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"Wild Island"


      (f, best,real)

This is a story about a lovely gorgeous woman named Amber. Amber is 1.6meters tall and has a lovely well-toned sexy body that would give any male an instant hard on with just one look at her, her hair is auburn in color and she has the most seductive sexy green eyes that glitter like emeralds. Being only 25 years of age, Amber worked for one of the largest international courier companies in the world and she loved her job, as every now and again she would score a free plane ride to her holiday destinations. This is a story of such a free plane ride that Amber took and would never forget for the rest of her life, which happened five years ago after being with the company for at least three years.

The courier plane was departing from a chilly Russian airstrip, which was covered in snow and Amber was there at the company depot in Russia conducting an audit. She had just finished her audit and hitched a ride with the courier plane, which was to land back in California; all Amber carried with her was a small suitcase that had all her woman essentials for traveling. Once settled in the plane, they were ready for take off and being a cargo plane there were only the pilot and co-pilot and one seat which Amber sat in and there was a rubber life boat and the rest of the plane had huge box’s and all sorts of packages that headed for the States. The captain waited for clearance and then he headed to the run way and took off, Amber was just too glad to be leaving the ice cold offices in Russia as the plane was making a special stop for her in Hawaii as it was her annual leave and this was her holiday destination. After they were air born for about half an hour, the co-pilot came to the back of the plane to see if Amber was okay and if she needed anything and he checked that all the packages were secured in the cargo hold and then went back to his seat. The plane began to shake a little, the captain switched on the safety belt sign, and Amber strapped her self to her seat and held onto her bag, the captain assured her that it was just a little turbulence and once they cleared it, she could remove her seat belt.

After three hours of turbulence the plane suddenly began shaking furiously and a few of the large packages became loose in the cargo hold and the co-pilot ran passed her saying,’ Don’t worry Amber, everything is under control, just keep you safety belt on and keep you possessions close to you,’ and he went to the back of the plane. Suddenly there was a huge banging sound and then a scream and the plane started to lose pressure, the captain radioed for help and switched to auto pilot as he went to the back to see what was going on, he looked at Amber and told her to go and hold on to the life boat and as he opened the cabin door to the cargo hold, there was this huge air rush that sucked everything out of the plane including the door, the pilot grabbed onto one of the straps used to secure the packages and began pulling him self towards Amber who held on tight to the life boat and was screaming for her life. The pilot lost his grip and started to fly to the back of the plane and just as he was about to be sucked out, a huge crate got loose and pulled to the hole in the plane blocking the air from sucking him out and he hit his head against the box and was unconscious.

In her panic state, Amber grabbed the pilot by his feet and dragged him to the front of the plane away from the crate that blocked the hole. She then went to see if they were any where near land and that’s when she noticed that they auto-pilot began to malfunction and started to spark as the drop of pressure ruptured the hydraulic control line and the plane began to nose dive towards the ocean. When the pilot came to, he realized what was going on and ran to the cockpit and tried pulling the throttle up and was fighting to pull the plane back up, just as the plane neared the water, the pilot managed to pull the plane straight but it was too late as the belly of the plane hit the water at such a speed that it through him out the front windscreen and began filling with water as it slowly started to sink. Amber immediately ran to the life boat as the plane was now half filled with water and she opened the side exit door and swam out pushing the life boat out in front of her and pulled the self inflating string and the boat inflated. She climbed in and began to cry, as she had no idea where she was and no means to contact any one as she just sat there and drifted in the ocean. Everything happened so fast that she even forgot about her bag that had all of her personal stuff inside and now she was cold as her cloths were soaking wet and it began to get dark as night approached.

Amber curled up into a ball on one end of the rubber boat to try to keep her self-warm while she drifted into the darkness of the ocean. The next morning she was awakened by a thumping sound on the side of the boat, when she looked over she found that it was her bag and quickly pulled it on board and opened it to see if her cloths were dry. Luckily, for her, her bag was waterproof and she was able to change into some fresh dry clothing and spread her wet cloths opened in the boat so that it could dry. The sun was hot and Amber started feeling thirsty but the only water around was the ocean and she was not going to drink salty seawater and so she figured that the only way she would forget about her thirst, is if she slept, and she dozed off because of the heat and she was feeling a bit dizzy. After what seemed like four hours, she was rudely awakened by breaking waves and as she sat up to look ahead she could see a beach and some trees and also noticed that she was getting closer to the shore and than suddenly without warning, the boat got carried out to the rocks near the beach in one huge wave which crashed against the rocks and also puncher the rubber boat.

Amber did not care much about the boat as long as she was on dry land and than she dragged the deflated boat with her bag away from the crashing waves towards the trees. She walked from one end to the next and soon realized that she was on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere and that she was surrounded by water on all sides of the island. Amber managed to set up a little shelter for her self that would provide shade during the scorching hot days and warmth during the cold nights as well as in case she had to experience a storm. Once her little camp was set up she decided to tour the island and look for some food, she managed to discover that the beach front was full of coconut trees and a little inside the forest she found that there were a few banana trees and so she set out to collect these fruits and headed back to her camp site.

She then sat down to eat some bananas and drink the coconut milk to quench her thirst and to regain energy, as she was hungry and had not eaten in the past two days. After satisfying her appetite and thirst, Amber opened her bag to change into something much cooler and proceeded to wear her two piece thong swim suit and tied a sarong around her waist and kicked off her shoes and felt that since she was stranded on a deserted island to walk bare foot and at the same time also took the top of her swim suit off leaving her firm well formed breasts free and exposed to the sun while she walked into the forest on the island to tour the place.

As the days passed, she became more comfortable with her surroundings and soon, she walked around naked, as she knew that there was no one around and could do as she pleased. One morning, after having something to eat and cleaning her self up with her razor, Amber took a walk into the forest to the nearby hot spring that she had discovered the day before and got in and washed her self with the warm water and relaxed against a rock. While bathing she heard a ruffling in the nearby bush and out came a huge tiger growling at her and he looked hungry, Amber was too afraid to get out of the water and run as the tiger started walking slowly toward her and just as she started to think that this wild animal was going to make a meal of her, there was another louder roar, unlike that of the tigers and from behind her this huge beast jumped at the tiger and began to fight it, as the beast fought the tiger, Amber saw that it’s a silver back gorilla and it killed the tiger and than stood up roaring and beating its chest. She sat there in the water frozen and watched as the gorilla just sat there at the edge of the pool and eat some of the reeds that grew along side the hot spring.

When the gorilla faced its back to her, she quietly got out of the warm pool and moved around to head back to the beach, but just as she reached the trees, the gorilla turned around and was staring at her naked body as the water glistened off her soft tanned skin. Amber stood there and feeling a bit shy, tried to cover her self with her arms while the gorilla came closer to her and pulled her hair gently out and sniffed it and then the gorilla started to touch her soft skin, as his hand explored her naked body, Amber felt this warm feeling in her stomach as the animal moved his hand around her body, caressing her breasts and then feeling her tummy and then touching her clean shaved pussy. She could not understanding this feeling she was experiencing as no man or male for that matter has ever touched her in the manner in which the gorilla had just done. As the gorilla felt her pussy, he could feel the heat that was emitting from Amber’s sweet clean pussy and without warning, he slipped his index finger up to his nail into her pussy, causing her to let out a little scream and then the animal pulled his fingered out and growled loudly as a sign to say that she should be quiet and again he put his finger in her pussy, only this time he pushed his finger up all the way inside her until he could feel the membrane. Amber stood there in silence as her body began to react to the sensations being felt by the gorilla’s finger as he twirled it around inside her pussy. She could feel her self getting wet, yet at the same time felt violated as it was an animal doing this to her and how could her body be enjoying the feelings she was experiencing. The gorilla continued to finger her until she had her first orgasm, ‘Aaaaaaah,’ Amber sighed and the gorilla removed his cum drenched finger from her soaking wet pussy, and licked it. He then gently held Amber by her sides as he lay on his back and placed on top of his slowly emerging cock, Amber tried to avoid him entering her by keeping her legs tightly closed, but just angered the animal and he roared out aloud at her. In her state of fear for her life, Amber spread her legs across the gorilla’s waist and could feel his cock rubbing against her wet pussy and she could feel her clit was beginning to throb in anticipation awaiting the cock to enter. The gorilla’s cock stood hard and slowly parted her pussy lips and she could feel him filling her to the max as he slid his cock into her. Amber at this point gave into the feelings she was having and started to move up and down the gorillas fully extended cock, which she felt, enter her cervix every time she sat back down, soon she was in a fucking motion, fucking the beast and was enjoying being impaled on such a large cock.

‘Uh uh uh uh, aah , mmmm unnnn yessss yessss, ‘ Amber moaned as she rode the beast’ s cock and could feel another orgasm building up inside her as she rode the gorilla faster she burst into an orgasm, screaming, ‘Aaaaaagh, mmmmmmmm, aaaaahhhh, fuuuucck me, yessss I need you to fuck me aaaaah,’ and then she felt his cock become stiff in side of her as the gorilla came, he let out a roar and Amber could feel her womb being filled by his hot cum so much so that she could feel some escaping her pussy. The gorilla sprayed his cum all over inside her coating her pussy full with his cum and as his cock retracted out of her pussy, Amber had on last orgasm and then the gorilla, picked her up and placed her on the ground and left. Amber lay there for a while and then went back to her campsite near the beach, when she got there she went to her bag and took out a small mirror and began to examine her sore cum dripping pussy. She could see that her clit was still hard and red from all the fucking she had and there was still cum seeping out of her and then she dipped her finger in her pussy and brought it up to her nose and sniffed and then she tasted the cum on her finger and the next she started to suck on her finger and dipped two fingers in her pussy and sucked it clean, she began succumbing to the sex hungry beast in her.

After she relaxed and over came her sexual hunger, she headed to the beach for a swim in the cool blue waters of the sea. She dived under the waves holding her breath and looking at all the corral and sea life that were near the shore line as the water was clean and crystal clear. As she swam around for about two hours, she felt the sun becoming more hotter and headed back to the cool shade of her little hut and ate some fruits and drank some cool coconut milk and then laid down on the rubber boat and caught a nap and went into dream land, dreaming about what happened to her earlier and of how much she enjoyed riding the gorillas cock and also dreaming that there were two animals, one she would be fucking her and the other she would be sucking his cock. When she woke up, it was already night and she found that her pussy was all wet from her dreams that she was having, Amber just smiled as she rubbed her hand over her wet pussy lips and started to make a fire. After having something to eat, Amber noticed some movement in the shadows near her campsite and they were coming closer to her, as the shadows neared the light of the fire, she soon saw that it the two shadows were in fact two male deer that were sniffing the air as they came closer to her.

Amber stood up and watched them as the came within her reach and they allowed her to touch them, as she patted them, one of the deer moved his head down and sniffed her wet pussy and picked up the scent of her sex and gave her pussy and emerging clit a lick, sending erotic emotions through Amber’s body. As the deer began to lick her, she noticed his cock emerging from its sheath; she immediately got down on all fours to see if the deer could fuck her as the gorilla did earlier that day. The deer, then stopped licking her and then stood over her and lowered his rear flanks and positioned his cock to hit between her legs, Amber could see his cock rubbing over her pussy and rubbing her tummy full of his pre-cum, then she reached back between her legs and helped him get his cock in her pussy, once the deer felt the warm entrance of her wanting pussy, he started hunching his rear forward and began fucking her, ‘Ah ah ah oooh, mmmm yesss,’ Amber moaned and then she noticed the other male deer standing in front of her grazing and that his cock was also slowly emerging from its sheath.

She reached out and touched the deer’s cock while the other one kept on fucking her pussy, as she touched the deer in front of her, she could feel the heat from his cock as it kept on growing out of its sheath and the deer moved closer to Amber allowing her to lick his tip oh his cock and taste his pre-cum. As she brought his cock close to her lips, opening her mouth slowly, the first deer hunched forward pushing his cock deep in her cum drenched pussy and at the same time pushed her head forward and the second deer’s cock went into her mouth about 3-inches. Amber soon started sucking and jerking the deer’s cock while his bud was fucking her from behind, she also now accepted the fact that she was a hungry horny slut that wanted cock and cum in her all the time, just then she felt the deer behind dip his rear lower and she could feel his hot cum filling her up inside as she kept sucking on the second deer he also shot his load into her mouth causing her to gag and let his cock free from her mouth as he continued to bathe Amber in his cum spraying her hair, face, back and even managed to spray some onto her breasts, and by feeling the hot cum inside her pussy and all over her body, she had another orgasm. After both animals were done with this new mate, they had found they disappeared into the forest.

Amber stood up to watch her lovers go into the forest and she could feel the hot cum rolling down her back, face and breasts and could also feel the cum dripping out of her well fucked pussy as she rubbed her hands on her breasts and tummy and sucked the cum from her fingers. Being a hot night, she went to the sea and began to wash the cum out of her hair and then headed back to her shelter and dozed off for the rest of the night. The next morning when she woke up, she could feel the heat of the sun and went to the sea for an early morning swim, as she walked into the water she noticed two dolphins jumping in and out of the water that were coming closer to her. As soon as Amber was waist deep in the water, she stopped and watched the dolphins as they playfully swam around and turning exposing their cocks. Amber just laughed as she tried to touch them and also began to swim around when she suddenly felt the nose of one dolphin between her legs and then he turned facing his belly to Ambers and swam a little faster so that his snout was at her face and before she knew it, she felt something rubbery slip into her pussy. Amber soon realized that her new playful friend was about to fuck her and then she felt him flip his tail and more of his cock went in her.

The dolphin swam close to the surface keeping Amber’s head above the water so that she could breath and flipped his tail once more until his cock was buried so deep in Amber’s pussy she could feel his skin and the end of his cock flush against her pussy lips and, ‘Aaaaah, yessss, ooooohhh mmmmmm unnnnn, you lovely sea animal mmmmm aaaahhh, fuck me harder,’ she moaned and then felt the dolphin cum the same time as she did and filled her pussy with his dolphin juices. As soon as the first dolphin was loose from Amber, the second one swam into position and sunk his rubbery dolphin cock deep in her with one go making sure that none of his buds juices came out of Amber’s pussy and began fucking her making he cum again. This dolphin also swam in the same manner as his bud, keeping her head above water and after about twenty minutes he filled her up with his juices and slipped out of her well fucked cum dripping pussy. As soon as the second dolphin pulled out of Amber, she went under water, as she was exhausted from all the fucking, both dolphins swam beneath her and took close to the beach and waited for a wave to push her onto the sand out of the water.

When Amber found her self on the beach she turn to look where the dolphins were and saw them way out at sea as the both jumped out of the water and swam away, she looked at her satisfied well fucked pussy and just smiled thinking, that no man would be able to keep up to her sexual appetite anymore if she ever got off this island and back to civilization. As she was still tired from fucking the dolphins, Amber just crawled on all fours toward her shelter and as she did, she noticed a dog like animal in the distance come running to her and as it got closer she realized it was a huge wolf, so she stopped moving and stayed in that position. When wolf was next to her it began to inspect her body as the position she was in, confused him and he began to sniff her butt and pussy and could get her scent of her sex. Amber than felt his warm tongue between her legs as he began to lick her pussy and butt making her cum, and then the wolf placed his front paws on her back and with his weight, he pushed her head down but she quickly managed to get a grip and raise her self up again in time to feel his thick wolf cock enter her sexy virgin ass. Amber screamed as pain shot through her body and then she felt his cock go even deeper and then she soon succumbed to the pain and found that when she relaxed her ass muscles, it felt good to be fucked in the ass.

The wolf kept on pumping his meat into her tight ass and Amber could feel something round and much wider than his cock hitting the entrance of her ass as he fucked her into multiple orgasms and then she felt her ass stretching as the round object entered, she screamed ’Aaaaaagh, mmmmmmm ahhhhhhh fuuuuck me, yesss.’ The wolf managed to get his knot inside this new bitch in heat and then she felt him move his rear legs over her body and his cock turned inside of her and they were butt to butt and she could feel that every time she tried to move forward the wolf would growl loud, so she just stayed still and humped slowly back against the cock she was tied to, having another orgasm and then she felt the hot jets of cum spraying into her ass making her cum once more and there was a loud popping sound as the wolf came free from her ass, he licked her pussy one last time making Amber cum again and then he ran away. As she looked between her legs, she could see cum oozing out of her well-fucked and sore ass. Amber then continued to crawl to her shelter as she felt a few drops of rain falling on her naked well-sexed body, she stood up and spinned around like a little girl and started to play in the rain, she then noticed that the clouds were becoming darker and knew that a huge storm would hit the island soon. She immediately set out to gather her stuff and move away from the beach and set out to a cave she had found a few days earlier deeper in the forest, with just a t-shirt on, she headed for the cave.

On reaching the cave, Amber made a fire on the inside away from the rain and heavy winds and sat next to the fire, although it rained, it was still hot so she took off her soaking wet t-shirt and left it aside to dry and sat there naked. While sitting there in the cave, Amber ate some bananas and coconuts to replenish her energy levels from all her morning sexual activities and felt her pussy getting wet just by thinking about all the animals that she had enjoyed having sex with since her arrival on the island, first there was the gorilla that saved her from the tiger and then there were the two deer and the dolphins and the wolf. She giggled to her self saying, ‘Amber, honey, you are one sluttish whore that’s hooked on fucking with animals,’ and just then she saw the gorilla that saved her the other day come running to the cave and he was being followed by five others. She quickly got up and stood against the cave wall as all six silver back gorillas entered the cave and the one that saved and fucked her came and sat in front of her as the other five sat little deeper in side of the cave away from the pouring rain. Just then a strong wind blew into the cave turning the air cold and Amber began to shiver and could not get to her clothes as the other gorillas were all around her bag, the gorilla that saved her was next to her and she reached out slowly to pat him to see his reaction, he just looked at Amber as she stroked his fur and then with a little more confidence she hugged his arm and slowly he lifted his arm out of her grip and placed it around her shoulders pulling her closer to him and she sat between his legs and the beast wrapped his arms around her naked body.

While sitting in his warm arms, she noticed his limp cock touching her naked skin and she began to get aroused by its feeling and all the thoughts of him fucking her the first day they met, flooded her mind and without thinking, she ducked her down into his crotch and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him. The gorilla then lay back and gave Amber more space and access to his now fully erected member as she worked her tongue around his cock sucking him. As she was sucking his cock, another gorilla came behind her and placed his hands on her waist and lifted her butt so that she was on her knees and then she felt his cock enter her pussy as he started fucking her. ‘Mmmmmm, unnnnn mmmmmmmm,’ she moaned as she sucked the first gorilla while the second fucked her. The gorilla she was sucking, shot his load in her mouth and Amber kept on sucking as she swallowed all his cum, by this time the remaining four gorillas were standing around the sex orgy that was enjoyed by their two friends. After sucking all his cum out his cock, Amber let him slip out of her mouth while the second gorilla kept fucking her to another mind blowing orgasm, she pushed hard against his cock forcing him to fall on his back with his cock still in her pussy, Amber was now riding him while facing the other four gorillas and as she slid up and down the gorillas cock she rubbed her breasts and squeezed them moaning and licking her lips.

She raised her legs to her shoulders exposing her sexy sex-craving ass while leaning back on the gorilla’s chest whose cock she was riding. A third gorilla stepped forward with his erect cock and pushed it in her ass and began fucking, Amber could now feel the two cocks rubbing against each other in side her cock filled body. Then the fourth and fifth gorillas stood on either side of their friend lying on his back with this strange female impaled to his cock and Amber saw that their cocks were hard and erect, she reached out pulling both cocks to her mouth and began flicking her tongue over their cock heads while jerking her hand up and down their shafts while having her ass and pussy well fucked by the other two.

After what seemed like half an hour of being fucked by two cocks and sucking another two, Amber felt the two cocks inside her explode as both gorillas came together filling her ass and pussy full of cum and also the two she was sucking shot their loads all over her naked body as she tried to get as much of their cum in her mouth. The four spent animals left her and moved to one side as Amber rubbed the hot cum all over her body and she had an orgasm as the cum seeped out her ass and soaking wet pussy. While lying there enjoying her after glow of having the best sex ever, the sixth gorilla stepped forward, he was bigger than the others and as he came closer to her, she saw that his cock was also a little bigger than the others as well. He stepped up to her and stood over her body and slowly lowered his rear, while supporting his upper body with his arms that were on either side of Ambers tiny body, as soon as he felt the warm welcoming entrance of her pussy on the tip of his cock, he hunched forward driving his full length in her pussy, causing her to grab his strong arms and scream,’Aaaaaagh, yesss yes yes, deeper harder, ooooohhhh fuck me don’t stop, mmmm uh uh uh yess.’

The gorilla pumped his meat hard and deep into his new mate while his friends jumped around and beat their chest as the gorilla roared while fucking Amber. She was enjoying being so full of his cock that she wrapped her legs around his waist and every time he pushed forward, she would pull him deeper into her with her legs and try to hold him in her. Then she heard him roar as he shot his load in her causing her to have another orgasm while filling her full of his hot gorilla cum and then he pulled his cock out and they all left her lying there on the cave floor all hot and sweaty and full of their cum as they headed out of the cave and into the forest as the storm had cleared and the sun was out again. Amber just laid there in the cave with a huge smile on her face as cum seeped out of her well-fucked holes and her body cooled off from all the heated sex she had just been through with six huge silver back gorillas.

Amber then left the cave and went to the spring where she relaxed all her aching muscles in the warm spring water and then headed back to the cave at dusk and put on a shorts and a t-shirt and slept away.

A month had gone past since she had enjoyed being fucked by all the animals on the island and she was already doubting if she would ever be rescued and also, she began craving for more sex but never found any of the gorillas or any animal near the cave, even when she went to the beach, there were no dolphins. The second month had come and gone and already Amber started getting so horny she used to rub her self-hard and finger her pussy but just could not bring her self to orgasm. One morning she woke up and took a walk around the rest of the island, naked of course, so that she could feel the airbrush against her soft tanned skin and sexy butt and pussy. As she walked, she heard a roar that sounded like a gorilla, she immediately got a warm feeling in the pit of her tummy and her pussy became wet with excitement as she walked towards the roar. Amber reached a clearing of soft green grass and huge shady trees, and then her face lit up like a light bulb when she saw the gorilla sitting in the shade of one of the trees. As she walked up to him he stood up roaring and beating his chest, Amber stopped dead in her tracks as she looked behind the gorilla, she saw that he was not alone and that there were about twenty of them. One started to charge at her, but as it came near her, the largest gorilla that she remembered fucking her grabbed it and began to fight and killed it and that’s when she noticed that there were now only twenty as the one the large gorilla had killed was a female that kept all the males on this end of the island.

The large gorilla then walked next to Amber as she walked to the shade where the rest were sitting, she felt like a queen as they all made way for her as she walked to a tree stump that was huge and sat down in the shade. Amber could feel how wet and excited her pussy was, as she missed being full of cum and now there were not six but twenty cocks to fill her up with all their cum. She noticed that as the huge silver back walked towards her the other nineteen stood one side and she realized that he was the leader of the group and as he got closer to her, she got on all fours on the tree stump and faced her sexy ass to him and waited with her head bowed down in submission as to say that she is all his for him to do as he pleased.

The large gorilla held Amber by her waist and pressed his loins against her ass and as soon as she felt his huge member enter her ass, she came, and the gorilla kept pumping his cock into her ass making her pussy cum again and again. She felt as if she was part of a demonstration as the other gorillas stood and waited while their leader fucked her and she began to hump her ass back at his cock in rhythm with his thrusts moaning load, ‘Aaah unnn fuck me yesss yess yess mmmmmm fuck me aaah.’ The gorilla kept on fucking until she could feel his cock getting harder, his balls were swelling as they hit against her pussy bringing her to another orgasm, and then he shot his load deep in her ass as she felt his hot cum filling her up she came again. The gorilla then pulled his spent cock out of his human mate and went into the forest leaving Amber to the mercy of the rest. One immediately went up to her and laid on his back and placed Amber on his erect cock which she began riding furiously and came on him making his cock more wet to slide even deeper in her.

While riding the second gorilla she looked at the third that stood behind and then she lean forward on the second one exposing her ass opening to the third gorilla who did not waste time and bury his cock deep in her cum dripping ass and Amber had another orgasm as she felt the two cocks rubbing profusely against each other inside her. When she opened her mouth to scream in ecstasy she found a fourth gorilla standing in front of her and muffled her moans by taking his rock hard cock in her mouth moaning,’MMMMmmm, sluuuurrrp mmmmm unnnnn sluuurrrp.’ Amber was enjoying every moment of having three cocks in her, she felt full and that the gorillas were making up for her sexual hunger over the past two months and then she felt them all shoot their loads of cum in her simultaneously filling her ass, pussy and mouth full of hot sticky white cum, and she loved it so much so that she went into a spasmic orgasm clenching her pussy and ass tight trapping the two gorillas inside her while she sucked the last drop of cum from the third one and then relaxed her muscles allowing the two to pull out and all three went aside leaving her on the stump full of their cum.

The fifth gorilla walked up to her tired sexed body lying on the stump and holding her legs apart, drove his cock into her cum drenched pussy and began fucking her while a sixth came and stood in front of him over Amber and placed his cock on her chest between her succulent breasts and on feeling his hard erect cock’s heat between her breasts, she squeezed her tits together and he started pumping his cock in her cleavage as he coated her tits with his pre-cum. Both gorillas were fucking her fast while the rest of the group roared and jumped around as if they were cheering them on, the gorilla that was fucking her tits, came quickly as he was quite young and covered her chest and a bit of her face with his cum and walked away while the other continued fucking her pussy and came with her spraying her pussy full of his cum and he let her legs go and left her there with cum oozing out of her well fucked pussy. Amber laid there on the tree stump rubbing the cum all over her heated sex craving body, when the seventh gorilla stepped to her and lifted her up into his lap and as she sat down she held his cock and directed it into her pussy and then wrapped her sexy legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and rode his cock.

‘Aah aah mmm oooh yess unnn mmm,’ she moaned as she rode up and down his cock while her tits brushed against the gorillas face. The beast stuck out his tongue and began sucking on her nipples pulling them into his mouth with his lips while he fucked the strange female riding his cock. ‘Aaaaaaghh yesss yessss yessss ooooohh aaahhh unnnnnn mmmmm,; as another orgasm rushed through her body and the gorilla filled her over flowing pussy with his cum and placed an exhausted passed out Amber back on the tree stump and walked away. As her unconscious exhausted body lay there with cum seeping out of her well-fucked pussy, two more gorillas approached the strange heavy breathing sleeping female wanting to mate with her. One stood behind Amber’s tired body and raised her to stand by holding her arms while the second stood in front of her aiming his cock at her pussy, as he entered her, the one behind her entered her ass which immediately woke her up and she soon realized that she was in a sex sandwich with two huge horny gorillas who began fucking both her sex holes as her upper torso bounced between their chests.

As she struggled to get a grip as to what was going on, she exploded into another orgasm and then held on to the gorilla in front of while both cocks filled her up and she was enjoying it. After twenty minutes of fucking, she felt both cocks burst into a fountain of cum inside her bringing to yet another orgasm, and then both animals pulled out and went away as she slowly dropped to her knees, there stood gorilla number ten with his cock in her face. Amber grabbed his cock for balance and swallowed him into her mouth working her tongue all around his shaft while rubbing the cum that was now gushing out of her two holes all around her sexy butt and stomach. As she sucked number ten she noticed gorilla eleven walk around behind her and as he came closer, with one outstretched hand she pulled onto his leg as a signal to him to come closer and by doing that the beast aligned his cock to her ass and began fucking her hard, every thrust he gave her, forced her to take his buds cock even deeper down her throat. Amber kept on sucking the gorilla and at the same pushed her ass back to meet the other gorilla as he thrust forward and she kept feeling her pussy which was gushing with gorilla cum mixed with her’s every time the animals brought her to one orgasm after the other and then the one in her mouth came, shooting his hot cum down her throat and into her stomach and as he slipped out of her mouth, she screamed, ‘AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH, uh uh uh uh uh uh mmmmmmmmmm yesss unnn mmmm yessss, FUUUCK, yesss,’ as she reached another orgasm feeling the beast behind empty his cock in her sexy cum flowing ass and then joined the others who were done with mating the strange female in their midst.

Amber then fell forward and held her body up with her arms and was on all fours as a little cum dripped from her luscious lips, she looked between her legs and could see the tons of gorilla cum , gushing out of her pussy and ass. As it began to get dark, Amber felt as if she was going to explode with the amount of cum that was in her and she slowly stood up and stepped off the stump and began to walk towards the cave where she slept, as she walked she could feel the eyes of the remaining eight gorillas whom she had no energy for, stuck on her as she made her way out of the clearing and back to the cave, the eight horny males followed close bye, waiting to see when this female would be ready to satisfy them. Amber knew they were following her but did not bother as her body was sore from all the fucking she had and now she was just hungry and thirsty and on reaching the cave, she some fruits and drank some coconut milk and saw that all eight males were outside the entrance of the cave eating some reeds and looking at her naked body. ‘Give me a break, okay, I will fuck you’s in a moment, I just need to rest my body before you guys kill me while fucking me,’ she said to them as if they could understand her.

She then sat in the cave after eating and regaining her strength and lied on her side supporting her head with her one arm and watched the eight gorillas outside as they looked at her waiting in anticipation to see when this female will give them the sign she is ready to mate again. With a smile on her face, Amber got on all fours looking at them saying, ‘Ok, so which one of you boys want some pussy?’ with that being said, one gorilla stepped into the cave and sat behind her, Amber turned around and saw him lay on his back and she then climbed onto his cock and slid slowly down until she could feel the fur on his balls tickle her sexy ass. As she began to ride his cock she leaned forward, exposing her ass to the remaining seven waiting for one of them to fuck her while she was riding the one. She looked back and saw two of them approach and she smiled as once again she would have three cocks in her simultaneously, one began fucking her ass while her pussy was filled by the first and then she began to suck on the third’s cock as deep as she could making him more hard as all three cocks filled her to the max and brought her to one orgasm after the other until one by one each gorillas cock exploded in her, filling her with cum once again and when they were done, they left the cave and the remaining five stepped inside to fuck her.

Amber waited as four of them circled her and then one held her waist and sank his cock in her ass and fell back while holding her, exposing her dripping pussy to his bud who climbed on top of her and buried his cock deep in her pussy so that she could now feel the two cocks rubbing against each other. She then saw the other two approach and their cocks were already rock hard and when they were near her, she grabbed them and pulled them to her mouth and began sucking on them one by one like a sex crazed machine that need as much cock as she could get. Amber was in an orgy heaven have one orgasm after the other as she enjoyed all four cocks until she began to feel them one by one spray her with cum, the two cocks inside her filled her holes to the max while the two she was sucking sprayed some in her mouth and covered her naked body with cum and when all four animals were done they left, leaving the exhausted Amber in the cave covered in cum. She was so tired from her fucking orgy that she thought she had fucked all the gorillas unaware that the last one was waiting in one dark corner of the cave as she dozed off. As she slept, the one gorilla that stayed behind moved quietly towards her, came right by her side, and watched her peaceful tiny body as cum still seeped out from her holes. The gorilla also sat there next to her and dozed off until the morning. When morning arrived, Amber was awaken by the feeling of a cock at her pussy entrance, and as she opened her eyes, she saw the gorilla pump his cock deep in her and lifted her up on him so that she could ride him. Amber began grinding her hips on his cock as she moved up and down and had her first orgasm and began fucking him faster. She rode him for at least an hour until he exploded spraying her pussy full of his cum and when Amber got her sexy sweaty body off him, he just moved behind her and buried his cock deep in her ass and started fucking her while cum dripped out of her pussy. ‘Aaah yess, you go boy, mmmmmmm fuck me, fuck this horny bitch, mmmm yess yess,’ she screamed as the fucked her ass and filled her with his cum and then left. Amber stood up and felt all the cum spilling out of her two holes and form a small pool at her feet and then she went to the spring and washed her self clean and then wore her t-shirt and walked to the beach.

When she reached the beach she saw a boat out at sea and began waving and jumping franticly to get the boats attention. Thinking that it was of no use, she saw the boat turn and come towards the island and when it came closer, she saw that it was the coast guard and one of the rescuers ran to her to see if she was ok. After eight months of being stranded on the island, Amber was finally rescued and was now heading back to civilization.

Up until now, she still thinks about the animals on the island and always makes her wet and horny every time but at least she has her four huge male boxers’ that give her, her daily dose of cock and cum.

- The End -


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