"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal" - Part 1 of 3


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Chp. 1 The Crime pt. 1

I'm home Lincy honey. Greg Mineras called out as he entered their house and hung his coat on the tree, the returning silence sent a chill running through his spine urging him to call out again, I m home honey his voice trailed off as he entered the living room to find the coffee table turned over, the light tree knocked to the floor, in the middle of the room a torn shirt and one shoe God one shoe. Greg thought as he slumped to the footstool as if the weight of the world was upon his shoulders and the feverish protests of his wife Lincy echoed, No honey I can t I've told you too much already I won t tell you anymore and I won't tell anyone else or he will know! I tell you he will know! in answer to his urgings, Honey he is just going to keep doing it if you don t help the police; other women will have to suffer just like you have, anyway the police will catch him long before he finds out you told them anything.

The suddenness of his realization; she was right the clothing left behind as a grim reminder of the smash and grab rapist, and the cold emptiness of the house ripped Greg s heart open. His face twisted in agony as his tears spilled down his cheeks and his stomach heaved in wrenching gags caused by his intense rage, and fear; helplessness and loathing, disgust of his own arrogance and the painful realization that his wife may soon be dead or worse tortured and kept at bay for the cruel entertainments of her captor, then turned into his concubine to breed more bastards. Gone, taken, just as she had predicted he some how knew, he some how knew.

Through his tears he gazed at the phone wondering; the call that took his wife as she predicted came from that phone, and would yet another call worsen her fate. He remembered the news flash that spawned his urgings and now confirmed, his wife s warning that the police are powerless to stop him, inept compared to his cunning. As he hung his head in surrender he moaned out and thought to him self, How could I be so dumb; not realizing the number of years this diabolical criminal has held all of the law enforcement agencies including the military at bay, while he picks and chooses his prey at his leisure, and taking them at his convenience. Greg s thoughts soon gave way to the echoes of that news flash.

We have some late breaking news about the smash and grab rapist; in yet another one of his daring day time attacks he has taken another three victims today; one of them thought to be the youngest known victim yet, her information will be with held because of her age. The other two are Nicolia Grinnell age twenty-two and Yvonne La Na´fay age twenty-eight, their families have been notified. All three victims lived at the apartment complex and it is our understanding that all three victims knew each other, and as is all too often the case no one heard or saw anything out of the ordinary. We will continue our coverage and interrupt the scheduled programming as the case develops.

Greg looked at the television s blank screen a raging urge to kick it grew as the echoes of all of the news broadcasts over the years reran, and he wondered just how much information the police were sitting on, and if there were any other victims that had come forward. He thought how could this be; the police not having a clue as to the where abouts of the remaining victims, or exactly how many victims there really are, only the fifty-seven that have just popped back into where ever it was they were taken from. Many of them pregnant and close to giving birth; and none of them are talking at least none of their stories are hitting the news and the police were tight lipped with him. There has been some speculation the twelve that have disappeared after giving birth are again his prisoners; but all anyone knows for sure is they are gone, more are going to vanish, and no one can stop this crazed animal.

The police only know that over the six years he has been active there are at least sixty-three women reported missing by husbands, family members, and or friends. There is a strong possibility that not all victims have been reported and that there are more believed to be captives. The lengths of their captivity can only be estimated and range from a few weeks to several months, and longer. Because of the victim s silence no reasons can be attributed to the differences in the time of captivity, nor has any light been shed as to how or why they are selected. The victims are from all walks of life; all are in their twenties with the exception of a few older women, and the latest victim being the youngest, and all are in good physical and mental condition at the time of their kidnapping, this was all the police would tell Greg.

Another quaking wrenching tremor raged as he vomited on the rug and then laid down in his own vomit and passed out oblivious to the knocking at his door. Filling Greg s mind now were the horrifying images his wife Lincy recounted to him at night each time he found her shivering in the corner of their bedroom covered only by a throw rug; the mental pictures of frightened women, scratched by the animal they were mated to and degraded by their human tormentor, forced to have vaginal sex with their animal mate one minute and the very next suck a man s dick while another fucks them, look up smile and ask for more.

The women were drugged; given animal names, and forced to answer to them, and the only time they were in a bed was when they were servicing another man or one of his other female slaves, and then it was back to the kennel to eat and maybe sleep for a few minutes. Lincy gave Greg only broken images from the half told details before going silent; the doctors all told him to be patient with her and not expect too much of a recovery too soon, and that the horrifying nightmares may never go away.

Greg was wrested from his nightmare by loud pounding at the front door; he felt the cold wetness of the vomit on the side of his face as he sat up and his eyes burned as if they had acid in them, again the pounding started at the door this time he heard them calling his name, Greg Mineras are you or your wife in there, are you both okay? a deafening silence filled the room as they waited for his response.

Go away! Greg called out and weakly adding, I don't want any company tonight. Greg struggled to shout loud enough for who ever was at the door to hear, then moaned, It s late it s too late.

It s the police Mr. Mineras. We would like to talk to you and your wife some more. They insisted testing the doorknob.

It s late come back tomorrow. Greg shouted struggling not to sob out loud and with conviction shouted, Go away ! Come back tomorrow! It's late! It s too late his voice trailed off as tears ran down his cheeks.

End Chp. 1 The Crime pt. 1

Chp. 1 The Criminal pt. 1

What is it with these stupid females? Mort Dray thought to himself as he continued the last few days of surveillance, Don't they listen to the news? I m glad they don't because it just makes my work a whole lot easier. It seams like the ruder they are, the stupider they are and the more I want them. How fucking stupid they are; walking around at night alone doing the same stuff, at the same time, all the time. The only thing I have to worry about is this hard dick of mine; shit the closer to the grab day I get the more he throbs, that is the only time I ever got close to getting caught is the time I jumped the prey early cause she was leaving on a surprise trip. When I looked into her eyes and watched them fill with fear and tears; I came and came hard right inside my pants, so hard I went to sleep for a few brief moments. I had so much sperm in my pants it ran down my leg and spilled onto the floor; and while I was cleaning up the mess, her girlfriend walked in through the open door, a door I forgot to close and lock, so I knocked her out with a single stroke to the cheekbone tied her up finished cleaning my mess and made off with a twofer what a treat. But so close to a fuck up.



God I love the hunt and stalk but it is the capture that wets my pants! Mort sneered under his breath as he started the van and drove off to the next victim thinking as he left, She s the same only one very slight change from a phone call that lasted too long a very boring phone call. I just don t understand how they can talk so long and say not one fucking thing worth saying. Let s see how and what number two is doing, and then off to the third and last target. So far it is looking like next week is still on for the grab, I sure am glad I found these adult diapers so I don t have to worry about my sperm leaking out and leaving a clue for the stupid pigs to find. Hey Mort ole buddy don t get too cocky; some of them have smarts, and don't forget they have fancy gadgets too. Mort argued to his self as he drove on.

Mort churned his attack plans over and over in his mind as he drove but soon his thoughts drifted to the last poker game night Well Ned was the big winner the last time so he gets first pick of the litter. Moe happily pointed out lacing his fingers behind his head beaming a smug smile while his pet loudly mouthed his member, and the other pets entered the room clad only in dirty t-shirts, no makeup, and their hair in ponytails he added, This litter of pups was a lot of fun to train and they all learned well so be nice.

You with the black hair; no not you, yea you with the blow job lips, strip and come over here. Ned sneered as he ordered.

What do you mean Ned? They all have them pouty blow job lips man! Reb and Jeb laughed out.

Yea I know. He laughed and then added as she stumbled, I do like the way you have their eyes closed with that flesh like looking latex but could we put on our disguises at some point during the weekend cause I want to look into her eyes when I shoot off a load. When his pet got close Ned barked, Bend over and spread your cheeks I want to sniff your puss! after taking a long exaggeratedly loud quaffing he sneered, you'll do. What is your name?

Doggy. She replied coyly placing her hand on his thigh near his swelling penis.

We will do that tomorrow when we start round two. Moe assured.

Don t you just love the way the cock guards make em sound? Ned teased asking, Why are you called Doggy?

Reb butted in asking, If they were such good learners why the cock guards?

Cause I likes the way it makes them sound and besides the blow jobs feel a whole lot better! Moe eagerly answered.

Cause I like to fuck doggy style and I love suck en dick! She eagerly answered when Moe stopped talking. Smiling dreamily and wriggling her hips Doggy added, I really love being mounted by Brutus my Dane Bernard mix mate. Just thinking about the weight of his hot hairy body on top of me, his powerful hairy haunches rubbing my ass cheeks as his huge wet cock with that mammoth knot is being shoved into me causes me to go into heat. See ! Doggy pulled her shimmering wet hand from between her legs and held it in front of Ned s face close to his nose and teasingly added, If it gets hard, wet, and cums I want that thing in me! She looked up and beamed a smile at Ned and asked, You like what you smell? You want me to suck you off or let you fuck me now? and got down on all fours and gazed up at Ned from over her shoulder beaming an eager smile and licentiously swaying her hips side to side.

Yea pull my dick out and start sucking and put your hand in my pocket, and rub my balls. Ned directed watching as his pet for the weekend loosened his pants freeing his already hard penis and start mouthing his purple knob and then Ned urgently ordered, Christ ! get the whole cock down your throat! I want to feel the head of my dick sliding up and down deep inside your throat! and with a garbled moan the full length vanished.

A big pot hole bounced Mort back into his van from his daydreaming and he realized he had arrived at victim number two s neighborhood and there she was; just like clock work sunning in the backyard with the front door wide open, with only the screen door closed, or if it was raining she would be sitting in the swing under the awning, How fucking picturesque. He thought as he parked and began massaging his penis Mort quietly sneered, In fifteen minutes she is going to go inside leaving the backdoor wide open stuff her mouth with cake and coke watching her stupid fucking comedy show so loud that everyone can hear it while she turns into a fucking fat blimp. Soon she rose went inside a few minutes later plates could be heard clanking and the TV started blaring.

She s going to be too easy. Mort sneered as he drove off adding, Boy is she in for a rude wakeup, no more rude than she is. He argued with him self, thinking as he headed for victim number three, She hasn't had a single visitor or phone call all week just went out for dinner twice.

As he pulled onto the freeway his mind quickly drifted to the poker game I m next! Reb shouted as he watched Doggy swallow the full length of Ned s thick long cock and then ordered, You! No tits, get over here, strip and put your hand in my pocket and hold my cock!

She hopped straight to where she heard the voice and tripped over Ted s intentionally placed foot, but got right up and begged, Please say something!

Get over here! Reb barked louder and before he finished she was bounding to his side stripping then sitting and fumbling as she searched for his pocket and when she found it Reb sang out as he squeezed her nipple, Gaaawwd ! Daaammn ! Girl those are some of the biggest nippies I have ever seen on such small titties! and then he asked, What are you called?

Fanny. She said with a broad smile and she looked up as if she could see Reb through the opaque latex.

That is Reb was cut short.



I m next in line! Ted shouted and barked, You with the hair not you the plump one. He affirmed and sneered, yea you! You are mine get that shirt off and sit down next to me. And she was naked sitting by his side by the time he finished taking his next breath and as he meshed his fingers in her hair turning her face to his he asked, Your name what is it?

Lassie. She said with out hesitation as she placed her hand on Ted s swollen penis and started squeezing and milking it.

Why that? He asked while he twiddled her nipple.

She coyly answered in a fake southern drawl, Cause my clitty looks like a bitches clitty, and plus I begged to be mated to Brutus because I love the way he mounts me when ever he wants and he wants me all the time. as she rubbed her pussy grinning in Ted s direction.

Stand up and show me. Ted directed. Lassie stood and parted her thick matting of dark pubic hairs giving Ted a clear view. He whistled as he looked and liltly commented, Shit boys it does look like a bitches clit. Lassie you have one of the biggest clits I have ever seen. And squeezed it causing her knees to warble a little, and then commented teasingly, You don t have very much hair and you don t smell very hot either. then stuffed two of his dry fingers into her very wet opening causing her to wince a little.

No hurting she been a good little bitch Ted. Moe explained and then added, All of these new doggies have done their learning well, and quiet willingly, anyway you know the rules that'll be a fifty dollar fine to the pot for the first winner.

A good little bitch huh? Ted grunted as he through in his fifty looked at Moe and asked, Will you tell me more?

When she s in the kennel with Brutus she stays right by his side between her and Doggy ole Brutus gets more than his share of fucken. Moe assured adding, You know Ted; Brutus has become very protective of her too, even I have to be nice to her at the kennel. then directed, Tell him Lassie!

As Lassie looked up her face turned a bright red, a wet smile beamed across her lips and she began massaging Ted s dick and talking in a deepening voice, Oh yes he won t let any of the other dogs near us Brutus growls if they get too close. He watches over us when we eat and drink, and the three of us sleep on the same rug, eat and drink from the same bowls. He always seams to know when I am thinking about his having his huge cock knot inside me; and as soon as I get wet he starts licking me between my legs, and when he mounts me god I just start trembling, and he buries his gigantic dick inside me with two quick pumps My god ! Just thinking about being tied to him makes me quiver and melt inside. I get a little jealous when I watch him mating with Doggy, but he looks like he loves humping her so much, well I just start getting hot myself. As she went silent Lassie stared at Ted s growing member.

Just then the door opened and a very pregnant woman walked in carrying five one-liter bottles and announced, Ladies it s time for your vitamins. And groped her way towards the party as she looked through her white lace blindfold, able to see only fuzzy outlines of the people and handed each pet a bottle. They all sat and waited, bottle in hand for the command.

Boys you all know Lady she has just been moved up to house mother and soon she will be leaving us. Moe sang out smugly.

Chug-a-lug girls drink it down. Sang Lady as she watched. All of them making ugly grimaces as they drank the sickening dark amber tea down, their faces twisted and their breath raspy sounding as they gasped in disgust from its taste, and when finished they held their bottles up for Lady to pick up; their faces still twisted, mouths still gaping, and tongues sticking out.

That s my good girls. Lady sang as she picked up the empties and left.

Picking up where he left off Ted sang Yea I guess so I can smell your heat now. then directed, Turn around and show me your butt! Lassie quickly spun around on all fours and lifted her butt in the air showing Ted her frothy cream covered pubic hairs puffy red labia and her dilated vagina.

Now that is what I call a hot box! Ted excitedly brayed as he got to his knees and stuffed his cock inside Lassie s pussy and started humping.

Jeb sounding disappointed chimed in saying, Shit I guess that leaves me with you; strip ! and let me see what you look like at least you have really black hair and hairy legs. As she stripped a smile started to beam from his face and Jeb began rubbing his bulging crotch then exposed his large hardening dick braying, Well boys it looks like my luck is changing already cause I likes em hairy; and she is the hairiest bitch I've ever laid eyes on turn around a few times! Now get over here and let me smell your pussy! Jeb spun her around as soon as she got in reach, pushed down on her shoulder making her bend over across his lap, and as she bent over Jeb brayed noting, Jesus woman your legs and butt are hairier than mine are! and then licked two of his fingers and stuffed them in her pussy, pulled them out and took a long very loud sniff and then barked, Sit girl; play with yourself I want to hear you get wetter. You better hope that I m not the low man for the first round because if I am you are going to get wolf-packed. Now what are you called?

Tessy. She replied smartly and then asked, What do you mean, wolf-packed? and continued fingering her clitoris and labia making sloshing sounds as her juices began to soak her long black pubic hairs.



You didn't tell her Moe? Jeb asked as he looked at him and then explained, We all get sucked and fucked by the low man s bitch at the break; but don t worry even if I lose you look like you can handle all of us you even look like it will be fun for you.

Well yea usually. Moe kicked in adding, But this weekend we have a returning guest and not only will she be the one getting wolf packed but later this weekend she will be getting married to Jake and then mounted by both Jake and Big Red for the between games entertainment. I think we are all going to get a big laugh out of the ceremony, and I know we are all going to get juicy hardons when they start fucking the new bride, so I want you boys to save your loads so we can all give Messy Missy a full dose of sperm.

Reb pulled his member from Fanny s mouth the same time Ted yanked his cock from Lassie s pussy and Reb echoed, Messy Missy! A smile stretched from ear to ear on all four faces as they looked at Moe and Reb added, She is one hot bitch! I have never seen a bitch get as wet as she does, it is just like splashing in a puddle.

Jesus she smells just like bubble gum when she gets hot, and her juices taste just as sweet! Ted excitedly remarked.

Damn that woman soaked my whole front, from my face to my knees while she was fucking me! Jeb excitedly kicked in.

Yea that bitch took to fucking dogs like a water moccasin takes to water, and there s more. Mort teasingly paused as they looked on and added, She is in heat this time so one of the five of us is going to get her knocked up when we shoot our sperm into her. A smile beamed as he started to shuffle the cards and then teasingly added, You know what else boys? I ain't let her mate in two weeks so she is going to be one hungry bitch in heat! and then put the cards on the table.

Well come on let s get this game started! Jeb excitedly urged taking his cut of the deck and the others followed in turn. Winning the cut Ned started shuffling, gave the deck to Reb on his left to cut, and began dealing. Quickly they organized their hands. I can open with a two dollar bet and I'll take two cards. Ned announced smugly.

A passing cop car with it s lights flashing raced around Mort s van and caused a chill to run up his spine when he realized that he failed to pull over and slow for it. The tension eased when he saw the patrol car speeding off the freeway and down a dark side road, Off to a wreck, or a reported break-in, or disturbance of some kind. Mort mused as he sped towards his turnoff, relieved that his turnoff was much further and in the opposite direction.

Boy am I glad they invented latex glue and cellophane wrapping paper. Mort sighed to him self as he turned onto the next and last victim s neighborhood. They had instituted a neighborhood watch like so many other neighborhoods have over years, right after he started his reign of terror so vehicle identification became an important issue. He used latex and cellophane because they are not only the best tools ever invented for camouflaging ones vehicle, but also the easiest tools to use. There she is! he sneered as he passed her house, Always on the phone when she gets home sometimes leaving all three doors wide open as if there wasn't a thing to worry about. Mort s dick began throbbing as he thought, That bitch is mine ! rounded the corner and drove off without stopping because as always nothing changed; the side door to the garage was open as were the front and back doors he noticed as he drove away. His timing was perfect too; the patrol had just passed by and it will take another thirty-two minutes before they pass by again and, as always the street is empty except for a stray dog or cat. Mort thought, I'll just stop at the top of the hill and watch. as always the patrol was on time.

Mort brayed out loud as he headed for the freeway, stopwatch ticking, Even the watchers are stupid not varying their route and schedule. Smiling smugly as he drove confident with his surveillance, heart racing with eager anticipation, and his dick was so hard it ached.

This was going to be his first planned threefer; ever since the surprise threefer he had dreamed of pulling off a planned threefer, the fantasy churned in his mind constantly. Click went the stopwatch button as Mort passed his check point and he anxiously snickered, Seconds only four seconds difference over the last time nothing to worry about at this point. a soft grin floated to his lips as he drove on.

It was easy to orchestrate a single grabbing. Mort mused to his self as he drove, and almost as easy orchestrating a double-bagger; but a triple-bagger is bold even for my conniving and plotting mind. He was ready to get home to his brood of eager-to-please pups and pick one for the nights entertainment. Mort thought as he traveled the long road back to his farm, Careful ole Mort ole buddy your arrogant self-confidence along with this aching hardon will be your undoing. What else you going to do grab four or five the next time huh, and then seven or eight the time after that? No this threefer is it; when I pull this off I am going back to taking them one at a time maybe a few twofers, it is just too confusing keeping all three schedules straight. And into the night he drove thinking about which one he was going to fuck in her home when the time came, knowing that number three was just way too much of a risk.

End Ch. 1 The Criminal pt. 2

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