time with Sam. Please don't stop. Please."

At that Sue let her hand creep down to Alice's loins. She felt herself get sort of wobbly as Alice followed suit. She closed her eyes and felt the tingling between her legs. Her hand gently stroked around the juicy labia fondling every wrinkle as if it was the last time she would be there. It was Alice who first reached the uppermost fold hooding that delicate creature that when properly stimulated could raise a woman to heights no man could imagine. The electricity flashed through them as they writhed and squirmed and moaned in unison under the exquisite instinctive, yet caring touch of each other. Their own desires reflected in their own actions. Each mirroring the other.

As the animal noises grew louder and louder, Sue slipped a hesitant finger inside of Alice's hot vagina, all slimy with her own and Sam's fluids. But she never left that delightful clitoris as she slid inside.

Then when they seemed near to the peak of ecstasy, Sue released her probing hand and turned around so that she straddled Alice and buried her innocent young face into the awaiting folds of pink. Alice, anticipating this move, helped her move and when Sue had turned completely around she reached up to enfold each firm buttock and pulled herself up until she could tenderly kiss her way slowly up the inside of Sue's leg to the awaiting sensitive engorged rumple of lusting flesh. Then she, too, immersed her own face in the honey-scented genitalia poised over her.

Sue shivered and goose-bumps appeared on her delicate thighs.

They each snuggled into the innermost fold of labia until their faces were covered with the love-fluids. Their tongues glided out to probe the turgid fleshy folds, searching for other ways to bring joy to the other.

In one fell swoop, they felt themselves depart the world of children and enter the sensuously enchanting world of lovers. The first touch of the other's tongue on their private parts caused them no anxiety, although just a few hours ago it would have been unthinkable. They writhed and twisted in a frenzy.

Lasciviously their warm tongues continued to invade the other's every fold and recess, bringing hot saliva to moisten and oil, and leaving a tingling they had never imagined in their wildest dreams.

The sensations were exquisite. They uttered not a word as their warm lips and tongues played games of passion on the other's genitals.

All the while they were orally stimulating each other, their hands were not idle. They had crept around to each other's buttocks and were slowly and sensuously stroking them, not in a lewd way, but like caressing a delicate flower. They didn't miss a contour. The feeling aroused them even more, if that was possible.

In unison they nodded, like urging the other on, sending additional shivers of passion down their spines. They nuzzled deeper in the other's crotch.

Sue took the next step as she ever so gently touched Alice's clitoris with the very tip of her tongue, sending shudders threw both of them. Alice let out a growling moan.

Then, quickly Alice followed her sister's lead and let her moist tongue delicately probe until she, too, finally found Sue's clitoris, which had swollen to visible size and was peeking out from under the protective fold. Eventually, they again found each other's clitoris and indulged themselves in mutual stimulation of that delightfully sensitive organ.

Sue involuntarily arched her back under the urging of Alice's warm hands still massaging her buns. Sharp cries erupted as an intense flash coursed through them.

The scene was marvelous and lascivious beyond imagination. It was almost like a soft, warm, pink and white, luscious creature was eroticizing herself on a life-sized mirror. The smoothly rising ivory breasts were each crowned with a delicious, little pink nipples, arrogantly erect. The smooth white legs, the delicate inner thighs, framing lovely and innocent faces, gently curving to converge where the silky pubic hairs nestled around passionately heaving mons of flawless contour. The labia, swollen and ripe and juicy, sheltering the other's probing, incessant tongue. The beloved, exquisite clitorises, corpulent and sturdily erect, voraciously lusting for an amorous touch. The moistness slowly oozing from the engagingly delicious and inviting darkness of the vaginas.

Only when they had reached the very peak by their lavish lathering, did they pause, figuratively, standing at the crest of passion, realizing that all was not quite right. They had provided all of the physical stimulation any mortal could ask, now it was time for spiritual stimulation.

Like in a dream, Sue backed away from her haven in Alice's luscious crotch, and floated over her sister, sliding over the taut awaken body until once again she was lying full length on Alice, toe to toe, face to face.

"Sue, thank you for turning around. I want to join with you and share my very being with you," she gasped, and pulled the lissome girl down to her awaiting lips. For a short second they kissed gently as their hips writhed desperately searching for the other's genitals.

The instant they found each other the gentle kiss exploded into one of such intensity that they each thought they were dying. Yet they cared not, for this moment was worth it. Their bodies strained against each other, the labial lips as intimately engaged as their oral lips. The eruption began in their genitals and shot like a bolt of fiery lightening up their exultant bodies radiating intense heat as it went. Only when it reached their heads did they finally disengage that perfect kiss and erupt in groans of utter agony and delight. Their racked bodies flailed and thrashed in convulsions beyond their control as if they were on the brink of death, itself, rather than that other ultimate experience.

They heaved and tossed and wailed and screamed and groaned and writhed. The world around them totally and completely forgotten and beyond all caring. Time passed unnoticed.

Finally, as the ecstasy subsided they resumed their kissing and fondling as if they intended to commence that wonderful climb once again. But that was not the intention, for they were as emotionally and physically spent as it was possible to be.

Their eyes were still closed to all else besides each other and their bodies devoid of any sensation or stimulation beyond that being imparted by the other -- the gentle and tender touches, the sensitive fondling of their small, firm breasts, the enveloping of the unblemished ivory mounds, the tracing around the delicate areola, the toying and teasing of the perfect nipples, turgid still with passion, genitals engaged, lips to lips, clitoris to clitoris, life to life. Together they moaned in ecstasy as they rode the wonderful slow ride down the mountain of perfect joy.

They continued this after-play for more than an hour. Finally, they drifted into the consummate sleep of the innocent.

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