"Stacy's First Time"

      by Scott

      (beast F/Dog)

Stacy was a naive young girl who was popular and very pretty. At 15 she had already blossomed into a young woman. She was petite, just 5' 2" but her 34DD-24-34 looked great on her tiny frame. The natural blonde was a cheerleader and was a favorite among the boys although no guy had gotten her "prize" yet.

Stacy and her best friend Debbie would do everything together. Debbie was a little taller and brunette and have small breast but the best ass in the school. The two were always together and always trying something new.

One of the girls on the cheerleading squad, Tracy, had a sleep over. During the night they played truth or dare and other games. They also got out a bottle of Scotch that Tracy's father had in the bar. Everyone started taking drinks and the fun really started. Tracy left for about twenty minutes. While she was gone one of the girls showed everyone some special panties her sister used with her boyfriend. They were edible panties. The girls laughed and went about their stories and confessions.

After much coercion and edging on by the others, Stacy agreed to put the edible panties on to see what they were like. Just then Tracy returned with Max, the neighbor's Mastiff. This was a huge dog, at least 185 pounds or more and tall. She said that she would show the girls a trick she learned last summer.

She then took her panties of and let the dog start to lick her pussy. She said it was great and risk free. The dog could tell no one and if it went too far she couldn't get knocked up! The best situation possible! Max quickly tired of licking Tracy and she couldn't keep him on the task at hand. One of the girls suggested they get Max to lick Stacy's edible panties, that might keep his attention. The cherry flavor might keep him interested longer too.

At first Stacy was resistant but after another shot of Scotch she said OK. Then she made a fateful mistake. She decided to let the dog lick her doggie style. She bent over the edge of the bed and Tracy led Max to her and he started licking her lick crazy. See, it worked said one of the girls. "You were right" said Tracy. Max worked his big tongue all over her ass and done to her pussy. Stacy was loving it and started to moan loudly. While doing this Debbie was getting interested in Max's huge cock that was starting to come out of the its sheath. She started to investigate it with eyes then her hands.

Debbie was so interested she started to stroke Max's huge cock and it started to grow. Tracy told her to pull the sheath back and stroke it in the very back. That is where a dog is most sensitive. Suddenly Max started getting a little restless and then his cock started to get longer. It was a long thin bone that had a tiny little knot on the end. It was like a long, hard pencil.

Suddenly, without warning, Max reared up and mounted Stacy. "What the hell is he doing?! Stacy asked worried about Max's intentions. "He is getting a little too excited" Tracy responded laughing the whole time. By now the girls were all so tipsy that everything was funny and no one was in shape to control Max or the situation.



Max clasped his forelegs around Stacy's tiny waist and started humping like made. Stacy was glad she had panties on to prevent any further progress by the big Mastiff. But she had forgotten one thing, they were edible panties and Max had licked them for quite a while and this would be a problem.

Max kept humping and was making little progress. ALl the girls were laughing and Stacy was too. She didn't realize she was near the corner of the bed. The big dog was pushing her off the bed. Before Stacy realized it she was slipping off the corner and onto the floor. She put out her hands to keep from being crushed by the huge dog on top of her.

She also started moving her ass up and down and side to side because she thought the dog was getting too close to her womanhood. Then Max's cock hit into the mouth of her pussy. Stacy kinda gasped and Max paused for a moment. Then he thrust and went right through the weak panties and into her pussy. "Oh my God!" Stacy yelled as Max rammed right through her cherry bursting it easily!

Max was thrusting like crazy and all the girls were stunned and just stared in silence. One of them, Karen spoke up. We got stop him before they get stuck! Tracy said, "what do you mean?" My cousins have a farm and when dogs mate the male dog's cock gets a huge knot on the end of it that keeps it stuck in the female! We have to make sure that doesn't happen to Stacy" said Karen.

Tracy asked her how they would stop it but it was already too late. Max had his cock all the way into Stacy and was going for broke. Suddenly Max howled loudly and the girls all knew it was too late! After about five minutes MAx was just panting like crazy on Stacy's back. The girls tried to get Max off her but his knot was hung up inside of Stacy's tight young cunt.

"This is bad, very bad" said Karen. "They will be like this for a while!" "Stacy is very small and this dog is huge and his knot is probably the size of a softball or larger! They are also kinda barbed like a doorknob, so they easily get stuck inside of a female." As Karen described all this Max started to try to dismount. He found he was stuck and did an amazing thing. He lifted his legs and turned around so he was butt to butt with Stacy.

This went on for the next hour. However Stacy was very impatient. She kept moving around and trying to free herself. Karen kept telling her to be still but Stacy wouldn't listen to her. The more Stacy moved the more it defeated her cause, to get free. Karen said she had seen dogs get stuck for several hours at a time and Stacy feared the worse.

Finally, after more that three and a half hours Max's cock came free with a loud pop. It sounded like a cork coming out of a champagne bottle. Stacy was exhausted and Max walked over to the corner of the room and started licking himself. Tracy said; "man I gotta get him back, my neighbors probably wonder where he is. Stacy went home that night as did all the girls and wondered about what had happened. Maybe they would get together again and try it? Just maybe.

- The End -

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