Alternate Pleasure by Kim 1999 hullo_nurse@hotmail.com

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My name is Samantha. I know you all may thing I am strange, but I have always been facinated by snakes. Most girls are afraid of them, but I think they are incredible creatures. I love to watch them curl up in a ball under the heat lamp in the aquarium. I am awed every time I watch them eat, but I do have a difficult time dropping the mice in there to them. I have 2 snakes, named Hiss & Fang. They are about 3.5' long and a good 1.5-2" wide, gray with diamond shaped dark patches, and as gentle as can be. I have raised them since they have been old enough for me to handle them. They trust me & I trust them. They have never bitten me, not even tried, well except for when they were little & nipping everything. But they have never pierced my skin & haven't tried to bite since they have gotten older. My facination started when I was just a wee tike. The son of the couple that babysat me had snakes & a ferrett. I didn't like the ferret, but loved the snakes! Doug would let me hold them & showed me the proper way to get them to go where you wanted them to go by making them think it was their idea. Well, little did I know that all these snake lessons would come in handy when I grew up!

So, how exactly did this strange habit of mine start, you ask? Well, a lot of the time when I am in my room I have one of the snakes draped around my neck or curled up on my lap or wherever he decides to rest. I love my guys & they like to spend time out of their aquariums with me. Sometimes I will put a bit of a treat on my hand or shoulder. They can always tell the difference between the treat & my skin. Well, one day I was surfing the net & getting very horny. I was looking at some pics at this one site & boy, did it get my juices flowing. I kept rummaging through this site & the next thing you know there are beastiality pics on my screen. You know those pop-up ads that are always showing up when you are surfing a porn site. I remember thinking "how in the world can anyone have sex with an animal?" but, as I stared at the pictures on the screen my curiosity was peaked.

I clicked onto the link & saw for the first time a woman being fucked by a dog. My pussy became wetter & wetter. I couldn't believe I was turned on by this. They had an "eel" category, so I clicked on it. Oh my gawd, right there on the screen of my computer was a girl with her legs spread wide open & the tail end of an eel slithering out of her pussy! I really got horny then. I couldn't believe it! I looked at picture after picture and the crotch of my panties was soaked.

Now, you all know how snakes have an incredible sense of smell. Well, needless to say Hiss started his way down to investigate the source of this overpowering smell that was coming from my nether regions. I didn't think anything of it at first. The snakes are always moving around when they get tired of one spot. Hiss's head was right at my crotch. His tongue kept darting in & out of his mouth. He was enjoying the scent of my sopping wet pussy. I don't know what came over me, but the next thing you know I had dropped my shorts & panties onto the floor & spread my legs wide open. I moved over to the bed & pulled my knees up to my chest. Hiss's head went between my legs and was bumping against my labia. God, it felt good! It was so wicked, so taboo that it turned me on like I had never been before.

After realizing that there was nothing for him down there Hiss started to make his way back up to my shoulder. I stopped him in his tracks & put him back down between my legs. I took ahold of his tail end & snaked it between my outer lips. I used it to rub my clit and I was getting all worked up. Hiss didn't seem to mind this handling of him so I kept it up. I clicked on a movie and watched on my computer screen as this girl put a snake into her pussy, literally into it! I just had to try it myself! So, I took Hiss's tail end & started to work it into my sopping wet hole. It really felt good. His skin is a little rough & added a sensation that I have never had before. He had just shed his skin a couple of days ago, so this was new skin. I wouldn't want to do this when he was sloughing his old skin off, no way! But right now the scales added bumps & grooves that I could feel as I pushed more & more of his body into my pussy. Snakes are very flexible & as I pushed more in it was like he curved on himself inside my tight hole. I was feeling very full, but wanted more & more. I got about 1.5' inside me before I just couldn't take anymore. Then I started playing with my clit. I figured Hiss could exit my vagina at his own pace & that it would seriously get me off. You know, the not having control over it and not being able to tell him what to do. Mmmmmm, I was already creaming so much. My pussy was slowly milking Hiss, as I used my kegal muscles to increase the sensations. Hiss started to slither away and as he started to slowly exit my body it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It is hard to describe, not like a dildo, because dildo's aren't this long; neither is a real dick. It was kinda like an extra long set of beads (like anal beads), I guess. It felt like he would never get all of his body out of my pussy. He met no resistance and to add to my pleasure he went straight up, right over my clit! It was so intense. I was already on the verge of a mind-blowing climax before Hiss started to move, but now that I had this constant moving out of my pussy & clitoral stimulation too... The orgasm that I had was the most intense one I have ever had in my life, even to this day. It started when Hiss brought his head back towards my pussy lips & kept sniffing the air with his tongue. Every few times his tongue would actually make contact with my clit. I had my knees pulled all the way to my chest so my pussy was spread as wide as I could get it. My clit was hard as it could be and defiantly out from under it's hood. When I felt Hiss's forked tongue touch my clit for the first time he set off my orgasm. My legs pulled themselves back even further on their own in order to open my pussy up more so I let go of them & started to pinch & roll my nipples. I pinched them so hard that I had a tear form in the corner of my eye, but it felt soooo good I couldn't stop. My orgasm continued the entire time Hiss extracted himself from inside me and I think I even squirted for the first time ever. My pussy was spasming over & over again & my clit was throbbing and I felt this extreme urge to piss, but I knew I couldn't piss & climax at the same time. Ands then there was this shot of fluid from my pussy as Hiss came all the way out. All I could do was let my legs flop down to the bed and try to control my breathing as my pussy & clit continued to spasm over & over again. I reached down and put 2 fingers up inside my pussy and brought them to my clit. I started to rub & circle my nub, knowing that I could make myself climax again if I did it just right. I used one hand to spread my lips wide and the other to grab ahold of my clit read tight. I had never thought that I would like a little pain, but was discovering a new side of myself today. I took my clit between my fingertips & rolled it like I do my nipples. As I started to cum again I pinched my clit for all it was worth. The intensity of my orgasm soared to new heights. Wow!! As I came down from this second orgasm I decided to try to spank my pussy. First I tried to do it with my hand, but my hand was too wide to get any kind of clitoral stimulation. I rolled off the bed & found a flyswatter. I cut the sides of it to make it skinnier so that I could aim it at my clit. I went to work with the swatter. Do you realize how hard it is to smack your own clit? Next to impossible. I put the swatter aside & figured it was something I would have to try the next time I got together with friends.