by nightshade

      (furry morph)

the storm battered against the cabin walls, snow flying through the night, covering everything. by morning the entire region would be under a foot and a half. sondra sighed and turned from the window. 'yet another lonely night,' she thought to herself. living in the mountains did have its advantages, but the loneliness could often be oppressive. 'stop it woman," she told herself, 'you know what its like out there. if they knew about you, you know what they'd do.' she shivered in a way that had nothing to do with the cold. try as she might, she could never forget the way her husband had treated her that night. 'you're better off far away from everyone. you're a monster and you know it.' she told herself. she prepared to turn in. just as she was pulling back the sheets on her bed, a loud pounding came on the door. she was startled, and a little scared. she lived a good two hours away from town. 'who could possibly be way out here in this storm?' she wondered. warily, she picked up the fire-iron and went to the door. she gripped the handle and turned it slowly. the door opened and a figure toppled in. it was a furry, a fox morph in fact. he sprawled on the floor, half-conscious. his clothes were covered in snow and he was obviously frozen to the bone. she carefully turned him onto his back. he half opened his eyes, the lids fluttering, and she saw he had startlingly green eyes. "please," he whispered through cracked lips. "help..." his eyes closed and he passed out.

she quickly stripped off his soaked clothes and laid him on her bed. remembering her first-aid training about frost-bite she warpped him well, trying to slowly raise his temperature. he stirred slightly, but didn't wake fully. she pulled her chair up to the bed and sat down, preparing for a vigil. 'he really is quite handsome,' she thought, then mentally chastised herself for thinking such things. 'he's probably also married with 6 kits.' she dozed off, but was awoken about 3 am when he began muttering in his sleep. he was feverish, and she got a wet cloth for his forehead. he tossed and turned, rambling feverishly. it was a long night.

in the morning, she did her chores quickly, keeping one ear on the bedroom. he woke about noon. he sat up, staring about him in fear, but she gently pushed him back. "it's alright," she said soothingly. "you're safe. you're in my house." "how did i get here? he croaked and she got him some water. "i let you in last night. you must have been lost in the wood. you're lucky you found me. theirs no-one else around for miles." he raised a paw to his head and winced. "my name is josh." "i'm sondra. don't worry," she said, "you're safe here. you can stay as long as you need too. i'm not about to send a sick person out in this snow and cold." "you're very kind." he said and she smiled. then she felt a mental twinge and her smile faded. "not really." she said. he looked confused and she said. "never mind. you just rest. conserve your strength. you've still got a fever." "i think i had a pack." he said. "it may be outside. i'll have a look." she assured him.

she let him sleep, and closed the bedroom door. she stood in the bathroom and concentrated. in moments, she went from a fairly short brown haired huan woman to a slghtly taller, slimmer and muscled wolf-morph. she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. 'hello, monster.' she thought. she quickly exited the front door. the entire region was indeed buried under snow, but it seemed to have stopped falling for the moment. her fur insulating her from the cold, she foraged around for his pack. she found it a short distance away, half-buried in snow. 'he must have dropped it.' she brought it inside and quickly shifted back. 'wouldn't do to have him know my secret.' she had a stab of pain in her heart as she remembered again. 'that's in the past, girl.' she chided herself. 'right now, there's someone who needs you.' he was still asleep, and she busied herself making hot soup for lunch. she brought it in to him, propped him up on pillows and spoon-fed him. "i can feed myself." he said, but she saw how his paw trembled and knew he wasn't steady enough. "don't argue, or momma spank." she smiled, and kept on feeding him.

over the next few days, he grew stronger. his fever broke and he was able to move about the cabin more surely. he helped with her chores and even proved to be an accomplished flute player, treating her to beautiful melodies on the instrument in his pack. "i was hiking through the woods, trying to reach the next town." he explained on the 10th night. "i got lost in the storm. i figured in early spring the weather would be more stable, but i guessed wrong. i owe you my life." he said reaching out for her hand across the kitchen table. she quickly pulled away, her emotions twisted inside. "it was nothing." she stammered and fled the room. she avoided him the rest of the evening. about midnight, she slipped outside and stood on the bluff, looking out over the valley. she felt the pain of her existence welling up inside her, and she shifted to wolf and howled her torment at the moon. several other distant wolves joined in. she collapsed to her knees in the slush and sobbed desperately. she never noticed josh, hiding behind a nearby tree, watching, tears rolling down his own muzzle.

the next morning, they were eating breakfast, when he said. "must have been a lot of wolves about last night. i heard them howling." she looked away, fighting to keep from showing her emotions. "oh," she said, and got up to leave. quick as lightning, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back to her seat. "enough hiding." he said firmly. "i-i don't..." she started, but he cur her off. "i saw you last night. why are hiding it?" she flushed and rounded on him. "why?" she shouted. "I'll show you why!" she turned her back on him and pulled her shirt over her head. he gasped in horror as he saw the scars on her back. she replaced the shirt and turned back to face him. "how, who..." he stammered. she slumped into her chair. "my husband." she grimaced. "my late husband."



"we were married for a year. one night i thought it was time to show him my secret." her face blackened. "i was wrong. my parents were wolf-morphs. you know what that means?" "yes," he said. "secondary human form." she nodded. "we kept our furriness secret, tried to pass as human." "but why?" he asked. "We was afraid. We figured if people knew, they'd hate us, attack us. when i married, my husband was so kind, so loving, i thouight he would understand. so, i showed him." she started to sob, her shoulders shaking. "he went insane. beat me, whipped me, called me a freak." she looked up at josh, and he saw the pain in her eyes. "i snapped. i went feral, little more than a crazed animal." she dropped her face to the table and josh missed her next words. "what was that?" he asked and she snapped her head up, her face a mask of fury. "I KILLED HIM!" she screamed. with a visible effort, she gained some control. "when i came to myself again, i saw what was left of him. i saw the blood all over my paws, soaking my fur. i ran, and never went back." she let her face fall to the tabletop, drained. "that's why i hide it."

he went around the table and held her by the shoulders, standing behind her. "that's why you've been keeping me from getting close." she brushed his hands away fiercely, then stood. "yes," she said. i don't deserve to be around anyone. i'm evil." he gripped her shoulders and shook her firmly. "that's nonsense! was the woman who let a stranger into her home evil? did she nurse him back to health because she was evil?" he held her head in his paws and looked straight into her eyes. "you are not evil." she pulled away and yelled, "get away from me! you don't understand! i killed a man!" "in self defense." he said. "the woman i care about is no killer." "liar!" she screamed. she shifted to wolf and confronted him. "you can't care about me! who could care for a monster!" he grabbed her paw and pulled her into his arms. she struggled, but he held her firmly. "you are not a monster. you're the woman i love." she stopped struggling, and looked up at him in shock. "you love me?" he nodded. "since the day we met. this has been the happiest time of my life." he leant down and kissed her. she resisted at first, then melted in his arms. "oh, josh. i love you too." he lifted her in his strong arms and carried her to the bedroom.

they separated and quickly stripped. he was indeed handsome, something she hadn't had time to notice when she first saw him. it was clinical then, loving now. she saw his lean, muscular body, admiring the softness of his fur, the firm lines of his muzzle, his amazingly green eyes. "how did you get those incredible eyes?" she asked. he smiled tenderly down at her. "my mother was a cat. i got her eyes." she reached down and grasped his rapidly stiffening penis. "and from your father?" she asked teasingly. "do 'uh' you really need 'oh' to ask?" he gasped as she stroked it gently. he was admiring her too. he ran his hands over her sleek fur, loving the feel as she moved closer, cuddling him. she was gorgeous, her sloping asscheeks, her tail wagging eagerly, her small, perky breasts. her sparkling brown eyes gazed at him lovingly, as she fondled his foxhood, twining the fingers of her other paw in his chest fur. they moved to the bed and she fell onto it. she lay on her back, her arms reaching for him, her legs splayed wide. "take me my love, give me what i've lacked for so long." "for how long?" he asked, his eyes twinkling. "five years." he replied and he whistled. "looks like you've got some catching up to do." she laughed and he delighted in the sound. "so quit wasting time buster." she challenged. "a gentleman is never rushed." he said and clambered onto the bed. their muzzles met in a soulful kiss, and when it broke, they saw the love in each others eyes. he kissed her cheeks, then her shoulders, moving steadily downwards. she gasped when he kissed her breasts, and suckled gently on her nipples. they grew stiff in his mouth, and he chuckled. "just getting them ready for our children." she smiled joyously. "you really mean that?" he nodded. "forever and always, darling, for all eternity." she laughed aloud, her face glowing. "yes!" she shouted. "forever and ever!" she looked up at her soulmate. "well, we'll never have cubs," "kits." he corrected. "whatever. we'll never get them if you don't get busy fella. i don't want a gentleman right now, i want a lover. so fuck me already!"

"of course milady." he growled and began moving downwards again. when he reached her thighs, she spread them even wider. he kissed all round her glistening lips, then began licking, his tongue making long sweeping laps at her inner thighs. she squirmed and panted, trying to get his tongue on her cunt-lips. he finally relented, and gave her pussy a deep sweep. she arched off the bed, her pent up passion realesed at last, screaming at the incredible sensations. he liked the taste, so he continued. she was an animal, wailing as he licked at her gushing pussy. when he thought she'd had enough, he brought her down gently. she collapsed to the bed, sobbing. he moved up and held her tenderly. "oh, it's so good, so good. i've missed that so much. i love you, josh." "i love you too." he whispered, holding her as she recovered.

once she had, she pushed him gently aside and got on all fours. "take me like this, josh. 'doggy' style." "woof woof." he quipped and she giggled. he moved behind her, and she gasped when she felt the tip of his cock touch her lips. "unnnggghhh." she moaned as he entered her ever so slowly. "uhhh, you're tight." he grunted. "ooohhh, you're so big, so good. deeper, darling, deeper." she moaned as he slid into her. she tried to hold still, quivering in anticipation as she felt every bit of his 9 inch penis slowly sink into her. he sank to the balls and she moaned. "aaaahhhhh..." she sighed as he paused within her. she swore she could feel every vein and bump of him as he throbbed deep inside her depths. he gripped her thighs and began to move back and forth slowly.



"OOOHHH!" she cried, digging her claws into the bedspread. they moved in tandem, pushing together with each stroke, he forward, her back. "UUUNNNGGGHHH! UUUNNNGGGHHH! UUUNNNGGGHHH!" she shouted as he began to speed up, his ballsack striking rhythmically against her stretched cunt lips. "god, you, feel, so, good," he panted, bending over her, as he pumped harder and faster. "YES! YES! YES!" she screamed, pounding back at him. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I'M GONNA CUM! GONNA CUM! GONNA, GONNA CUUAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" she howled as she exploded into the greatest orgasm of her life. "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!" she shrieked as her body was consumed by erotic fire, every nerve and fiber exploding. "HHHAAARRROOOO!" he howled as he rammed to his deepest, held there by his knot, his cock spewing gallons of cum into his beloved. they screamed together, rocking furiously, their bodies and souls as one, she cumming again and again, he shooting a seemingly neverending stream of baby-juice into her spasming womb.

at last, after what seemed an eternity, they shuddered to a halt, both soaking in sweat, the bedspread torn by her claws. she collapsed forward, sobbing desperately. he fell onto her, waiting for the spots before his eyes to go away. he held her, stroking her muzzle gently. "are you okay?" he asked softly. "oh, that was so good. i've waited for you my whole life, and now you're here. i'm so happy. i love you so much." she gasped, her tears of joy rolling down her muzzle. they lay there, kissing and snuggling as they waited for his knot to subside.

over the next year, they were very happy. she contacted the police and confessed to the murder of her husband. in the local court, josh by her side all the way, she was found guilty of justifable homicide and placed on probation for two years. right after the judge sentenced her he married them. she introduced him to the local wolf pack. being normal wolves, they knew her by scent, and accepted him as her mate. they sang with them one night, and they woods ehoed with the sounds of joy. as for sex, they were both insatiable. the dam having burst, sondra was eager to make up for lost time. jodh was all to pleased to help and they made love, everywhere, at the drop of a hat. once, he snuck behind her as she was making soup and took her right there standing up. the soup got burned, but neither of them cared. another time, she ambushed him at the water pump, and the woods were soon full of her screams as he fucked her.

one night, as they snuggled together after a particularly vigorous session, sondra said. "dearest, i went to the doctor today." he nodded. she hadn't been feeling well and he had insisted she go. the doctor had known her secret of course, and had approved wholeheartedly of josh, whom he had met to insure he was fully recovered from his ordeal. of course it hadn't hurt that he had heard them enjoying a quickie in a supply closet. "what did he say?" her love asked, idly playing with her left nipple. "i'm pregnant." she answered, and he froze. he looked at her, and when she nodded, he laughed with delight and swept her up in his arms. they kissed wildly, tears of joy rolling down both their faces. "that's wonderful!" he cried. "does he know when..." "i conceived?" she answered. "about the 15th of last month." josh smiled. "of course, i should have guessed." that night had been especially riotous, and they had hardly paused for anything all night. he laid his paw gently on her stomach, thinking of the life beginning to stir within. they kissed tenderly. "i love you darling." he said, licking her tears off her cheeks gently. "and i love you dearest." she whispered, returning the favor.

over the next 9 months, she grew even more beautiful. her breasts swelled and her belly rounded more and more. of course their lovemaking had to be altered a bit, but new positions and experimentation solved that. he was helping her round the yard when she gasped and hunched forward. she looked up at him, her eyes full of love and a little pain. "it's time."

"come on baby, you can do it! push! push!" "AAARRRGGGHHH! AAARRRGGGHHH!" almost there, come on! come on!" "AAAGGGHHHH!" "yes, i can see the head! almost, darling, just a little more!" "AAAAAIIIIIYYYYEEEEEE!!!!" "i have it! it's out!" "MMMMMMM, MMMWWWW, WWWWAAAHHHHHH!!" "oh, he's beautiful, just gorgeous"

he helped her deliver the afterbirth, and then carefully washed the baby. he was a wolf-morph cub, his fur was red, he had a white-tipped fox-tail and he had startling green eyes. he carefully laid the newborn in his mothers arms and she held him tenderly, both of them crying as they gazed at their son. sondra held him to her nipple and he began to suckle. she held out her hand and josh took it. she smiled at her friend, lover, husband, father of her child, and laughed for sheer joy, knowing she was alone no more.

- the end -

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