"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal" - Ch. 3 of 3


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Lincy felt a sharp pain as she bounced on the ground after being pulled from the vehicle still enclosed in her canvas prison. She could hear the familiar barking from the kennel over the loud throbbing in her ears from her racing heart as she was being dragged across the ground. Soon a chain rattled, a door squeaked open, and her buttocks exploded with burning pain from the pummeling it was getting from the switch in Father s hand. Lincy could feel a scream welling up in her throat as the pummeling became more violent; but knew she must not make a noise not even a whimpering sigh as she bit down on the dirty gag in her mouth, and then the whipping stopped but the intense burning raged on. Lincy could feel all of the burning welts up and down her legs and back and wondered if he Father broke her skin? Was she bleeding? Her thinking was soon interrupted with another loud crack as the tree limb forcefully tore across her thighs causing her to cough so hard the gag popped out of her mouth; but Lincy just sucked the dirty canvas bag deep into her mouth and bit down as her eyes filled with tears and her breath gust quietly from her nose forcing snot to spray out.

You ! Sneered Mort as he delivered another swat, I thought you were smarter than that. But nooo wah! You gotta go act like a dumb fucking cunt and make me come after you afore I was ready to! Mort Dray grunted loudly as he began swatting the canvas bag threatening, I should beat you to death leave you in the bag until feeding time and feed you to my dogs. He paused his punishing and wiped sweat from his brow and then asked, You going to be a good little bitch like last time and take the easy way or ?

Lincy took several deep but quiet breaths and with decisiveness in her voice replied, The easy way Father the easy way! I want to be your good little bitch Father I really do! I promise ! Lincy pleaded and listened as he unlocked the lock on the bag s ropes.

We'll see We'll see! He sneered and then ordered, Drink this! and stuffed a thin tube through the opening adding, Drink until I tell you to stop! Lincy quickly found the tube and began sucking; right away she recognized the taste, only this time it was much stronger tasting and made her gag as she swallowed the nauseating concoction. She continued to suck and swallow even as she began to feel bloated and dizzy and then finely a slurping sound and bubbles filled her mouth. As Mort threw her bag and all into a cell he growled, It s good you drank it all but ! It'll go harder on you this time. Maybe you live maybe not; maybe you keep all your fingers and toes maybe not, but you are going to get knocked up, and most likely more than once, you look like good breeding stock. The door slammed and the chain rattled as it was dragged through the handles and then he growled, I told you not to talk to the pigs, I told you I would know, and you did it anyway just like a stupid cunt! And the lock snapped shut, and Lincy heard his foot steps fade away; an over powering urge to vomit swept through her but she kept the rancid potion down, it felt as though the whole box was spinning.

Lincy thought listening to him walking away; she knew by what he called her as he left, what was in store for her because the last time she was held captive by Father. What separated the women he called stupid cunts from the other captives was their bodies they were always bruised and battered, scratched and bleeding, and they were all in different stages of being pregnant. We were all constantly being gang raped by his poker buddies, his hired hands, as well as all of his dogs. We were all made to stay in the kennel forced to eat and drink from dog dishes and sleep on blankets; and just like the rest of the dogs we had sit by the door when we had to go potty and wait for someone to let us out if we were inside. The other girls so dirty looking, so painful looking, and so very scared looking.

The bloated feeling and dizziness soon faded so Lincy quickly stripped out of her clothes while still in the bag rubbing her cream soaked panties all over covering her body with her scent. She knew she had better be naked and smell like sex before he returned leaving her clothes in the bag holding onto only her panties, knowing that Father was going to want her to hand them to him so he could smell them.

It was too dark to see anything when she finely climbed out of the bag and peed in the corner. Lincy could feel the welts left by the whipping and some of them were weeping blood, and those stung as she touched them. She thought how nice a drink of water would taste and soften the dried paste that lined her mouth but knew to just be quiet. She could tell by the growling, fighting, grunting, and moaning that Father still kept victims in the kennel maybe more; but it sounded like only one was being mounted, and judging by how wet the squelching sounded all the hounds had taken a few turns each and her body like Lincy s was betraying her with arousal and orgasm, the smell of sex hung in the air like a thick fog. Lincy s own urges started to surface as she quaffed deeply the scent.

She remembered well the multiple matings the first time she was thrown in with the dogs with the scent of a dog in heat smeared all over her behind. Yes the very same kennel watching the animals fight for first place, how disgusted she felt at first as she looked at the cameras placed through out the kennel knowing that some perverted bastard was watching her getting fucked again and again by almost every dog there. Lincy remembered how grateful she was even though the water he used to douche her vagina was cold, she could tell it was medicated and relieved when Father put some soothing salve on and in her blistered vagina during those first few days. As the days stretched on the rancid tasting mixture started getting easier to swallow; the animal s appetite eased a little, but they were all still mounting her through out the third day. Lincy s guilt and shame faded with each passing day; she even acquired a taste for the rancid concoction and eagerly waited for it by the gate when she wasn't being mounted and humped. Lincy wondered if that tea had something to do with her fading morality and the eager urgency she felt when another hound started sniffing her butt, and the disappointment she now felt after realizing that the last few days not one animal has mated with her.

She looked around for the first time and saw the kennel was huge; Lincy became horrified as she saw there were other women all scratched and covered with whelps from the bastard s whipping. She gasped in surprise when a hound finely started licking her butt and then filled the air with her boisterous and gleeful laughter as the beast continued his ministrations turning her body hot and sweaty. Her gleeful laughter turned into loud groaning grunts when the hairy beast mounted her driving his monstrous cock into her quickly burring his knot within her womb, with in a few minutes the hairy brute s thrusts turned convulsive, and Lincy cried out in voiceless gasps as she bucked into his thrusting haunches, a few seconds passed and both animals were quiet the beast s tongue flailing as he panted and Lincy salaciously sliding her buttocks side to side in an effort to reengage him for another humping, but he was done and with a sharp yank a loud wet sucking squelch sounded as his member pulled free. He gave Lincy s vaginal opening several licks and then started cleaning his own organ, grabbed a drink and went to sleep in the sun. Lincy looked around the kennel with a smug smile on her face thinking how good that felt.

It was then she noticed other women in the kennel women she could talk to in away. Lincy scampered right over only to be disappointed the two that were free ran away from her and by the way they acted, they fled to their mates. She was shocked when she saw the third woman licking her dogs penis while he sat tongue flapping as he panted; her eyes grew wide as she noticed the woman s juices running down her thighs, Lincy s mouth started to water as she thought about licking the creamy juices, then suddenly the hound stood and she turned her butt towards him and he mounted giving her several powerful thrusts causing the woman s eyes to roll back showing the whites. The sounds that erupted from her throat were animalistic as well as orgasmic and she quaked to her pounding the whole time. With a plopping sploosh he yanked his cock free; gave her pussy a few licks and then cleaned his cock, and lapped some water and went to sleep just like any other male.



Lincy adapted quickly to the daily routine of being given her daily dose of tea; then being washed with freezing cold water, and then fed cold scraps in a dirty dish, pissing and shitting with the rest of the animals. It was the matings she had begun to long for so much so she ached, the heavy weight of the hot hairy beast on her back, and how full her vaginal well felt as the large globe pistoned inside her. She had grown use to the burning and itching of scratches that covered her body, her nose was inured to the stench, her vagina was healed, and she was glad fleas weren't biting her, but her craving for vaginal penetration was unsatisfied.

Lincy remembered an even ruder shock; few days later some men in masks brought another dog back to the cage and stood around watching one of them said, I bet you he goes straight for his bitch.

Looks like you are right. The other resigned as the mammoth animal padded straight to a woman that was sleeping; waking her with a tongue bath as he eagerly sniffed and licked her all over. She quickly rolled onto her back, a warm smile beamed from her face, and the whole cage filled with a new scent her scent as she spread her legs wide. His penis was swelling and poking out from his sheath and spraying her with his scent as it flailed to his bouncing. He stood straddling her licking her face whining and yipping as if asking her to roll over and she did roll over between his legs as soon as she was on all fours he gripped her waist tightly. Lincy was amazed at how easily he slipped his huge cock into her not one exploratory poke just slipped it in and with a little jab buried his humungous knot in her womb. Lincy s own juices were flowing now as she watched the two animals how he just stood licking her neck and her just breathing heavily.

What is he waiting for? Why isn't he humping her? The small man asked the other. Ole Titus likes to soak his bone for a while. He answered and added, Come on we got more work to do.

He was right Titus stayed tied to her for at least forty minutes pressing his haunches tightly to her buttocks and giving her several hard pumps and then stop every few minutes until he exploded into a frenzy of growling grunts as he pounded her buttocks with his hairy haunches and then went limp, with drawing his flaccid penis licking her vaginal opening and then cleaning his own organ.

Lincy caught herself crawling towards a dog that was sitting by his self, but stopped when a woman she had not yet seen jumped right onto and knocking him to the ground. The two of them wrestled about then scampered off barking and play growling at each other. Lincy became sad because none of the dogs were really mated to her, not like these four women were to the four dogs they were with. Lincy watched the four women and four dogs and learned they were four couples, discovering that the only dogs mating with her were obviously stags, and wondered what or how she could become a mated to one.

The days melted together and the nights were long and cold and filled with longing for a warm body to snuggle with, but left only with a raggedy blanket to keep her warm. She learned to roll onto her back quickly when any of the dogs growled at her for getting to close to their food, bones, or mates. The food she was given never changed awful tasting and cold. The only time she could drink from the same bowl the rest of the dogs drank from was when none of the other animals were there.

One day she caught herself looking at one of the dogs as he licked his penis and felt an aching yearning stirring inside her womb and wished one of them any or all of them would mate with her and disappointed that not one of the animals noticed she was even there much less mounting her. Another day she watched two of the other women being seduced by their animal lovers; as they licked the women s genitalia Lincy s passion raged, shame and disgust had long since vanished, and when they mounted and drove their huge penises into the women s gaping vaginas Lincy exploded with passion and her juices ran down her legs but still none of the other dogs even noticed that she was hot and eager to mate, but a hired hand caught sight of her frothing vagina, sweated body, and signaled by slapping his thigh for her to come. Lincy wanted to mate with any one or all of the brutish hounds not him but knew she had to obey and made her way to the gate, putting her head through the opening as he snapped the leash to her collar, opened the gate and lead her to a dirty mattress under a sheltered dining area. He patted the mattress ordering her onto it and stepped behind her; she felt him get down on his knees between her legs, put one hand on her shoulder and tucked his penis into her wetted opening with the other.

Lincy was so glad it was big enough to feel she sighed out loudly, and started moaning when she felt it thrusting into her cervix. She loved the slow and deep methodic thrusting even though it wasn't as big as the knots she was use to having plunged into her she could feel her climax climbing. He was already tied to her longer than any of the other dogs ever were when he said, Roll over girl. Lincy obeyed as soon as he pulled out of her and when her back hit the mattress his penis slipped right back into her the new position caused Lincy to orgasm quickly and again as her human lover kept up his methodic thrusting soon she felt her vaginal well filling with his hot sperm as it gushed against her cervix. He lay there for several minutes Lincy felt his warm semen spill onto her anus and pool under her fanny when his penis started to soften. He jumped up and said, Up lets go back. And lead Lincy back to the kennel she gladly obeyed she felt so good even the kennel looked good.

She just stood on all fours in the middle of the cage and felt the warm sperm ooze down her thigh; another dog quickly caught the new scent, and wondered over to see who it was and started licking Lincy s thighs and vagina. The lapping tongue soon carried Lincy into an orgasmic cloud and the hound aroused by the smell of human sperm mounted her and much to her delightful surprise the hairy beast stayed mounted with his gigantic cock buried deep in her womb; pumping for a while and then stopping, the enjoyable dance went on for several minutes. There was quite a crowd of workers watching when the hound started spilling his seed with convulsive thrusts loud grunts and then turning limp for a few seconds and with a yank pulled free gave Lincy a good licking then gave his own member a licking and went off to sleep.



Lincy had lost all sense of time until one morning she felt her period starting, and then she realized she has been in the kennel for three weeks. She wondered what would happen when she started bleeding. She found out the next day while she was drinking from the water bowl; one of the bigger dogs started sniffing at her vaginal opening she spun around and started to quickly crawl away until he nipped at her thigh and knocked her to the ground with his big hairy paw. Lincy quickly rolled onto her back and let him sniff at her now bloody opening, he barked and growled at the other dogs as they came around and then start sniffing, snorting, and licking again.

The big black dog s tongue felt wonderful as it raked across Lincy s labia; stretching the soft pliant skin as it clung to the rough textured surface of the warm red tongue. The cramps disappeared as Lincy s insides began to quiver and melt; she began to slide away as fear filled her mind at how intense her craving was, but the animal placed his huge front paw on her stomach and his hind paw on her thigh, and continued to lick up the red discharge, stopping only to bark and growl at the other dogs when they got too near and then continued to feed on Lincy s blood. The animal s tongue incited a raging thirst within Lincy s womb causing her heart to beat inside her cervix and her clitoris to pound in time. She could feel her labia as well as her vaginal walls engorging with hot blood; even after the dog stopped licking her and lay across her breasts nose in her arm pit, sleeping after slaking his thirst with Lincy s fluids her desire burned slowly within as she rubbed his neck finding his name tag Bruno . She found herself saddened that she could not reach the animal s member to massage it so he might want to mate with her; but glad to have the warmth of another body mingling with hers. His huge body was quite warm as it laid half on top of her. She was relieved that the other dogs were staying clear so she drifted off to sleep thinking about mating with Bruno.

Lincy was awakened by Bruno s tongue raking across her arm pit and up the side of her breast; she shuddered each time the tip of his tongue flipped across her nipple, his hot breath sent chills across her whole body as it blew across the soaked hair of her arm pit. He was standing now and Lincy could see his huge wet red member as protruded well beyond it s sheath and the knot was already starting to swell. Lincy knew the juices now pooling around her fanny were not just blood but Bartholin fluids as well; and again she felt her heart beating inside her cervix and clitoris, a knot swelled in her throat and stomach as Bruno started licking between Lincy s legs again this time the licking was feverishly eager and sounded just like he was drinking from his water bowl.

When Lincy s beastly lover looked up she saw his jowls were covered with a scarlet colored gelatinous glaze with long stringers dangling from them. When he barked one of the stringers flew off and landed on her belly the other wrapping around his snout; the loud bark caused her to urinate profusely, and again he sounded only this time it was more like a whiny growl and his head cocked to one side. Lincy knew it was time, and she eagerly rolled onto all fours keeping her knees far apart; her licentious laughter filled the kennel as the big black hound started enthusiastically cleaning up her thighs and buttocks with his rough wet tongue. Lincy s boisterous laughter turned into loud gruntings and gasps as Bruno lumbered onto her back wrapping his front legs around her waste and skillfully placing the pointy tip of his huge cock in Lincy s vaginal opening. A series of loud grunts and groans erupted from Lincy when the black dog gave a single thrust burring his huge cock up to the knot inside her womb, and just stood there licking her neck and ear but keeping his knot pressed firmly onto Lincy s vulva and stretching her lips.

A loud sucking plop sounded as he yanked it out and a gush of urine spewed out until he shoved it back in hard causing Lincy to yell out, Oh ! God ! Yes ! Again he kept his horrendous knot pressed firmly against her vulva during Lincy s squirming and bucking while he licked her shoulder and again he yanked it out only this time her vagina remained gapingly wide open and she held herself still and waited her breath gusting as she panted. This time when he plunged it back in a very loud wet squelching sound filled kennel along with Lincy s loud grunting and moaning, and he began a fast rhythm of long and deep strokes pressing his swelled knot firmly onto her vulva each time.

His pistonning member and his hot hairy haunches rubbing her buttocks swept Lincy quickly into an orgasmic cloud. She didn't even feel Bruno s knot squeeze into her womb she just started moaning louder and bucking harder when it started rubbing on her special spot, by now her thighs were glazed over with her sateen juices as they were squeezed out with each inward thrust. Lincy s loud moans and sighs turned into voiceless screams as her breath gust from her mouth when the beast s thrusting turned sporadic and forceful as he spilled his seed in her womb; the two of them stood there motionless panting until he gave a sharp yank and with a loud squelching sploosh withdrew his softening member. An amber mixture of juices ran down Lincy s legs as her elbows buckled and she laid her head on the ground leaving her buttocks up in the air while her lover licked at it and his own penis.

Lincy crawled over to the water dish and started drinking and then ate some dog food before she realized what she was doing and stopped, noticing none of the other dogs were bothering her just watching so she ate a little more drank some more water after her lover finished and then crawled to her blanket lay on her side and was soon joined by her new lover and Bruno laid across her side and the two of them drifted off to sleep.



Lincy was awakened by loud banging only to find that she was still in an empty dark box, and not spooning with Bruno but awaiting her fate at the hands of her angry captor; listening to yet another victim being mauled by the dogs in the kennel. Lincy s body began to melt inside as she sat in the dark cell listening to the sounds from the kennel and remembering how good it felt and how much she wanted to feel that huge cock and knot thrusting inside her womb. Lincy longed for the smell of Bruno and the heat from this hot hairy body that would make her sweat as he clung to her waist, and how hard she came when Bruno ran his tongue across her privates and my god that huge knot when it entered her vagina and rubbed against her special spot how she exploded. Lincy listened to the sounds coming from the kennel; the captive s moaning, and dogs barking and whining as they stuffed their cocks into her, and yes the prisoner was gasping as another orgasm swept across her body, and she sounded so very tired.

Lincy wondered if she was tied to the stand or trying to curry favor by holding her self up to the animals as they mated with her; and she thought how quickly and how gladly she would trade places with her just for a drink of water from the same water bowl the hounds use. It had been only a few months since she was in that very same cage allowing those same hounds to mount her and how heavy they were on her back with their front legs were wrapped so tightly around her waste while they mated with her.

Suddenly a steel bar pounded the metal wall wresting Lincy from her daydreaming; a dirty looking tube was shoved through the slit in the side and with out being told to Lincy started sucking the nauseating fluid into her mouth and swallowing, and just as she felt about to burst bubbles filled her mouth and she knew she finished the whole dose. The urge to vomit was almost overpowering; much more intense than the last time, as she struggled to keep it down, urine began to spew out surging with every heave, and as the gushing flow turned to a trickle the dry heaves eased. Lincy leaned in the corner of the box as sweat poured off her body she slipped down the wall; her nipples felt so tight they hurt, her clitoris was throbbing so hard it ached, and her womb felt as though some one had put a balloon inside and was blowing it up. Soon the dark room began to spin and Lincy began to dream.

Lincy began to dream about the first time she was wolf packed by Father s poker buddies; he came in and ordered, Open your mouth wide and keep it open. while he pushed some soft feeling rubbery stuff over her teeth saying, This is to protect your teeth some, protect my friend s dicks some, but mostly I like the way it makes you sound when you speak. And laughingly added, Don t bite or you will drive needles into you gums. and chuckled as he glued her eyes shut with latex, then he dragged her around by her hair all the while braying to the boys, Look here see what I got! and then throwing her into the lap of one of them sneering, Suck his dick bitch and you better make it feel real good too!

It tasted so salty and smelled of stale sex; and after only a few seconds another man got behind her and started pushing his penis into her while the others sneered goading them on and telling them to hurry up and cum. Lincy s body had already become wet as the yearning burned inside her womb; how betrayed she felt by her own body but that rapidly faded when she started to orgasm. The wolf packing went on for hours it seemed; and when she was finely thrown back into her cage every muscle in her body ached. Her face was crusted with dried sperm; wads of it lay drying in her hair, her thighs felt sticky, and her genitalia felt crusted on the outside, raw and burning on the inside as if her flesh had been burnt with a torch. That was when Missy or one of the Missies anyway came by.

I am your mother so call me Mother. She announced while removing the latex blindfold. As Lincy looked at Missy she could see she was very pregnant like about to pop and then Missy added, I am going to be leaving soon but remember do not piss Father off! Just look at me! I messed up by being a stupid stubborn cunt, and he is going to come for me again after I've given birth! and then she whispered very quietly, He is here. And then in a loud voice she said, Father tells me you are going to be a good little bitch is that true?

Oh yes Mother, I want to be Father s good bitch! Lincy excitedly replied knowing that that was what she was suppose to say, but she knew she was lying but at the same time she knew it to be true.

Well I have to clean you up but first drink all of this tea. Mother directed as she held up a dirty looking gallon jug filled with Father s nauseating juice and a rubber tube hanging from the opening. While Lincy sucked from the tube Mother began to finger her pussy making her need to piss and bad. When Lincy started to bloat, little trickles of pee seeped out.

In a deep but soft voice Mother said, Baby if you need to piss just go a head and piss. With that a tentative trickle started and promptly turned into a full and forceful flow.

A loud slurp sounded as the last of the tea was sucked out, That is my good girl! Mother excitedly comforted as she put down the jug and calmly informed, Now the soap and hot water will sting at first but you have to be cleaned and if you are good, really good I will put some soothing balm on your burning cunt. Oh ! My ! Poor dear that thing looks so sore ! so very sore!

Lincy winced at the pain of the hot water and soap, but it hurt a lot more when Missy dried her; and when she applied the salve, it felt so good it took her breath away and made her feel warm all over and in a mater of minutes she felt like she was floating; as Missy kissed her she remembered the first time Bruno Frenched her causing her to gag as his tongue slid all the way down her throat. Another loud banging sounded waking Lincy with a startle and shit she was still in the dark box.

End Ch. 1 The Victim pt. 2

This is my first attempt at bondage and rape; I do not take pleasure in reading about rape in the newspapers but watching it in the movies is different. This is purely fictional and chapter two is being worked on as this story is being posted.

Any constructive comments can be sent to writermike2003@yahoo.com any and all reasonable e-mails will be responded to. Thank you for your time writer mike

- The End -

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