"Young Amy Gets Caught" - part 3

      by Amy C.

      (f best Mf interr reluct oral)

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Amy sat on her bedroom floor, her pussy still aching to be satisfied. She had pleasured Max, now it was her turn, and she was all wet and swollen from the recent sexual act.

Amy got up from the floor and lay back on her bed. With her weight on her right elbow, she quickly moved her left hand to her pussy. Her fingers slid between her moist, swollen pussy lips. Oh yes, right there. That feels so good. That's where her need was. The muscles of her pussy tightened at the pleasurable sensation. And the anticipation increased as she looked over at Max. She saw that he quit cleaning himself and was looking up at what she was doing. He stood before her almost pawing at the floor, his tail wagging, and his tongue licking at his muzzle.

"Okay, Max. Lick me, boy. Come on." Amy almost begged.

Max slowly stood up, his tail wagging as he licked at his muzzle. He moved forward, and his tongue went right to the spots Amy desired. His tongue slid and poked into and around her pussy sending jolts of pleasure into the young girl, causing her to moan loudly.

Her eyes closed with the pleasure, but they flew open when she suddenly heard a slight tapping noise coming from her bedroom window. Her curtains were open, and there framed in the window was the face of, Jerome, the African-American who cleaned her family's backyard swimming pool. He was grinning at her, as his finger tapped on the window glass.

0h my God, Amy thought as she quickly jumped up from her bed, ran to the window, and drew her curtains shut.

She began to tremble from being caught in such an embarrassing situation. And by him! How much had he seen? If he had seen her suck off Max, she would just die. Totally. It seemed to Amy that her brain was spinning around and around, making her dizzy. She sat down on her bed and squeezed her eyes shut as if to make it all go away. As if it had never happened.

But it wouldn't go away, because now she could hear Jerome knocking at the back door. Max, hearing the noise, ran out of her room to investigate. Amy hoped that Jerome would go away, but the knocking got louder, more persistent.

Finally, Amy got up off of her bed and slowly walked to the back door. What was he going to say? What would he want?

She reached the door, and without opening it, asked, "What do you want?"

"It's about time, girl. Open the door and I'll tell you, "

Reluctantly, Amy opened the door, and the well-built African-American, about 20 years of age, came into the room.

"Mmm, mmm, that was sho' something to see. A big black dog eating sweet, young, white pussy." he said with a big smile on his face.

"Okay, so you got your kicks. Now go away." Amy replied, so relieved that, it seemed, that was all he had seen.

"All right, all right, baby." he said. "I'll go away." Then after pausing for a moment, he continued, "But watching all that got my Johnson so hard, it hurts. Now if you just pleasure my Johnson, then I'll go away and forget what I saw."

"No way! Just go away, or I'll...I'll..."

"You'll what?" His grin widened. "You'll tell your parents?"

Amy knew he had her. She'd have to do what he wanted. And when a deep sigh escaped her lips, Jerome knew she had surrendered.

Max sat back on his haunches staring at the two humans as if wondering what was going on. He wanted to get back to what he had been doing. He had already licked all of Amy's juices from his muzzle, and he wanted more. But Amy was ignoring him. And after a few more minutes of talking, Amy was now walking back into her bedroom with this African-American. Max decided to follow them to see what would happen.

As Jerome came to the middle of Amy's bedroom, he turned around, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, and pulled them down almost to his knees. His underwear followed the pants, and his ebony cock sprang free, already hardening as he took it in one hand.

Amy stared down at it, watching the black manhood thicken and lengthen and harden even more in his hand. She had never seen anything like that, had not even imagined.

"Okay girl, now get on your knees and suck my Johnson." Jerome ordered.

"All right, all right, I will. But first, you have to put on a condom or something."

"Hey, I'm clean, Baby. But, okay, just to make you happy..."

Jerome stuck his hand in his pants pocket, pulled out his wallet, and pulled out a small packet. Tearing it open, he took out the condom and fitted it on his cock.

"Now!" he demanded.

Resigned, Amy got on her knees, and Jerome moved closer to her. As his throbbing cock drew closer, Amy opened her mouth, and Jerome's manhood entered, its head sliding between the roof of her mouth and her tongue. Her lips tightened around the shaft as it began to slide back and forth between them, the cock head pushing to her throat almost making her gag like Max's had.

"Come on girl, now suck."

Amy was sucking, but the condom prevented Jerome's cock from sliding smoothly in her mouth. And it had a rubbery latex taste to it.

"Come on girl." Jerome said, frustrated. "You can do better than that. Come on. Suck my black cock with those sweet, pink lips of yours. Your white-girl lips want my big black cock. I know they do."



Amy could feel Jerome's cock throbbing. It was thick and hard in her mouth. Yes, his cock and his words were causing her sexual desires to reawaken. Instead of just going through the motions of sucking his cock, she started to actually try and do a better job.

But that condom. That condom was just...in the way.

Suddenly Amy pulled away from his cock just long enough to strip off the condom before returning to her sucking. Yes, now Jerome's cock slid in her mouth the way it should. Much better.

"Whoa! There you go girl. You want to taste my real cock, huh? Oh yeah, suck it baby. Suck it good."

And Amy was. She sucked Jerome's cock and slid her tongue under and around it, teasing its head, tasting its saltiness. Oh yes, she was really getting into it now. She had been holding Jerome's cock at its base with her left hand, but she switched hands, sliding her left hand down between her legs. Her pussy still needed attention, and she had not put her panties back on.

Jerome was getting even more than he had expected. Here was a sweet young rich white girl on her knees in front of him sucking his cock as if she couldn't get enough of it. He looked down, watching his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, and then he saw her fingering herself.

Whoa, he thought, this little bitch wants it, wants it bad.

All of a sudden Jerome pulled his cock away from Amy's mouth. Amy almost moaned in disappointed frustration, but then she felt herself being lifted up in Jerome's arms and almost thrown onto her bed. Jerome was over her, and she felt what she knew was his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy. She looked down, as his thick, black cock pushed into her pussy, the shaft slowly disappearing inside her. She felt it sliding in, filling her, stretching, further, further.

Jerome moaned as his cock slid into Amy. He could feel the pussy's tightness, its warm wetness. His hips began a steady rhythm, and soon Amy's hips joined in. Her pussy pushed up to be filled, then was slammed down as his cock drove deep into it.

With every thrust, Jerome spoke into Amy's ear. "You like my black cock in you, don't you bitch? You sweet little white bitch. Gonna make you cum. Oh yeah, gonna make you cum big-time. My nine inches in your sweet white pussy."

Amy just moaned deeply, as if in agreement with whatever he said.

Jerome felt Amy's pussy tightening around his cock as it pushed up to meet his thrusts.

Almost as a whisper, Amy breathed out, "Yes. Yes. Oh yes. Ohf. Ohf. Oh fuck. Oh fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me"

This, of course, caused Jerome to increase his tempo, and he could feel his orgasm nearing. He was about to cum. But just before he did, Amy's pussy thrust up even harder and tightened and spasmed around his cock as she moaned loudly. And then he came, joining her. His cock spurted out its juices deep inside Amy, blending with Amy's warm juices.

After a few more thrusts, his manhood began to soften. He drew out and stood up, then looked down at Amy. She still lay there on her bed, her eyes closed, and her hips still moving.

"Damn, this little bitch still wants more." Jerome thought to himself.

As if in response, Max, who had been in the room watching the whole thing, and wanting to join in, moved in front of Jerome and started licking at Amy's pussy. Jerome was fascinated. Max was really going to town licking and slurping at Amy's snatch. Amy's eyes remained closed, and Jerome sensed that she wasn't even aware that it was the dog licking her. She was just totally enjoying it.

But Max was having a hard time getting fully at Amy's pussy, because it was too far away from the edge of the bed. Jerome decided to make it easier for Max. He reached over Max, put both of his hands around Amy's hips, and pulled her pussy closer to Max, so that it was right on the edge of the bed. He stood back a step to see if that would make it easier for the dog to reach. But what he saw really astounded him. Instead of continuing to lick Amy's pussy, the big Black Lab put his front paws on the bed beside Amy, lifted his hindquarters up, and drove his protruding cock into Amy's pussy. Jerome's eyes went wide, as Max began thrusting rhythmically in and out...in and out.

And Amy was moaning again and thrusting along with Max.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" she moaned with every deep breath.

"Damn, bitch. Oh yeah, you really are a bitch. You're that dog's bitch. Man, look at him go. Fuck her, boy. Yeah, fuck her."

Amy came again, and then she came once more as Max shot his load to join Jerome's. Cum dripped from Amy's pussy onto her bedroom floor, as Max finished and pulled out, his front paws dropping back down on the floor. Once again, he walked over next to Amy's closet, curled up, and began licking the juices off his cock.

Amy just lay on her bed looking totally exhausted and eyes still closed.

"Man. That was somethin." Jerome said to himself. He pulled up his pants and tucked himself in. Jerome said, almost reluctantly. "I've gotta go, but that sho' was good, sweet stuff. That's something I'll never forget." Smirking, he added, "I'm glad I got first dibs, and your dog got sloppy seconds though. Bye sweet thing."

Jerome kissed his own open palm, leaned down, and pressed it against Amy's flushed cheek.

After zipping up his pants and buckling his belt, Jerome turned and strode out of Amy's bedroom and out the back doorway.

Amy couldn't move. Her mind was in a warm, misty fog.

But she had better not take too long. She had some cleaning up to do before her Mom and Dad got home. It was getting to be later than she knew.

- The End (for now) -

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