Dave Dax's Immortalization

www.fetishclub.com - the nastiest site on the web...I have to admit that I can honor a person who's life has been moral and just, a person who gave his all and never regretted living to the fullest. I recently received a few very well written stories and contacted the author. As it turned out the stories were submitted by this man's wife, Jackie. She tells me that her husband, David Barton, recently departed this life in a tragic accident. Come to find out that this man was a heroic officer in Northern Ireland. He was wounded severly three times, each time he came back more intrepid than ever. His love for his life and his love of country never died, and, in the hearts of many, neither did he. As luck would have it, he left a legacy as an erotic author. Thanks to his loving wife Jackie, whose dedication to him is as strong as ever, he lives on in his writing. I am proud to aid in his Immortalization.

In Loving Memory


David Barton

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Dave Dax's Immortalization

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"New Start" ch. 14 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 18th 2006
She took each testicle into her mouth, rolling it around gently, coating it with her saliva as my penis pointed upwards, threateningly towards my stomach. She kissed and licked my entire groin area even dipping her head and tonguing my anus until I could stand it no longer and practically threw her onto the bed.

"New Start" ch. 13 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 18th 2006
I'll say this for Frank, he had style, style by the bucketful, the car was a stretch limousine and although I felt silly climbing into it, but when I saw the six long legs stretched out on the back seat and the three grinning girls with champagne glasses in their hands, I pretty soon learned to live with my embarrassment!

"New Start" ch. 12 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 18th 2006
I just didn't know which way to turn as a good fifty per cent of the women in there began to shimmy out of their panties, Sadie reluctantly eased herself off my finger and giggled as her daughter took the glistening wet digit into her mouth.

"New Start" ch. 11 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 18th 2006
He'd watched from the trees as the four men in balaclavas had come in fast and grabbed the girls, but he'd waited until just after Katie had screamed down the phone at me. The thug who'd tied her was just unzipping himself as she screamed, if I'd listened just a second longer, I might have heard his scream as his penis came away in his hand, a bloody lump of gristle!

"New Start" ch. 10 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 14th 2006
Those not already looking at me, jerked their heads up as I took off a wing mirror with an effortless swipe of the adjuster. They stood up as one when I took the second wing mirror off and they sat down again as they heard several clunks and clicks of bolts being drawn back, rounds being punched into breeches and sawn offs being cocked!

"New Start" ch. 9 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 14th 2006
Sharon used her cunt muscles to squeeze me, trying to get more of me inside her, there wasn't any more, my heavy balls slapped against her buttocks as I fucked her mercilessly. Her teeth were on my neck, nipping and biting me, her hands gripping my buttocks, again and again she came until suddenly I felt a pair of hands between my own legs caressing my balls and Katie's tongue in my ear.

"New Start" ch. 8 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 14th 2006
I was rather impressed by her too, she stood at just under six feet without any footwear and for a lady I estimated to be around thirty five years or so, her body was that of a teenager, her breasts were magnificent, twin orbs jutting out proudly without any hint of sag at all, a narrow waist and the longest legs I'd ever seen before lead up to a groin devoid of any pubic hair at all and two delightfully plump little cunt lips, each decorated with a delicate gold ring through the soft skin!

"New Start" ch. 7 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 5th 2006
They were making the lovers undress as we returned and pouring Scotch down their throats. My wife looked pleadingly at me, but I just ignored her and walked over to Joe and Pete to put them in the picture.

"New Start" ch. 6 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 5th 2006
Six of them came out from behind some old sheds, each one armed with an Uzi machine pistol and then the head man appeared carrying a Remington 870 12-bore pump action shotgun, sawn off for maximum effect at close range, he held it almost like a bloody umbrella, but I rather fancied that he knew exactly how to use it!

"New Start" ch. 5 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 5th 2006
Two beautiful teenage girls and a beautiful thirty something woman dressed identically in sheer white togas and high heel shoes. Six erect nipples strained beneath their gossamer thin covering and three beautifully pouting pussy's peeked out from under the sensuously shifting hemlines as they walked towards me.

"New Start" ch. 4 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 5th 2006
Her tongue was a live thing in my mouth as I fucked her, fucked my daughter, my little girl, I fucked her with long slow strokes while she clung to me, meeting each thrust of my hips with a sensuous roll of her own hips. Her cunt fitted around me like a silken glove, a very wet silken glove that gripped me, held me, wanted me!

"New Start" ch. 3 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 4th 2006
And I drove away wanting to be rid of the bitch as soon as possible. Katie had stayed at Sadie and Hal's house after the party, which wasn't unusual she and Sharon had been inseparable since they'd met, but not until the previous night had I realised why!

"New Start" ch. 2 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 4th 2006
I remembered all right, I remembered her mother dancing with her boss at the party, smiling at me as she ground herself wantonly into his groin, I remembered his big, black hands cupping her bottom and I remembered them walking hand in hand out into the garden, "just for a breath of fresh air" she'd said!

"New Start" ch. 1 ... (MF, Inc)new   February 4th 2006
As we had in the church, she sat close to me, a thigh against mine, an arm linked to mine, we nibbled at the silly little sandwiches and made small talk, we made notes of long forgotten telephone numbers that would remain long forgotten and we promised to keep in touch with people we loathed!

"My life with Davedax" ch. 1 ... (MF, True)new   January 19th 2006
He made a joke out of being single, saying that all he needed to make his life complete was a Hoover! But there was a sadness in him that I couldn't fathom and I was determined that this man WAS NOT going to get away from me, I thought he was beautiful, old and grizzly, sometimes very bad tempered, but his attitude to life amazed me, he was the first and only man I've ever met who really didn't give a shit about anything!

"My life with Davedax" ch. 2 ... (MF, True)new   January 19th 2006
That chance meeting signaled the beginning of a remarkable friendship with Maureen, a beautiful, sexy, single minded girl who gave herself completely to whatever it was that she was into at the time, she was the first person I phoned when I heard of my husband's death and we stood together at his graveside when he was committed to the earth.

"My life with Davedax" ch. 3 ... (MF, True)new   January 19th 2006
As most of you will know, I'm bisexual and thanks to Dave's encouragement, we decided that I would explore that side of my personality further, Maureen had gone back to the little town where she lived with her parents to take a long look at herself and to try to decide whether she was a lesbian or just a very open minded and modern girl who enjoyed sex with either gender.

"My life with Davedax" ch. 4 ... (MF, True)new   January 19th 2006
He was half way through a two month leave from the province, he had money in his pocket, a baby sitter at home for his girls and he was rearing to go, he went into a couple of pubs in the Springburn district of Glasgow, had a drink or three and kept an ear cocked for whispers of a party.

"My life with Davedax" ch. 5 ... (MF, True)new   January 19th 2006
(Dave's readers will know that he mentioned the Canary Isles in some of his stories, that's because the woman he went out with before me became pushier and pushier, he was too nice a man just to dump her, so one Christmas, he took her to Gran Canaria and told her that it was over, she hit the roof and became the nasty little vixen that I later got to know and dislike, Dave's response was to wait until she was asleep, get a taxi to the airport and go home without her!)

"My life with Davedax" ch. 6 ... (MF, True)new   January 19th 2006
Mo really is a gorgeous little bitch, with a laugh that would make a nun blush and the most beautiful little pussy that has me drooling for it. Like me, she's completely hairless down there and when we went out on the first night in our little white shorts, I swear everyone else was drooling too! We both wore identical white thongs beneath them and our camel toes attracted more than one or two sly glances.

"How I Met Melissa" ... (FF)new   January 2nd 2006
Her panties were moist, clinging to the contours of her slit, the heady aroma of her juices filled my nostrils as I ran my tongue down to where the delicate material caressed her legs, easing them apart I kissed each inner thigh, running my tongue lightly across her groin from one leg to the other, before worming a finger beneath the damp nylon and into her cloying wetness.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch. 1 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   November 12th 2005
The relief as I came was tangible, like her it had been three weeks since my last release, she thrust herself up so that our pubic bones ground together as I emptied myself into her and just clung to me while she rode out her own orgasm.
Slowly we sank back down onto the bed, neither of us wanting to be parted from the other, I nuzzled my face into her neck and she purred like a contented kitten,
"I want to sleep like this Dave" she murmered, "With you inside me"

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch. 2 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   November 12th 2005
Mum and Dad had driven up to Bretton hall at Leeds university to fetch us back for the summer holidays, we were both in our final year there, me doing business studies and Mickey studying dance and drama, we'd just gone onto the M1 when a juggernaut braked sharply in front of us, Dad was still watching in his mirror as he merged into the traffic, our car went into his back end and as he'd nearly stopped and dad was accelerating, it was quite a smash!
Mum and dad were killed instantly by massive internal injuries, caused by the engine being pushed back into their chests, I vaguely remember Mickey being catapulted into the windscreen head first and then thankfully, I blacked out.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch. 3 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   November 20th 2005
I grinned back at her at the memory of our incestuous coupling of the previous night, we'd started off by going down to the local pub to show her off to the neighbours, they were all overjoyed to know that she could see again and nearly every one wanted to buy us a drink to celebrate!
They all commented on her eye patch too and she had to lift it up to prove to them that she hadn't lost it, she'd put on some new stockings and the way she was sitting up close to me, I could feel the little bump of the suspender button through her skirt.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch. 4 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   November 20th 2005
At the market, we settled for an ice cream each and two dainty pairs of panties for Mickey and we pulled into the hotel at tea time, the girl at the reception desk looked askance at Mickey's eye patch and our black leather gear, but when I said I'd pay in advance as we wanted to leave early in the morning, she accepted our booking and a porter showed us up to our room.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.5 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   November 21st 2005
It was the morning after our encounter with Mickey's ex lover and we were sitting in the kitchen drinking our first coffee of the day.
My sister was wearing just one of my tee shirts, not even long enough to cover the cheeks of her sexy little bottom, a pair of her new pink panties was her only other garment and I was doing my best not to slobber over her!
"Do you think we'll hear any more from him Dave?"
"I shouldn't think so darling, not if he's got any sense"

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.6 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   November 21st 2005
"Look Dave, I was in debt and I was worried, scared even, I thought I loved him but I'd just found out that he was a fucking animal, I thought if I did it, he'd wipe out both our debts, I was wrong, but I did it for Angie, so don't fucking moralise with me please"
The tears came suddenly and she stood there, hands covering her face, sobbing with misery, "Please don't moralise David"
We both jumped up and held her tightly,
"Mickey" I said soothingly, "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, I'm not moralising honestly darling, how the hell could I do that for God's sake, when I'm sleeping with my sister?"

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.7 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 8th 2005
"Oh fucking hell" gasped Angie, "You're fucking her Dave, you're fucking your sister"
I was indeed but I wasn't going to last very long, especially when she came over to us and thrust her wet pussy up against our faces, once again we licked her, I nibbled lightly on her clitoris and Mickey ran her tongue down between her legs.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.8 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 8th 2005
It's all a bit blurred now, as I said we were both quite drunk, but I do remember us getting into bed and me pulling the black lacy panties down over her hips, I also remember that she was hot, pushing her hips up to my face even as I pulled the panties off over her ankles.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.9 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 8th 2005
Gardening had never been such a pleasant chore, to please me she'd put on a tiny denim micro skirt over a little yellow thong and an almost sheer yellow vest top that did hardly anything at all to cover her generous breasts, whilst I wore black cycling shorts that accentuated the outline of my semi erect penis!

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.10 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 8th 2005
It was three more days before they brought her home, three days in which we went to see her first thing in the morning each day, Angie took her the syrup and she actually looked quite good in it, it was blonde and short, not unlike her natural hair, mind you for the money it cost, it should have been good!

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.11 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 11th 2005
A chauffeur driven Rolls Royce purred along beside her as she eased back on the throttle, an elegantly dressed woman sitting alone in the back seat, Angie glanced down into the car and caught the woman's eye, they smiled at each other and the woman pursed her lips in a kiss. A thrill ran through her groin as they pulled up at some more lights, Angie stood up and moved forward slightly so that her groin was above the petrol tank, smiling at the woman, she lowered herself down and pressed her cunt against the metal, there was no mistaking the meaning as she slid backwards slowly until her bottom settled again in the saddle and there was no mistaking the sticky wetness at the juncture of her thighs.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.12 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 11th 2005
First of all the taxi driver who picked us up thought he'd died and gone to heaven as he held the door open and watched as four long legs parted to show off extremely small panties between them and then as we boarded the aircraft, the people behind us were treated to a mind blowing, cock stiffening view underneath two very small denim mini skirts.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.13 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 11th 2005
The force of her reaction made me jump, she was cumming hard so I rammed my finger into her anus even harder, she jerked and sank her teeth into my shoulder as the tremors took hold of her, she even lost control of her bladder and her urine flowed out over our groins.

"His Sister's Eyes" Ch.14 ... (MF, FF, Inc, cons, ws, Trans)new   December 11th 2005
It never occurred to me to take her out of my mouth, I pushed her back down to my own cock just as we both erupted, her spunk tasted just like mine had when I'd shared it with Mickey after she'd given me a blow job and to be honest she shot it so hard into my mouth that it went straight down my throat!

"Storm" ... (MF, Inc)new   November 12th 2005
The storm started about twenty minutes after I'd left my sister in the cabin, the bloody phones were non existent, I deliberately hadn't brought my mobile and the engine had frigging well seized up on the truck. It had been meant as a quiet winter break for just the two of us to lick our wounds after my wife had fucked off with her husband. Our parents had left us a cabin up in the wilds after their death and this was going to be only the second time we'd ever used it, neither of us were really into the outdoor stuff, but she'd persuaded me it'd do us good to have a week with no television or telephones.

"Cathy and My Sister" Ch. 1 ... (MF, FF, Inc)new   November 12th 2005
I smiled with pleasure when I saw him standing at the bar with his girlfriend he looked great and I could tell he was pleased with how he looked, the white open neck shirt contrasted well with his dark, hairy chest and the tightness of his white trousers accentuated the clearly visible outline of his penis which was hardening by the minute as he and his companion watched the club's plentiful entertainment. His companion was a woman of about thirty in a full length white evening gown that fitted like a second skin over her voluptuous curves, the dark circles of her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material and the gown was slit from hem to waist clearly showing one lacy stocking top supported by a minuscule white suspender belt.

"Cathy and My Sister" Ch. 2 ... (MF, FF, Inc)new   November 12th 2005
It was a Saturday night and she'd just moved into my flat with me, she was just a few days past her sixteenth birthday and she was gorgeous darling we were having a drink to celebrate her freedom in leaving home and as she sat opposite me at our kitchen table, I noticed that she was naked beneath her little white skirt, she giggled when I pointed it out and said that she felt naughty.

"Cathy and My Sister" Ch. 3 ... (MF, FF, Inc)new   November 12th 2005
It cost me another dress for our visit to my sister's house, but the prospect of seeing her and Cathy together made it very worthwhile and I thought she looked absolutely stunning in it. Completely backless, it stopped just above the swellings of her buttocks and at the front, it plunged almost to her navel, leaving most of her lovely big breasts free of any restraint, she wore hold up stockings and nothing else beneath it, she literally oozed sex and teased me unmercifully as we enjoyed a drink in the bar before calling for a taxi.

"Cathy and My Sister" Ch. 4 ... (MF, FF, Inc)new   November 12th 2005
The weeks flew by and thankfully the weather wasn't too bad, Angie had taken some of the pressure off us and her presence allowed me to spend most days on the site, it was a fair bit easier than I'd expected because of the jobs the plant would bring to the area, the building regulations weren't enforced as harshly as they might have been. Really all it consisted of, was three floors of bedrooms and wash rooms, our existing bar and kitchen were plenty big enough to take the extra men and one or two of them volunteered to give up their weekends to help out.

"Cathy and My Sister" Ch. 5 ... (MF, FF, Inc)new   November 12th 2005
When Derek told Terry that he'd been given a bedroom with a double bed, I realized that my sisters fiancÚ was something special, we took our dirty overalls off outside and I was a very tired but very happy bunny when Terry knelt down and slipped my panties down over my thighs. We got under the shower together and it seemed as though the spray rejuvenated us both, I forgot all about how dirty I was as he leaned me back against the wall and lifted up my left leg, the feeling of his gorgeously erect prick nudging against the entrance to my hole was enough to get me gasping and clutching at him urgently.

"" ... ()new   November 13th 2005



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