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Captive Hacker's Journal

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"Captive Hacker Chapter 1 ... (F/F/M ds bd mc span humil tg)new
I am sitting at a vintage dusty computer writing this. Not knowing and not expecting that anybody will ever read it. There is no phone connection, cable modem or any way that I can send it to the real world. The real world, my life, seems a distant and strange dream now. Perhaps that is the main reason I am writing, so that I am reminded of who I was. If the yellowing papers here are to be believed it has been several months since I was Johnny Brain, reasonable hacker and student.

"Captive Hacker Chapter 2" ... (FdomFdomM ds bd mc feet oral ws rim inf scat sad)new
I have just endured another painful, humiliating, and simply revolting day. Each moment I consider ending this terrible servitude and returning to the cell awaiting me. Maybe there is some hope that my friends and family will clear me of the charges levelled against me and get me freed. I spin fantasies that even at the moment my case is being heard by the Supreme Court and I could be free tomorrow. Let me write about the events that have happened since I last wrote in this journal.

"Captive Hacker Chapter 3" ... (FdomFdomM ds bd mc feet oral ws rim inf scat sad)new
I am resolved in a course of action! Today has again been humiliating, degrading and painful, even more than previously. I am going to return to the Federal detention centre that Mistress Green took me from. I know that I am going back to a life of isolation, but there is one small hope. I am going to make an effort to discover where in this house there is a link to the outside world. A phone I can use undetected, and before returning I am going to tell my family what has happened and to work for my release. Particularly I am going to mention that the lawyer appointed to me is a disgusting sadistic bitch, and that I want to bring charges against her! With this small hope I am going to endure as much as I can in the belief that as soon as someone has been contacted I will be away from this monster.

"Captive Hacker Chapter 4" ... (FdomTdomM M+M ds bd nc tort tv rape rim sad)new
It has been some time since I have updated this journal and I am struggling to find the courage to do so now. Many things have happened, the least of which is my slide into depression and despair. Even as it hurts me physically I am going to detail the events of the last few days to try and relieve the mental torment. I had decided that the pretence of being the sex slave of Mistress Green was unsupportable and being tortured when I was eventually allowed to ejaculate was the final straw. I resolved to return to the Federal institution where I was unfairly imprisoned, because even the isolation there was better than the bodily torments I suffered in this place.



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