Her husband would be surprised...

"The Virgin and the Stud Dog"

by Anonymous

Several years ago, when I was a freshman in High School, something happened to me that I have never felt entirely comfortable with until now. Thanks to other stories I have read recently about bestiality I have been able to come to grips with a dark secret that I've held since the spring of 1995.

At the time I was a giggly girl hanging out at the mall with friends and eyeing cute guys, but never daring to venture beyond flirting and the occasional furtive kiss. Although I was a virgin and extremely naive, I was a "well-developed young lady," as my mother would say. I had long auburn hair I wore in a pony tail down my back, and breasts capped with nipples that stood out half an inch when erect. I mention this because as a freshman in High School, they often caused me much chiding and embarrassment when they protruded from my blouse.

Anyway, one afternoon as I was walking home from school my neighbor called me over to his fence. Mr. Platki was of some Eastern European decsent and spoke with a heavy accent.

"Heather, you come here," he said, waving his ancient arm to me. Mr. Platki was an old man who had known me since my fifth birthday when we moved into the neighborhood. We had rarely talked, but my parents liked him.

"You will watch my dog for a few days, no?" he said.

Mr. Platki owned the most feared dog in the neighborhood. It was some kind of mix between a Great Dane and a Wolf Hound, or something. He was huge, and stood about even with my chest flatfooted. Needless to say, I was also frightened by his dog, whom he called Groucho, due to his temperament.

"Ah, I don't think so, Mr. Platki," I said. "Ole Groucho and I don't get along."

"You toss food into his pen and leave him be, what more is there to do? Plus, I give you ten dollars. One week, ten dollars, it's a deal, no."

Tempted to say "no," I relented and agreed to feed Groucho.

The next day as I walked home from school I walked past Groucho's yard. I had nearly forgotten about him when a deep "roooof" bark reminded me of my responsibility. "Sorry, Groucho," I said as I nervously slid a pan of dry dog food into his pen. Then I noticed that his water bowl was lying upside down in the middle of his pen. "Oh great," I muttered and slowly opened the gate. Groucho stepped back from the gate and let me in. I watched him carefully as I reached for the pan, then nearly screamed as he leapt forward and licked my face from chin to eyebrows in one giant, slobbery slurp.

Momentarily shocked, I jumped back, then realized that Ole Groucho was really a Teddy Bear. I patted his head and scratched his chest for a few minutes before closing the gate and leaving. As I left, Groucho let out a deep howl that could have waked the dead. Let me tell you, it was that blasted howling that led to my ruin.

After dinner I helped my mother clean the kitchen, then watched a bit of baseball on TV with my Dad. About the time I was ready to head upstairs to my bedroom, Ole Groucho started up with the howling in earnest. "What the Hell is that?" my father asked.

Groucho kept it up for several minutes before my mother begged me to go and get him. "You know Mr. Platki always brings him in at night," she said. "I don't like the idea of a dog in my house, but if you'll keep him locked up in your room maybe the neighborhood can get some sleep."

Groucho nearly jumped out of his fur in excitement when I opened the gate and called him into the house. He bounded up the stairs and bee-lined to my bedroom like he had done it a hundred times before. Groucho was pretty well behaved and curled up next to the foot of my bed while I took a shower. As I came out of the shower I let my towel drop to the floor. Groucho's head perked up as he stared at my naked body. I had never been looked at by a man - beast or otherwise - like that before, and self-consciously leaned down and retrieved the towel.

I was sitting at my vanity brushing out my hair when Groucho rested his chin on my bare thigh. I patted his head and went back to my hair, but I could not help but notice the panting hot breath from Groucho. His nose was only inches from my virgin pussy. With a half guilty glance to make sure I had locked my bedroom door, I opened my legs just a little, enough to let Groucho's breath caress my slit.

For several minutes Groucho lingered in a position many boys had tried and failed to approach. I had heard stories from older girls about oral sex and was suddenly caught with an insatiable desire to try it out on my innocent house guest. Slyly, I shifted in my vanity chair, allowing the towel to fall back to the floor, as I turned to face Groucho. I was completely naked, my legs slightly spread, with my slit open to Groucho.

Groucho was a champion of male domination and immediately shoved his nostrils into my cunt. I screamed, then cupped my hands over my mouth to prevent alerting my parents who were still downstairs watching TV. Groucho's tongue lapped at my pussy in rapid succession as I spread my legs wider for him and leaned back in pure heaven. He licked frantically for several minutes before my body was rocked with a crushing orgasm. I had experienced orgasms before, but the self-initiated ones of my innocence were minor compared to this.

Groucho did not know the meaning of stop, so I had to pry his face away from my soaked pussy. I was surprised to find my vaginal lips swollen red and open, like a rosebud begging to be plucked. Groucho relinquished his attack on my pussy and sat back on his tail, panting and staring at my cunt in obvious lust. It was then that I gasped. Between his legs was a red, poker stiff cock of at least nine, maybe ten inches in length. It wasn't real thick, but its imposing size held me spellbound for several minutes.

Again my curiousity got the best of me. Being careful not to make too much noise I slid off my vanity chair and positioned myself beneath Groucho. I had often wondered what it would be like to suck a cock, but of course lacked the courage to place myself in that type of position with one of my school friends. Now I had the chance, and I owed Groucho the favor he had bestowed on me. Groucho hovered over me, his cock hanging down within easy reach of my mouth. I sighed, closed my eyes, and wrapped my lips around the red, pointy tip. Groucho responded immediately with a whimper, then he flexed his hips and drove a few inches of his meat into my mouth. I nearly choked, but hung on, sucking him the way I imagined a woman should.

Groucho's hips began to pump furiously as I gasped for breath and struggled to keep control of the situation. At one point he succeeded in driving his entire length into my throat, gagging me and stretching my throat open. Then suddenly Grouch's cock jerked in my mouth. In my ignorance I had forgotten that he may come. Now a hot stream of jism shot down my throat, then another, as I struggled to free myself from his staff. Groucho pumped harder, jamming his cock into my mouth as he continued to feed his load into me. I gagged, then swallowed, then swallowed again as his pumpimg slowed, then stopped. I pulled my mouth away from his cock in time to see the head mushroom in size bigger than my closed fist. My God, I thought, that thing would have killed me if I had allowed it to expand in my throat.

Several minutes passed as Groucho and I lay on the carpeted floor regaining our strength. I could not believe that I had just given a blow job to a dog. The salty, almost sweet come he had deposited so forcefully inside my throat stuck to my insides like a thick bowl of oatmeal. I rolled over with the intent of going into the bathroom to wash up when Groucho knocked me onto my hands and knees. He quickly mounted me from behind like I was a bitch dog in heat. I panicked, stifled a scream, then struggled to stand back up.

Groucho had me pinned down, but I did not believe anything else would happen. Surely he could not find his mark without my help, and there was no way that was going to happen. I had no intention of taking this thing any further. Groucho pumped his hips and I watched almost amused as his huge cock swung around by my thighs, searching for its target.

"Enough, Groucho," I commanded in a whisper, not wanting my parents to find me in this situation.

Groucho's weight on my shoulders was becoming unbearable, so I relaxed my arms and rested my head on the carpet. I figured in a few minutes he would tire of this game and release me. Then I got the shock of my life as his cock brushed against my virgin cunt lips. It was just a lucky stab in the dark, so to speak, but it had shown the impossible could happen. That's when I began to get nervous and struggled harder to gain my freedom.

I swatted my arm at Groucho to no avail. Then, in animalistic determination to breed, Groucho wrapped his huge jaws around the back of my neck. He didn't bite me, but he let me know that I was to sit still. Again his cock brushed my cunt lips. I shifted my ass away from his assaulting weapon, then shifted back the other way - straight into his cock head. The pointy head lodged between my cunt lips. I grimaced, preparing myself for the inevitable. I was on the floor of my own bedroom, with my parents downstairs, and I was about to be raped by a dog with a cock the size of a baseball bat.

I squirmed again in a final effort to break free. Groucho gripped my neck tighter, then pumped his monstrous piston into me. I buried my face into the carpet and screamed as his entire length found a home inside of me. In one thrust this beast had stolen my cherry, splitting me wide open like a watermelon.

For several minutes he worked his cock in and out of my now well-worn cunt before I felt the familiar jerking sensation. As he dumped another load into me I felt his cock grow. I shrieked, thinking of the thick head mushrooming inside of me. Again I lurched forward, but it was too late. Groucho had locked onto me. My cunt was swollen with his massive cock as it jammed against my pelvic bone. For over fifteen minutes he lay on top of me, his jaws locked around my neck, and his cock locked inside of me.

The next day Mr. Platki returned - mercifully early - and retrieved Groucho. I often thought about that night as I finished High School, not sharing my secrets nor my body with anyone until now. Tomorrow is my wedding day and I wonder if my future husband will notice that I am not a virgin. I plan to scream and let him think he has popped my cherry. I'm sure he would be devastated to know that a ten inch cock has already had me.



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