"Teresa's Story"


      (F, Reluc, Best)

I have finally decided to tell this story. I am still living with the results. Although this story may be hard for you to believe. Please try to put your skepticism aside for a moment, and read it. Please! I feel that I must tell someone about what happened to me, even if only to help me deal with it. I stumbled onto your site some time ago, and after reading how most of you feel about animals and relations with animals. I thought I would try and tell you my story, and hope that you may be understanding.

Chapter One:

My Abduction

Have you ever wondered if a human woman could be bred by a dog, and have puppies by it? Well I would never have believed it either. Before this happened to me that is. I have had several litters now, and not through my own choice. As a matter of fact it never even crossed my mind that people would actually have sex with an animal, until I was forcibly bred to one.

I guess I should start at the beginning. When this all started, I was 35 years old and a widow. Just so you will have an idea what I looked like before this happened to me. I will describe what I looked like then. I was 5' 10" tall 145 pounds, my breasts were large "C" cup to small "D" cup, narrow waist and the full hips of a woman. I have blue eyes and thick auburn hair down past my shoulders. To find out what I look like now, you will have to read chapter three, which I have not yet written. Whether I continue to write to your group will depend on your response to this first effort. In my currant physical state, tapping on a keyboard one key at a time is not worth it to me if you are not interested.

My husband and two children had died in an auto accident two years before this took place. I was just getting my life back together again. I had moved to a large Northeastern city, and was not yet familiar with it. One night I was shopping at a department store that I had frequented since arriving in this city. During my time in the store, I felt strangely as if I was being watch everywhere I went. I did not see anyone who looked suspicious, and then I thought to myself. Oh come on, you're just being silly. The feeling soon went away, as I shopped. I left the store later than I had expected to. As I entered the underground garage to get my car, I noticed there were very few cars here this late. The strange feeling of being watched came back to me, but I looked around and saw no one. As I bent to unlock my car door, I heard a sharp scraping sound behind me. As I tried to turn and look, I felt a large arm grab me around my waist and a hand close over my face. The hand over my mouth and nose, held a rag soaked in something strong smelling, a kind of medical smell. I struggled to get away but I started getting dizzy, and I felt like I was falling, I must have blacked out.

I don't know how long I was out, but I slowly awoke in a dark room. I am laying on my side on the floor, and I feel naked. There is a small amount of light coming from under the door and as my eyes grow accustom to the dim light, I notice I am not totally nude. I try to stand up but my legs will not straighten out. I try to push myself up with my hands, and find that they are balled into fists, and held tightly in some kind of thin gloves covered in a sort of short fur. I can not see well, but the gloves seem to extend up my arms and continue into fur covered tights that covered my entire body. I try again to stand, and notice my lower legs are pulled up tight to the back of my thighs and covered in the same tight, furry skin covering as the rest of me. All I can manage is to get on my hands and knees and crawl across the floor to the light at the door. As I crawl awkwardly across the floor, I notice that my breasts are cold. I look down and see that they are not covered at all. They hung down under me and swung heavily back and forth as I crawl awkwardly across the floor. I have not reached the door, when I am jerked up short. Only then do I notice the leather collar around my neck, with a chain attached. I follow the chain back and find the other end fastened to the wall. I try to yell for help, but as soon as a sound comes from my throat, a massive electrical shock from the collar and sends me crashing to the floor. I writhe in agony for what seems forever. I lay there with the pain slowly subsiding, and begin to wonder what is happening to me. So far my mind does not seem to be working very well, but now it is starting to. I am getting really scared now, and I start to silently cry. Tears are streaming down my face, and now I have to pee really bad. I begin crawling around the small room looking for a toilet or anyplace I can relieve myself. I can not find anything, then it strikes me. How am I going to use a toilet? I can not stand, or even squat properly with my lower legs tied up like they are. I crawl back to a spot I had stumbled across earlier. It is a small area covered in sawdust, and now I realize what it must have been placed there for. Had who ever put me here planned for me to do this? Had they expected me to just squat and pee in the sawdust like a dog? This is disgusting, and I already feel dirty and embarrassed just thinking about it. I am a woman for God's sake, not some filthy animal. I have to do something soon, I can feel the pee starting to dribble out of me and down my leg. I finally resign myself to doing it in the sawdust, after all I have no other choice. I spread my knees apart and let my urine flow, but it is running all over my legs. I suddenly wonder if my private parts are covered in the same skin as thing as the rest of me. I can feel my vagina and anus are covered with something, but I have not felt back there to find out what. It is too late to find out now, my urine is already pouring out of me. I arch my back slightly to keep the pee from running down my belly, and suddenly cold air hits my vagina and anus, and my urine is flowing straight out of me instead of splashing all over my legs and thighs. I look back and see a long bushy tail dripping with my urine, sticking up in the air over my back. I am shocked, but don't have time to think about that at the moment. My bladder had felt like it was holding back an ocean. Now that my pee was gushing out of me and splashing into the sawdust, the relief was so great I did not want to think of anything else. When I straightened my back after I finished peeing, the tail dropped down and tightly covered my sex. The tail must be attached to my new skin somehow. I can not seem to understand things too well all of a sudden. I feel very tired and sleepy now. I crawl back and curled up on the rug where I was when I woke up, and fall asleep.



I don't know how long I was asleep, but when I wake up there were lights on and two dog bowls are near a small opening in the wall. One holds water and the other kind of food. I realized that I am totally starved. I do not know how long I have been here, but I am so hungry I rush right over and try to pick up the food bowl. Then I remember that my hands are covered tightly by this damn skin, and are no more use to me than animal paws. The only thing left is for me to bend down and put my face in the bowl, eating like an animal. I bend down on my forearms, my head in the dish and my butt in the air. As I do this, the tail raises high over my back, exposing my bare vagina and anus for all the world to see. I do not care about anything right now except eating. After I finish eating I lick the bowl clean, and wish there were more. I lap up all the water in the other bowl, and now I have to pee again. I crawl to the sawdust corner, and as I am crawling over there I look all around, furtively searching for someone watching me. I have been feeling watched again for some reason. I am ashamed of the way I am forced to relieve myself. I have to squat in the dirt like a dog for anyone to see. I raise my tail, and expose myself, my vagina and anus are now in clear view of anyone who may be watching. I make a small whimpering sound as I try to defecate, and the sound surprises me. I shake my butt quickly in an effort to detach the feces from my anus. I let my urine flow, splashing onto the pile of feces beneath me. The urine runs down and through the long hair at the top of my vagina. No, that is wrong. Now that I am forced to be on all fours all the time, I suppose it would be the bottom of my vagina. After all, that long tuft of hair is always hanging down there. Always soaked in my urine, the smell reminding me that I can not wipe myself. I also know that the urine will be dripping from that soaked hair, for some time after I urinate. I am so disgusted and ashamed, I start to cry again. Already I am getting sleepy, I wonder what is wrong with me as I crawl to my rug and curled up to sleep. This is all I can seem to do for what must be weeks. I eat I relieve myself and I sleep. I don't know why but I seem to be sleepy all the time. I don't know how long this has been going on, there were no windows to see the sun. There are only the lights that came on and go off on no set schedule that I can tell. I begin to realize that I can see as well in the dark as in the light. This is a bit strange, but my concern right now is that I also seemed to have a developed a slight itching deep inside my vagina. The itching seems to have started a short time ago, right after I woke up. I tried to make it stop by rubbing against the floor and the rug I sleep on, but nothing seems to work. The food dishes slide through the opening, and I rush over and begin gobbling up the food like I had never eaten before. When I am finished and the bowl is licked clean, I go over to do my business in the sawdust. I am there, with my tail raised, a pile of feces soak in urine lay in the sawdust below me. Suddenly a human voice comes from nowhere and from everywhere. I am so relieved to hear another human, I forget about the collar, and start to yell for help. The massive electrical shock knocks me writhing to the floor, I am rolling and writhing in my own feces and urine. I feel extreme pain for several minutes. Finally the pain slowly starts to fade away, and I am able to get up one all fours again. I have feces and urine in my hair and on my face, streaks of it are all over me. Then I hear the voice again

" You must never speak while you are here. You will always do exactly as you are told, or the pain will come back. Do you understand?" I nod my head, and the voice begins again.

" Since it will make things easier for all of us, and especially you. I will tell you precisely why you are here, and exactly what is going to happen. You may find this hard to believe right now, but you have been chosen to be the mother of a new generation. I intend to breed the smartest dogs in the world, and you will be the bitch that I will breed them from." I can not believe what I am hearing. I think, this must be some kind of sick joke. Dogs can not breed humans! The voice just continues on.

" I will try to explain to you how this is possible, although it is not important that you know the details. After many years of work, I have developed a drug that will cause some minor changes in a human female. The most important change for you to be concerned with at this time, is the effect that it has on the human female's ovaries. Among other changes, that you will understand later. The drug causes human eggs to be produced that can be fertilized by the seed of a canine. I have previously experimented with this drug on one other female human. The breeding process was a success, and the subject became pregnant. She did give birth to two large, and healthy pups. Unfortunately, her uterus was damage during delivery of her two, somewhat large offspring and she can not be bred again. She is kept here as a kind of training aid you might say. She is used by our stud dogs, to get use to breeding human females. To continue, after this unfortunate occurrence with the previous female. I decided to find a woman who had already had children before, making it more likely she would carry to term, and deliver without complications. Also I needed one who would have no family to come looking for her. That is were you come in my dear. You are a perfect specimen, and you will be my new breeding stock." The whole time he is talking, I am in shock. I can not believe what I am hearing. This man must be crazy, no woman can get pregnant by a dog. Even if it is possible, I am not going to take his damn drug, and I am certainly not going to let any filthy animal "breed "me as he puts it. As if he were reading my mind, I he continues.



"From the time you first arrived here, I have given you injections of the daily. Soon you will be coming into full heat. You must have noticed by now, that your vaginal lips have become tender, and swollen. You should have started to feel a slight itching and burning inside your vagina. By tomorrow morning at the latest, the itching and burning will become intense. The only relief you will find from this burning itch, is when you allow a dog to mount you, or when you are no longer in heat. You will notice a fluid start to seep from your vagina, this natural lubricant will aid the dog in inserting his penis into you when he attempts to breed you. This burning and itching will continue for several days. At some point during this period, there is a small period of time when you will be most susceptible to impregnation. We have no way of knowing exactly when that window will open. There is only one way to be certain that you have live seed in your uterus at the proper time, and that is natures way. You will be locked in your kennel with a stud dog during the entire time you are in heat. Your kennel has observation cameras, and someone will be monitoring you at all times. The stud dog will most likely mount you several times a day, his penis will remain inside you for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. This is the way, nature insures that you have active seed in your uterus when your egg is ready to be fertilized. We have been monitoring your condition since your arrival, by releasing a gas into your kennel once every day. We examine you while you are unconscious, taking samples and making notes of changes in your body. The gas is why you become so sleepy at certain times of the day, in case you have been wondering. I am only telling you this now, to prepare you for what is about to happen. Your heat has started, and a stud dog will soon be place with you. This dog is very large and aggressive. His sole purpose in life has been for breeding. You will not be his first human bitch, as he has had experience with our "training" bitch. You will smell like only one more bitch in heat to him. He "will" breed you my dear, you may have no doubt about that."

My mind is racing now, and I think I am going to be sick, my stomach is churning and I start to run around the room, jerking at the end of my chain. I'm terrified, this can not be happening. A dog penis? Inside my vagina? NO It can not happen. I am loosing control of my bladder, and urine is flowing down my legs and all over the floor. Suddenly the electrical shock from the collar hits me and I crash to the floor writhing in agony, rolling in my urine again, smearing my entire body in it. After what seems like hours, but can really only be a few minutes, the pain slowly fades.. I lay there on my side, breathing hard, and making a small whimpering sound. I hear the voice again through my ears, but my mind is trying to block it out. " I am warning you now so you won't fight him, if you do, he may hurt you. It would be best for you if you just submit, and present yourself to him when ever he wishes to mount you. This should happen several times a day. When he enters your kennel, he will smell a bitch in heat on the air. He will come to you and stand beside you facing you rear. He will want to smell your vagina, to see if you are ready to mate. He will stand with his hind quarters next to your head, as he expects you to smell him in greeting. You must raise your tail and allow him to smell you, if you do not do this he may bite you, or worse. If your smell tells him you are ready to breed, you may see the end of his penis emerge from it's sheath, and a clear liquid begin spurting from it. If this happens, he is ready to mount you. You must brace yourself, as he may be very forceful in trying to penetrate you. This is why the lubricant will be issuing from your vagina. He may also be spraying his own lubricant onto you rear area, as he searches for your opening. Once his penis finds your opening, he will enter you. After he has mounted, you will have very little control over what happens from then on. Once he ties with you, you will be attached to him until his seed is all inside you. He will be too strong for you to escape from and if you try you will only hurt yourself, or cause him to hurt you. Make it easy on yourself, and let it happen, be submissive, and let nature take it's course. After all there is nothing you can do to stop it now."

Chapter Two:



My first Breeding

I am still laying on the floor shaking, my mind is trying to shut this out. I can no longer hear the voice, and I get up and start to pace the floor at the end of my chain. This must be a dream I begin to think, No! a nightmare. I will not allow a dog to breed me. I will not have some animal putting his filthy penis inside of me. I am still pacing back and forth and whining when suddenly I hear the door open. As I turn, man enters with a stick in his hands, a loop is attached to the end of the stick. I begin to think that I have seen something like this stick somewhere before. I should know what it is for, but by the time it dawns on me what the stick is for, it is too late. The loop has dropped around my neck and the stick is holding my head down on the floor. Now I know for sure that this is no dream. A hand reaches down and unhooks the chain from my collar and the man steps to the door and releases the loop from my neck. He slams the door as I rush toward it, I have to escape this loony bin. Even before I slam into the solid door, I realize it is no use. I begin to pad around the room, and smell the walls. Suddenly I realize that my sense of smell has increased tremendously in the last few days, and also my hearing. I can hear other dogs barking from other places now, and I can smell them as well. I go to my sawdust corner to relieve myself, just as my urine starts to flow. I hear the door open again and a huge dog is let into the room. I freeze, and stare at him, his nose is in the air, and he is sniffing. He is a lot taller and heavier than me, and my heart starts to race my breathing coming fast. He looks over at me and his lips curl back in a snarl, his fangs showing. My heart stops, Oh my God, I think, it is really true, they really intend to breed me to a dog.

I pull my Tail down tight to cover my exposed sex, and back away from him. I know he is a male dog because I can smell it on him, he smells of stale urine and something else I can't place. I don't know how I know what a male dog smells like, but I seem to. He is coming toward me now, his teeth bared I stay frozen as he approaches me and puts his nose to mine. He then starts to move down my side sniffing me as he goes. He reaches my left hip, and he tries to push his nose under my tail. I hold it down tight, and I feel his nose move away. I start to relax a little. Suddenly he is on me, knocking me down, biting me on the legs and arms scratching my breasts with his claws as he rolls me back and forth. Suddenly he stops and backs away waiting for me to get up. As I do get up, he comes forward again, sniffing my face and down my body. He stops as he reaches my hip, and raises his tail he looks back at me, and I know what he expects. I turn my head and look under his upraised tail, I see and smell fresh feces around his anus. I am not sure what I am suppose to do. I feel his nose against my hip, and sliding toward my tail. I want to keep my tail down, and not let him smell my sex, But I know the recent mauling he gave me is nothing compared to what he could do. I involuntarily arch my back and my tail shoots straight up over my back, leaving my vagina and anus completely exposed. He immediately sticks his nose against my anus and nuzzles it sniffing loudly, rubbing my scent into his nose, storing it away somewhere. He looks back at me and waits, I know what I must do, as I move my face toward his anus, the smell of fresh dog feces becomes overpowering. I feel like I will be sick, my nose is now only a fraction if an inch away. The sickening smell of stale urine and feces is unbearable now, and I know I must touch my nose to his anus to satisfy him. I can't bring myself to move the last fraction of an inch. I start sniffing loudly almost gagging, hoping he will be satisfied. He steps suddenly back, and my nose is buried in his anus. He rubs his anus hard against my nose and face. Then he moves his nose back under my tail. This time he is not interested in my anus. he goes right to may swollen vagina. I feel his nose sliding up and down the swollen lips sniffing loudly. His nose is between the lips now and against my opening, his tongue shoots out, licking me once. The voice is back in my mind now. What was it about being prepared? Something about his penis and being prepared. Suddenly I remember, I look over at his belly, and see this large hairy sheath hanging from his belly, the end of it is all covered in matted hair, and a yellow puss looking substance all around the open end. Then I see something sticking out from the sheath, it is dark red and tapered almost to a point, it is only an inch or so long, and small around, I begin to relax a little. The dog's nose is still under my tail sniffing and licking me, I am feeling so dirty and degraded, but I am afraid to move away from him, afraid he will maul me again. I just let my head drop down and I whimper as tears run down my face. Then I feel him suddenly shift his weight, and I looked around to see him hump his haunches forward and his massive black-red penis suddenly shoots out of his sheath. It is now huge and wet, it is almost as large as my wrist, at least 8 inches long from were it emerges from the sheath. I stand there transfixed by the sight of it, I can't seem to stop looking. The smell of his penis is starting to make my vagina feel loose and wet. I can't understand my reaction to this smell. I look back at his penis, there seems to be a swelling inside the sheath, but I couldn't tell what it is. I notice a thin clear liquid is spurting from a large hole in the tip, and then it dawns on me what the warning had been. I start to jerk my tail down, but it is to late. He has already spun his haunches around behind me, his hairy chest is on my back, pinning my tail between us. I feel his forelegs wrap around my waist, and his paws dig into my inner thighs pulling me to him. I try to wiggle and pull away, but his claws dig deep into my thighs and force them apart. I can feel the stiff wiry hair of his sheath rubbing across the tender, swollen lips of my vagina. Then I feel something hot and rubbery and hard, poking and prodding me. I can feel his haunches humping at me, then suddenly I feel the rubbery tip of his penis stab the edge of my swollen lips, slide off and in between them. I feel him hesitate for a second, then a quick short probe and it is at the entrance of my vagina. I feel his paws tighten on me as he slams his huge cock all the way inside me. OH MY God it hurt, I try to scream, but all that comes out is a high pitched howl. It feel like I am being ripped open. He doesn't even slow down for a second, he keeps slamming his cock into me, faster and faster. It is growing larger and larger inside of me with each thrust. I can feel a large lump sliding in and out of me, and I feel the stiff hair of his sheath stab against my swollen vaginal lips. Then suddenly his strokes became slightly shorter. I can no longer feel his sheath hair stabbing me, now I feel something hard and smooth pushing against me. I drop my head down and look back between my legs, looking at were his penis is entering me. What I see makes me suck in my breath. There at the base of his penis is a swelling the size of a baseball, it is not round, but kind of oval shaped, and it is huge and getting bigger. He is pushing it hard against me now, trying to get it inside my vagina. I try to pull away, but his forelegs are just too strong. Then it starts to feel like he is peeing inside me, and suddenly a clear liquid begins to splash out and cover my opening, and all over the swelling. He continues to thrust himself into me and I can feel the knot start to stretch my vagina a little more each time it slams into me. I know he can feel it too, as he is pulling harder with his paws now. He is about to reach his final goal, he is going to breed me and make me his bitch. My mind is on fire now, I am being raped by an animal. I am being forced to be no more than breeding stock for some crazy person. I feel his forelegs suddenly tighten around me, his claws dig deeper into my thighs. Then with one massive thrust the knot tears into me. It takes my breath completely away, my head jerking back and I try to scream. Nothing comes out of my throat for a moment, and then a long mournful howl erupts from somewhere deep inside me. His penis is deep inside me now and still growing. He can only make short jabs now, the knot has started to swell even larger, and he is stuck inside me. I can feel the knot pulling him tighter to me, it is huge now. His cock is still swelling inside me, getting pulled deeper into me by the swelling knot. It is getting longer now also, my cervix is stretched tightly across the end of it. Then I feel his penis jerking inside me and a hot liquid starts to flow into me. At the same time the tip of his penis, now lubricated by this liquid, slips into my cervix and like a dam breaking, several inches of his penis burst deep into my uterus. His penis is pulsing and jerking as it continues to swell and shoot huge amounts of his seed deep inside me. His knot has swelled up so tight, that I could feel the end of his hairy sheath being pulled deep inside me, the stiff hairs stabbing into my swollen lips. He has stopped moving now, his head hanging down close to my neck, his tongue out and drool is dripping down onto my neck and back. His penis has stopped swelling, but it is still jerking as if on it's own, and shooting into me. He stays like this for several minutes, then I feel a slight shrinking in his knot. He drops his forelegs off of me and stands beside me. I am still locked tight to his penis, and it is still jerking and shooting every few seconds. I feel him lift one hind leg over me, and he is now facing away from me. His anus is pressed tightly against mine, it feels hot and seems to pulse every time his penis deposits another load of his seed into me. For some strange reason I feel relaxed, I feel as if I have done something nature has intended that I should do. I let my head hang down, and listen to our breathing, I feel my breasts sway slightly with each breath, and with the slight tugging as his panting pulls me back and forth. Suddenly realization washes over me. I jerk my head up, my eyes go wide. What is wrong with me. I have just been fucked by a dog, and he still has his filthy cock stuck in me. What am I thinking? What is happening to my mind? I start to pull away from him, and his knot suddenly starts tearing at my insides. I immediately stop pulling, and push back against him. Oh God that hurt! Now what? I hope he doesn't decide to just pull out of me now, it would surely tear me open. I stand there on all fours feeling disgusted and dirty, I'm his bitch now, stuck on his penis being bred by him, bred to have his puppies......



NO! it can't happen, I won't let it happen. I want to scream it out, I will not let him do this again. He is moving now, I can feel him tugging, testing our connection. He starts to pull harder, and it still hurts, he is still too big. He starts to walk away, all I can do is follow him as he drags me across the floor by his penis. He stops for a moment, and I feel his knot shrink just a little. Suddenly he lurches forward catching me off balance. I fall on my face as he jerks free, tearing out of me with such force that a high pitched screaming howl erupts from my throat. It feel as though he has ripped my vagina wide open. I immediately begin to feel something pouring out of me, and I think it is blood. I look back between my legs and see great gushes of yellowish white goo pouring in a thick stringy mess from my vagina. It pools on the floor, and long sticky ropes of it hang from me and refuse to fall loose. I can't stand it, It is so disgusting and filthy I try to shake it loose, by swaying my ass back and forth it is not working. The disgusting stuff just hangs there, as if a sign to the world that I have been bred. I crawl away toward my rug in the corner shaking and swaying my butt the whole time, trying to get rid of all signs of our mating. I finally give up and lay down and try to sleep. I can feel the mess he put deep into my uterus start to trickle out now, and run slowly down my legs as I lay there. I swear to myself I will not let this happen again. Some way I will stop him from taking me as his bitch again. But as I drift off to sleep, his seed deep in my womb, I know deep down, I am only fooling myself.

When I awake I have forgotten what happened as if it were a bad dream. I feel a terrible burning and itching deep inside my vagina. I sleepily pad over to my sawdust spot to relieve myself. I squat and raise my tail. As my urine starts to flow, I suddenly realized that I am not alone. He is there, the dog from my nightmare. His face under my tail, smelling my urine as it splashes across his nose. I start to raise up and lower my tail, but It is to late. He jumps forward, and lands on my back, pinning my tail beneath him. His forelegs around my waist as he thrusts himself at me. This time his penis finds my entrance immediately, and slams straight into me. It doesn't seem to hurt as much as last time, but It still takes my breath away. He is thrusting into me like a jack hammer, his teeth grabbing my neck and shoving my head down. My arms are bent under his weight, and my nipples are brushing against the floor as my breasts swayed back and forth from his constant hard thrusts into me. His penis is growing faster now, and I can feel his knot growing as it slides in and out of me. I know he will try to shove it into me when he is ready to cum. I think to myself, if I can just get it in and hold it before it got too large, maybe it will not hurt so much. I feel him start to make shorter strokes, and his knot is outside me now, and growing. I try to relax my vagina as much as possible, and then when he shoves foreword again I push myself hard back against him. His knot slams into my opening, and then tears through and is stuck inside me. It hurt a lot, but nowhere near as much as it had before. We are tied together now, and he is making very short hard thrusts, his penis and knot starting to swell up rapidly. Soon he is locked tight inside of me, and his cum starts to spurt against my cervix as the tip presses hard to enter my uterus and deposit his seed. It feels like his penis is longer than before, as it presses harder against my cervix. Finally the tip finds the opening, and slides through, making a path for the larger part of his penis to burst inside. He grabs my neck in his teeth again and jerks my head back, causing my belly to drop and raising my vagina higher his penis slides deeper into me. I feel the end of his cock slide all the way to the end of my uterus, his cum spraying right into my tubes, filling them with dog seed. He raises his muzzle in the air and howls, a long low howl. That is when I know it. That is when I know without a doubt that I have just been bred. Somehow I know for a fact that his seed has taken, and I will be giving birth to this dog's puppies. I let my head drop down and start to cry, a low moaning howl escapes my throat as I stand there. It doesn't matter now, whether I avoided his advances or not. It is done. I just stand there head down and ashamed, and wait for him to pull out of me. When he finally drops down and pulls his penis out of me, I just crawl to my rug and lay down. I try to sleep, but I only dozed fitfully.

Soon I feel his presence next to me. He is nudging me with his nose. I can see between his legs that his penis is already peeking out of his sheath and dripping pre-cum. I think why must you do this, you have had your way. I want you to leave me alone. Then I resign myself to the fact that he will keep coming for me as long as he smells my heat. My vagina is swollen and it burns and itches inside. I know letting him fuck me will take away the fire and I know it is no use fighting him anymore. I stand up and turn my ass to him. I raise my tail and urinate directly in front of him, my swollen lips flaring out and falling open. I wait, but he does not mount me. I look back between my legs to see why, and see him sitting on his haunches, his penis totally exposed, the sheath slid back past the knot area. His cock is swollen to a massive size. It is larger than I have ever seen it before, hard and purple-black. It must be 9" long, and 2" across . It is pulsing, and wet, pre-cum is spurting out of a hole in the end I could put my finger into. I realize too late, that my little tease to get even has backfired. He lurches forward, and mounts me with one jump. His forelegs encircling my waist as the massive head of his penis shoves hard against my opening. His pre-cum is spurting all over my ass and running down me in rivers. I thrust my buttocks high in the air, trying to open myself as wide as possible, feeling his pre-cum spraying inside me. I pray that this will save me from being torn open. He finally finds his mark and tries to shove his massive swollen penis inside me. He gets it in only a little way on the first thrust, but then it stops tight in me. I don't think he even heard my screaming wail as he pulls back and thrusts again, this time he gets it half way in before he pulls back and finally shoves it all the way in. I howl and howl as he slams it in me. He starts humping it in and out, in long quick strokes. His knot never appearing, maybe it has become part of the massive size of his penis. All I know is that it hurts badly. He continues to hump me for a long time, my head and shoulders have collapsed to the floor long before he is finished. He is holding my rear end up with his forelegs, as he thrusts repeatedly into me. He finally pulls out of me and walks to his corner laying down and licking his penis until it disappears back into the sheath.

I lay on the floor and wait for the pain to stop. Then I go back to my nest and lay down. When I awake again, the pain is gone, but the itching and burning is back. I have learned my lessen, from now on I will act like a good little bitch dog. I slowly get up and pad to my sawdust area, I raise my tail and defecate, then I urinate on it and started to walk away. As I pad across the floor back to my nest. I see him stand and look at me his lips curled, his teeth bared. I immediately drop my head and cower close to the ground, my tail flat. He walks slowly over to me, growling as he comes. When he is directly over me, I roll on by back whining. I see him lift his leg and the tip of his penis sticks out pointed right at my face. he starts urinating all over me, on my face, in my eyes and in my mouth. When he is finish, he walks around and puts his nose next to my tail. I immediately jump up, urine in my eyes and mouth and dripping from my hair. I move along side him, he raises his tail and I stick my nose against his anus, and sniff. I raise my tail, and feel him sniff me, he is rubbing his nose back and forth across my anus, sniffing . I do the same to him, and find that the smell is not bad like I had thought the last time. I seem to be filing that smell away somewhere in my brain for later use. Then I feel his nose brush against the swollen lips of my vagina. I raise my tail high over my back, squat slightly and wait. It isn't long, before I feel his chest hair slide up over my rump as he mounts me and begins to breed me. This is the way it is for the next day or so, he comes to me and I would raise my tail and squat for him. He mounts me and deposits his seed deep inside my uterus, we stay tied while he finishes. Then one morning I wake up and I do not feel the burning inside me, I looked down and my vaginal lips are no longer dark red and swollen. I get up and go to urinate, he comes padding over and sniffs the spot I have left in the sawdust. He turns to me and I raise my tail, he sniffs me for a long time, rubbing up and down my vagina. Then instead of mounting me, he walks away and lays on his bed. I am no longer in heat, and he has no desire for me.

Chapter 3

My First Litter


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