"A Whorse Story"

      by Joey

      (bestiality horse)

Sometimes my parents leave and I have to feed the horses. Here is one such story

One warm July day my dad said they were going to a horse expo and that I better feed the animals. So I simply ignored him and kept watching TV. About an hour later I was going over to my girlfriends house to play around and remembered that I had to feed the fucking animals. So I walked down to the main barn that had a few stalls in it. To my surprise in the stall on the end there was a mare and a stallion fucking. For some strange reason I couldn't take my eyes off the two animals having sex and just watched as the stallion rammed his member into the mares black pussy which was salivating with her pussy juices. I became extremely horny so I went into the stall and came up behind the stallion who for some reason let me get behind him, lift his tail and insert my wet dick into his tight black rectum. as I did this he looked back to see what had just happened to him so I patted his butt and he went back to fucking the mare.

At first I wondered what the hell I was doing but I went with what my dick told me to do and I started to ram the stallion up his ass. After about five minutes of this I took my dick out of the animal and bent over and started to lick and rub the horses ass. After I got off rubbing and finger fucking the stallion and jacking off his 16 inch member as well I took him by his halter and took him off the mare and put him 2 pens down and went back to concentrate on the mare. I grabbed a rope, some grain and some hay to preoccupy the creature while I had fun with it's different private parts. I tied the animal to its feed bucket and put the hay and the grain into it and let her eat while I approached the backside of the horse and lifted its tail. I started to nibble and lick on the the horses dark tight butt hole. I then inserted my throbbing cock into her rectum and began pumping until I came in her and all over her ass. I then slid down to her waiting sex and ate her out and as a result I got a taste.

After making her get off I put my 9 inch cock to work in her jet black 3 inch slit which was vagina pink on the inside. I came inside of her 4 times and ate her out 3 more times until she had her fill of my cum and her mine. I then gave her a decent dose of sedative to make her lay down for a while so I could suck on her tits. I waited til she was pretty well out until I bent over and started to suck and chew on her black great tasting tits until both dripped her sweet milk. to finish my intercourse with her I spread her legs apart and fucked her pussy upside down make slapping sounds each time I drove my cock into the mare and finished by licking on her different body parts until she woke up and I stuck a 12 inch round plastic cattle whip into her ass and a 2 inch round one into her cunt and left the barn having finished "feeding the horses."

- The End -

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