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Kammi's Slut Wife Sex Stories

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"Kammi's Fire Hall Gang Bang" ... (6M+F wife group interr job)
My name is Kammi and I'm a former member of the local volunteer fire department, the reason I'm a former member is because of differences with the fire chief, who just happens to be my husband. We would get together with other members of the department on Saturday nights and just kick back, drink a little beer and watch some movies. This one particular Saturday night I started drinking a little more than usual and had a pretty good buzz when the guys started talking about what movies they should get from the local movie rental store and them being guys they were talking about renting some porno movies for the night but they couldn't decide who should go get them, so I finally stepped up and said I would go rent them some movies...

"Kammi's Bar Room Gang Bang" ... (6M+F wife group interr)
Let me start out by telling you a little about myself before i get into the wildest night of my life. My name is Kammi, I have been married for 11 years and have two beautiful children, I am 30 years old 5'6" 126 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes my measurements are 44D-24-34, I have both my nipples pierced and i work out every chance i get and i work at nights at a local 24 hour store. It all started out when i would walk taking my children to school in the morning along the way there was an older black man, his name is Curtis about 57 years old who would always say hello as we walked past. Well after i would drop the kids off I would walk back home and he would always still be sitting there and would always strike up a conversation when i came back past and would always ask me if he could take me into a bar that's nearby to buy me a drink and...

"Kammi's Southern Gang Bang" ... (20M+F wife group interr)
My name is Kammi and this is a story of a vacation my husband, Glenn and i, had taken this past summer. I am 30 years old 5'6" and 125 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes, 44D-24-34 with pierced nipples. It was a Tuesday afternoon and we were getting ready to go on a vacation in Knoxville, Tennessee. My husband Glenn and i had just finished packing the car after dropping off our kids at their grandparents house and packed our bags in the car...my husband had me wear a tight denim mini-skirt and a button down shirt with a bikini bra and no panties. Everytime we go out my husband insists on me not wearing any panties. Glenn said "Kammi you look so damn sexy i don't think we are going to make it to the interstate before i have my hand in your hot cunt." I just laughed and told him to get his perverted ass in the car and we pulled out of the garage in our '99 convertible mustang...

"Kammi and the Delivery Man" ... (wife interr cop)
My name is Kammi and this is a story of an incident that happened to me one morning while i was waiting for my husband to come pick me up from work. I told my husband i might work till my usual time of 7:30 AM but was going to get off, (in more ways than one), a little earlier than usual, and i would call him when i was ready to come home. A little background about myself in case you haven't read any of my stories, i am 5'6" 127 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes... 44D-24-34 with pierced nipples. I have a nicely trimmed pussy. I work out every chance i get at home and at the local gym so i am in very good shape. ever since the gang bang at the fire hall my husband and i have an extraordinary sex life, he just loves for me to go out and meet up with another man and have a wild time, come home and tell him all the details while he is licking my cum filled pussy. He also sets up interracial and gang bang encounters and joins in or watches...

"Kammi's Halloween Gang Bang" ... (16M+F wife group interr)
My neighbor, Michael who lives across the street was throwing a Halloween party. Michael would always strike up a conversation with me when i was working outside my home. Michael and i had not had any sexual confrontations until the night at the fire hall when i had my first gang bang which was about 5 months ago. Since then Michael has invited me over once and a while for a little fun but not much as i would like, Michael's big black cock takes care of my white pussy so very well. My husband, Glenn came along to the party also, he was somewhat of a wimp before the fire hall gang bang but has since changed his ways and has set up alot of encounters for me. I'm Kammi, i am 30 years old, i have brown hair and brown eyes, i have a very fit body, 44D-24-34...

"Kammi's Beach Gang Bang" ... (not here yet but coming soon)

"Kammi's Camping Gang Bang" ... (not here yet but coming soon)

"Kammi and the Delivery Man" - part 2 ... (not here yet but coming soon)

"Kammi's Night On Patrol" ... (not here yet but coming soon)



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