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www.FetishClub.com This section will be devoted to good old fashioned sucking and fucking sex stories of any and all kinds. All stories on this site are contributed by our readers, and you're invited to send your own sex story to us. The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup alt.sex.stories (yes, they can be just as explicit as you like, no restrictions here).

You can send your sex story(s) using our online Sex Story Submission Form or check out our Writer Guidelines page to find out how to send it as an email message. You'll be given full credit for your story and your name and email address will be posted under the title (unless you prefer to remain anonymous - just let us know).

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Sucking & Fucking Sex Stories

Look for the new marker to identify the most recent sex stories. Usually you'll find the latest contributed stories at the top of the list. But we're now keeping story threads together when we add new writing from an author so you should make sure to scroll down the list to find new additions to existing stories too.

"The Three Day Pass" ch.26 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"A Vocation Lost-Part 2" ... by Tina Moran (MF, romantic, finger)  

"A Vocation Lost" ... by Tina Moran (MF, romantic, finger)  

"Prom Night" ... by Kristen Nicole Leveille (MF, first time, prom, oral)  

"Luckiest Man Alive" ... by Bart Turpin (MF, first time, prostitute)  

"A Dream Come True" ... by Syrina (MF, oral, whip cream)  

"Holiday Loneliness-Part 2" ... by stoneypoint (MF, romantic, finger)  

"Holiday Loneliness" ... by stoneypoint (MF, romantic, finger)  

"First Time Bi" ... by Gazlad (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.25 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.24 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.23 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.22 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.21 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.20 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.19 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"Family Friend-Part 6" ... by B.J. Cortland (mf, mff, teen,1st,cons)  

"Family Friend-Part 5" ... by B.J. Cortland (mf, mff, teen,1st,cons)  

"Family Friend-Part 4" ... by B.J. Cortland (mf, mff, teen,1st,cons)  

"Family Friend-Part 3" ... by B.J. Cortland (mf, mff, teen,1st,cons)  

"Family Friend-Part 2" ... by B.J. Cortland (mf, mff, teen,1st,cons)  

"Family Friend" ... by B.J. Cortland (mf, mff, teen,1st,cons)  

"For You Ladies Only" ... by Blade (MF, Yourself)  

"Lost Weekend-Part 4" ... by B.J. Cortland (MMFFFF,1st)  

"Lost Weekend-Part 3" ... by B.J. Cortland (MMFFFF,1st)  

"Lost Weekend-Part 2" ... by B.J. Cortland (MMFFFF,1st)  

"Lost Weekend" ... by B.J. Cortland (MMFFFF,1st)  

"My Best Friend Kelli-Part 5" ... by Michelle 18 (FFFF, inc)  

"My Best Friend Kelli-Part 4" ... by Michelle 18 (FFFMMM)  

"Our wonderful neighbors" ... by bobbie (M+F+, Married, Size)  

"Owning a Man-Attractor Store" ... by bobbie (FMMM, Cheat, Size)  

"Runaways-Part 6" ... by B.J. Cortland (Mf, Fff, nc,rom)  

"Runaways-Part 5" ... by B.J. Cortland (Mf, Fff, nc,rom)  

"Runaways-Part 4" ... by B.J. Cortland (Mf, Fff, nc,rom)  

"Runaways-Part 3" ... by B.J. Cortland (Mf, Fff, nc,rom)  

"Bride-Chapter 11" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 10" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 9" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Runaways-Part 2" ... by B.J. Cortland (Mf, Fff, nc,rom)  

"Runaways" ... by B.J. Cortland (Mf, Fff, nc,rom)  

"My Best Friend Kelli-Part 3" ... by Michelle 18 (FFF)  

"Bride-Chapter 8" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 7" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 6" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 5" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"My Best Friend Kelli-Part 2" ... by Michelle 18 (FFMM, big penis, cream pie)  

"My Best Friend Kelli" ... by Michelle 18 (FFF)  

"Hidden Cove-Part 7" ... by B.J. Cortland (MM+FF+f,cons,1st)  

"Hidden Cove-Part 6" ... by B.J. Cortland (MM+FF+f,cons,1st)  

"Hidden Cove-Part 5" ... by B.J. Cortland (MM+FF+f,cons,1st)  

"Hidden Cove-Part 4" ... by B.J. Cortland (MM+FF+f,cons,1st)  

"Game Over" ... by Robin (Voy, les, mff, ff, inter,swing)  

"Bride-Chapter 4" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 3" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride-Chapter 2" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Bride" ... by Dave (MF, Rom, Cons)  

"Hidden Cove-Part 3" ... by B.J. Cortland (M+F+F, Beach)  

"Hidden Cove-Part 2" ... by B.J. Cortland (M+F+F, Beach)  

"Hidden Cove" ... by B.J. Cortland (M+F+F, Beach)  

"Snowbound-Part 2" ... by B.J. Cortland (MFF, cons, real)  

"Snowbound" ... by B.J. Cortland (MFF, cons, real)  

"Amanda's College Education-Part 4" ... by B.J. Cortland (MFF, cons, coll)  

"Amanda's College Education-Part 3" ... by B.J. Cortland (MFF, cons, coll)  

"Amanda's College Education-Part 2" ... by B.J. Cortland (MFF, cons, coll)  

"Amanda's College Education" ... by B.J. Cortland (MFF, cons, coll)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.18 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"People like Me" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom, cons)  

"You Know This Lover" ... by James L (MF, rom, straight)  

"A Trip to Remember" ... by Zan (MF, cons, rom, oral, 1st)  

"The Power of a Dream" ... by Scarlett Diva (MF)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.16 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"Stella's Awakening" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom, 1st)  

"Jocelyn" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom)  

"Ending My Virginity" ... by Marci (MF, 1st)  

"My Secretary" ... by G-String Gina (MF)  

"Mid-life Crisis" ... by Innocenttoo (F, solo, anal)  

"A Nice Break" ... by Satisfied Breed (MF)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.15 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"The Transition" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom, first)  

"Late Night Playfullness" ... by Victoria (solo, toys, F)  

"Dirty Ho" ... by Luke (MF, cons, rough, anal, oral)  

"Your Package Has Arrived" ... by Marty (MM, Solo, Voy, Oral, Noncons, Interr, Bi)  

"Math Quiz" ... by David Fuchs (MFF, cons)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.14 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"Small Town Girl Meets Big City Guys" ... by Arianna (MF, 1st)  

"Back in the Game" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, cons)  

"The Airport" ... by Bunnyville (MF, cons, span, oral, stroke)  

"A Lesson in Self Satisfaction" ... by Ray (M, Solo)  

"A Day In A Life" ... by Robin ( MF, Cons)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.13 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"Innocent Angel"- Part 2 ... by Suhail (MF)  

"Blind Date That Worked Out" ... by Terri (MF, Large Genitals)  

"Against The Wall" ... by Passionate Lady (MF, Cons)  

"Cumming of Age" ... by Logan McCrealous (m f rom oral 1st real teen)  

"My 18th Birthday" ... by Gina (MF 1st oral)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.12 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"The Wash Boy" ... by Pete the Trucker (MM)  

"Plum Pudding" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom, slow, F-1st)  

"Forbidden Obsession" ... by Oversexed Sandra (MF, Size, inc)  

"My First with Michelle" ... by Xavier (MF, Cons)  

"Undercover" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, Rom)  

"Advancing Racial Understanding" ... by Sunita (MF, Size, Interr, Rom)  

"Sandra's Lesbo Gratitude" ... by Marie G (FF, Oral, Bi, Cons)  

"An Old Friend In Need" ... by Nikki the Naughty JV Cheerleader (MF, Cons, Slow)  

"The Garage Apartment" pt. 1 ... by Ready Rover (mf, cons, anal, oral, nc)  

"The Garage Apartment" pt. 2 ... by Ready Rover (mf, cons, anal, oral, nc)  

"Relaxing With Raheela" ... by Suhail (MF)  

"Burning Desires" ... by Suhail (MF)  

"Couldn't Wait" ... by Laura (fM, 1st)  

"My Best Halloween" ... by Krystall (fM, cream pie, size, 1st)  

"Getting Caught" ... by Katie (fM, fF, cream pie, size, inc)  

"Shorty" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, reluc, rom, slow)  

"Two Plus Two" ... by Casey (mf, ff, inc, cons, slowt)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.11 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"Lost Love's Surprise" pt. 1 ... by Writer Mike (FM, TG)  

"Lost Love's Surprise" pt. 2 ... by Writer Mike (FM, TG)  

"Mandy's Night Out" ... by Writer Mike (FFFM, Cons)  

"After School" ... by Writer Mike (FFM, Cons)  

"Horny Sex in a Ruined Castle" ... by Newbie Story Writer (MF, Mdom, Real)  

"Best Friend's Birthday" ... by Sweet Sarah (MF)  

"Be Careful What You Wish For..." ... by Anonymous (MF, Voy)  

"Scary Halloween" ... by Rachel (MF, Size, Cons)  

"Komal's Special Treat" ... by Suhail (MF)  

"Finally Found Love" ... by Emma (MF)  

"Massaging Jana" ... by Suhail (MF)  

"Loving Aunt" ... by Bobbie (FM, Inter, Incest)  

"First Really Big Cock" ... by Cyndee Lynn (MF, Cons, Size)  

"Flight Delay" ... by Peter Duncan (MF, Oral)  

"Just A First Time Story" ... by Sarah (MF, rom, first)  

"Two Weeks Notice" ... by Howard Young (MF, cons, oral, safe, slow, job)  

"Farzana Kausar : Fantasy Fuck" ... by Suhail (MF)  

"Innocent Angel"- Part 1 ... by Suhail (MF)  

"The Twins"- Part 2 of 4 ... by Writer Mike (FF, rom, size, coll, fdom)  

"The Twins"- Part 1 of 4 ... by Writer Mike (FF, rom, size, coll, fdom)  

"Deep Desires" ... by PRRRfctKitty (MF, Cons, Rom)  

"Solving A Problem" ... by Bobbie (FM+, Group, Voy, Wife)  

"Marooned in a Big Rig" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom, cons)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.10 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"I Learned A Lot" ... by Mandee (M+F, Rom, Group, Creampie)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.9 ... by JoyStick (MM, MF, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.8 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.7 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"Diner" ... by Kay (MF, stranger, solo, cons)  

"We Met On The Net" ... by Gingerybush (MM, Fdom)  

"A Night To Remember" ... by PRRRfctkitty (MF, Oral, Rom, Preg)  

"The Three Day Pass" ch.6 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)  

"The Full Life" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom, first)

"Waiting for Stephen" ... by USMCAngel1214 (MF rom solo oral toys)

"The Three Day Pass" ch.1 pt.1 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)

"The Three Day Pass" ch.1 pt.2 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)

"The Three Day Pass" ch.2 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)

"The Three Day Pass" ch.3 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)

"The Three Day Pass" ch.4 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)

"The Three Day Pass" ch.5 ... by JoyStick (MM, Anal)

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"Never Went on Holiday Alone Before" ... by Gingerybush (MMF, Toys, Oral)

"From Nowhere She Came" ... by Helen Smith (FF, first, Oral)

"Meg's First Lesson" ... by Victoria Vestrit (FF, first, Oral, Reluc)

"Obsessive Library Manager" ... by Unrequitted (FM, noncons, oral, scat)

"Wooded Voyeur" ... by Badsam (FM, Fdom, Oral)

"Apples and Oranges" ... by Estaban Bacca (FM+, anal, oral)

"Farewell My Lovely" ... by Jim Hatfield (FM, anal, mast)

"Late Night Playfullness" ... by Victoria (solo, toys, F)

"Mr. Thirteen and the Tiny Kitty" ... by Alex (M+F exhib cons size)

"Too Much" ... by Bramble (fmm+ rape)

"Seconds With Earl" ... by Bramble (mf)

"Sadie's Sex Academy" ... by Firebrand (mF cons Fdom oral 1st)

"A Night With Stef" ... by Vagabond (MF Oral)

"Caral's Massage" ... by Smith (FF MF oral breasts)

"Terri's Cherry" ... by Lucky Man (MF 1st oral rom)

"The Whore and the Spy" ... by bobjj123 (MF cons safe rom oral)

"The Dancer" ... by Roscoeny (MF 1st)

"The Reunion" ... by an anonymous author (MF cons rom anal oral)

"Brown Sugar" ... by Lucky Man (MF cons cheat anal oral real)

"For Jay" ... by Anonymous (MF cons bond oral anal)

"Marching Band" ... by anonymous author (MF oral anal)

"Running in the Rain" ... by Dancing Sprite (MMF cons oral)

"If the Trailer's A-Rockin" ... by Lena Blake (MF cheat oral )

"Heather's Hallmark" ... by Lincoln Parker (MF oral anal)

"Cindy" ... by Bill (MF exhib oral spank)

"Fucking Katie" ... by Tom Duke (MF anal nc rape reluc)

"The Nursing Facility" ... by Crypts54 (MF oral)

"Breakfast and Dessert at Denny's" ... by Stacey McCarty (MF oral)

"Kathy On The Rocks" ... by C (MF public)

"My Sexy Sister Nicole" ... by Reece Cobretti (mF nc teen)

"A 'Hands-On' Woman" ... by James I. Miller (MFF oral anal voy toys)

"Lawless Games" ... by Emma Kaufmann (MF oral)

"The Girl In The Bookstore" ... by Racer X (Mf f 1st cons)

"Sister-In-Law Fantasy" ... by Perv Griffin (M F anal oral)

"The Office" ... by Steven Cook (MF job anal oral veg)

"The Dance" ... by carob (MF no sex)

"Tyler" ... by Sophie Browne (teen fantasy oral)

"Cruising" ... by Sophie Browne (MMF prostitution)

"Konichiwa" ... by Sophie Browne (MF oral)

"Kristina" ... by Sophie Browne (MF)

"The Bellman" ... by CaroleAT (no sex voyeur)

"Mr. Swartz" ... by Sophie Browne (MMF oral reluc)

"On The Bus" ... by Sophie Browne (MF teasing)

"Simon" ... by Sophie Browne (MF oral voyeur)

"The Dare" ... by Sophie Browne (MF nc)

"The Photographer" ... by Taliesin the Bard (MMM+F FF oral)

"Going For A Walk With Kelly" ... by Sophie Browne (MF)

"Mr. Brennan" ... by Sophie Browne (Mf oral anal forced)

"Weekend" ... by C (MF true oral)

"The Neighbor and The Game" ... by Flipper60 (MF FF oral anal group)

"The Bet" ... by CaroleAT (MMF reluc exhib)

"Alex" ... by Sophie Browne (mf oral)

"Carol Sawyer" ... by Sophie Browne (mmmmmff)

"The Nightcomers" - Part I ... by Eyesnthyz (F/FF/MMMM)

"The Nightcomers" - Part II

"The Honeymoon" ... by APoCoLyPSeHaSCuM (MF oral)

"The Poker Game" ... by Larry (1 MF MF 2 rom)

"The Bar and Afterwards" ... by C (MF public)

"Losing it to the Boss' Wife" ... by Gregory Marshall (first time mF

"Robes" ... by jps (happy couple, voyeurs

"Sweet Revenge" ... by Doc (oral anal group cuckold

"The Movies" ... by Wet Clit (public sex oral

"Becky" ... by Big J (MF oral first time real)

"The Teacher's Lesson" ... by Dianne Miller (MF straight sex)

"Fucking Tony" ... by Jezebel (MF cons rom)

"Their First Night" ... by Constance Vibes (rom MF)

"Bath Time" ... by JustAGurl (F masturbation voyeur)

"The Riding Instructor and The Stable Hand" ... by Helen Back (MF job)

"Role Playing" ... (couple)

"Underneath" ... (groupsex)

"Alumni Cheerleaders Reunion"

"My Sister-in-Law's Vacation"

"ice" ... (other world sex)

"My Neighbor Girl"

"Summer Job" ... a teen teaser

"Bath Time"

"Ice Water"

"Keith and Gina"

"By The Little Creek"

"Best Friends" ... group fun

"The Therapy Sessions" ... a little of everything

"Doggie" ... family friend

"Mowing" ... young man/older woman

"First Time" ... gay sex

"Madam Governor Blackmailed to Ball"

"Pretty Enough"

"A Horny Patien"t

"My Best Friend's Mom"

"The Bench"

"The Expedition"

"Home Cumming"

"Caribbean Vacation"


"Abuse Me Bad" ... (rough)

"A Letter From A Girl Friend"

"Learning Life's Lessons"

"I Fucked My Married WAF"

"Zoe's Secret" ... young girls

"Zoe's Secret" - part 2

"Sperm Bank"

"A Day by the Lake" ... young

"Mick and Susie" - story 1

"Mick and Susie" - story 2

"1 True Passion"

"Domestic Wars"

"The Room Next Door" ... (F mast MF MFM FF group)

"Doctor Visit"

"The Fiancee"

"My Best Friend's Little Sister"

"House Sitting" ... (MF)

"House Sitting" - part 2 ... (MMMF)

"New Job" ... (MF)

"Judy and Me" ... (lesbian)


"The Watcher" ... (forced)


"The Home Cumming"

"The Cathloic School Girl" ... (young)

"Andy Griffith" ... (young)

"Teenage Neighbor" ... (young)

"The Biz Trip" ... (young)

"Roommates" ... (lesbian)

"Star Dust"

"The Prunes"

"The Solution"

"The Fountain"

"The Fountain" - part 2

"Alone At Last" ... from the woman's side

"Special Effects" ... (rape)

"Riding The Javelin" ... (school sex)

"The Abduction" ... (captivity)

"The Gift" ... (nuclear sex)

"The Blow Job" ... a woman who enjoys her cum

"Aaron" ... (young man older woman)

"Grand Canyon Adventure" ... (group sex)

"Office Sex" ... (work place sex)

"The Neighbors" ... (swinging)

"The Big Surprise" ... (MM FF swinging true)

"Bisexual Beginings" ... (MM FF swinging true)

"I Hate Camping"

"Ms. G." ... (teacher+student)

"The Pirates"

"The Nymph"

"The Host"

"The Beach"

"The Formula"

"The Origins"

"The Lake"

"Sexual Youth"

"Summer Holiday at Sexy Aunty Sue's"

"Helping a Brother In-Law"

"Mom Helping Out"

"I Am The Widow Next Door"

"The Glory Hole at Summer Camp"

"Sex With Aunt Martha"

"Sex With Aunt Martha" - part 2

"Circle of Three"

"The Power"

"The Pool Hall Pick Up"

"Jenny" ... (alien sex)

"Jenny" - part 2
"Jenny" - part 3
"Jenny" - part 4

"Nurses" ... (alien sex)

"Julie's Scream for Sex"

"Not The Same Old Gym Clothes"

"The Doctor Is In"


"Lost Lake"

"Sea Tale"



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