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Watching The Dog

Watching The Dog by Hal 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

My cousin had asked me if I would be interested in watching his house and dog while he was away for the weekend. The "house" is located on the edge of a lake and is a beautiful log cabin. The dog is a hound type dog and pretty big, it is a dark brown and pretty muscular and watches the cabin for my cousin. My wife and I decided to make a romantic weekend of it and headed down on Friday after work. When we got to the cabin, the dog met us happily at the door and was looking for some human friendship. We settled down for a nice relaxing drink after supper. The cabin is pretty simple with a bedroom and a large area that acts as a kitchen/living room. The washroom is located outside however there is a shower facility inside by filling a large pail that is pumped into the shower. We had changed into our nightclothes, I had just my sorts and a tee shirt on while my wife had her nightie on. The dog kept very close to us and kept coming over for a scratch on the head or a good pat. He ended up snuggling up with his head in her lap and laying on the couch. After a while he would move his nose into her crotch, he must have been getting a whiff of her pussy. The dog kept getting deeper in her crotch with his nose and as he lay on the couch, I could see his cock was getting larger. I pointed this out to my wife and we laughed saying he must not see very many dogs out here and he is probably is very horny. After twenty minutes my wife made the dog leave since he was constantly nudging her. We had another drink and continued our conversation, my wife had her legs up under her nightie and the dog walked by, there must have been a space between the couch and her nightie, the dog quickly moved his nose under and gave her pussy a quick lick, my wife was unprepared for the dog to do this and jumped up. The dog's cock seemed to grow more and it was outside its hairy sheath now.

We decided to make ready for bed and have a good sex session before we went to sleep. I had to go outside for a piss and then my wife realized that her earring came off when she jumped up. We could see that it had rolled under this wicker coffee table that was large and heavy. Having to relieve myself I headed outside and she got down on her hands and knees to get her earring. As I was pissing, I heard my wife scream. As I came running in the door, there was my wife on her knees with her head and arms tangled under the wicker table. The Dog had jumped up on her from behind and had her pinned under the table and started humping her. I started to laugh a bit and my wife said ok now get this damn dog off me. As I approached the dog, it let its intentions know, it bite me good in the hand and growled at me. I tried repeatedly to grab the dog but to no avail. As I looked at the dog, I couldn't believe how big his cock had grown, it must have been a good ten inches long and really thick, his balls hung down like two tennis balls and I was amazed by the site of his. My wife asked me what I was looking at and I said just wait, I grabbed a mirror and reflected the dog's cock back to her since she couldn't move her head. She gasped and said hurry up and get this dog off of me. The dog was still doing the humping motion and his paws had pushed my wife's nightie up so it exposed her ass and pussy, his cock was inching closer toward her lovely hole with his huge member. I said I was going to go outside a grab a big stick to move the dog off without losing my arm to his teeth. I went outside and realized that the sight had turned me on and I was starting to get a hardon too.

Just as I had turned the flashlight on, my wife screamed again and I ran inside to see what happened. She said something was brushing against her pussy lips and when I looked down his huge cock was swaying back and forth by her pussy lips. She told me to quickly get something; she was trying to keep her pussy away from the dog's cock by moving her hips around. I ran outside but decided instead to go to the front of the cabin and look in the front window, which was close to where the action was. As I looked in, I had a good view of everything and best of all my wife could not see me. The dog was closer to getting his cock in her and I had a huge rail on myself just watching. My wife was trying to move her hips so the dog would not succeed and the dog was humping faster and faster. The dog had a good hold on her and I knew that his cock would go a lot deeper than me if it ever succeeded in sticking his cock in her.

My wife moved her hips to the left and then suddenly the dog thrust and about two inches of his cock went into her pussy. I could not believe this as my wife could not get out of the dogs grip and now it had found his mark and would surely ram his entire girth into her. I quickly ran inside and pretended that I had seen nothing; I could see my wife's expression had changed on her face from despair to one of a bit of pleasure. I said I hadn't found a stick or anything. She said the dog had entered her but not much and I asked if it hurt, she said that as when we make love that once the dog's dick went inside that she actually had an orgasm and I said that this would help lubricate the dog more. I told her that the dog's cock is huge compared to mine and that it will go a lot deeper and stretch her more than me. Also we need to get the dog off as soon as possible before the entire cock was in her since I heard the dog's cock won't come out if the big ball part of the cock is in her. She asked what that meant and I said that this keeps dogs locked together when they fuck. She said to hurry since the dog's thrusting action was bringing her close to another orgasm and she does not want to remember having a bunch of orgasms on a dog's cock.

I ran outside to my spot again and I couldn't believe that my wife had actually arched her ass upward to allow more of the dog's cock to enter her. Slowly the dog had four, five, seven inches in her. I could see her pussy juice on the dog's cock and then my wife's ass quivered as she had another orgasm. In a final thrust the dog put his entire 10 inches in her, she was rocking back and forth and I came in my hand, I could see my wife's pussy expand around this enormous dick and her pussy lips stretched farther than they have ever been. I went inside and my wife was moaning and I said I'll kick the dog off, she moaned no, she was going to come again, she started to moan more and say fuck, fuck, fuck. As I move in close, the dog's balls started to swell up and then he shot his load of thick dog come deep into my wife's pussy. My wife said oooh, I can feel his hot come rushing inside me, then she quivered to yet another orgasm. The come started to drip out the sides between the dog's cock and my wife's stretched pussy lips. My wife had one final orgasm and was sweating all over.

After ten minutes the dog's cock fell out, my wife's pussy was a gaping hole full of come. I slowly helped her out of her confined position and to her feet. She looked at me and said she had never been so full of cock before and never had as many orgasms. I helped her take a shower and then to bed. She let me fuck her but she was so stretched from the dog's cock that I had no friction at all, I added my come to the dog's come and then we both went to sleep. In the morning, the dog came into our room and I was wondering what the reaction would be. My wife got up, patted the dog on the head and said, "What shall we do today" and gave me a wink.

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