"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal" - Ch. 2 of 3


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Lincy lay on the floor struggling to catch her breath trying desperately to remember what had just happened after she opened the door to go to work. She knew she was in her living room but everything was weaving back and forth from a gray fog to a blur of walls, tables and chairs. She could feel her arms stuck behind her back as she gasped for every breath, when suddenly her stomach exploded and her mouth spasmed open from a retching gag and she could no longer breathe just gasp unable to fill her empty lungs. Lincy coughed and gagged trying desperately to breathe; a few spurts of vomit spewed from her mouth, her eyes filled with tears and as the convulsions eased her lungs filled with air, and her eyes focused on the human figure dancing around her like an insane Indian.

The words NO! Oh god ! NO ! exploded in her mind and panic swept across her body as she realized that she was being captured again; captured by the same evil bastard that had taken her the first time. The foreboding warning from her captor roared through her mind, Stay away from the pigs! Do not ! Tell them anything! and emphasizing the word anything with a sharp crack to the buttocks with his willow switch and just as he let Lincy drop to the ground added, I will know if you talk. echoed as she felt her pants and panties being pulled down to her knees, and then her shirt being ripped off, followed by another kick to her stomach. As Lincy gagged convulsively she felt herself being dragged across the floor by her foot and thrown over the foot stool; and then she felt a painful slap to her genitalia by a hand covered with an icy cold gel that splashed over vaginal opening and thighs causing her to shudder, and then the dull head of her attacker s penis being jammed between her legs. The suddenness of large turgid penis filled Lincy s body with a terrible retching ache as it s girth plunged through her vaginal sphincter, stretching her soft skin as it plunged deep into her vaginal well with a thump, and as the weight of her attacker fell upon her back his hot sperm exploded onto her cervix followed by his animal like gruntings and warm drool running over her ear, across her neck, and down her face. She felt his hot semen squishing inside her as he plunged his softening penis into her again and again until it was to soft to push in and slipped out.

Just as quickly as it started the attack stopped; a gag was stuffed into her mouth, the rope around her wrist tightened, a sharp jab of a pin prick in her arm, and then her body was stuffed into a large box. In the darkness she could feel herself being rolled along the floor and becoming very dizzy and sleepy, she could feel the warm sperm seeping out and over her anus pooling under her fanny as she sat. She felt the herself bouncing down the stairs and over the stepping stoned walkway, and then being lifted into a vehicle, she felt the box and found it was lined with canvas, a bag. She knew it was a bag when he pulled it from the box in the van, a dirty old mailbag. With a yank it was drawn shut; Lincy could hear the lock snap and with the snap her heart sank into the depths of her aching stomach, as the shock settled in her mind she realized another ordeal was about to start again only this time it was going to be worse much worse.

You stupid cunt! I told you not to talk to the cops! I told you I would know it if you did! Mort Dray angrily sneered at Lincy and started driving off and swatting her with a long willow switch and shouting, Shut up ! Shut up ! with every swat as he kept his van from veering off the road and stopping only when his arm got tired. With each swat a different picture flashed in her mind one or two of each of her family members flashed in her mind; her niece, sister, uncle, or her best friends, and all of their pets. Pictures taken at times when they were all vulnerable. She lay there and prayed she was the only one of her family to be taken.

Lincy knew from her first taking that she had better not cry out or make any noise at all no matter how much the welts burned, because it will just make Father angrier, and the beatings will rage on for a much longer time. She knew it was him; he made his threat good, she was stuffed in a dirty canvas bag for a second time, being beaten as she was being carried off for a second time. Lincy thought as she stifled her screams what might not happen if she cooperated to the very fullest with Father, even more than the first time, then remembered what happened to the ones he called stubborn cunts. They were always covered with bleeding welts and scratch marks; given very little to eat, hardly ever washed, and were always being humped by the caretakers or by the hounds, or just simply left alone in a separate cage for days at a time.

Father might only rape me for months, using me for his poker playing buddies? her mind blanked from the burning pain when he started swatting her again. The swollen welts burned as she regained her consciousness her thoughts raced again, Maybe he'll only leave me in the dog kennel for a few weeks at a time letting his animals mate with me or maybe wed me to one and use me for between game entertainments. But no Her mind froze and she held her breath as the van stopped and she heard voices passing by. The temptation to yell through the gag and kick the side of the van caused her stomach to quake but knew, Father was waiting for just that very thing and then the van started again Lincy s mind started churning over her awaiting fate, It is certain I will be kept in solitude for weeks; longer than before while they wait for that awful potion to take effect, and then kept in the kennel for months watching and filming me being ravaged by his dogs. Father is going to send me to his breeding farm and get me pregnant and bring a few bastard children into the world before he kills me or turns me loose. Freedom; at best only a maybe staying alive only a distant chance but closer only through complete and total submission to Father s whim and fancy.

The memories of her first few hours in the isolation cage became crystal clear; the questions he asked her if she wanted to live, and do you want to take the easy way or the hard way, and then being whipped for not answering fast enough, or convincingly enough and the awful tasting liquid she was given when she promised to be a good girl swearing that she wanted to take the easy way. Lincy remembered the loud banging on the walls of her cell every time she started to nod off, and how completely tired she was. The darkness created fearful thoughts of pain and death; no water to drink or food to eat only the awful tasting stuff Father called tea, and chuckling as he said, This will help you take the easy way. For what seemed like days and finely He! opened the door, Lincy s eyes burned as he spoke.

Your life has changed, you belong to me now. I am going to fuck you, my dogs are going to fuck you, and as time goes along all of my friends are going to fuck you. You can be a human again but; after I have spilled my seed in your belly I am going to throw you in the kennel so all my dogs can fuck you when ever they want to, and you are going to learn how to be a good bitch, an obedient bitch but most importantly you are going to learn how to be my ! bitch. Then you can be a human again. Mort scowled as he delivered a painful swat to Lincy s buttock and growled, Your still dressed! and then released a hail storm of burning lashes onto her buttocks and thighs shouting as he swung, Strip! Strip bitch! Lincy choked back her screams as she stripped as fast as she could. When she started to pull her panties down he grunted, Stop! Wait! Spin around slowly a few times so I can have a good long look at you! It s good you didn't scream because I would've thrashed you even harder. The faster you learn the easier it will go for you!

Lincy sobbed, sniffled, and trembled as she spun slowly around; showing her captor her tormented body covered head to toe front to back with whelps many of them weeping blood and all of them burning as if on fire. She was glad to be in the fresh air even though she could no longer smell the stench of urine inside her cell she knew it was reeking and just as she started to get dizzy Mort directed in a harsh but softer voice, Come here and drink some more of this tea! as he handed her a plastic bottle of dark amber liquid and added, Just drink it all straight down and don t ! spill any! Lincy pensively took the bottle and drank it down chugging until all of the rancid tasting stuff was gone and as the last few drops were drained Mort ordered, Now look at me and take those wet white panties off and hand them to me nicely. Lincy quickly peeled them down and then held them out looking at Mort the whole time.

It is good you peeled them down when you peed! Mort sneered as he sniffed at them adding, had you soiled them I would have beaten you till you passed out, now back into you new home.



Thump went the van jolting Lincy awake for only a few seconds. The sign in the room; the room she knew she was heading for loomed into her vision, I aim to please you Father and give to you my ministrations smiling. As she lay in the inky blackness of the canvas bag half asleep half awake but thinking, For the second time I will read that sign. The big black bold letters were burned into Lincy s mind since the time her body first betrayed her; opening her entrance, and soaking her thighs with her Bartholin fluids, giving her cum to the crude fumblings and pawings of her rapist. Each time after that, her arousal to the sound of his footsteps or his voice became easier even turning into a thirsty yearning for his touch. Now as then Lincy felt her Bartholin fluids welling up inside as the van traveled down the road and her mind spun like the tires as she remembered being mounted and fucked by Father as if she were a dog, and then given to his dog, a dog he called Big Red. As Lincy s heart raced she remembered Mort saying, Read this. as he held a big round jar so she could see it.

Sc Scent of bi bitch. She stuttered.

Read more! He barked as he slapped her across the face.

Guar an guaranteed to make any male dog be be believe his bitch is in heat. Lincy s voice trailed off as she realized what was in store for her when Mort opened the jar with a broad smile beaming ordered, Here stick your finger in this and rub it on and inside of your cunt. Mort directed; Lincy just sat there frozen until he barked, Do it bitch! a loud crack echoed as the palm of his hand slapped her face again only harder.

With a reeling jump she put her finger in the smelly oily ooze and then into her pussy crying, I m sorry Father I m sorry!

More! growled Mort adding, I want you to give ole Red a good fuck en tonight! with a smile he said, You want to right?

Oh yes Father. Lincy promptly replied and winced in anticipation of a slap.

With a solemn look on his face Mort cautioned, You stay on all fours and take you re fucking like you want it and I will ease up on you a little. Remember dogs don t talk either bitch so no more talking and even if you don t want me to ease up on you, you better be good to him cause he is a good ole dog.

Lincy was bounced out of her fitful sleep as the van passed over a large crack in the road; as she awoke with a jolt she tried to stretch her aching body, but the canvas bag was much too small for even the slightest respite from her pain. The sound of the engine and the whirl of the tires quickly put Lincy back to sleep remembering that night vividly.

Now you stay down on all fours just like a dog. Mort directed and then ordered, Stick your tongue out and walk around like a bitch in heat as she complied Mort walked around, watched, and then coached, You let him have his way with you If he wants to sniff or lick your ass you let him and I want you to lick and sniff his ass just like a dog. Now what are you going to do?

I'm going to let Red have his way with me Father. Lincy smiled as she replied adding, I am going to act just like a bitch in heat as best I can. I am going to take what ever ride that big boy gives me and like it.

That s right now don t let him mount you too soon either when he hops up, you scamper out from underneath, every time until I slap my leg and say mount her. Now he only weighs ninety pounds or so and you look strong enough to handle that, but you are going to feel like you are being fucked by a phone pole when he stuffs that cock into you

I'll take it Father. Lincy interjected adding, That s why you call him Big Red.

That is right Missy; your making a good showing tonight will go a long ways towards you getting to be a human again. Mort smiled as he talked and petted Lincy s ass just like he were petting a dog then sniffed loudly at her ass and sang as he stood, Damn girl you smell good and ready! then went to the door opened it and called out. A big American bloodhound bounced into and all around the room jumping up and licking Mort s face and then Lincy s.

One sniff of Lincy s butt and she became the center of attention as Red licked, sniffed, and whined pacing madly around Lincy trying to mount her right off but as ordered she scampered or sidled out from under his towering body. Her eyes grew wide and a knot formed in her throat as she saw his huge red member sliding out from his sheath. Red pranced around taking occasional sniffs and licks from all over her body; but soon focused on her now juicy pussy when he realized she wasn't going to let him mount her so easily, and began eagerly licking while making groaning noises. After several minutes passed Red hopped upon Lincy s back she squeezed her eyes closed and hesitated but when she felt her labia being probed with his cock she scampered out from under him just like she was told to do, again and again he mounted her and she would scamper from under him he would chase after her licking Lincy s genitals. She stopped and yelled out every time Red s tongue raked across her clitoris; and tremble while Red fed on her juices as they oozed from her vaginal opening, and again Red would try to mount her and Lincy would scamper off, again and again the dance went on.

Lincy s disgust with her body s betrayal slipped farther away as her arousal turned into a burning lust, a shameless burning lust. Sweat formed in sheets across her trembling body; long gelatinous stringers dangled from Red s jowls as he eagerly licked the creamy juices flowing down her thighs. Lincy s heart started pounding in her throat and an orgasm began to rage inside when Red climbed on again. This time she heard Mort slap his thigh and the command mount the very sound of his hand slapping his thigh caused her urine to gush as the giant beast lumbered onto her.

Lincy felt Red s front legs squeeze tightly around her waste as the weight of his hot hairy body fell upon her back and skillfully placing the pointy tip of his swelled penis into her dilated vaginal opening; while he shuffled about adjusting his position, Red s huge cock was slipping in and out of Lincy s vaginal well. Her whole body tensed as his hot hairy haunches straddled and pressed against her buttocks, and with a loud growling grunt drove it in. Lincy yelled out and began bucking underneath the beast and making strained gruntings because of the terrible aching pain from the suddenness and depth of the penetration as it nearly filled her vagina. Red s tentacles flailed about as he wildly pumped his huge cock inside her, pounding her entrance with his monstrous knot straining for full penetration. Lincy voiceless screams gust from her mouth as she convulsed from her first orgasm, bucking into the long powerful thrusts of her beastly mate. A very loud and deep guttural grunt sounded from Lincy as Red s monstrous knot popped in through her vaginal sphincter; and Red started grunting quite loudly in time to his short and rapid thrusting, with in a few minutes both animals were motionless as they panted desperately trying to catch their breath.



Red was the first to move as he tried to withdraw his swelled member by giving a few sharp yanks causing Lincy to grimace and shout with every yank. Finely he stepped off to the side and there they were butt to butt; ole Red s tongue flailing as he panted with his eyes half closed head sagging, and Lincy s sweated body and heaving breasts as she gasped for every breath. Red soon started kicking at Lincy s buttocks and scratching her cheeks with his paws as he continued trying to extricate his organ; he would kick and scratch for a few seconds, and then started frantically yanking, finely causing Lincy to orgasm again and as her vagina dilated his member sprang free followed by an explosive gush of urine. While Lincy squatted and peed Mort moved behind her wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed her back onto all fours; before she finished peeing he shoved his rock hard dick into her dilated vagina, and began taking long, fast, and deep strokes quickly spilling several more thick ropes of hot cum inside her vaginal well. During the last few squirts he stood squeezed some sperm onto her neck and hair; and then smeared some behind each ear, then placed a collar around her neck snapped a leash to it and grunted, Heel girl! and headed for the door adding, It s time for you to meet the rest of Red s buddies. Afterwards we'll give you your new name.

Lincy remembered praying to her self, Please Father wash me off before throwing me into the kennel, I don t want to smell like I m a bitch in heat! as she was lead across the yard a terrible panic swept through out her being, and when Father opened the gate she started peeing uncontrollably. As he unsnapped the leash she could feel hot urine running down her legs and Lincy started shivering and then Mort ordered, Get in! The gate closed behind her with the dog scent still leaking from her vagina. Lincy s body began quaking as the hoard of animals looked in her direction all of them sniffing at the air and licking their jowls as they walked towards her.

Lincy was awakened from her nightmare by the painful whipping Mort had started giving her when he heard her moaning, the painful whipping stopped as soon as it started, and Missy s voice her first room mate sounded inside Lincy s mind. Drink this straight down. She directed as Missy handed her a plastic bottle of Father s dreadful tasting tea and then added, I only have a few seconds to talk; you'll cause us all to be hurt if you do not submit to Father. Missy cautioned as she looked around the room and added as she slipped into bed with Lincy, You best call him Father and treat him like he is golden because he is. You never know when he is watching! For now you are my love toy and I will tell Father if you don t play nice, because he will know he always knows!

The van swerved sharply waking Lincy from her stupor as she rolled across the floor; she realized she had soaked herself from her belly button to her knees dreaming about Big Red mating with her, again her disgust returned but she quickly dispatched it saying to herself, I will survive this by loving every little thing I am ordered to do! When Father gives me that terrible tea I will drink it as fast as I can and ask for more! and with that she began to enjoy the feeling she had deep in her loin, as if that huge knot was still inside her bouncing on her special spot, or his tongue raking across enflamed clitoris, or his hot breath blowing across her neck while they mated. As she drifted to sleep again she said over and over, I will survive this any way I can! I will survive this any way I can!

End The Victim pt. 1

Chp. 1 The Criminal pt. 2

Mort Dray thought about last months poker game with the boys, to ease the monotony of the long drive, Boy I can t tell you guys how much I missed our poker game last month. Moe heard himself as he crowed while watching Bessie s head bobbing while she worked over his swelled member.

Yea we did too! Jeb and Ned excitedly confirmed and Jeb added, That was the last time I got laid too! I'll see your five and raise five. I'll take two. As he threw two cards into the pile and then pushed Tessy over the footstool, eased his penis into her vagina, and delivered a few long slow pokes.

The news says you got a threefer on your last little foray. I'll see your five and call. I have a pat hand. Reb sang foxily and added between chuckles, Yea a white chick in her early twenties and black chick in her late twenties and a sixteen or seventeen year old piece of candy. And then pulled Fanny s head up saying, Don t make me cum I m save n it for Missy s egg.

Yea Moe what about her !? Jeb and Ned asked in unison with excited curiosity, with their pets benignly resting their heads on a thigh each, and then asked, Is she

Yes boys she is a virgin! Moe interrupted as he answered their question handing them a picture of her naked body and adding, She hasn't even had a boy kiss her yet as near as I can tell from the phone taps in the building.

I'll give you fifty thousand for her right now! Ned shouted adding, I m out, too rich for me. And tossed his cards into the pile, and pulled Doggy onto his lap and slipping his hard pole into her womb, and fingering her clitoris.

Not even for five hundred and fifty thousand. Moe calmly claimed adding, You re still out bid for seconds. Moe grinned and then brayed, She is mine first boys no ifs ands or buts! She has already had her big cry and surrendered to me. She has become use to me watching, as her housemother changes her diapers and bathes her, she sits in my lap when I am in the main house. I watched on the monitor the other day as the housemother suggested that she propose to me and by the look on her face she is ready. Here s your five and I call, I'll take three. And added to the pile of discards.

You trust her to leave her little thing alone? Jeb asked as he pulled his cock out of Tessy adding, I m in for five, call, and I'll take one.

Yes I do! Moe assured adding, The bitch wants to live even if she is knocked up and made to do things she don t like. It s on you Jeb. Moe sat back as he pulled Bessie s mouth off of his reddened dick.

A hundred grand! shouted Ned asking, Does that put me in the lead for seconds?

I m in for ten. Moe tell us more about that fresh piece of candy. Jeb coaxed after betting.

Oh man ! Hell yes Moe go ahead and tease us a little more about that piece of candy. Reb pleaded as he sat back in his chair adding, I see your ten and kick it ten. All of them now paying close attention to Moe whiles their pets sat at their feet.

Mort Dray smiled smugly, Twenty to me, fine I'll see it and kick it twenty. And then closed his eyes and rubbed his bulging pants and then dreamily continued, Her housemother gives her some light tranqus along with my special tea, so she feels really good when I am around. It was a bit of a battle but the drugs made it easier; she actually believes she is in love with me now and she just hasn't worked up the nerve to propose yet, but she will. She eagerly watches when the other women suck my dick and looks in their open mouths watching my sperm squirt out coating their tongues and throats, then watches as they swallow. I ask her to practice French kissing with them so she gets a taste for sperm; she thinks it so she will know what to do when it is her turn. When I fuck them I make her clean them up so she gets a nose full of wet sex. The last time little Candy watched, she got so hot I could smell it on her and had her housemother change her diapers so I could see and sniff the wet spot creamy very creamy. Yea boys she is in love with me she is going to ask me to marry her and she is going to cum and cum hard when I finely do stick my dick in her sweet little pussy. I tell you that there is a damn good chance she will pop the question tonight, I thought she was going to this morning but I think it caught in her throat.

Two hundred! Reb shouted and asked, You will make her obedient?

You got top bid for seconds and she already is quite obedient. Moe answered assuredly and then urged, Let s play poker! You guys in or out? If you re in it s twenty to you both to see my hand.

Call. Jeb and Reb shouted in unison as they threw in their money with Reb braying, I got a ten high flush in clubs!

Ha what are the odds? I got a ten high flush in hearts! Moe said.

Shit boys I only have seven high flush in spades! Jeb paused, then crowed loudly, A straight flush, and then brayed, Reb that makes you the loser for this round.

No matter to me being second or third I like feeling that sperm squishing around inside that hole while I pump, it just makes me hotter. Reb beamed a smile as the others looked at him quizzically and added, Shit guys I know it s weird but I like it.

End Chp. 1 The Criminal pt. 2

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