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Sisters "Alice and Sue" part 9

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter 9 - Eat Your Heart Out, World

Alice awoke first. It took her a few minutes to recollect where she was and why. The hint of a rosy glow remained with her and Sue, sleeping benignly next to her. A smile etched on her lovely face. Alice slowly leaned down and with just the very tip of her tongue touched just the extreme tip of Sue's nipple. The electric shock brought a wave over Alice and she squirmed. She continued her interest in the sensitive nipples of the sleeping beauty, although Sue began to stir after that first touch.

Somehow she had lost her inhibitions. Maybe it was the warm room or maybe it was the recent memories. Or maybe it was the barely perceptible feel of the exposed flesh innocently lying before her.

What had happened just a few moments before had still not congealed in her mind, but her desire to repeat what she perceived as a dream was incredibly strong. She reached out her hands and began gently exploring and caressing the exquisitely formed body before her. Her mind, obviously off in the netherworld did not notice that Sue had awaken, but continued to lie motionless beneath the warm, exploring hands.

Alice delicately stroked Sue's stomach, around and around in larger and larger circles, slowly edging down her sides to the outside of her thighs. Then, ever so slowly she felt her way around to the marble-white virginal inner thighs, slightly parted, and gently fondled the sensuous curves leading towards the awaiting cavern of delight.

Quickly, Sue found herself rocketing out of control. (It is said that once the mountain has been climbed, the next times are easier and more rewarding, as the challenge of conquering it is gone. She thrashed and twisted beneath the passionate petting, Alice not braking stride. Sue's mons heaved in time to her heavy, almost labored, breathing as Alice's fingers crept closer and closer to that warm moist receptacle, beckoning ceaselessly and irresistibly. Nearer and nearer, until just as they reached the soft labia and she began to trace the delicate line up to where they met, the exquisitely hooded clitoris just sitting, anticipating, Sue was racked once again by the passion of still another orgasm. She could not hold back the verbal sign and the low moan scaled upwards, just as the charged emotions inside of her body soared, and ended in an animal-like cry of pure delight.

But Sue would not let her ecstasy prevent her from sharing. In fact, it seemed that this orgasm, so quickly brought on, was simple and small compared to the ones she had shared with her sister. Still in the throes, she struggled, reaching up and pulled Alice down to her. She kissed her passionately on the lips. It was not a short peck, it was a lingering, deep and loving one that lasted for several minutes.

For several minutes they lay there savoring the kiss of love, Alice trembling in Sue's arms. Then Sue let Alice hold them together as she let her own hands set off to explore as Alice had just done.

She reached down and cupped those delicate trembling breasts in her still-moist hands and caressed the exquisitely sensitive alabaster skin.

They shared an incredible feeling, a glorious compassionate feeling. Neither had ever quite felt like this before. Before it was almost like manipulation, now it was togetherness unimagined. There was no lust in their feelings, just love. So close. Each felt as if she were opening up, absorbing another form, becoming one with a totally new entity. At last. True fulfillment, they thought.

As many, many waves passed through them, they basked in the glow of heart-felt passion. Then Sue broke her hold on her sister and slowly sat up.

"Don't move, Alice, I just want to look at you."

But Alice was not to be commanded so quickly. She struggled up to a semi-kneeling position, resting her appetizing buns on her heels as Sue tailor-sat in front of her.

"You're pretty neat to look at, too, Little One."

The Alice again leaned over and kissed Sue full on those luscious lips. It felt like the first time. The feeling in her body was totally different, almost foreign, yet it made her feel whole. It made her feel heavenly. Her kiss was warm, heartfelt and deeply passionate. As it lingered, Sue gently caressed Alice's lips with her tongue until Alice consented and parted them. For what seemed like hours she explored everywhere, beginning with her lips, then her teeth, and, like someone scouting new territory, didn't miss anything. But it was done in such a way that it never felt like an invasion or violation. It felt like, "Hey, Alice, this is me. I want to share me with you, but take me along." And she did. Alice felt as one with Sue as they sat snuggled on the bed.

Seemingly refreshed by this "first" kiss Alice smiled most bewitchingly and leaned close to Sue again, first kissing, then playfully licking her mouth, her face and eyes, her ears and her throat, her bare shoulders.

Sue slowly and cautiously allowed her warm hands to slip down, down until then rested on the small twin domes of Alice's budding breasts of velvet. Sue's eyes never left Alice's. For a few moments they lay there comfortably. Then ever so tediously they began meandering along those perfect, graceful curves.

After a very long while Sue's hands gently cupped Alice's firm breasts like they belonged there. Alice's already erect nipples seemed to struggled to gain their rightful place in Sue's kind and sensitive fingers. With utmost tenderness these fingers stroked the ruby areola, the sprouting nipples until they became as hard as a penis.

Those loving hands delicately departed, sadly, the breasts to continue their journey. Spontaneously, with no effort to moderate her voice, Sue cried out, "My god, I never realized you were so beautiful!" As if star-struck, she just sort of stared with her mouth hanging open. Slowly Sue's eyes absorbed what seemed like Alice's entire being. Again, Alice did not have the slightest feeling or hint of licentiousness, it was two people sharing themselves. The feeling of this woman in all honesty telling her what was, quite obviously, a simple fact, filled Alice with love for Sue. The tears filled Alice's eyes.

"What have I done," Sue cried when her eyes again found Alice's, saw the tears and pulled her close. Alice reached her slender young legs around Sue's elegant thighs to ease her concern. She also reached out and gently cup Sue's luscious and full breasts in her warm hands. She extended her hand and caressed her determinedly stiff nipples. Another slow, fervent kiss exchanged lips several times.

As they held the kiss long and hard their hands wondered silently over each other. Their hands softly and hesitantly meandered among the heavily bedewed hills and valleys of each other. Their nipples stood at rigid attention like lovely, ruby flowers stretching out. Their fingers continued to enjoy their childlike romp.

Sue stole her hands lower, to Alice's delicately smooth, creamy white inner thighs, tenderly stroking the satin skin. Then delicately inched towards the rising mound at the apex of her shapely young legs, searching for that place, that place so rich in erotic senses.

She ran her fingers carefully around the blossoming labia. Sue's affectionate hands gently followed Alice's pliant labia slowly tracing each lip end to end, slowly approaching that hollowed grotto. Alice's hips began to move.

Before entering, however, Sue's finger found Alice's clitoris, that blood-rich bud, that flower, the seat of driving passion, still achingly hard and proudly erect. She rubbed her finger gently back and forth over it, causing little groans of pleasure to bubble from Alice's lips.

With exquisite care and tenderness Sue surrounded Alice's exquisitely sensitive flower and caressed every crevice. Alice gave a reflex intake as she reached the tip. Her moans were equaled only by Sue's. Sue dallied with trembling hand as shivers of passion waved through Alice's graceful body.

Sue's warm fingers gently moved the soft covering hiding her erect clitoris and began tracing the base of that lovely and sensitive organ. Slowly she crept up that tiny organ, the home of such immense feeling, until with exquisite care she reached the top, the very tip, and another impassioned wail fell from her lips. The ensuing moments of pause were broken only by her laborious and loud panting.

She leaned over that quivering body, tense with pent-up passion, trembling before her. Once again she followed the exact trail left by her fingers, but with her hot tongue this time. Twice on her way to the very tip of her clitoris Alice was overcome with passion and released the passion and lustful sensations within her. Sue mirrored each release, paused, and probed still further.

She slowly began to let the tip of her finger delve down Alice's cleavage. She used her fingers to pull the labia wide open, revealing the juicy pink interior. Then, while using the thumb to keep tender contact of Alice's clitoris, Sue slid her forefinger down and began to slide the fingertip towards that fierce grotto. Down, down she went, finally into that wet, juicy slit and right up into her hot vagina. Alice groaned as Sue's finger rhythmically slid in and out of her hot humid vagina. Stroking, caressing, searching, Sue continued slowly exciting Alice more and more.

To Sue this was the most delicious moment of all. She had found the long sought after, the hidden depths of Alice's velvety rosy vagina, the love-shrine. The mixed fluids of Sam and Alice were perfect to moisten and lubricate her touch.

Sue paused to look down at the beautiful sight. Her finger was slowly sliding deeper and deeper into the juicy little crevice. The soft thin pubic hair hid none of her slit from her view. Slowly, she inched her finger deeper until she was twirling her fingertip in the very depths of heaven itself

They flew together higher and higher under the gentle lead of Sue's touching, caressing, embracing Alice's her warm, moist vagina and her very soul. She pressed onwards harder, deeper. Their hearts quickened in response. They could feel their breath catch, release simultaneously.

They were in an uncontrollable, sensual whirlwind. Both were trying desperately not to let it get away from them. They both felt like they were falling, tumbling joyfully over and over into an abyss of soft sensual pleasure. Neither had ever felt this exact feeling before and neither wanted it to ever pass. This was like no addiction imaginable.

Slowly and steadily they climbed (or were lead by an unseen, invisible force, together). For nearly twenty minutes they ascend.

There was no real peak in their simultaneous climax, only a crest. Slowly they approached the zenith. They happily dallied on the crown, as smooth as Alice's mons heaving in a steady rhythm, of the mountain for many, many minutes and then slowly drifted down the other side.

Words were inadequate to describe it and an outsider could never have comprehended anyway. It will suffice to say that the joy was delightfully and deliciously inexplicable.

After an eternity, Sue slowly, so as not to break the spell, for they were still at the very peak of a fantastic high, turned and moved one leg over the supine sister until she straddled her. Lowering herself on the still sensitive body of her sister she let her budding breasts play upon her sisters heaving bosom.

They were nipple to erect nipple. Slowly Sue gyrated, stimulating Alice who had never quite returned to normality. She lowered her pelvis onto Alice's abdomen pressing into her, slowly rotating her pelvis in circles. The slightest suggestion of motion at their nipples sent tremors deep into their flesh.

Sue loved the way Alice kept moaning and moving with pleasure beneath her. It was like telling the world, "This is how sweet and good and beautiful passion is, not ugly and dirty, the secret hurtful thing everyone makes it out to be! When you care, there is no beauty like it."

A gasp escaped Alice as she felt herself once again rise towards that awful and wonderful peak she had so recently discovered and explored and longed to return to. She reached out to hold Sue close and let her soft warm hands play on Sue's back sidling down to her rotating buttocks, cradling each ripe globe in her hands. Then she tried to spread her legs so that she could feel the sensuous movement on her mons, but found herself pinned by Sue's thighs pressed close to her sides.

Not wanting to break the spell, she moved no more, but Sue recognized what her body language was requesting. Slowly and with great care she pulled away from her sister and slipped her knees down the bed until she was lying full length on her. Then she snuggled in forcing Alice's legs apart until she could move her yearning genitals down and against Alice's still moist labia.

For an instant she wished that she had a member like Sam's so she could be inside of her sister, but the wish passed as her subconscious quickly convinced her that with that tool came self-centeredness and self-indulgence. What she wanted to do was share. She wanted to share in the joy of sensuality. She wanted to help her beloved sister reach the pinnacle of orgasms at the same instant she did. She wanted to give and receive equally. It made no sense otherwise.

Their kiss lengthened and intensified as Alice instinctively spread her lovely lithe limbs out to enfold the delicate churning hips ever searching to become one with her. Their labia, both wet and slippery with delicious fluids touched, aroused and slid over each other, ever moving, never still. The delicately soft and sensitive folds of blood-engorged flesh sent electric tingles ever time they contacted the other's tiny erect clitoral buds.

Each child was rapidly moving up the ladder to heights neither had ever achieved and few adults could even imagine.

Each opened their soft petals of impeccable and infinite perception and receptiveness to the other with a trust not known before. Here was trust and sharing as God had truly intended when He created His greatest masterpieces -- Love and Passion. Other mortals had abused these by hoarding the fruits of passion for themselves. These two wonderful children were intent on bringing the other along with her.

They came in long, gentle, building and rolling waves of pleasure, all clenched and slippery and writhing. Their beauty only heightened by the flooding of passion to each extremity in totally and complete, perfect, innocent passion!

After an eternity of bliss, the young lovers, as fresh as all creation settled back into a pleasant, dreamy state.

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