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"Summer Holiday"


      (fm, best, real)

Warning: This story contains bestial acts. If this offends you then please do not read further.

It as the summer of 1996, I had just finished my high school career and graduated, and I was only eighteen years of age at the time. The perfect age for a person to enjoy some freedom of going places alone with out any adult supervision. After my graduation, my mum suggested that I take a breather and spend my summer vacation at my sister’s place on the farm. It was huge farm, but did not have many animals with exception to some household chickens and my brother in laws prize winning sheep. They also had three huge dogs, two males and a female, a male and female Boer bull and a male German shepherd. The German Shepherd was always tied up as my brother in law said he was a bit too vicious to be left loose on the farm and that it also attacked the chickens, the Boer bulls however were free to go where ever they wanted and on my second day there the male Boer bull got very attached to me and would follow me all over the farm.

Anyway, after my first week of just relaxing on the farm and going every where to pick up animals with my brother in law, I got used to the out doors and decided that on the weekend I was going to hike up to the mountain across the stream. Saturday morning, I woke up early, my sister prepared a lovely breakfast, and after eating, I took some water bottles with some fruit in a small backpack and headed outside. As I made my way to the back of the farm, my brother in law was checking on his sheep, and suggested that I take Jock with me, Jock was the male Boer bull, so that Jock can help me find my way back to the farm if I got lost. Jock and I headed off down the stream, crossed it at a small bridge, and began to hike up to the mountain, it was a hot summer’s day and although we started early in the morning, we could feel the heat of the sun.

Jock stayed close to me all the way and occasionally he even ran a little ahead of me but not too far. After about three hours of walking, we took a break in the shade under a huge tree at the foot of the mountain and as I looked back towards the farm, I could not see the house and there was only bush all around. I sat under the tree and drank some water and also gave some to Jock, while sitting there I heard some noises coming from behind the hill near by and then Jock ran over the hill and disappeared, thinking he was just playing and would come back soon, I waited for him for five minutes and then started to call out “Jock, come here boy, Jock!’ Jock was not coming, so I went to investigate what has kept this stupid dog and as I neared the hill, I heard a moaning sound, not the type of moaning of some one in trouble but more of a type when a person is enjoying something. As I got closer to the top of the hill the sounds got louder and clearer, ‘Mmmm, aaaah unnnn,’ when I reached the top, I saw the most beautiful sexy girl laying there in the sun all naked and Jock was between her legs licking her pink bald pussy.

I immediately felt my dick getting hard and I called out,’Jock, come here boy, stop it you naughty boy, bad dog, Jock, bad dog!’ At that moment Jock left the girl and came to stand at my side, she got up and covered her self while I looked away and heard her say, ‘Umm, uh Hi, I never heard you there, I feel so embarrassed but you stopped him just as I was about to cum. My name is Jackie, I live on the neighboring farm close by, you new here? Umm, its okay you can turn around now, I’m decent.’ So I turn around and she is standing there with only a t-shirt on, looking at me and staring at my crotch, ‘Uh, Umm nice to meet you Jackie, I’m Blade and I am on vacation I am from the city, uh I must say that you look hot, I mean sexy.’ ‘Thank you Blade, nice to meet you too, no need to blush you know or have you never seen a naked girl before.’ ‘Umm, no actually I haven’t seen a naked girl before, not in real life that is, may I ask how old are you Jackie.” ‘ I am 18, you look cute when you blush like that, why don’t you come sit here with me and we can get to know each other?’ ‘What a coincidence, I am 18 as well.’

With that being said, I sat down next to her and we started chatting about our school careers and while we were chatting, Jackie unconsciously stretched her sexy legs out and spread them a little and as she lied back on the mat, her t-shirt slid up a bit exposing her wet pussy a little. Jock did not waste time and dove right in lapping up her juices, I was about to push him away when she pulled me down to her and we started kissing, I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth and lick my own and twirl around my mouth. I then felt her hand slide down my body, into my shorts and she took my rock hard dick in her hand and squeezed me gently.

I could feel Jackie was reaching her first orgasm as she squeezed my dick and started to jerk her hand up and down my erect shaft, Jock on the other hand kept on licking her pussy, she came in his mouth, and while he cleaned her up, Jackie stopped kissing me and started to pull my shorts off. As she was sitting up she took off her top revealing her firm breasts and erect pink nipples and I took my shorts off with my top and we were both naked as she went down on all fours . I dropped to my knees as I looked at her soft luscious lips part above my dick’s head and disappear into her mouth. I could feel her tongue flicking fast over my entire shaft while Jock was still behind her lapping at her cum drenched pussy and her sexy butt.”Mmmm, sluuuurrrrp, unnnnn mmmmmm,’ she moaned as she sucked me hard and deep into her throat, I looked at her mouth working my dick and said, ‘Ahhh yess, Jackie, you gonna make me cum, oooh don’t stop baby.’

After saying that she sucked me even harder until I could feel the build up in my balls and shot my load in her mouth and she kept on sucking me until she got every drop of my cum. As she released me from her mouth, Jock climbed onto her back and started to hump his rear forward. Thinking that she might want him off, I asked, Jackie, I think Jock wants to fuck you, should I get him off you?’ She let my dick slip out of her mouth saying, ‘I want to feel him in me, will you help him get his cock in me, I will fuck you when he is done, ok.’ Then without any help from me, Jock hit his target and I watched him sink his 16-inch cock into Jackie, and much to my amazement I sat there watching as her pussy lips parted and make way for the intruder and her pussy swallowed every inch of Jock’s cock. I soon felt my self-getting hard again, moved to the front of Jackie, and sat in front of her with my erect dick in front of her face. Jackie, smiled as she began to kiss my dick all the way down my shaft to my balls and then I felt her tongue swirling round my balls and then back up my shaft before she took me in her mouth again. While I fucked her face, I kept looking at Jock ramming her pussy as every time he pushed his cock deeper into her, I could feel her swallow more of my dick and then I saw the ball on the end of Jocks cock. It was huge and then I watched in amazement as Jackie’s pussy lips parted and swallow the intruder and once Jock got it in her, he turned and they were butt to butt. Jackie was in a world of sexual pleasure as she moaned, ‘Aaaaagh sluurrp, mmmmm yessss Jock, I’m your bitch, mmmmmm,’ and humped her self-back in Jock’s cock and as Jock came, he shot his doggy cum deep in her pussy. I could see some of his cum ooze out down her thighs; Jackie also came with Jock and stopped sucking me.

Once Jock came free, Jackie pushed me on my back, started to suck my dick until I was rock hard and then she climbed on and I could feel my dick disappear deep into her pussy as she began to ride me. Jackie brought her firm breast down to my chest and I started to suck them and pull on her erect nipples with my lips as I felt her squeezing her thighs tight on my dick as she came again and then I shot my load in her mixing it with Jock’s. As I emptied my balls in her, she lied on me, I could feel her heart racing and she was breathing heavily, we dozed off for a while as both of us were exhausted from all the fucking.

When we woke up, she smiled at me saying, ‘We should do this again some time.’ ;Yeah, we should, your beautiful you know that’ I replied. We both got up and got dressed when she gave me one last kiss and said, ‘Thank you, can you meet me at the stream tomorrow morning at 10AM?’ ‘Sure, no problem,’ I replied with a smile and we both parted on our separate ways. As Jock and I reached the house it was already lunchtime, I headed for a cool shower, after lunch went to catch a siesta, and only woke up before suppertime.

The next morning I was up early and headed to the stream, telling my sister that she should not worry as I had made friends with the neighbor and would be there all day. When I reached the stream, there she was, beautiful as ever, wearing a short ass-hugging jean and a white tank top that showed her tummy and it sat tight on her breasts and one could see her nipples. She ran to me and we kissed for a while and than started walking towards her house on the other end. She told me that she was all alone at home and would be for the next two days, except for all the workers. When we reached the house we were greeted by her dogs, a Labrador named Joe and a Husky named Franco, both males.

When we entered the house she took me to her room, pushed me on the bed and stripped naked, she had no underwear on and then she stripped me and laid on me naked kissing me while my dick started to get hard and press her between her legs. As she parted her legs, my dick slipped in her pussy as she was already wet and she started to rotate her hips while grinding her pussy into my dick making me harder and go deeper into her. ‘Aaaah, ummmm, unnnnnn,” she moaned as we kissed and then she sat up and rode me like a horse as her pussy slid up and down she began to scream, ‘Aaaah, yess Blade, ummmm yes, yes, yes, Fuck me, aahh;’ and she had her first orgasm.

She got off my rock hard dick and looked at me saying,” I want you to cum in my mouth,’ and she took my dick in her mouth and sucked me for a good twenty minutes until I could not hold back any more and shot my load in her mouth while she swallowed all my cum, Jackie continued to suck my dick until I was hard again and once I was hard, she stopped and got on all fours, ‘Fuck me in my ass, I’ve never been fucked in the ass before and I want you to be the first person to fuck my sexy ass,’ she said in a lustful tone. I got behind and spanked her ass with dick a little saying, ‘You like that baby?’ and then I pressed my dick hard against her tight ass hole and squeezed the head of my dick in. Jackie, screamed, I stopped and then she screamed again, ‘Blade, stop tormenting me and fuck me already,’ with that being said, I pushed hard and got my 13 inch member all the way in her sex ass and started to pump her in a nice rhythm while I fingered her pussy.

‘Aaaah yesss mmmmm unnnnnn mmmmm baby, ooooh don’t stop, fuck me yess fuck me I’ve been a naughty girl, aaaaah yesss,” she moaned while I fucked her ass. As she reached her second orgasm, she clenched her ass tight and I shot my load in her ass, she squeezed her ass tighter and drained all the cum from dick which was now starting to get soft. I pulled my dick out of her ass and saw all my cum oozing out and running down her thighs, we both went in for a shower to wash off the sweat we had worked and of course, we fucked again in the shower. We then had a light lunch of fruits and some fruit juice and then she took me to the barn saying, ‘I need your help with something, will you help me out?’ Sure no problem, babe.What is it you need help with?’ ‘You will see,’and she held me around the waist as we walked to the barn.

Once in the barn we walked into one of the horse’s stalls, there was the huge black stallion, and his name was Knight. Jackie began to strip and soon she got me naked and we fooled around kissing each other and then I went on my knees and buried my face in her pussy and began to suck her while she held on to Knight. After making, her cum I noticed that Knight became a bit jumpy and then noticed his cock starting to emerge and Jackie pulled me up and she ducked her head under Knight and started to caress his balls and rub her hands up and down his extending member. Once she got Knights cock fully extended she began to flicker her tongue up and down his 20-inch cock and started to jerk him off while she kept sucking his tip. I saw Jackie swaying her sexy ass side to side as she was jerking and sucking Knight and when my dick was rock hard and throbbing, I stepped forward and rammed my dick deep in her pussy as soon as she felt my dick enter her; she pushed back wanting me to go deeper.

I kept on fucking her while she sucked on the horse’s cock and jerked it with her hand trying to make Knight cum. Knight started to stamp his rear legs and I could see his cock getting straight and the next thing there was hot white horse cum being sprayed out of his cock; as Jackie tried to get all his cum in her mouth, Knight sprayed her face and hair full of cum and also sprayed some on her back and on my chest. As soon as I felt the hot horse cum dripping down my chest heading for dick that was deep in her pussy, I shot my load in Jackie and when I pulled out she turned in time to see the thick gob of horse cum hanging on the shaft of my now semi hard dick. Without wasting any time Jackie grabbed my dick and swallowed it sucking me clean from all the horse cum and made sure that there were no traces of cum any where on my body .

We got dressed headed for the indoor pool and pool house that were built in one and took a nice cool swim to cool off. Afterwards Jackie took my hand saying, ‘I have another surprise for you, Blade.’ ‘Yeah, well I love surprises,’ I said with a smile, and then we went to the bottom of the farm to some enclosures that were part of their property, since it was hot, I only had on my swim shorts and nothing else and Jackie only her two piece swim suit and a sarong to cover her thong. When we neared the enclosures, I could hear that there were some animals inside but could not tell what kind they were as there was this dark green covering around the fence and also the fence was quite high and the top was electrified.

As we entered one enclosure I saw a huge male lion that was still young as his main was not fully grown and he walked up to us rubbing his head against Jackie’s legs and occasionally licking her calves. ‘Don’t be afraid, he is as gentle as a baby and I played with him since he was a cub, and trust me, he won’t bite,’ she said with a smile as she knelt down and started petting the huge beast. So I also knelt down and began petting the beast and as I did, he turned his head all around so that I could scratch all over his and then he nudged me with his head and I fell back flat on my ass and the lion began licking my face with his broad rough tongue. ‘See, he likes you,’ she chuckled and then she dropped her sarong to the floor exposing her thong and removed her top of her swim suit revealing her firm well rounded breasts, and called out,’ Here Jumba, come here boy”, with her arms stretched out and opened the huge cat left me and went to her and she wrapped her arms around his huge head and hugged him as he rubbed his fur against her bare breasts.

While Jackie played with Jumba, I noticed that his pink cock began to emerge slowly but not fully and that his balls were huge almost the size of the horse’s. She continued to pat him and rub him up and down his side and then she sat back on the floor and pulled her thong to one side exposing her sweet pink pussy and she called me, ‘Blade, come here babe, come see this,’ and I went and sat next to her and watched as the Jumba started to lick her pussy with his huge flat rough tongue making her cum instantly. The lion continued licking her making her moan in ecstasy , I could feel my self getting hard at that very moment and then Jackie put her hand in my shorts and began jerking my dick franticly, so I stood up and dropped my shorts and sat down close to her face naked.

She quickly slipped off her thong and let Jumba continue tongue fucking her pussy as she sucked my dick. Jumba then let out a small low tone roar and that is when I noticed that his cock was fully extended. Jackie stopped sucking me and I watched as she got on all fours but at the same time, brought her butt lower to the ground unlike when she fucked the dog. Jumba stepped to her positioning his front paws one either side of her and lowered his rear and buried his lion cock into his human mate and began fucking her. He humped his cock fast with lightning speed in and out of Jackie’s cum drenched pussy and as he came, he roared and pumped her full of his cat juice. Jumba than move away, walked around the pen for a while, and watched as Jackie took my dick in her mouth and started sucking me.

Jumba walked around for a minute before going back behind Jackie and fucked her again, this time he got his cock into her ass and filled her again full of his cum, at this point I let my self go as I filled her mouth full of my cum and I noticed that Jumba would walk around for a minute and then go back to fuck Jackie, he did this about six times and on the seventh time, he went behind her, mounted her and fucked her for about at least twenty minutes and when he came he let out a loud roar and then pulled his cock out and went to lay down in the shade of his pen and dozed off.

As Jackie stood up I could see all the cum dripping down her legs, she put on her swim suit and wrapped her sarong and we went out leaving Jumba to sleep as we walked back to the house I asked, ‘How often have you been fucking, Jumba?’ ‘ Oh, since he was old enough to, I think its three years now,’ came her reply. ‘Does you parents know that you fuck the animals on the farm?’, I asked. ‘No, they don’t and you won’t tell them, right?’ she replied. ‘Your secret is safe with me,’ I assured her and we went back to the pool house. When we got to the pool house she closed all the doors and locked it, as the glass was a one-way glass, we could see out but no one could see in. Jackie then took off her costume and dived in naked, as she surfaced on the other end, she looked at and said,’ Well, aren’t you coming in?’ So I got to the edge of the pool, shouted, ‘Lose the shorts first, mister,’ and so I did and then jumped in and swam to her.

She held me around the neck and we kissed while turning slowly in circles, and then she slid her hand down and started to play with my dick as she stroked me up and down and when I was hard enough she wrapped her sexy legs around my waist and I could feel my dick parting her pussy lips and sliding in. As my dick slid all the way in her, she began to move up and down fucking me under water, moaning, ‘Aaaah, mmmmm, deeper yesss oooh Blade, aaaaaahh, yesss yesss.’ As I fucked my dick deep in he, I buried my head in her cleavage and began sucking on her pink nipples making hard and erect, I continued to fuck her deep and hard for about half an hour and than came deep in her filling her pussy with my cum and as I came, she squeezed her legs tighter around my waist trapping my dick deep in her so that it does not slip out.

After that fuck, we got out and showered and than she walked with me back to the stream, we kissed and said our good byes, that is until the next day of course.

- The End -


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